Rabbi Schneider — Victory

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God bless you, and Shalom, beloved one. My name's Rabbi Schneider. Welcome today to this edition of Discovering the Jewish Jesus, where I am on my final teaching of a series that I've called Self Deliverance.

This is a very important broadcast. I'm calling this particular segment which is the 8th in the series, Victory, and I really want to encourage you to get this series and the resource that's available at the end of the broadcast today because I'm seeking to teach you and train you how to fight.

I want to impart to you revelation concerning the nature of the battle that you're in, and how to gain the victory in it. You see, we find that the first thing that Jesus did after he came out of the Jordan River was he went into the wilderness to battle against the devil.

And every time the devil sought to bring Jesus into bondage, Jesus countered and ascended Satan's strategy by, listen now, by speaking the Word of God. Every time Satan said something Jesus countered it, get this now, by speaking back.

It's interesting that Jesus didn't just not respond because he knew what the Bible said. Of course in Jesus's day, he had it memorized all in his heart because they didn't carry around leather bound, you know, books like you and I do today that we call the Bible.

They, they were in scrolls and they were in portions, and in different synagogues, etc. Jesus had it in his heart. But it's interesting that when the devil came against Jesus, Jesus didn't just keep it in his heart and meditate on the truth, but he spoke it.

And the Bible tells us not only did Jesus speak back to the devil in Matthew, chapter 4, to the place that Satan began to flee from him by the end of the experience because Satan couldn't gain victory over him.

But we find that as Jesus continued on in his ministry, beloved one, that he used the same strategy. He cast the spirits out by speaking to them. The Scripture says in Matthew, chapter 8, he cast them out with a word.

And so today I want to begin by sharing with you how important it is to speak at the devil. I'm not talking about talking to the devil. I'm talking, beloved ones, about speaking at the devil. When Jesus delivered people, how did he do it?

He spoke to the demons. He commanded the demon to go. He cast them out with the Word. And this strategy, beloved, of believing and speaking is fundamental to the Word of God.

The Bible tells us in the Book of Romans, for example, that the way that we entered into a saving relationship with God, the way we entered into our supernatural salvation, is we believed in our heart that God raised Jesus from the dead, and then we spoke with our mouth that Jesus is our Lord.

So how did salvation happen? By believing in our heart that God raised Jesus from the dead, and then confessing, speaking with our mouth that Jesus is Lord. And it isn't until we speak it that something happens, that there's a divine transaction that takes place in the realm of the spirit that brought us into the salvation experience.

And that same phenomenon continues all through the teaching of Jesus. Jesus said, if you believe in your heart and do not doubt, you'll not only say to the mountain be moved and cast into the sea, but nothing will be impossible. And so we need to believe and speak, and we need to speak, beloved, to spirits.
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