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Priscilla Shirer — Where Is Your Priority?

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Where Is Your Priority? - Powerfull sermon from Priscilla Shirer!
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  1. Mildagrade
    12 November 2019 15:24
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    My name is Mildagrade , it was given to by my late Grandmother who was in America when I was born & when she came from the United state she gave that name, As I grew up I face difficulties at a very tender age , I was 9 when I realized that the other kids in the same age they don't feel the pain I was feeling, I never knew Love or care from my Mommy, Its a long story but if 1 day I can write a Book , I will like Priscilla Shirer to be the 1 to read it b4 it get published , I feel blessed ,strong, bcos of that woman . Priscilla u a blessed as my wish is to see 1 day and may God bless u