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Priscilla Shirer — Release It

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  1. Melanie Pamplin
    3 January 2019 12:35
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    Praise God!!!. Im not sure how long ago this sermon (Release it) was recorded, but today is the day God needed me to hear this. I am a 51 year old woman, divorced after only 9 months of being married to my second husband. Im his third wife. As a Christian it was very hard for me to get to that point. Now my ex and I are seeing each other again. However my spirit has been in turmoil ever since. I feel torn between God and Him. In my heart I know I had to distance myself from him but its been so hard. I have laid it before the Lord but still have this foreboding feeling. He now wants us to get married again. I prayed and asked God for wisdom in this regard and that I will not move unless He tells me to...Please pray for me
      3 January 2019 16:36
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      God bless you, Melanie, and give you wisdom!
  2. Maria
    7 May 2019 16:16
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    great Sermon