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Peter Tan-Chi - Know God's Will and Do It

Peter Tan-Chi - Know God's Will and Do It
TOPICS: Truth Matters, God's will

Knowing God's will is one thing, but doing it is another. Why is it important to know God's will? Okay, single people, are you listening to me? I'm sure you've asked yourself, Lord, who should I marry? Yes or no? If you are a man, who should I marry? There are so many girls chasing me, your question is who should I marry? The same thing goes for ladies, now if you're looking for a career, you're wondering, Lord, what should my career be? If you want to immigrate to America, Lord, should I go to America? Should I go to New Zealand? Should I leave the country? These are important questions, aren't they? I know that you want to know God's will and do it. So this morning, believe it or not, the Bible tells us how to know God's will and how to do it. Are you interested?

Well, first let me give you the biblical basis for knowing God's will. The good news is: God wants you to know His will more than you want to know His will. Tell your neighbor: God wants you to know his will. How wonderful! Let me share with you Romans chapter 12 verse 2. This is good news. God wants you to know His will. Let's read it: Don't be conformed to this world. In other words, don't conform to the values ​​of this world. Don't conform to it, you are already conforming to this world, stop it. Everyone reads: Be transformed by the renewing of your mind. So God wants us to be transformed. This is a command. You need to be transformed. However, this is passive voice. You cannot transform yourself. You must allow something to help. You achieve transformation.

This is passive. How to be transformed? By the renewing of your mind, you will know the Word of God, you will know the truth. Then you will be transformed. Behavior won't change until your thoughts change. You can change temporarily, but your thoughts must change, and then when your thoughts change, your heart will change, and when your heart changes, your behavior will change. So why is this important? Let me tell you why, and for what purpose, everyone read: Again: that you may prove what is the good, perfect, and pleasing will of God. The good news? God's will is good, perfect, and pleasing. Good things may not always be God's will, but God's will is always good, and God wants you to know His will.

In fact, in Ephesians chapter 5, verse 17, let's read it together: Do not be foolish, do not be a fool, for life is short, but understand what the will of the Lord is. The reason why it's so important to know God's will is, you don't want to waste your life, and you see there are two types of people here, think about it, number one, there are people who are very serious and sincere about seeking God's will, and they To follow it, they know it is important. There is another type of person who doesn't really care about God's will. They want to do what they want. Which type are you? The Bible says, do not be foolish, but understand what the will of the Lord is. I can't force people to want to know God's will. You have to make your own decision and at the end of your life you will give an account to the Lord.

Jesus told us, why do you call me Lord, Lord, but don't do what I say? Jesus is saying, if you are a true Christian and you call me Lord, then seek my will and do what I want you to do, but here today, I promise you, there are two People, there are people who constantly do what they want and don't care about God's will, and there are people who really sincerely want to know God's will. I don't know about you, but years ago, I gave my life completely to Jesus. I wasn't perfect, but I said, Jesus, I want to know your will so I can do it. In this way, at the end of my life, I will have the least regrets but the greatest joy. Minimal regret. It 's very sad that at the end of your life, you realize that what you did was not what God wanted you to do.

So this is important, what is the topic of today's sermon? Everyone? Know God's will and do it. But I'll give you a hint, when you think about God's will, a lot of times you think about, who should I marry, where should I go, but the underlying issue is, are you really surrendering your life. Next section, don't get drunk, don't be controlled by alcohol, it's a waste of life. Alcohol leads to debauchery; you are wasting your life. But be filled with the Holy Spirit. I'm going to give you a hint, so what's the topic of today's sermon? Attention everyone: To know the will of God, and to do it, turn to your neighbor: To know the will of God, and to do it.

Before I continue, I want all of us to ask ourselves this question: What problem? Everyone Read: Do I Really Want to Know God's Will? Or do I want to know God's will so I can decide whether or not to do it? Let me say it again, do you really want to know God's will so you can do it? Or are you trying to know God's will and then decide whether you want to do it? You will never know God's will if you don't really want to know His will . Because God's will is for those who desire it, those who desire to know God's will and please Him. So how do you know God's will? I would like to make five simple suggestions. First, I suggest the basics, to search God's words. Let's all say together: To search God's words, you'd better know God's words. Why? Because God's will never goes against His Word.

God's Word is objective, it's written down, and I call it the foundation. The foundation for knowing God's will is to know and study God's Word. What do I mean? The Bible is very clear about the importance of God's Word. For example, God's will is revealed in His Word. Psalm 119 verse 11, let's read it together. I have kept your word in my heart, that I might not sin against you. The Word of God, the psalmist said, I treasure this, I treasure this, and that's why we ask you to memorize scripture. By the way, can I teach you how to memorize scripture? Rule number one, don't try to memorize it. ah? So what are you going to do? Read it every day. Read it three times a day, before breakfast, before lunch, at dinner time, and before going to bed. If you have time, don't watch TV, read this verse first. I promise you, within a week, you will remember this verse. That's the secret.

So now it takes longer because now before breakfast or after breakfast I have to read all the verses that I need to memorize, and I start with the first verse, Isaiah 40 verse 28, didn't you know that? Didn't you hear it? The LORD, the everlasting God, Creator of the ends of the earth, neither faints nor grows weary; His wisdom is unsearchable. Yes, this is how to memorize scripture. So, keep it in your heart. Second, notice the importance of God's Word. Everyone read: Psalm 119:47 I will delight myself in your commandments; I wonder whether you are pleased with the word of God. What is your attitude? If you think this is legalism, oh no! Memorize scriptures again! They are asking us to remember the word of God again. This is the wrong attitude. Your attitude should be: Cherish and joy.

I love the word of God. Do you know why? God's word is for our protection. God's word is for our prosperity. To guide you, not to fight us. Please note, Psalm 119:105 Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path. Is this how you are guided, so you want to do God's will? Do you want to? What is the first principle? It's a search of God's Word. Tell the person next to you: Study God's Word. Where is my evidence? Now, let's look at the book of Acts. How did the Apostle Paul know God's will? How did he know? What does he know? let me tell you. Last Sunday, we stopped at Acts 15:35: Do you remember what our theme was last Sunday? How to resolve conflicts, do you remember? Conflict is inevitable, remember? I gave you PPP. What's the first point? Be proactive.

Do you have conflicts with your family? Usually it's family, and you have to be proactive. anything else? What did I say? Meet and communicate in person, face to face. Perspectives, listening to each other, remember? After stopping at section 35 last time, let's take a look. OK, are you ready? You must know the Word of God. Look at the Apostle Paul. Acts 15:36 After some time, Paul said to Barnabas, Let us go back to the cities where the word of the Lord was preached in the past and see how the brothers are doing. Why did Paul decide to return to each city? There were no angels telling him what to do, no lightning. But he decided on his own: let's go back, can I tell you why?

The principle is this: Not only do you have to know the Word of God, Paul knew the Word of Jesus, Paul knew that his purpose was to pursue God's mission. What do I mean? You see, it's important that you understand God's Word, but you also have to seek what He wants you to do. What do I mean? I love this sentence, written by Dietrich Bonhoeffer, let's read it together: As a Christian, the most important thing is not to carefully avoid sin, but to bravely and actively obey the will of God. You see, let me say it again, a true Christian is not a scrupulous person trying to avoid sinning all the time, no, no, the Word of God will protect you from sinning. But God's Word should inspire you to seek God's will and plan, God's priorities. What priorities did God give the apostle Paul? Paul knew Jesus' last command.

What was His last command in Matthew's gospel? Matthew 28:19-20 Go therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Teach them to obey everything I have commanded you, and I am with you always, even to the end of the age. Every time I read this verse, no matter where I go, Europe, Asia, just a few weeks ago I was in Indonesia. I always ask people, in this verse, there are different verbs, how many of you... you have to raise your hand once, okay? You have to raise your hand once, do we understand?

According to this verse, what is this command? How many of you are saying: Go. Please raise your hand. go. nobody. How many people, look, praise God, lift up, lift up, OK, how many chose "go"? Go, go, more people raised their hands, okay, how many of you said the main verb is: baptize them? Please raise your hand. How many of you say the main verb is lesson? Please raise your hand. Lift it higher! Those of you raising your hands, I know you haven't graduated from GLC, okay, so I'm going to teach you that from now on, when you read these verses, the primary verb is: Attention everyone: Make a disciple, please. Say to me: make a disciple. That's the main verb.

How do you make disciples? You're going to... How do you make disciples? You have to baptize them. How do you make disciples? They are to be taught to obey all the commandments, but what is the primary verb? Make disciples. The apostle Paul knew this, which is why he decided to say: Let us go back! Go back to these people, go back to where? Look at the apostle Paul. Paul said that we can go back to the cities where the word of the Lord was preached in the past and see how the brothers are doing. At CCF, we believe in making disciples. Everything we do here is tied to making disciples. You help them grow. You don't just preach the gospel. You have to help them grow and become like Christ, so apostles. Paul knew this.

So how do you know God's will? Search His Word, and then seek His will and plan. What is God's will and plan? Men, Make disciples, and let the disciples make disciples. Make disciples, and let the disciples make disciples. Barnabas wanted to take John, who was called Mark, with him. 38 But Paul had left them because Mark had been in Pamphylia. When he went to work with them, he thought that he should not be taken with him. Do you understand this scene? Paul and Barnabas wanted to pursue God's mission. Barnabas wanted to make disciples. Paul wanted to make disciples. There was just a problem. The question is this: Barnabas wanted to bring John who was called Mark. Why? Because John Mark was his cousin. Barnabas, by his nature was an encourager, John Mark was very people-centered.

The apostle Paul was different. The apostle Paul was goal-oriented, so the apostle Paul said: No, no, I will not take John Mark. Why? He has left us. This guy is not trustworthy. The Bible tells us: So they had a quarrel and even separated from each other. Barnabas took Mark with him and sailed to Cyprus; there was a disagreement, and Paul chose Silas and also went out, and was commended by the brothers to the grace of the Lord. And he went throughout Syria and Cilicia, strengthening the churches. My question: Who is right? Who is wrong? How many of you say the Apostle Paul was wrong? Please raise your hand. How many of you say that Barnabas was wrong? Please raise your hand. How many of you would never raise your hand? Do you want to know the answer? Both are right. Why? It's okay to disagree, and they keep it. There is no slander, no gossip, no schism in the church. This is called a small problem. It's not a major issue, it's about style.

For the apostle Paul, I wanted to take someone I felt comfortable with. For Barnabas, let's take John Mark. Paul said: No. What is my evidence? They didn't let it take it to heart. There was no animosity, in fact, no church schism. The Bible says: He was delivered into the grace of the Lord by his brethren. It is very harmonious. What is my evidence? In a few years, I'll show you. In Colossians 4, Paul writes the following: My fellow prisoner Aristarchus greets you. Barnabas' cousin Mark… ha! They are not really separated. It's just a different team. Concerning this Mark, you have been commanded; if he comes to you, you receive him. Welcome John Mark. Paul didn't say: Don't associate with John Mark, that guy is bad news. No, they were still working together, they were still separate teams.

Notice the last letter the Apostle Paul wrote before his death, 2 Timothy, Luke alone is with me. When you come, bring Marco. This time, he wants Marco. Bring Mark, for he will be of use to me in the ministry of the gospel. So what's the point? John Mark needed to learn, he needed to know that his past actions were wrong. Paul delivered the message, but John Mark needed someone to guide him. Barnabas mentored him, and John Mark grew as a result of the experience. What about Barnabas? See what the Bible says. Paul and Barnabas did not quarrel. 1 Corinthians 9:6 Am I alone and Barnabas have no authority to withhold work? Do you understand that these are not the main issues? So it's okay to disagree happily. You see, my wife and I, and I praise God for my wife, we don't always agree on everything, because God doesn't want me to marry a robot. God doesn't want you to be a robot, so you're not a robot, and you don't have to agree on everything. But on big issues we need to agree, amen?

So, are you relaxed now? How do you know God's will? Study God's Word, right? Then what do you have to do? Seek God's heart and plans and see what they do. Acts Chapter 16, Paul came to Derbe and then to Lystra. There was a disciple there named Timothy. A new man appeared here, Timothy, the son of a Jewish woman who believed in the Lord, but his father was a Greek. He is of mixed race. Understand? He is of mixed race. The brothers in Lystra and Iconium praised him. Timothy was a young believer, but he was very respected. So what happened to Paul? The Bible tells us, so you know the history, that from Antioch they developed into two teams, Barnabas and John Mark went to Cyprus, there was no competition, there was cooperation, Paul and they went to Tarsus, Derbe, Iconium, Lystra. ah! In this place, he went back, and there was a little boy named Timothy. Timothy, wow, who is Timothy? He is the son of a Jewish believer.

The Bible tells us: Paul wanted to take him with him, so he circumcised him. Just because the Jews in those places knew that his father was a Greek. Now let me ask you, why did Paul circumcise Timothy? In chapter 15 they all agree that you don't need to be circumcised to be a Christian. do you remember? In chapter 15 there is a big question: Do people need to be circumcised and practice Judaism to become a Christian? This matter has been decided, no need! We are saved by the grace of Christ, not by circumcision. Not by joining a religion, but in this case, why was Timothy circumcised? My friend, this is Paul's thinking. He wants to pursue God's will and plan. What is God's will?

Let me share with you what the apostle Paul said. 1 Corinthians 9:20 To the Jews I became a Jew, that I might win the Jews; to those who are under the law, although I am not under the law, yet I became one under the law, that I might win those who were under the law. What is his motivation? He wants as few unnecessary obstacles as possible to bring people to Jesus, so you know the will of God. His Word sets boundaries and pursues His heart and plans. The Bible tells us: Paul's thinking is this: 1 Corinthians 9:21 To those who do not have the law, I became one who does not have the law, so that I may win those who do not have the law; Paul is saying, for those who do not know the old I have no problem with being a Gentile under the law, but Paul is saying, actually, I am not without the law; I am under the law before Christ.

Everyone reads: To win those who do not have the law. This is his purpose: to preach the gospel and make disciples. So look at Paul's thoughts: Everyone, please read: 1 Corinthians 10:31-33 Therefore, whether you eat or drink, or whatever you do, do all to the glory of God. Did you see it? If you search God's Word, you will know God's will for your life. You will know because you know the heart of God. Please note, everyone reads: Just as I do everything to please everyone, not seeking my own good, but the good of many, that they may be saved. You know, my sister visited us last week because my sister-in-law passed away suddenly, and my sister told me: Peter, I don't understand... She was from Singapore. She said: I don't understand why some Christians don't have a biblical worldview.

I said: What do you mean? For example, I have had people come to me and tell me: It is God's will for me to marry this person. Then I said: What's the problem? My sister told her: But this man is not a follower of Jesus, why did you marry him? The girl replied: This is God's will. Now listen to me, God's will never goes against God's Word, so you can never use that as an excuse. Someone comes to my wife: I want to divorce my husband, why? God's will. How do you know God's will? Because God wants me to be happy. You see, their decision about what is God's will, or not God's will, is based on personal feelings. What is the problem? They have not studied God's complete opinion, the Bible. You have to know God's Word, and not only do you have to know it, you have to seek God's heart and plan and do whatever you want to do for His glory.

The Bible tells us to submit to authority. What does it mean to submit to authority? See, you know, God's will is often determined by the authority given by God. Acts 16:4-5 As they passed through the cities, they gave the disciples orders to observe, which had been prescribed by the apostles and elders of Jerusalem. As a result, the faith of the churches became stronger and stronger, and their numbers increased day by day. Notice what Paul is doing, Paul is visiting the cities, so what is he doing? He was explaining the rules, and in Chapter 15 it was the parent club that sent a letter, remember? This Sunday, you discovered that those letters are called ordinances. What are the rules? These are instructions. It must be followed and observed.

So the Mother Church has influence over all other churches. Why? This is God's way, and you need to learn to submit to authority. If you don't obey, you will have problems, the church will not be strengthened, and the church will not grow in numbers. If those in authority are preaching the Word of God, are we clear? Ladies and gentlemen, do you know why people disobey authority? Let me tell you why, because there are many people in authority who abuse their authority. People in authority tend to abuse their power to take advantage of others, which is why young people today don't like to submit to authority. There are a lot of bad examples, and I don't blame them, so I speak to all the fathers out there today, Fathers, God has given you authority, but please be a good example and make it easy for your children to obey you, not too hard. Disaster.

The Bible tells us that there are five kinds of ordained authority in the Bible. Five kinds. First, you must obey the government. Everyone must obey the authorities. The Bible says that no government is established without the permission of God. Ha! You mean to tell me, including the Roman government? The Roman government was one of the worst when it came to human rights, but Paul never said: Let us rebel! We don't want to obey! No, submit. Next, parents, parental authority. Those of you who live with your parents, please stand up. All of you whose parents are still alive, stand up! You live with your parents, this is the condition, stand up! Wow! You know, this is a young church, and I feel really young.

So children, you live with your parents. All children, read this: Children, obey your parents in the Lord, for this is right. So kids, do you want to know the will of God? Very simple. How do you know God's will? There is nothing mysterious about obeying your parents. God's will is often revealed through His ordained authority. What is our problem? We disobey our parents. I know no parent who would intentionally tell their child: Go rob a bank. Go ahead and commit fornication, there are very few, maybe some crazy parents. Now if they tell you to do something that goes against the Bible, don't do it. But other than that, please obey them, thank you. Husbands, stand up! No, not the husbands. Wives, all wives, stand up, Wives, stand up. Wives, wives, this is for you, wives, please read this with me: Get ready, get up! No, no, read it with a firm tone, get ready, get up! Wives, be subject to your own husbands, as to the Lord. Wow, gentlemen, you're having a great day today, aren't you? Because your wife will submit to you, but please don't abuse your authority.

Ladies, thank you very much. Employers, I want to ask all employees, if you work for a boss, stand up! All employees, stand up! Employees! Look at there are so many bosses, you are all bosses! Wow! So many bosses! Okay, all employees, have you stood up? Employees, please listen to me. Read this sentence together, all employees, all of us employees, you have a boss, obey those who are your masters. Wow, thank you, please take a seat. All of you who belong to the CCF Church, stand up! All of you who belong to a church, stand up! You better stand up, if you don't stand up, I don't know why you are here, OK? Maybe you are our guest, maybe you are our guest, then there is no need to stand up, OK, now everyone look around you, look at the people around you who have not stood up, OK? Look at them, now you have to love them, all of you have to love them, okay. Because not everyone is from CCF, do you understand?

So love them. OK, what do you have to do? Submit to your leaders and obey them. Now, I tell all pastors: don't abuse your position, because there are many pastors who abuse their authority. Now everyone continues to stand. The principle of obedience, let's read this together: 1 Peter 2:18 You servants, In all things, obey your master with reverence; not only to those who are kind and gentle, but also to those who are perverse. You see, the truth is, sometimes when you suffer in obedience, God is saying: This is OK. As long as they don't ask you to do something that goes against the Bible. Do you agree that some bosses are really annoying? No, don't look at your boss now, okay? Do you agree that some pastors may...? But there is the Holy Spirit, amen? Everyone reads: Hebrews 13:17 Obey your leaders and be submissive; for they keep watch over your souls, as those who will give an account. You must give them joy in their dealings and not cause them to be sad, for if they were sad it would be of no benefit to you.

This message tells me two things: Submission to leaders is for our protection. My wife and the small group leaders have discussed it many times, don't invite this person to teach the Bible in your small group. Because the way he teaches the Bible is not based on biblical truth. Ninety percent is right, but ten percent is wrong. You need to learn to listen. Our job is to help protect the flock from heretical teachings, especially now on the Internet. How do you know what to listen to or what not to listen to? We're providing a way, we're going to introduce you to an amazing digital information system, where you're going to learn how to download that information. Next, those of you who are leaders, please know not to abuse your position because you are accountable to God and perform your responsibilities with joy. So, fathers, are you the pastor of your family? Fathers, right?

As a father, you are accountable to God. This is the main point. Church leaders, we have to give an account, praise God, thank you, please take a seat. The only main reason you need to know this is this: Read it, everyone: The king's heart is in the hand of the Lord, like the waters of a ditch, it flows wherever it pleases. The reason I submit to authority is because God is in control of those in authority. Years ago, many years ago, I made a decision, and I submitted it to the Board of Governors, and the Board of Governors did not approve my proposal. I wanted to purchase office space for CCF. At that time, it was a very large sum of money. Good deal, 10 years installment, minimum down payment, right next to San Francisco Plaza.

The Board of Governors does not agree with my idea. In my opinion, I am more knowledgeable than the Board members when it comes to real estate, but because This principle, obedience, I obeyed the senate, and I praise God because I obeyed the senate, and you know why? Looking back now, if I had not obeyed the Senate, we would not have this place, praise God! I remember another time, someone proposed to us to buy real estate in China, a beautiful place on an island, and I introduced it to the board of directors. I said this is a no-brainer buy, let's just accept it, and again I was surprised, the chief executive would say: Just because someone makes an offer, it doesn't mean you should take it, and I thought about it and I said, you know? This is a minor issue, nothing personal.

So I didn't want to argue, I said: OK! In other words, submitting to authority is to protect us and tell the person next to you: it is to protect you. Sometimes you may disagree, but you need to submit. Amen? My wife is an example of godly obedience and to this day, I am married to a very obedient wife, thank you, baby. Be sensitive to the Holy Spirit. Do you know what it means to be sensitive to the Holy Spirit? Do you realize that God speaks to us? He will speak to us. Through the environment, through the peace, through the spirit, please see Acts 16:6-8. Since the Holy Spirit prohibited them from preaching in Asia, they passed through Phrygia and Galatia. You see, God always guides us, and the Holy Spirit is real. He is in your heart, but sometimes He will tell you: This is not the way.

I don't know how the Holy Spirit does this, OK? I have no idea. Whether it's through a dream or a vision, but one thing I know, let's read it together. When they reached the border of Mycia, they wanted to go north to Bithynia, but the Spirit of Jesus (another name for the Holy Spirit) would not allow them. They crossed over Mysia and went down to Troas. Notice how God leads us? God will not guide us when you are lazy and doing nothing. You see, I have learned this principle. How many of you like rowing and sailing? Or if you have done it several times, raise it higher, raise it higher, OK, I grew up with sailboats and captains. Something I've noticed is that you can't steer a sailboat or a boat when the boat isn't moving. Let me say it again, you cannot steer a sailboat left or right when the boat is not moving.

When a Christian is doing nothing but waiting for God to reveal His Word, just waiting, waiting, waiting... my friend, you will be waiting until the end of the world. No, you keep busy doing what God has shown you, so you keep doing it, and then when He wants to change your direction, He will tell you. But don't think: Ah, you know what? I'm not going to do anything yet. Do you have a job yet? No, no, I don't have a job, what are you doing? I'm counting on my fingers, one, two... My friend, get busy and do what you know God wants you to do. Don't be lazy. So the Bible tells us that the Holy Spirit guided them, and then as they were acting, Acts 16:9-10 a vision appeared to Paul in the night. A Macedonian stood begging him: Please come to Macedonia and help us.

There was a vision from God, and when he saw the vision, he immediately... Please note the grammar, the grammar has changed, and we immediately wanted to go to Macedonia, thinking that God had called us to preach the gospel to the people there. Do you understand what happened? The Holy Spirit is involved and the Spirit of Christ is the Holy Spirit and is now God Himself because God speaks to us. It is very sad that today, Christians no longer hear God speaking to them. My friend, the Christian life is exciting, exciting, and never boring, but many of you are not living up to God's standards. What are God's standards? God wants you to live your life to the fullest. But you can't live life to the fullest, why? You don't even understand that the Holy Spirit can speak to you. Why? You don't have devotional time, and you don't read your Bible.

Did you know that God speaks to us? But you're not listening? One of my greatest graces and joys is hearing God tell me what to do. Everything we do in CCF, like buying this place, like all of these things, it all comes from the Lord. I never do something without God giving me the signal to do it. It's exciting to see God at work, but you need to learn to listen, and you don't listen when you're busy doing your own thing. You're not going to take the time. How does God speak to us? A lot of times it's during your devotional time, a lot of times it's when you're attending a service like this. God can speak, believe me, He can speak. But if you've never heard God speak, ask yourself: Why not? You know that God's will is revealed step by step. As you obey, God's will will be revealed to you step by step.

So they sailed from Troas and sailed as far as Samothrace, and the next day they arrived at Neapolis. From there they came to Philippi, the first city on this side of Macedonia and a Roman garrison. We stayed in this city for a few days. This is one of the most important verses in the entire Bible. Because the history of Western Europe was changed, the emperors at that time did not know that a group of people led by the Holy Spirit would bring the gospel to Europe. This was the first time that the gospel message was spread from Asia to Europe, and Europe would never be the same again. Why? Because God guided Paul and his team. The personal pronoun changes, Luke is with them, Luke is the author. Luke says: He guides us, why? Oh my God! They wanted to go to Asia Minor, but the Lord said: No, you are going to Philippi.

By the way, in a few months, I'm going to take a group of people on the journey of the apostle Paul, and we're going to visit Philippi, and we're going to visit Thessalonica, and we're going to visit these places, and you know why? Because Paul was led by the Lord. And then use your common sense, you know, a lot of times, people are numb, I'm waiting for the Holy Spirit, waiting for the Holy Spirit. Sorry, use your common sense and tell your neighbor: Use your common sense. After church, where will you go to eat? For some people, no matter what they do, I am waiting, I am waiting for God. My friend, God did not want you to be a robot that could enjoy life. Do you like Chinese food? Then go to a Chinese restaurant. And then when you go there and the place is full, the place is full, Lord, thank you. Find another place. In other words, relax and enjoy what God wants you to do, amen? Don't always, I'm still praying, and then when you see the menu, I'm still praying.

My friend, use your common sense, okay? On the Sabbath, we went out of the city gate and went to the river. We knew there was a place of prayer there. We sat down and preached to the women who were gathering. What is Paul doing? He was using his common sense. How do I begin to evangelize? He was looking for a synagogue. There is no synagogue. You know why? There are not enough Jews. To establish a synagogue, there must be at least 10 adult men. There weren't enough Jews, these people were Gentiles, so he went looking for a place, and he saw some women praying, so that tells you, the first person who changed Europe was a woman, what was her name? Lydia. How many of you are named Lydia? Please raise your hand. If you are not a man, why do you raise your hands? Lydia, Lydia, OK, we have several Lydias here.

Now, Lydia, look, there is a woman named Lydia, who was from Thyatira. She sells purple cloth, which is the most expensive cloth, purple, and purple dye is very expensive, so she is a woman who belongs to the upper class. Let's read together: Get ready, get up! Always worship God. You see, God was at work in her heart. Second, she heard. Third, the Lord enlightened her heart. The Lord opened her heart. You know, this is my homework. I will do what God wants me to do, but I cannot force people to believe in Jesus. I just pray for people that God will open their hearts. That 's how it happened. God opened her heart. She and her family, everyone read: Now that she has been do you know she should be baptized? That's Jesus' command, believe and be baptized, so you obey God. Next she begged us to say, read it together: If you think that I am a true believer in the Lord, please come and stay in my house.

You see, this is common sense, Paul didn't say: Wait a minute, let me pray first: Lord, should I go to her house? should I go? This is a new believer, the first believer, inviting you. So what did Paul do? There he went. This is common sense. Later, we went to the place of prayer. A servant girl came to meet him. She was possessed by a witch and ghost, and she used magic to make her masters gain great wealth. Another person who converted to Jesus was another girl, Lydia, who belonged to the upper class and was very rich. Now she was a slave girl at the lowest level and was possessed by a witch. What was she doing? She was causing trouble for Paul, she was causing trouble, and you know what Paul did? Here's what Paul did: She kept bothering him, and Paul got tired of it. He turned to the demon and said, "I command you in the name of Jesus Christ to come out of her"! The ghost came out at that time.

So, ladies and gentlemen, when God is at work, so is the devil. Do not think that Satan is sleeping while God is at work and you are in God's will. No, Satan was at work, but Paul wanted nothing to do with demonic power, to tie it to the gospel, no, so he cast out the demons. By the way, is anyone possessed by demons today? Do you have? Yeah, you know, I heard our pastor preach last night, on the same verse, how an Englishman came to him a few weeks ago, after a family seminar, and this Englishman told him: You Can you pray for me? Because my daughter is angry with me. My daughter disrespects me very much. By the way, we have his permission to share this story. Manny asked him, are you bad-tempered? He said oh yeah, yeah, I just had an argument with my wife and I yelled at my kids and Manny said this is the problem, the reason your daughter is angry and disrespecting you is because you are a bad role model.

So he said: Okay, okay, can you pray for me? So while they were praying, the Lord gave Manny a deep impression, and Manny walked through our deliverance ministry again. Do you remember? Spiritual warfare. If you pray, there is nothing wrong with it, so Manny prayed this prayer. Lord, if there's a spirit of wrath in this man, I command the spirit of wrath to leave this man, my God, this man starts to... you know, all of a sudden he changes, his hands... he said , something was wrong, something was wrong, there was a lot of pain, and then Manny said: I command you in the name of Jesus: Get away from this man! Praise God! He spat it out. He was released.

Isn't God amazing? I tell you, God is alive, but many times the devil is also at work. Seeing that there was no hope of profit, the slave girl's masters grabbed Paul and Silas and took them to the market place to meet the leaders. Oh my God, do you know what they did? This master just wanted to make money, so he made up this story. You can read it yourself. He made up this story, so they all attacked Paul. Do you know how they attacked him? Oh my gosh, they made false accusations and so on, and the Bible tells us: And they all rose up together against them. The officials ordered them to be stripped of their clothes and beaten with rods; beaten with rods. After beating them with many sticks, they were thrown into prison and ordered to be guarded closely by the jailer. When the jailer received this order, he put them in the inner prison and put their feet on wooden dogs.

I want you to imagine that you are Paul, doing the will of God and preaching the gospel, and then all of a sudden people attack you, and not only attack you, but they beat you with rods. Until your back turns purple and black and bleeds, and then they put you in jail and put wooden dogs on your feet. Please be honest with me: How would you feel? Be honest, how would you feel? You might say: Where is God? Oh God! What are you doing You see, this is important: Doing God's will does not exempt you from trouble. Let me say it again. Doing God's will and listening to the Holy Spirit does not exempt you from trials. In fact, many times, God will Allow trials to come, why? His character is to be built, His purpose is to be fulfilled, but you cannot see it or understand it.

This is where many Christians withdraw coldly. I've seen so many people whose dreams have been shattered, who have become discouraged, who have become depressed, who have stopped following Jesus. In Filipino: The dream is shattered. how do you say this in English? Disillusioned. They have lost interest and there is no use becoming a Christian. Why? He doesn't answer my prayers. My child is dead. My mom is dead, disillusioned... Friends, you better know God's will. God does not exempt us from trouble, the Bible tells us. One last thing I want you to remember: What is God's will? Pray with a grateful heart, When you are in trouble, when you feel like you are in a prison, and there is no hope anymore, what must you do? You have to pray and give thanks, can you do this? Pray and give thanks.

The Bible tells us: About midnight Paul and Silas prayed and sang praises to God, and all the prisoners listened. This is amazing. Paul was in prison and was beaten severely. What is he doing? Having a pity party? Oh, how pitiful I am! I'm so miserable! Where is God? Where is God? No, no, no, he was praying and singing. Praise God, you know why? Paul was in prison in Philippi, and years later he wrote a letter to the church in Philippi, and you know what he said? Exactly the same. Everyone, please read: Philippians 4:6-7 Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything, by prayer and supplication, with thanksgiving, let your requests be made known to God. And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.

How many of you are worried or anxious today? Please raise your hand. Honestly, you're anxious, you're worried, lift higher, okay. Don't sin anymore. From now on, don't sin anymore. You should be anxious about nothing. Do you know that worrying is a sin? Do you know why people are worried? You worry because your God is small. You worry because you think your problems are bigger than God. That's why you worry, but for God's people, the solution is very simple, when you start to worry, remember, what do you have to do? Pray with a grateful heart. That's the profession of faith that says: Lord, I don't know why, but you command me that in everything by prayer and supplication, with thanksgiving, let your requests be made known to God. You must add gratitude, which is the key to unlocking the power of God in your heart.

Don't just pray, you have to thank God in advance. Thank Him for what He will do in your life, Lord, I thank you in advance. The Bible says something supernatural happens. The peace of God will come into your life, you know what happened? If you read Acts 16, at the right time, all of a sudden God shows up, they're praying, they're singing, the prisoners are listening, they're preaching the gospel, and boom! After praying and singing, suddenly God appeared. Suddenly, there was a great earthquake that shook the foundations of the prison. Immediately, the prison doors were opened and the chains of the prisoners were loosened. Can you imagine the manifestation of supernatural power? All doors are open.

Isn't it amazing that God has all the chains broken? Are you in an impossible situation today? Are you in an impossible situation today? What must you do? Pray and give thanks, Is God bigger than our problems? louder please! Praise God! Yes or no? Praise God! Is God bigger than the problem? So what is God's will? God's will is very simple. Pray and give thanks. No need to be depressed. You know that as soon as the jailer woke up and saw the prison doors open, he drew his sword and wanted to kill himself. You know why? He thought all the prisoners had escaped. It's another miracle, they were in jail but no one escaped, why? Because according to the law, if a prisoner escapes, the jailer will pay with his life.

If this law applies to the Philippines, I tell you, we will run out of jailers, because the jailers will pay the price, and anyone who escapes, you will pay with your life. This was the Roman rule, but the Bible tells us that they There was no escape. Oh my gosh, the jailer was about to commit suicide. Next is the most amazing verse. The jailer called for a lamp, jumped in, and tremblingly fell down before Paul and Silas. Then he brought them out, said: "Two gentlemen, what should I do to be saved"?

What should I do to be saved? Is this a good question? Have you ever asked yourself, what must I do to be saved? This is a beautiful statement, what must I do to be saved? The answer is this, have you seen how God uses events, hardships, and pain? Everyone reads this answer, what is the answer? Believe in the Lord Jesus and you and your family will be saved. Many people misunderstand this verse. This verse does not mean that if you are saved, your whole family will automatically be saved. That's not what this verse says.

This verse simply says: If you believe in the Lord Jesus, you will be saved. If your family members believe in the Lord, your family members will be saved, understand? There is no such thing as automatic evangelism, believe and you will be saved. If your family believes, they will be saved. The Bible tells us: So they preached the word of the Lord to him and to all his household. The most amazing thing is how do you know the jailor is saved? How do you know the jailer believed it? How do you know you are a follower of Jesus today? how do you know? I always say: What is the evidence? Has your life been changed? The jailer has been changed. That night, at that very hour, the jailer brought them away, and washed their wounds; behold his goodness, the jailer was washing the wounds of Paul and Silas. Then the jailer was baptized, and this was the evidence. So the jailer took them to his house and served them food. He and his whole family were happy because they believed in God.

Friends, isn't God amazing? Do you want to know the will of God? What is number one? Search His Word. What is second? You must seek His mission. What is third? Submit to authority. What is the fourth? Be sensitive to God's Holy Spirit. What do you have to do in the end? Pray with a thankful heart. Let me end this story, last week when I was visiting my sister-in-law in the ICU, I saw this verse in action. I usually comfort family members or friends who are in the ICU. I've seen enough people in the ICU. I know she's dying, we all know it. There was a rush to the hospital that week, but what comforted me was this: My brother told me that the day before his wife died, she told my brother, I saw Jesus, and Jesus held my hand. I saw angels waiting for me.

When my brother heard this, my brother knew enough to know that she was ready to go home to heaven. My brother knew she was dying, but my sister-in-law told my brother, she didn't use the word "die," that when I rest in peace, I want you to rejoice, family, you must rejoice: Hallelujah! This is the power of God in the moment of death because God showed up in the ICU. God told my sister-in-law: I am with you. This is the greatest miracle. If you ask me, before you die, you will see the presence of God. You will see Jesus holding your hand. You will To see the angels waiting for you, that is the legacy of the man of God: the power of encounter with God, with His Holy Spirit.

My sister-in-law, Nina, never complained, never complained about why she wasn't healed, she never turned her back on the Lord, she never complained, she never doubted God, I was with the whole family and she never did that. She just said: I thank the Lord for all this. I thank the Lord. Friends, this is the legacy of God's people. I wonder if God has spoken to you. God wants to have a truly intimate relationship with you, and the greatest privilege is knowing God's will and doing His will. This is a great privilege. That peace that passes all understanding, that is your inheritance. God wants you to know His will and do His will, and your life will never be the same again. If you are living a boring life and your Christianity does not bring you joy, is it possible that you are not doing what God wants you to do?

Let's bow our heads. If God spoke to you, would you say you knew it? Peter, I have no peace, I have no joy, and I don't think I am a true Christian. The answer He gives you is: Believe in Jesus and believe that He is your Savior. Believe in Him and the Bible says that you will be saved. If you really want to be saved, if you really want to make sure you belong to Jesus, why don't you raise your hands today? Lift it higher! Praise God! Today you say I'm not sure, but I want to be sure, raise your hands high! Now those of you who have your hands up, I want you to know what you're doing, you're saying today: You're really going to give your life to Jesus, and you want to do His will, whatever His will may be.

This is what it means to come to Jesus, there are no conditions, you are saying: "Lord Jesus, I give you my life, I want to know you, know your will and obey you". If this is your wish, please raise your hand, raise it high! I want to pray for you, hold on, don't put your hands down, you want to truly know Jesus as your Lord and Savior, you have never seriously surrendered your life, you have no peace, you have no joy, because you have been Playing games with God, okay, those of you who have raised your hands, you pray this prayer with me:

Lord Jesus, here I am. I want to be honest with you. I have never truly surrendered my life to you. I have never truly wanted to know and do your will. Today I believe that You are the Savior and that You are the Lord. Not only do I believe that you died for me, I also believe that you are my Lord. You are my Master and I accept your gift of eternal life. I accept your gift of salvation, your forgiveness of sins. Starting today, I ask you to help me understand your will, help me search the Bible, and help me seek your mission for my life.

If you just prayed that prayer, all of you who raised your hands, I want you to stand up, please stand up, this is between you and Jesus, I want to pray for you, please stand up. You prayed this prayer, you raised your hands, please stand up. Because God is watching you, and God is saying: If you want to know my will, my will is to save you. What is God's will? He wants you to serve Him. What is God's will? He wants you to seek Him, and who else? Praise God! This is between you and the Lord. I know at this moment you are struggling: Do I want to stand up? If God is speaking to you, listen! The problem is you don't listen because you're too busy. You won't hear God's voice unless you take the first step. You will hear God's voice step by step. Is there anyone else? You want to take the Lord seriously, stand up! Praise God!

I always knew that there was someone waiting, God was speaking to you, God was saying: make today your day, to know God's will, to obey His will, God's will for you to be saved. You don't know how much God wants to save you, why don't you stand up and get saved? Not because you stood up, but because you repented and believed in Him. Is there anyone else out there now? Praise God! Now for those of you sitting here, I want to challenge you, starting today, you are going to study God's Word, you are going to seek His will and plan for your life, you are going to listen to the Holy Spirit of God, and you are going to learn to submit to authority. If this is your desire, to know God's will and do it, then please stand up too and thank you. Do you really want to know God's will and do it, like the Apostle Paul, and be led by the Spirit of God? I want to pray for all of you. You're saying: Lord, I mean it. I want to know your will and I will do your will. I want to learn to listen, learn to listen to the voices inside, look at the environment, and look at your own heart.

Father God in heaven, I thank you for how real you are in the lives of the apostles Paul and Silas and your people today. I know they are listening to you and that's why they are standing up. Please help us all learn to listen and obey, because Your will for us is not only for us to know Your will and do Your will, but You want us to live an amazing life filled with joy and excitement, but Lord, I know, That doesn't mean there aren't problems, but in the midst of them, we can say thank you, Lord, just like Mina, just like their whole family, how joyful they were when death approached! Full of peace, full of joy, because Lord, you appear, there is joy and peace in your presence, please bless your people who are here. In Jesus' name we all pray, Amen! Amen! May God bless everyone!

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