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Mike Novotny - Your Holy One

Mike Novotny - Your Holy One

Recently, someone asked us this question about God, "How can God hear and answer prayers of so many people at the same time"? I immediately thought of that old movie by Jim Carey, "Bruce Almighty". Have you seen it? He tries to play God. And he sits down at his computer to answer all the prayers that have been prayed to God, and he's overwhelmed with this massive inbox. And so he just clicks, "Yes".

Whenever I think about that, how can God listen to not just two people, or 200 people, but millions, if not billions, of people at the same time, my answer is... I don't know how, but I love the fact that I don't know how. In my little brain I can't grasp how you could grasp all those prayer requests and somehow answer them and send out angels and run the universe to bless all the people who call on your name. But that's what I love about God. He's not me. He's not like Mike, but a little bit stronger. Or like Mike, but a little bit smarter. Or like Mike who can listen to two conversations. He's God.

Isaiah chapter 43 has this great verse: "I am the Lord, your Holy One". "Holy One" means the one that's set apart; the one who is unlike anyone else. And God gives us this great word of comfort. He doesn't just say, " I am the Holy One" but "I am your Holy One". I'm the one who's using my perfect knowledge and perfect presence to listen to you, to care about you, and to give exactly the help that you need at just the right time.

So, take great comfort. God is listening to every syllable that you say, every prayer that you pray, in Jesus name. And he promises if you call upon him in the day of trouble, he will deliver you. Isn't our God incredible? Did you know that you can receive the 'Your Time of Grace' videos right into your inbox? If you click the link below, you can sign up for an email that will connect you to these videos, and especially to a God of amazing grace each day.
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