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Watch 2022-2023 online sermons » Michael Youssef » Michael Youssef - Forgive Quickly

Michael Youssef - Forgive Quickly

Michael Youssef - Forgive Quickly
TOPICS: Forgiveness

You know, the term forgiveness is now even used by secularists preachers on public television... I've heard it. They talk about forgiving but they don't understand the necessity and the absolute requirement for believers to forgive and to forgive quickly because we have been forgiven. That is why we forgive and we forgive quickly.

God taught me that lesson early in my Christian walk and I realize that whenever I hold a grudge, even back then when I was a young Christian: "my life is not blessed, I don't feel the anointing of God, I don't feel the favor of God".

And so, when the Lord began to teach me from his Word the importance of being quick to forgive, it is for my blessing, it's for his glory, and it is for the joy of the other person. In fact, when I pray for somebody whom I have forgiven, I always pray for God to bless them.

Now, I know this is not easy but I'm asking you to try and you gonna see that as you do it, it becomes easier and easier and then you will be the recipient of joy in being quick to forgive. God bless.
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