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Watch 2022-2023 online sermons » Michael Youssef » Michael Youssef - Nehemiah's Task

Michael Youssef - Nehemiah's Task

Michael Youssef - Nehemiah's Task
TOPICS: 100 Huntley Street, Nehemiah

Lorna Dueck: Okay. Dr. Youssef, you have been walking us daily through Nehemiah. Help us understand how fantastically big and outrageous Nehemiah's task was.

Dr. Michael Youssef: Well, just think of the gumption.

Lorna Dueck: Unbelievable.

Dr. Michael Youssef: The gumption that can only come from God. There's no human ego could've really anticipated all this and were able to say to the King. I mean, this man would've lobbed his head off without even batting an eye. I mean, he said to him, he said, "What do you want"? Finally, he said, "I never thought you'd ask". He didn't say that, but, "I never thought you'd ask". But then he kind of said, "I want this, and this, and this".

Lorna Dueck: Well, let's just go over that. It was very financial. Like, this is like your best employee walking up to you asking you for your credit card.

Dr. Michael Youssef: That's right.

Lorna Dueck: Asking for the boss' credit card.

Dr. Michael Youssef: And I'm gonna load it, because this is a limitless credit, the King of Persia. And so, he said, "I'm gonna load that, buy timber and take all the stuff that I need in order to get back and build the wall". I mean, so much gumption that truthfully cannot come from anyone except from God.

Lorna Dueck: And it was actually counter to the law that had been set, that Jerusalem was supposed to be destroyed.

Dr. Michael Youssef: Exactly.

Lorna Dueck: So, he was reaching into historical past, saying, "This needs repairing". Outrageous, correct?

Dr. Michael Youssef: Not only that. You remember how the laws of the Medes and the Persians. I mean...

Lorna Dueck: No, I actually don't know the laws of the Medes and the Persians.

Dr. Michael Youssef: We always kind of joke and say, "Well, it's not the laws of the Medes and the Persians," you know, meaning it's not set in concrete that it can never be changed. That's where... in the vernacular, we say, "Well, it's not the laws of the Medes and the Persians," but in reality, that means that no one but the king could go back on their word.

Lorna Dueck: And that's where Nehemiah was going.

Dr. Michael Youssef: Yeah, Jerusalem, it's not gonna be built. It's not gonna be built. That's set in concrete. But the king said, "No, it's gonna be built," because God... and he called him, "My servant," which is the most amazing thing. God called the Persian king, "My servant," and God is the one who turns the heart of the king. I mean, it's just like a dial for us. He works the heart of the king and he was working on the king's heart. And so, when Nehemiah said, "I need this, and this, and this, and this," and all the grocery list that he came up with, which was huge, "and then letters from you to say, you know, this is okay and so forth". It can only be from God. It can only confidence that comes from knowing you are serving the King of kings.

Lorna Dueck: And how do I take that great analogy, because you know, these stories of Nehemiah have captured our imagination, and you're challenging us, mine out of them. Do you expect me to go to my physical circumstances and say, "Give me," to the authority figures? How do I apply that audacity?

Dr. Michael Youssef: Well, you can apply it with God, first of all. And God has limitless resources. I think it was Billy Graham... and I'm not sure exactly, but I think it was Billy Graham said, "When we go to heaven, we're gonna discover so many blessings with our names written on it that never was dispatched. Never was dispatched because it was never asked for".

Lorna Dueck: You write about Ephesians 3:9-10. More.

Dr. Michael Youssef: James said, "You have not because you ask not". And in Ephesians, Paul said, "He can do more beyond your expectation, beyond your imagination". I mean, imagine whatever they wanna imagine, and then he does even more than that.

Lorna Dueck: So, you would say, get myself in a posture of asking from God.

Dr. Michael Youssef: Yes, only that which I know that's consistent with his will and with his Word. Now, not say to God, "God, give me a palace and a fleet of Mercedes," or this, and that, and the other thing. Now, wait a minute, that's selfish stuff. But if you're praying for the will of God, consistent with the Word of God, and the Word of God said in the words of Jesus, "Seek ye first the kingdom of God and his righteousness. The other stuff will be added". You know, all your needs are gonna be met. And so, when you're focusing strictly on that which is glorifying to Jesus, what is the joy of the Father? The joy of the Father is for Jesus to be glorified. And so, when I seek things that are glorifying to Jesus. I am meshing God's will with mine, and so there's not conflict here.

Lorna Dueck: Tomorrow, we're gonna talk about discouragement and distraction with Dr. Michael Youssef. Get your copy of his great book, "God, Help Me Rebuild My Broken World". Thank you, Dr. Youssef.

Dr. Michael Youssef: Pleasure.
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