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Watch 2022-2023 online sermons » Michael Todd » Michael Todd - Why Wouldn't You Accept The Upgrade? - Part 3

Michael Todd - Why Wouldn't You Accept The Upgrade? - Part 3

Michael Todd - Why Wouldn't You Accept The Upgrade - Part 3
TOPICS: The Upgrade

Hey, friends, I am so glad that you're joining us today. And I got one question for you, does your life need an upgrade? Yeah, I can think of a few areas that I want to be upgraded, so I need you to stay tuned, 'cause I want to tell you how you can download God's amazing upgrade directly into your life. See, when Jesus left, he gave us the ultimate helper or the ultimate upgrade. And his name is Holy Spirit. He is not extra, he is essential to living a victorious life. And today, you need to receive The Upgrade.

That the same Holy Spirit that was there when you was dancing was there when I was looking at pornography. How do I grieve the Holy Spirit, if he wasn't there? He's there everywhere. So while I'm sending the DMs, he's there. While I'm making the crooked business deal, he's there. He's not the third wheel on your life. He's not the one tagging along with God and Jesus, God the Father and Jesus trying to get a word in. He said, if you need to know the truth, ask me. Somebody say this, because when I look at the scriptures in John 14, 15, 16, you see this word helper translated. Another way, it's says advocate. Another word, it's comforter. This word is translated here only five times in the Bible and in John 14, 15, 16 talking about the Holy Spirit, the helper, it's four out of the five times in the entire Bible. They're only talking about the Holy Spirit, the helper for your life is the Holy Spirit.

Somebody right this point down. The Holy Spirit is my help. Say it, "The Holy Spirit is my help". I'm training your mind and your heart right now, to understand something that you may have not understood. Just say it one more time, "The Holy Spirit is my help". There's nothing like knowing who to go to for help. Like have you ever been at a restaurant or something, and somebody can't help you? What do you do? Can I speak to your manager? 'Cause for some reason you understand that at that level, I ain't going to get no help. You just bringing me the food but you can't, they messed this up and I ain't paying for it. And it's like ma'am I'm so sorry and I don't have to be mean church people you all got to stop being mean to people over your food. They got to know you by your love not your ignorance, okay, let me, that'll be, we'll talk about that in another.

But there was a way that if they messed it up, okay, but what do we do? I ask for somebody who can actually help me. It happens in my household. Let me be transparent, we're hot at Transformation Church humble, open and transparent and why happened at my house is that my daughter Isbella, she is in kindergarten going into the first grade and she's learning how to read. And my daughter has sadly found out who to go to for help reading. It's not me. My wife for some reason thought that it would be good for me to help my daughter learn how to read. And I almost lost all of the Holy Spirit that was in me on one word, the. I'm sitting there talking to Bella I said what does the word say, Bella? She says, T, T, T he. No, baby, it's a blend word. Th makes th, th and then I don't know why 'E' ain't making the right sound right now, but it's the.

You all know how you all do whoever made up the English language, you all are ghetto because like, there's a lot of problems. She was like, but 'E' makes the long 'E' or 'A' I said I know baby but this word is the, the cat. She said, okay. I said all right now you try. She said t he, I said God, I'm going to need you to help me teach her. I said no, baby, that's a blend word. This says the, she said what does it say daddy? I said the, she said the, I said the, she said the. I said all right, I read the whole thing together. She said t he, I said in the name of Jesus, I rebuke this spirit of ignorance in this house like I was. And what she learned after the beads of sweat, the pounding on the table, and me walking away six times, dad is not the person I go to with help. She found out to go to her mother, not because I couldn't help her, but her mother was better suited to help her.

What I'm trying to say to you is if you need help knowing what to do in your business, God can help you, Jesus can help you but there's a God Holy Spirit, who has been fashioned, formed and suited to help you. And you need to know where to go. 'Cause the Holy Spirit is your help. Is there any area in your life that you need help? Yes, you need help to know which business deal to take, ask the Holy Spirit. You need to know if you should leave the relationship that you've been in for 16 years with no commitment and no covenant? You may not even need to ask the Holy Spirit right there, you know, but if you're still confused, ask the Holy Spirit. You need to know God's will for your life, ask the holy.

So many people ask me all the time pastor, how do I know God's will for my life? Can I paint a picture for you? Take the lights down for me. In your life, God what is your will for my life? You stand in here, and God shows you a glimpse of your purpose. How do I get there? I can't step outside of the light. See, so many people just keep it right here are trying to get there but when they step out, they step into the darkness. And now I'm at award shows, now I'm living everybody's life. The problem is you got money but no God. The problem is you got a marriage, but it is filled with things that don't have God in it. Some of you today need to step back in to the light. And God says, now you got to get there. How do I get there God? I see myself being successful, I see myself. Then you start reading your Bible.

See there is a difference, and I need everybody to hear me say this there is a difference between the wills of God, okay, I need everybody to hear me say this very clearly. There is a specific will of God for your life, and there is the general will of God for your life. If you need to find the general will of God for your life, you read the Bible. I don't know what to do, I don't know God's will, open up the Bible and it will show you steps of what the general will of God is. So I don't know if I can be married to this person or this person, what does the Bible say about marriage that gives me the general will of God for relationships? Well what am I supposed to do in business?

The Bible gives you general characteristics. But when you need specific instruction, see the Bible tells you you should be married, but it don't tell you who to marry. And it doesn't say you should be married, Jesus wasn't married, like, but it shows you how to be married, okay? It shows you how to be married, but it do not tell you who to marry. If you want to know the specific will of God, on who to marry, you need the Holy Spirit. 'Cause he's the one that say leave him alone. But God, he looks like Michael B. Jordan mix with a little bit of Vin Diesel with just a little bit Thor from the movie, Lord. And he said, and he is going to beat you supernaturally, you need to leave him alone.

See, because it would be easy if the Bible laid it out, and it was that simple. But the problem is when we come to this life, it's not a straight line. We are presented with all kinds of options. So Holy Spirit, where am I supposed to live? L.A. Is there, New York is here, Tulsa is here. Where am I supposed to go? You can read the Bible all day, and he'll say, a sheep know my voice and a stranger they won't listen to but if you want exact instructions, you need the Holy Spirit, move to Tulsa. But father, when I move to Tulsa, do I have a job? Move back to home. God this business deal has all of the makings of what I've always prayed for, but it's a Ponzi scheme, don't do it. Keep serving at that job.

Keep praying for the home, ah, ah, ahh, no. I know you already signed and told them you were coming, but call 'em back. Call 'em back. No, I know you'll be embarrassed, but I'm about to save you four years. Call 'em back and tell them you made a mistake. And just keep going forward where I told you to serve. They don't see my gifting. They don't see my talent, 'cause I'm making your character. If I gave you the platform now you would ruin it in 36 weeks. But I'm teaching you humility right now. Don't step out of the dark. No, I mean, don't step out of the light. And this is why the word God gave us this year was stay anchored. 'Cause at the moment you start drifting, I'm further than where I came from, but I'm in the midst of God moving and I'm nowhere to be found in the dark, in the light.

You can't see me here 'cause I stopped listening to the Holy Spirit. And the truth of the matter is the Holy Spirit is speaking to some of you all and you in somebody else's lane. Well, I saw them be successful like this, God said your blessing and in this lane. I know it seems like you further than you ever thought you would be and people are recognizing you, but man's applause is worthless if I'm with my arms folded. They can applaud for you all day, get back. Holy Spirit, what's the specific will for my life? I thought I was going to be a music producer God, I'll use your music. But trust me go serve at that church, greenwood Christian center do the sound. God, I got $100.000 opportunity in New York.

If you go, you'll be successful, but I'll take my hand off of what you're doing. Okay, God, they're not paying me that much. Yeah, but you're investing in your future? Who would have known that moving faders up and down for two years, for barely any pay, would produce a future that I could give other people jobs? Only the Holy Spirit could know. So Holy Spirit, am I supposed to marry Natalie? Yep. So that means I'm going to have to apologize? Yep. And that means I'm going to have to keep apologizing? Yep. And that means I'm going to have to sacrifice for her? Yep. And that means that I'm going to have to cut all these other chicken hands off? Yep. And that, hold on, and that means I'ma have to tell people my story 'cause you asked me to be a pastor? Yap.

And that means, even though it's decades ago, when I tell the story, it could potentially scratch the wound that she had again, and I might have to say sorry, again? Yap. And that, Lord, the light don't feel exciting. He said, but what you do, I'll give you a book called "Relationship Goals". And I'll let every failure you made, turn into a testimony that will help millions of people who would have known the world would know me for my greatest mistakes? Except the Holy Spirit. I wasn't going to do "Relationship Goals". I would never, I failed English class. How am I going to write a book? Holy Spirit said no products ever, until you write "Relationship Goals".

And somehow the Holy Spirit knew that it would be the number one New York times best-selling book in the middle of a pandemic. And over 500.000 copies. It's now being translated into seven different languages. Places I've never been, will hear my story. 'Cause I listened to the holy. All I'm saying to you, is no matter where you are right now., even if it feels like you're completely in the dark, I'm asking you to listen to the Holy Spirit through what I'm saying. And get back in position so that you can step into the light. And now when you read your Bible, God tells you, yeah, you need an assembly of believers, that you can be around. You need to get in connection with people that aren't like how you used to be. And what church do I go to? There's 50 on the same block. God tells you you don't need to forsake the gathering together.

You need to go to church but the Bible don't tell you which church to go to. Guess who does? The Holy Spirit. You need to know the specific will of God for your life? You better welcome the Holy Spirit. Can we give God some praise right there. Come on all over the world. All over the building. Oh, come on, the light's coming on in somebody's life right now. The Holy Spirit is coming alive. I literally didn't make it through three pages of my notes. I literally have 10 more pages on sermon one. But the Holy Spirit's doing this today. And he's going to do it for the next six weeks. Why wouldn't you accept The Upgrade? Why, why would I have all of this power available to me, all of this help available to me? 'Cause somebody said it was weird, 'cause somebody abused the term before, because you were never taught about it. I have a burden to help you experience God 3.0.

See, a lot of people don't realize that there's three versions of God, and when you talk about an operating system, it just makes sense to me, in my mind. Most of us recognize God. But most of us have loaded up the operating system of God, we say you know what, I recognize it. But it is my goal at Transformation Church, we represent God to the lost and found, for one reason that's transformation in Christ. What we want you to do is not just recognize that there is a big man upstairs, we want you to recognize there's a God, but we want you to receive God 2.0, which is Jesus. That's why at the end of every service, in just a moment, I'm going to give you an opportunity to receive Jesus. And once you receive Jesus, the sad truth is, this is where most people stop. They just worry about getting to heaven.

And God said, but I came, that you may have life and life to the full. And through this series, my prayer is that you would release God 3.0, you would release the Holy Spirit. I've got seven weeks with you class, I want you to recognize God, I want you to receive Jesus, but I really want you to release the Holy Spirit. And it is my burden to represent the Holy Spirit to you, you don't want to miss one week of this message. 'Cause what God is revealing to me is about to change the trajectory of your life. And right now, could you just lift your hands everywhere, and we're going to do this at the end of every message. Just ask the Holy Spirit. Say "Holy Spirit".

Come on, just say it like this might be your first time right now. "Holy Spirit I receive you". Yeah, and this is what I want you to ask him every day. Specifically, when we watch these message. Say "Holy Spirit, what are you trying to say to me through this message"? Yap, 'cause the Holy Spirit's going to highlight different things for different people. The crazy thing about the Holy Spirit is he is not bound by time, space. He's not bound by your sin, you could be in a jail cell right now, Holy Spirit is with you. Yey, you can be in a pit house right now, whoo, Holy Spirit is with you. As you heard bree say, she was at a place that she could not even see if she would have joy again, guess who was with her, Holy Spirit. You might be going through a divorce, you may be in the middle of abuse, you may be at the best moment of your life.

And Holy Spirit's trying to speak to you. Holy Spirit what are you trying to say to me? God make it clear show up. I want to accept The Upgrade. Come on, just tell him I want to accept you. I want to accept you. I want to know you. Come on, you don't have to do it in some weird way, you can be normal and walk every day with the Holy Spirit. In the shower, Holy Spirit, what are you trying to say? On the track, Holy Spirit, how many more laps? As I go to the airport, when I'm planning my vacation, Holy Spirit what are you trying to say to me? I need you to speak.

Matter of fact, I don't just need you to speak, you're welcomed here. You can be here any day. You can be here at every moment. I welcome you into my life. I want to normalize less men talking and more God talking? Yap, you love to hear Pastor Mike, you love to hear your favorite pastor, but if they're really talking, they're only saying what the Holy Spirit is telling them. And the crazy thing is, why would you ask me when he'll tell you himself? I need the pastor to pray for me. No, you need the Holy Spirit to say something to me for you. Skip the middleman. I'm telling you, I feel that thing, God is saying skip the middleman. You'll no longer need a priest or a prophet, you need to hear from God, the Holy Spirit is available.
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