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Watch 2022-2023 online sermons » Michael Todd » Michael Todd - Why Wouldn't You Accept The Upgrade? - Part 2

Michael Todd - Why Wouldn't You Accept The Upgrade? - Part 2

Michael Todd - Why Wouldn't You Accept The Upgrade - Part 2
TOPICS: The Upgrade

Welcome friends. Thank you for tuning in today. See, there are times in our lives where we feel like we could use a little extra help. I know I can, especially raising four children. There's good news. God has given us a helper. I want you to stay tuned today, 'cause we're going to explore the ways God wants to bring an upgrade to your life. And if there's any area, your marriage, your business, your family that you need help, access to the Holy Spirit changes everything. Friends, let's go get The Upgrade.

Genesis in the beginning, he said, "Let," who? Us. Who was he talking about? Us? It wasn't just God the Father. He had a board meeting with the father, the son and the Holy Spirit and said, let's go ahead and make man in our image. I got the first leg. I'mma take the next seven days, and I'm going to speak to the void and I'mma blow life. I'mma tell the ocean to come that far, ah ah, stop, that's where the land is going to start. And then I'm going to make birds and I'm gonna make whales, I'mma do all of that and on the sixth day, I'mma take a nap. And I'mma show people how to rest, even when they're creating something that people will be enjoying for the rest of their life. I got seven days on it. And he created eden as a paradise. And what ended up happening is the enemy came in to eden and God said, "I'm done doing what I'mma do. I'm just gon stay with my kids in paradise I created".

The enemy comes in whispers to Adam and Eve. They fall out of relationship with God and now because he's holy, there is a separation. The only reason you may have never thought about this, Jesus is not necessary, had sin not entered the world. But since sin entered the world, the father said, "You all gon make me get up. But I can't, 'cause I'm holy and I can't change. So I'm not going to come down off my throne to save my kids because they didn't listen to me, but I'mma send their big brother". And I'm going to send their big brother. I need you all to stay with me, "I'mma send their big brother and I'm going to make him take the whooping they should've got".

See some of you all don't come from old school homes, but in the old school home, what would end up happening if the older brother or the older sister was with the younger brother or the younger sister, and they did something bad, everybody got a whooping, why? Because the older brother or the older sister, was the one that was going to be the mature one to take and guide and lead and be the example. And they said, "Well, when I did it, it didn't even happen. But the fact that you did it, led them to think that they could do it. So everybody getting a whooping". What God said is, I need to send a big brother, to take the whooping for everybody else's sin. So Jesus, and Jesus said, I'll do my part. Seven days, 33 years. I'm trying to give you a timeline of every God personality and expression, what they were supposed to do.

So God, the Father worked it out for seven days and took a nap from one of them. God, the Son came to the earth for 33 years and what did he say when he climbed up on the cross? It is finished. What was finished? His part of the plan was complete, when he died on the cross. He said, "I did my part". And right before he died, he tells the disciples, "Don't worry, I've done my part, but I'm 'about to send you, I'm about to tag in". You all ever watch wrestling? When they're at the ropes and they tag in their partner, God tagged Jesus, and then Jesus tagged the Holy Spirit. And can I say it like this? I'mma mess with your theology right here. God's not doing anything else in your life. God, the Father, it ain't, God will you help me? He already did. When he sent Jesus. And Jesus, even though you wear the cross around your neck he not coming to earth to help you do anything.

Jesus help me! Anytime you call on him, both of them stand here and say, "Holy Spirit". You all missed it. God, the Father and God, the Son, when you say, "God, I need you," he say, "He ain't talking to me". And then Jesus say, "He ain't talking to me. It's finished". And the Holy Spirit, "Here I go. Where do you need me? I'm everywhere you need to be. Where do I need to show up"? You have been blocking your God power on the earth and his name is Holy Spirit. Same name, same name, but different titles, different functions, different statuses, different location. It's God, the Holy Spirit is God. Say it with me. The Holy Spirit is God. One more time. The Holy Spirit is God. But if you don't see him as God, you treat him as extra. If you don't see him as God, you go past his power in your life. That thing that told you don't go to the club tonight. That was the Holy Spirit.

And you'd rather a feeling, an aura, a vibe. Well I'm in some of you all business. I got to get the mood. I got to get the atmosphere. Holy Spirit said, "I've been here from the beginning of time when they was talking to alpha and omega, that was me too. You thought it was just God, the Father or God, the Son, but when they say alpha and omega, that was your boy too. I know everything about everything and everybody and if you would tap into my God power, you would experience God, the Holy Spirit". The Holy Spirit is God. So in the beginning, when they said, "Let us make man," it was a meeting between God, God and God. God, God, God. Here it is. Let's turn out. Well, we got to create something in our image.

So God looked at God and said, "God," I'm just trying to drive home a point right here. "Holy Spirit come help me". You can say, "God, come help me". Thank you, Jesus, for dying on the cross. And Jesus says, "You're welcome". "Jesus, come help me". He says, "The Holy Spirit's going to come". God, God and God. They still not getting it Charles. Okay, so, let me build this out for you. God is his name. But then God has a title and we love God, the Father. "He's a good, good father, it's who you are". He is. He's a great father. And then he sent us his only son.

Now, I want you to realize it was not multiple sons, it was his only. So it then is God, the Son and he has a name. What's his name? Jesus. So it's God, the Father, God, Jesus and then guess what the third Gods name is. The Holy Spirit, you're getting it. Some of you all are going to be at the top of the class by the end of this. This one, I'm just having to take you through it, 'cause by the end of this, it's going to change everything. But God, the Father has a specific function. God, the Father's function is watch this, provider. "I'mma provide the heavens and the earth, I'm even gon provide my only son. I'm going to provide purpose and plans for everybody, but once I provide what I want, I'm going to take a seat on the throne of the universe".

So if you need somebody in a different function, then he sends Jesus and his function is watch this, very simply, I'm giving you theological principles that will guide your life. Jesus's function is Savior. So God, the Father didn't come to save you. He sent God, Jesus to save you. But this scripture tells us that after Jesus saved us, he doesn't have to save us over and over again. And I know some of you all have backwards teaching in your church that tells you, you need to come to the altar every time you do something and mess up. No, that's the point where you repent and you turn back to God.

And I know some people use that as a manipulation tactic but what Jesus did for us, when you really actually receive the finished work of Jesus Christ, it is a done deal. When you put your faith in Jesus Christ, I know I'm coming against some strongholds right now, but when you put your faith in Jesus, you don't have to come to the altar every Sunday and say, "God, forgive me". He already forgave you and he knew it before you would do it and so that's why he sent Jesus as the propitiation, that's a big word, for all of your sins. That means he died for the sins, you did commit, that you are committing and that you'll ever commit. And what he's saying is your eternity is secure, but your history is jacked up. People don't know how to live. They know where their eternity will be spent but they don't know where their tomorrow...

So what did God, the Father provides for us? A Savior and then he said, "Oh, they going to need something else to live. So I'm going to send God, the Holy Spirit and his function", look at it, in John, "Is helper". Now how many of us need help in an area of our life? Hands lifted high. You need help in something in your marriage, in your business. You need help. Stop calling on the God whose function is not helping you. I know it's rough, but once you learn the function of God, the Father, talk to him about provision and this is the crazy thing. He already done it. He ain't providing anything new. He just waiting for you to discover what he provided.

Do you know that there will be no diamonds ever made again, because when God made diamonds in coal mines, he made them all for one time. But do you know for the next centuries and eons we will be discovering things that God put there years ago because it's not about finding out about God. It's about discovering what he's already placed there. What I'm telling you, is when you get in a relationship, it's not about God help this marriage. It's no, God help me find out who you created me to be, so I can be the right person in this marriage. It's never about what God will provide, it's what God's already provided. So he sent Jesus and then he sent the Holy Spirit to help you.

Now this the one that's gon mess you up. I've been hitting towards it all the way, but I just need you, I'm just trying to make sure you get right theology and I'm not being facetious or I'm not trying to be into semantics. Like if you say God, I'm praying to you, I'm not saying like, it's three in one. But I'm trying to get you to recognize the family member that you all act like don't exist. I'm trying to just get you to recognize that uncle Jerry, that's crazy, he's a real person. And the reason that he's addicted to that and the reason that he's going there 'cause he has a real story. We treat people that aren't like us or that we don't understand, we treat them like they're less than human.

Oh I know how you treat homeless people, just because they don't have a house like you. You think because you riding around in a Toyota corolla and you live in a high rise, that somehow you're better than them. Be careful lest you be the one that fall down and you've dehumanized people. Oh, I see some of my fellas who have dehumanized human beings 'cause you've been addicted to pornography and now you see women, as a sexual object instead of something that God created, because of the perversion in your head. When you don't know something, you dehumanize it. When you don't know something, you make it less personal. That's why some of you all the commercials of children in Africa, don't move you no more. You see the children with their bellies, and they're eating out a thing and you threw away what they would eat for a week. And it doesn't even compute to you anymore, because what you don't know about you make less personal.

Oh, is that why we have racial problems in the USA right now? Is 'cause you was raised around all black people and you was raised around all white people and you go to the lake with all Hispanic people and "Oh I got a black friend," and he's the guy that you pay to work for you, and he's the token that comes to your thing. The reason you've made it less personal is 'cause you don't know him. And the reason you've made the Holy Spirit less personal is 'cause you don't know him. God, the Father is a provider. God, Jesus is a Savior. God, the Holy Spirit is a what? Helper. And they all have a current status.

Look where God's current status is, the Father. Look at it. His current status is set apart in holy. That's why God couldn't come to earth, because he couldn't mix with the sin. I can't do the sin. Like for me, I can't do smoke. So like when I go, not because I don't like people who smoke it's just it does something to me. When I go into a hotel room or I go into a car and I rent a car, it's like, I can tell immediately my eyes start to water like having an allergic reaction. I can't do the smoke. So when I go and rent a car and I get in and somebody was blowing them trees and making things happen I ain't got no problem with you. I just can't drive this car, 'cause I can't do that. That atmosphere is not conducive for me to be exactly who I'm supposed to be. It begins to impair who I actually am.

So what God said is I can't do sin. I created a perfect earth and I just can't do sin. So it literally tells us in the Bible that eden is still a place that is hidden from humans because it is guarded and gated by angels because that's a space that only holy is accepted in. Only perfect is accepted there. But God is so loving, he really is a good, good father that he said, "I can't stay without my children. So instead of them coming here, I can't let 'em come here cause I can't do sin. I can't do it, but I'll pay for it. And so I'll send Jesus". And now Jesus has a status too. Where's Jesus's status?? Look at it. He's seated. Hold on what? He's seated?

Luke 22:69 said, that when Jesus finished his assignment, that then he was seated in heavenly places at the right hand of the father, hold up. So when he said it is finished as Savior, he went and took a seat? That's his current status right now. We worship you, Jesus. He is in his lazy boy in heaven like, "That's it, I like that song. Use us then. I do, I do, I do. Use us then". He is in the lazy boy reclined, seated. Read the scripture. Do you know the Holy Spirit and his status? Put it on the screen. Active. He is the only God expression still active. And you don't even think he's real.

Something told me to not go that way and there was an accident on the highway. Something? It was God. God? God, the big man upstairs. He's set apart, he's not down here. He created it, but he ain't down here. God, the Son, yeah, yeah, yeah, he's seated. He done with you all. He had 33 years of this ghetto world and he was like, "I'm pretty much done with this".

Think about it, the only God that is still active, in the earth today, is God the who? Holy Spirit. If you don't get anything else that I say, the reason you have to receive and release the Holy Spirit in your life, is because he is the only God that is active in every part of every day of every moment of every breath that you will take for the rest of your life and then he won't leave you. He will escort you to a heavenly home, if you put your faith in Jesus, who saved us and you will be introduced to the father, who provided all of it for us. I'm telling you right now, the Holy Spirit is God. And the crazy thing is I could go to tons of churches today and there are people that are lifting their hands, raising their voices and they don't even recognize the person of the Holy Spirit.

Can I just sum it up for you? All of 'em have a location. I just told you, but some of you all at the head of class. God the Father's location at this current moment, heaven. And that's where everybody's trying to get to. Yeah, yeah. God Jesus, his location, guess where it is. Heaven. But do you know where the Holy Spirit is right now? He's on earth. He's right next to you, and he's right in you. Holy Spirit, make yourself come alive to people right now. Oh, don't think that I'm about to teach a message about him without him. Like I'm going to have random stops and pauses, 'cause some of you right now, something on the inside of you is starting to move. You're starting to release and wake up. You're understanding, faith is coming to you right now. And some of you need to understand that he is a person.

Why wouldn't you accept The Upgrade? Why wouldn't you allow him to be God in your life? So God, the Father write this down. God is our Father. You can just go straight down the thing and see it. God is our Father that provides, who is set apart or holy and he's in heaven. How do we know that? Matthew, the Lord's prayer that everybody says, it tells us where God, the Father is. Our Father, which art in... It gave you his GPS. Think about the scriptures you read and how disconnected we are, because of how we've been taught. It tells us where God the Father is, in heaven. Who is Jesus? Jesus is our Savior who finished his assignment and is now seated in heaven. That's why Luke 22:69 tells us. But for now, on the Son of Man, he will be seated in the place of power at God's right hand. I'm giving you scripture for everything. Who is the Holy Spirit? He is our helper, who is the advocate and he's right here right now on earth and he wants to work in your life.
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