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Watch 2022-2023 online sermons » Michael Todd » Michael Todd - Faith Talk - Part 2

Michael Todd - Faith Talk - Part 2

Michael Todd - Faith Talk - Part 2
TOPICS: Crazier Faith

How are you doing friends? I am so glad that you joined us here today. And honestly, I'm kind of really excited 'cause I know the message you're about to hear and this message comes from my life. One thing God never lets me do is speak a message to you that I'm not living out for real in my life. And today, I have experienced some crazy things that have allowed me to be firm in my faith and live in what I like to call crazier faith. That's right, not just faith, not just crazy faith, but crazier faith. And I believe that's what the Bible says when he tells us he wants to take us from faith to faith. Not just what we've had or what we're believing for right now, even beyond that. So get ready, get ready, get ready. I'm telling you right now, this is going to transform your life, let's go.

Abraham, you all remember when him and Sarah believed for 24 years that they would have a child and then God asked for the boy back? You got to take your promise to the altar and sacrifice it? Everybody just be thinking like, "Oh, we know the end of the story. Then God's going to provide the little. And then he not going to be able to", Abraham didn't know that. He didn't get to get the revised version and be able to see Bible stories on it. He was walking by faith, but he also was talking. You might have missed it, but go back and read it. When he tells the servant, "No, you stay here. Me and the boy are going to go worship and we will be back".

That's faith talk. I don't know how God's going do it. And it looks like the situation's about to die. But if God has to allow me to kill it and resurrect it, we gonna be back. I feel a Arnold Schwarzenegger anointing. I'll be back. I feel, that was faith talk. But Noah had faith talk too. When he's building the ark, what did he say? "Is going to rain". That was faith. It had... See, we just read this like he was in Seattle and it rains all the time and he was building a ark. It had never rained. And this man gets up in the face of everybody who's sunbathing, said, "Be careful. I got faith talk for you, it's going to rain". Why you over there building that ark and spending all them years? 'cause it's going to rain. Faith talk.

David, we talk about him killing Goliath. But do you know that he gave Goliath the play by play? It's gangster, I don't know if you ever seen movies where they're like, "Okay this is what I'm going to do to you. I'm going to hit you with the right, then I'm going to hit you with the left. Then I'm going to turn around, hit a windmill kick bust you, then I'm going to cut your head off". David walks up to the enemy that the entire Israelite army is scared to face for weeks. And he says, "Today I'm going to cut your head off". Faith talk. Some of you all need to go up to that giant of pornography and say, "Today, I'm going to cut your head off". Some of you all need to go up to those lies and the unbelief and say, "Today, I'm going to cut your head off". If you believe it, give God some praise. Faith talk is about to arrive. Somebody shot at me, faith talk.

Moses. I'm just walking you through the Bible 'cause I need you to understand that faith talk comes no matter what situation you're in. Moses is going up to the most dominant man in the world, the Pharaoh, and he's got to say what God said. He gotta talk in faith. They literally could kill him at the let in. I mean cup bearers were killed for giving the wrong drink back in this day. It's like, "I thought you wanted Gatorade". Like, dead. So my man comes up in there and says, oh because he had a speech impediment. You would've thought God would've called somebody with exquisite English or whatever language they were dictation. He called somebody with a deficiency to still talk in faith.

And I don't know who you are that's been blaming your deficiency, "Well, I was born in this situation, and my parents weren't there and I was adopted and I was abusing". God says, "I love damaged goods. 'Cause I get glory out of making a masterpiece with something that other people discounted". He said, "Let my people go," faith talk. Caleb sent in as one of the spies comes back and says, "I know these other 10 dudes that we can't". Sometimes you're going to have to talk faith when you're the minority. When other capable people are telling a different report. When people have proof of it going their way. Ain't nobody been able to come to north Tulsa and be able to da da da da! They were telling me based on fact. But I don't live by fact, I live by faith. So I taught faith. And Caleb says, "We are well able to take the land".

Now, I want you to see this, that two men's faith talk, Joshua and Caleb, allowed them to be two of two million to see the Promise Land. Your faith talk may be more important to your future than anything you've ever done. 'Cause God at the report of everybody else said, "They can have what they say". Have it. What if God came to you right now and said, "You can have what you've said". You all thought I was going to say, 'cause tomorrow's not promised. You only get what you already have said. Some of you all would be begging. "Lord, please, just Lord. Lord, gimme one more chance just please, Lord. Gimme one more chance". And God's saying, "That's your reality today". Somebody shout at me, faith talk. I'm just walking 'cause somebody needs to hear this. Joshua, you all skip past this story in the Bible. Joshua told the sun, "Stand still".

Do you know how much gangster and how much faith you have to walk in to tell the thing that comes up and goes down every single day, pause. And I believe that God allowed that to be in the Bible to show you that what seems impossible, if you would speak to it, you could cause for the first time in history. See, everybody wants to do what's been done. God's into doing firsts. If they've never done it before will, God's just looking for somebody to believe that he can do it one time. I don't hear of the sun standing still no other time, but Joshua got the benefit of being the first because of his faith talks. So my question is, do you talk in faith? 'cause if you talk in faith, your confessions change. Say "Faith talk". Say, "Faith talk". Help me, tony, hmm! You all going, say, "Faith talk". Say, "Faith talk". I have fun when I preach, I don't care what you all doing, faith talk. "My family will be healed and I'm faith talk, faith talk". You all better help me now. You all better act like you all been in a club before:

My family will be healed, that's my faith talk, faith talk.
My bills will be paid, that's my faith talk, faith talk.
I'm gonna forgive, that's my faith talk , faith talk.
Anxiety is evicted, that's my faith talk, faith talk.
Depression got to bow, that's my faith talk, faith talk.
My marriage will be hold, that's my faith talk, faith talk.
I'm going to live pure, that's my faith talk, faith talk.
I'm single secured, that's my faith talk, faith talk.
My business will be blessed, that's my faith talk, faith talk.
My church will impact the world, faith talk, faith talk.
My kids will love Jesus, that's my faith talk, faith talk.
And I will give money away, faith talk, faith talk.
Your boy's going to be paid, that's my faith talk, faith talk.
I will heal the sick, that's my faith talk, faith talk.
That's my faith talk, faith talk. That's my faith talk, faith talk.
I can pray for my wife, that's my faith talk, faith talk.

I don't leave situations without the last thing being faith talk. See, even if it's not today, I got to put faith on it. So I've been in meetings where they're like there's no way that I can do this and da, da, da. And I was like, "That's fine". Come on, 'cause sometimes you got to swallow your pride. 'Cause sometimes you thought it was going to happen today, sometimes you thought it was going... But I promise you that one day, whatever I'm believing for is going to happen. And now imma walk up, walk away and be like, "That's my faith talk". Yeah, yeah. Somebody shout at me, faith talk. Husbands and wife, faith talk. I mean, I'm trying to... As you roll back home from thanksgiving, talk about where your family will be next year. Hey, I know you almost cussed and beat everybody up and you didn't get no ham or sweet potato pie. I know. But talk about the love and the generosity and the faith talk.

The reason I'm saying you need to have faith talk, write this point down. Faith talk activates heaven. The thing that we're missing right now is that when you talk in faith, it's the only language heaven responds to. Heaven responds to faith. It's almost like when you're in a different country and you're talking in English, but they don't understand any English. They'll entertain you, but they can't respond until there's a translation. What God is saying is, "When you talk and worry, I'll entertain it, but I can't respond to it. When you talk in fear, I'll entertain it, but I cannot re..." it's only when the language turns into faith that heaven gets activated. And the problem with most of us is we don't even understand the Lord's prayer.

There was one prayer that the disciples needed to get down and told us, "This the one that if you going to teach anybody how to pray, teach 'em how to pray like this". Matthew 6:9, it says, "Then this is how you should pray. Our Father, which art in heaven, hallowed be thy name". Verse 10, "Thy kingdom come, your will be done". Where? On... As it is in... So if the whole goal is to get heaven to earth but you not saying anything that heaven can understand, could this be why earth looks like hell. It's 'cause there's not enough people speaking the language of heaven. Charles, come here real quick. I need you all to understand this. I don't even know if I'm going to make it through this whole message.

Are you all being helped right now? I need you all to understand 'cause this faith talk is bigger than anything that you could understand. There is two different arenas that God has made. He's made the seen realm and then he's made... Back the camera up 'cause they need to see this whole thing. There it is. The seen realm. That's all these, then the unseen realm. Just because you can't see it, doesn't mean it's not here. And what God did is create an arena where he can see both. So, when we are dealing with all the crap we're dealing with out here, I need somebody to activate their faith talk. To pull what I have. I got all the answers right here. I got all the resources right here. You don't know what I'm preparing for you back here, but I cannot transfer it to here unless I hear faith talk.

Let me prove it 'cause some people are like, "Where's that in the Bible"? 1 Corinthians 1:16. For by him, that's God. All things, everybody say, all things. Were created that are in heaven and that are on earth. That are in heaven and that are on earth, okay? Whether they are visible or invisible. I need everybody to catch this. Whether thrones or dominions or principalities or powers, all things were created through him and for him. So when we talk faith, it's not from a place of trying to beg God to do anything 'cause it's already done. Not in the visible but in the invisible, you're healed. In the invisible you have unlimited resources, in the invisible, you have the answer to problems. You all not even here with me, Charles. In the invisible, it's already done. What he's waiting for is for somebody to call for the invisible to have access in the visible.

Ephesians 1:3, I got to prove it to you all 'cause some of you all like, "I don't know". Blessed be the God and our father of our Lord Jesus Christ who has blessed us, who has blessed us. Who... When we pray, God's not creating nothing new. Watch, I'm just trying to explain it. Who has blessed us with every... With every spiritual blessing in the, where is it? Heavenly places. Everything I need, he's already... It's got my name on it. This is why when you read, before I was formed in my mother's womb, he knew, he tagged everything, Michael Todd, in heaven, and the reason why, Charles, things are happening in my life because I've discovered faith talk.

When I stand up here and say that the spirit-bank event center will be transformation church, and I declared that out of my life, heaven was like, "He said it, he said, he said it. He believes it, he's not doubting, what are we going to do God"? But you know what we got to do. When they start talking faith, heaven is eager, anticipating for the children of God to start talking in faith. He's waiting on you to say it. Somebody shout at me, faith talk. Heaven is anticipating faith talk. And you all have had angels that haven't worked in decades.

New day, grace and mercy. What Charles gonna say today? Oh he gonna let they situation dictate what he gonna say? He going to let how he grew up. You all take a break. Take a break. Huh, is that Sarah? She's so concerned with being famous. She going to say a whole bunch of stuff about her body and followers and influencers and she ain't inside, no faith talk today. Well, when should we come back? Another couple years. Well, how do you know that? It's been six since she said anything in faith. The saddest thing is there is pastors who lead people and don't have any faith talk. We just believing that God can fix the air conditioner. Is that all you're believing for? No, no, no, I know that's your present need, but my question is like, I mean you don't got the air conditioner nor you have a new building, just at least. Get up in front of your congregation and tell them by faith... Profess it, by faith. 'Cause that's how the worlds were formed.
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