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Leon Fontaine - Your True Nature

Leon Fontaine - Your True Nature

You are not what I see. And I, am not what you see. I am the hidden man. And you are the hidden man. The hidden woman. Bible's very clear, that you are a spirit. Yes, you have onboarded emotions, thinking, reasoning. And all three of the parts of you have a voice. Reasoning is the voice of your mind. The more you reason, the less of God that you'll learn. Reasoning is great for the managing of the physical world. But has no ability to access the spirit world where all the power of God is. And so, it's just, fascinating to me as I look at the hidden man. And recognize that according to the Word, when you give your life to Jesus Christ, the nature of God comes into your spirit.

The last time we spoke on this, I said, Adam and Eve were born-again in reverse. They were in the garden, they were told that if you want to follow God, then do it. If you don't and you want to follow your own decision making, what you think is right, what you think is wrong, you know, don't eat of that tree. It was just a decision, it doesn't matter what the tree was, it was just a decision. They made a decision to decide their own decisions about what's right and wrong. And in doing so, the nature of God left their spirit. And, they became connected in a horrible way to fear. To doubt. They became connected to everything demonic. Everything from the dark kingdom. Does that mean they were bad people? No, not at all. You know people say well are you saying that I've got, I've got wonderful uncles and aunts. I'm telling you, I have had so many beautiful people and still do in my life who are not born again, so that's not what I'm saying. What I'm saying is, is that when you read the Word, Adam after he made the decision didn't learn fear.

See people try to say well fear's learned. Oh I know it can be learned, but he didn't learn it. It was an instantaneous connection from his sprit to the spirit realm to fear. And he hid from God. And that's the perpetual state of people who are not born again with the nature of God. The nature of God is filled with courage. The nature of God is filled with peace. Jesus said that He was going to give a peace that the world didn't have. So if you're born again, you have a peace the world doesn't have. They have situational peace, you have a state of peace. He said that He would give you a joy that was unspeakable and full of glory. A joy that was His joy, that the world could not take away either. And, so the world has happiness which comes from happenings. But they do not have the state of joy that is flowing out of your spirit. You have the wisdom. Jesus is wisdom to you, Corinthians says.

And so, as you gain knowledge, he'll connect all the dots for you. And teach you and lead you in the way that you should go as you gain knowledge, He'll produce the wisdom. So, when you look at your recreated spirit filled with the nature of God. Then you go back and look at how fast Adam and Eve lost that, instantaneous doubt, fear, condemnation, I'm not good enough. He wouldn't even appear in God's presence. Man had lost his approach to God. And just so Adam wouldn't eat of the tree of life and live forever in his sinful state, God put flaming swords and angels around the tree of life, and removed Adam from the garden. Thousands of years have gone by, and mankind just, degrades. And even if you are good in your performance, even if you're good in your actions. Deep inside, is this vacancy, this disconnection that everyone's trying to fill. And whatever your gifting is, you'll try to fill it with your gifting because of the sense of feeling good. Or if you have found a pleasure that you enjoy, you'll try to fill that with those pleasures. But when you reach the end of those pleasures, or your giftedness, it's almost suicidal how people are forlorn and broken on the inside.

Now before there was a physical world, there was a spirit world. So God spoke words and the physical world came into existence. And so mankind devoid of God's presence only uses reasoning, communicative words that have sounds and you can write them down. But that's not the words that are in the spirit world. In the spirit world, when words are communicated with, they carry such power. In fact, what they carry according to the Bible, is zoe life. Z-O-E. which is the life of the person that gives it. Ladies, when you have a baby, you know from the physical and the mental you have given life to this. And, both you and that biological husband, given life to this. And, it will have your thumbs, his nose, you know, different things. And, when words are spoken from a recreated human being, you have the potential to begin to release a greater and greater degree of zoe life.

Now, a person without Christ cannot release it. I'll give you a story. In the Bible, they talk about the seven sons of Sceba. S-C-E-B-A. Now, these were seven exorcists that travelled around the countryside, trying to cast devils out of people. They were not born again. And the Bible goes into very clear description that they could see Paul, in a word. One time he had this woman that was, every time he walked around the marketplace sharing with people, this woman would follow him around and start screaming, this is a... and she was actually telling the truth. She was just disrupting everything so finally one day he turned around and told her to shut up. And the spirit that was controlling her was gone. And she couldn't tell people's fortunes anymore and they got so upset.

And so they saw him with a word control this, the negative spirit world. But, these seven sons found a demon-possessed person, quote unquote. And said to him, we adjure you, evil spirit, in the name of Jesus who Paul preaches. And, the spirit speaks out to this guy and goes, Jesus I know, Paul I know, who you? And it says, that he beat them up. One guy on seven, sent them running. Clothes ripped off, blood, I mean, we don't have all the details but one man took out seven and sent them running. And great fear and respect for the name of Jesus hit the city of Ephesus. When a born-again believer uses the name of Jesus, which by the way the name of Jesus is got, is the legal side of it. It's the power of attorney.

Whenever I'm the power of attorney for a family member or et cetera, I'll just, you know, sign a cheque and then I put P.O.A. and they've got the court documents and I have access to deal with all, power of attorney is what using the name of Jesus is. So, he, they tried to use the name of Jesus. And there was no power because their spirit man doesn't have the nature of God. Now, I'm saying all this to say, if you've given your life to Jesus Christ, then you are a stunning, incredibly supernaturally powered human being, and in your spirit is everything Jesus is. And Holy Spirit's job is to get the nature of Christ from within your human recreated spirit into your life. Into your emotions, into your mind, into your imagination and into your business, into your marriage, into your kids. Into your generations. Into the influential part of your life.

See, God doesn't see success the same way you do. You could have a lot of money but no one respects you so you have zero influence for the kingdom. You could have a title that makes you a Prime Minister or Premier, and no one could respect you so God's ability of bringing you into leadership and influence is completely different than the world measures it. And so, when you begin to realize this incredible power that's on the inside of you, in your spirit, you now must work with Holy Spirit and the Word. Holy Spirit's job is as you begin to take in the knowledge of the Word, Holy Spirit connects it all for you with what's called wisdom. So it makes you wise beyond your years. But the work is to just feed on God's Word. And the Bible says that the Word in Thessalonians works mightily in you.

In 1 Thessalonians 2:13, it says those who have believed on Jesus, and who are in the Word, the Word is at work in you. If you deal with negative emotions like fears and anxieties and envy, jealousy, pride, sickness, disease. The Word working in you, okay, begins to push that out. And the Word is working mightily in you is what the King James says, in Hebrews 3:!7 it says that when you hear the Word, if you do not trust it and mix faith with it. Meaning, I choose to trust the Word of God, it says it won't profit you anything. There are people sitting in churches all around the world that are bored out of their tree, and they don't mix faith with what they hear, and so it doesn't profit them at all. There's no change. The Word is not working mightily in them. So instead of pursuing faith, as some kind of a goal where I just need more faith, don't do that. Just get into the Word, and God's Word begins to work mightily in you. Which is what you're doing right now.

A guy approached me one time, alright. He says, I, I love what I hear you saying. I just need to know before I commit, what can't I do? He says, every church seems to have a different list. Now here is where church has gotten wrong in the last hundred years, or more than that. Is that, we think we have to tell people what they should stop doing before they can come to Jesus, but that's not the Gospel. The Gospel's not what you do, the Gospel's what you receive. And the only thing we can find in the Gospel, is to choose Jesus to believe on Him as your Lord and Saviour. So I've had guys say, I mean, I've had really awesome people have a chat with me and say you know, I love what you have to say. I'd love to come to your church. But I am not going to be a hypocrite and sit in that church, show, telling everybody I, you know, I don't do this, this, this, this, and this. Because I know right now I'm not going to stop my nightclubbing.

I'm telling you right now I'm not going to stop the fooling around. And I might as well be honest with you Leon, because I'm a man of my word. I respect that. And I say, man, I like you already. However, church is not for people who've got their lives disciplined. He goes, it's not? I said no, in fact, getting saved has nothing to do with your performance and your discontinuing wrong things. It's not? I said no, it is, and only is, an acceptance of the sacrifice Jesus made for you and say okay, I receive Jesus. And you have a new nature. You don't have to teach a pig how to roll in the mud. You don't have to teach a horse how to whinny. You don't have to teach a dog how to bark. You don't have to teach a snake how to slither. It's instinctual, it's in their nature. And so why in the world would we have a whole list of rules for people before there's even a nature change? That doesn't even make sense. And then once you have the nature change, and Jesus is alive on the inside of you, you don't lose His nature because you sin.

Now I wouldn't take that too far. But, that's like saying well, you know, if a pig mistakenly chases a cat, it switched to a dog. No. But what's beautiful is when you are become born again and there's a nature change in your spirit, and as you let the Word of God begin to come in, Holy Spirit works with His Word to change your desires. This new nature wants different things. You begin to realize that all, every pleasure out there, God designed it for good. Getting high. God made, you think God didn't understand drugs make you high? It's just, that it's a real low level compared to the joy of the Lord that gives you an incredible high that's is sustainable and doesn't make you hug the toilet in the morning while you woof your cookies. Alright? The peace that some people take drugs for, or a glass of wine then three or four to kind of calm them down. There's a peace that the world can't give, none of its substances can give, that is just yours.

And so you begin to realize everything the world wants, the passion, the risk taking, the adventure, the joy, the laughter, the love, all of these things created by God. There's a good way to have them, and the bad ways destroy you. They destroy your marriage, they destroy your kids. They destroy your health, they'll destroy your faith, they'll destroy your mind, your emotions. So guy's just loving you saying, hey. You want all this stuff? I've given you some ways to have this. You can have your cake and eat it too, with God. So, the issue is this nature that's in your recreated spirit. Now, Jesus is called in John 6:33, the bread. The bread of life. Zoe life. So, that's a very clear distinction being made here, that you can't look at bread and go isn't it beautiful? I love you, bread. You're amazing. I worship you, bread. You're just incredible. Nothing's going to happen. You have to eat bread. He's being very clear. John 1:1, in the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God and the Word was God. Jesus is the living Word.

So if there is no meditating or reading of God's Word, then there is no eating of the bread of life. So your spirit man is alive with all of the presence of God, the power of God, but you haven't retrained your body. Your body's kind of like a dog, you know, retrain it. Oh it sounds so hard. Easy as pie. It's not hard at all. And if you can't, then you're just short of the Word. I don't have enough faith. Well, then not enough Word. I don't have enough ability. Then you don't have enough Word. I just can't see myself doing it. You need vision? You need more of the Word. The Word of God is the absolute phenomenal, incredibly stunning, awesome thing. There's a Roman soldier, centurion, who had a, a servant that was in great pain, very sick. And he must have loved this man as a friend as he came to Jesus. And this Roman soldier said, you know, my servant is sick. And Jesus said, I will come and heal him. And he interrupts Jesus. And he says no, I don't need you to come to my house. Just speak the Word. And Jesus says, I have not seen such great faith in all of Israel. And He spoke the Word. And that same hour, his servant was healed.

He understood that, as, in order to have any group of any kind of grouping of power, like a soldier, an army, a platoon, you have to have an ability to move authority down through the power. And so where's that authority placed? The authority is placed in words, spoken words. When the devil came to tempt Jesus, you'll notice that angels didn't appear and slap the devil around. Now, they appeared and strengthened Jesus later. Do you know what completely eradicated and destroyed him? Words. Words. And so when Jesus said to the devil, it is written. Bam. And He said it is written every time, to help train you and I, that the written Word of God which is given by inspiration of the Holy Spirit, to 40 men over 1600 years. They didn't write what they wanted. They wrote under the instruction of Holy Spirit.

So, when you read God's Word, it is the same as God standing there and speaking it to you. When God spoke, He created. When Jesus spoke, He dominated what was already created to show you and I how to have dominion. So, this thing about God's Word is so stunning that how could religion get it so bad? How could they bore us to tears and just keep telling us to be good, and never deal with my new nature? As a teenage boy, when all the hormones started kicking in, and you know I had a friend who told me that when his girls turn twelve, he's putting them all on the pill. Because everybody sows their wild oats. And I said, that's not true. Said, yes it is, I'm not taking any chances. I said, no it's not true. My mom and dad taught me as a child, who I was in Christ. That I have the nature of God was on the inside of me. The things I'm teaching you, they taught me when I was before I was a teenager. And, when I became a teenager and all the hormones went into overdrive, and I'm on basketball teams and traveling with track teams, you know, the nation and other nations and competing and the partying is off the charts.

And if you're an athlete, you can't party with drugs, all you've got left is a little bit of alcohol and lots of sex. I had this ability in me, and it's not that I even had to work it up. About what mom and dad had taught into me as to who I was. Not what I could and couldn't do. Who I was. It kept me. And, every time the greatest temptations would try to draw, because they pull on everybody, even Jesus was tempted. He'll tell you that in the Word. There was something in me that, that's just not me. That's just not me. And, I want to encourage you in training your kids in God's Word. The issue isn't what can your kids do and what can't they do. Okay? That should be a quick look through the Word. But first, before you cover that, you need to cover who are you? Your identity. And that you are filled with the presence of God. There is a place where the presence of God in your human spirit as you feed the Word. It will begin to release self-control, Galatians 5:20 and on. It will just grow so powerful, that you are in control because of the spirit of God in your recreated spirit.

There's a love, there's a joy, there's a peace. There's an enjoyment of life, there's an ability to look towards the future. There's an ability, saying nothing's taking me down. God fail me? Really? I hadn't considered that one. Like, you just literally begin to change on the inside as the Word of God that you feed on, as the bread of life, begins to work mightily in you. And people will see it, they will notice it, it will change your marriage, your kids, your generations, it will change their ability to pick spouses, and everything else why? Because they see a genuine joy, peace, romance, laughter, all the good things that God has. And so all of us need to be reparented because none of us had perfect parents. And the Word of God will do that for us. God's Word is alive. God's Word is amazing, and I just really wanted to get this across to, you can't separate Jesus from the Word. He is the Word. The Word is Jesus.

I mean, I can't even, figure that one out. I just take it as it is, that when I read the Word, I'm fellowshipping with Jesus. When I read the Word, it's Jesus that is speaking. And showing, and there's something inside as I'm growing up in strength. Not physical strength, I have a hidden man. You have a hidden man. You can have all the muscle that you want, be the most pathetic weakling on the planet. Because there's nothing coming out of your spirit because you don't spend time in the Word.

So let's treat the Word as the most amazing, incredible thing. And as you begin to hear it, just start practicing it. Practicing it is the corresponding actions you need, that faith begins to, to move when, because faith without works, or corresponding actions, is dead. So, remember that. Satan is overcome by words, he's whipped by words. You can break temptation with just words, you can prophesy to your future. You are a self-fulfilling prophet. And, many of us are sitting around wondering well how do I do this?

Well Jesus said in John 15:7-8, if my words abide in you. You can ask for anything. Well, Leon, it's as blunt as the nose on your face. There's nothing He's holding back. I just want you to be inspired by the Word. Take this message and listen to it, you know, once a day and go back and feed on these things and recognize that religion will kill you. It will destroy you. It will mess with your mind, until you're so depressed that there's nothing worse than a depressed Christian. Because they think they've tried it all. And, if it needs healing, the spirit of God can heal that brain. If it needs, you know, vision, it will bring vision. Whatever the issue is in your life, the spirit of God in your recreated spirit is stunning at flowing into as God's Word begins to work.

Father, I pray today that You'd touch each person here. That Father, we'd have such a value for the Word of God. That we would just look at it and go wow, this is going to unlock everything within me. That as I desire to do and to be, and I pray we'd fall in love with Jesus all over again.

Today, for those who are saying I'm not sure that I'm born again. I'm not sure that the presence of God is in my spirit. Well, if you're not sure, then He's not. Because it requires a believing. It requires a choosing. And so I'm going to lead everybody in this room in a prayer of giving your life to Christ. And everyone watching. And if you'd like to receive Jesus as your Savior, it's a choice only you can make. Your mama and your papa, your grandpa and your wife, kid, no one can do it for you. Only you. He made you a unique being. So if you'd like to be included, with every head bowed for just a moment. Say Leon, include me today. I'm giving my life to this Jesus. Anyone watching, wherever you are on the planet, just pray this prayer as we lead you in, let's all pray together. Say:

Dear God, thank You for sending Jesus. Who died in my place. Took my sins. My punishment. The curse of the law. Died in my place. And then gave me His new life. Jesus, come into my heart. I receive you. As my Savior and Lord. In Jesus' name, amen.

Welcome to the family of God. That's awesome.
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