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2021 online sermons » Leon Fontaine » Leon Fontaine - The Mind Of God

Leon Fontaine - The Mind Of God

Leon Fontaine - The Mind Of God

I want you to understand today, I'm going to just dive into some things, I'm going to explain how I learned to move in the things of the spirit, because I, I decided really early. I remember when I was 17 years old. I was in a church service, running from God, deciding to do my own thing. I wasn't unsaved, I just, I did not want to preach. And in a little service, a man of God who I'd never met before, he was a preacher who had travelled with Oral Roberts, and he was old and grey, and his wife played on the, organ. And they would play in these little missions. And she had an entire right side of her jawbone had been amputated because of the, sickness. And she would sing and play the piano, and he would run back and forth across the stage in the most crazy manner. Screaming, preaching, sweating, and I'm sitting at the back, Sally's with me, we were dating.

And he just stopped and I was laughing at him, and my dad taught me don't you ever be disrespectful to the things of God, and don't you ever be disrespectful to men and women of God. Don't touch them with your mouth. And so I'm sitting back there and I'm laughing at him and I'm nudging Sally and all of a sudden he goes, you. And I looked behind, there's no rows behind us, we're in the back. He says, "Come here". And I get up, and I knew enough about the things of God, I'm repenting on the way down. I'm so sorry, God. And I walked up, and I thought I'm going to get it royally in front of the whole place, which wasn't that big anyway but, I'm just going to get it. And I walked up, and his shirt was wet, from his Adam's apple, to his knees. That's how much he sweat when he preached. And he grabbed me in this big bear hug. Oh! And I can feel all of the sweat. And then he just started to cry. And then he started to tell me the things that I was planning. And he began to tell me what God wanted me to know. And I mean, he read my mail so clearly.

And then he told me if you do this in this timeframe, you'll do this, you'll do this, you'll do this, and you'll do this, and he went, it was you know, with all the prophetic words that are out there that most of them are bunk, sorry to poke anybody's bubble. Because in the New Covenant, it's a word of knowledge delivered through prophecy, it's not some prophet trying to lead everybody. But this totally changed my life, as he told me something only God would know. And it just snapped me around to remind me of fellowshipping with Holy Spirit. I'd seen it in my parents, but sometimes you know you live too close to the, you don't realize you walk with greatness until they're gone. And after my dad was gone, I loved him. Loved him to pieces. But it was only after he was gone and I got a chance to travel the world with some of the greatest ministries, and teach alongside of them, to realize that oh my why didn't I talk to him more, he was the most amazing.

And, I want to talk to you about Holy Spirit today. I don't mean stuffy, weird, religious, I'm talking unbelievably changing, rock your world. Holy Spirit when Jesus in the book of John, when He's talking to His disciples and says I'm leaving. And they're all snapping to attention. What? You can't come. But you'll have a new leader, He's going to be Holy Spirit. And then He explained why Holy Spirit was going to be better than Him. What? Better than Him. He would be their new leader, Jesus led them in a physical body, but Holy Spirit was going to lead them and be in them and flow through them in a way that they had never experienced before. And Jesus taught them some about that from verses 14, chapters 14 to 17 of the book of John.

And so, when this happened to me, it snapped me around. As just a teenager, and I begin to fellowship with Holy Spirit. I begin to just try to sense Him and know Him and then in the next couple of years as I begin to be trained to be a paramedic and work out of a hospital, I had the greatest practice grounds a person could ever have. And I found and learned that, I could walk into a situation and know the mind of God. See, what you do you mean you know the mind of God? But no, the Bible doesn't say you can't know it. Old Covenant you couldn't do it. New Covenant, you could have the very Holy Spirit who with everything God showed Him, He would show you. And I'd walk into situations, I'd walk into complete accident scenes that were complex.

Anyone who's worked in emergency rescue, especially the area of fire and ambulance where you have multiple vehicles and multiple injuries, and deaths, and maximizing survivors, and a fire, and buildings, and you've got highways and freeways. That this is, I am so in awe of our first line responders in these situations. But I would step out of an ambulance as a young man, learning to listen to God, and I would begin to the way they taught me, how to manage the scene of an accident. And all of a sudden I'd feel this little nudge from Holy Spirit. I don't know how to explain it other than just kind of a... like it's just like a fresh wind would hit my spirit and I knew. And then I would just trigger myself. You know, psychologists have all these new teachings now on triggers. Some people have triggers that go negative and some people learn trigger to go... man, Holy Spirit I'd have these little triggers where even though I was doing things, I would quickly just, I'd listen to Him. And He'd say look behind that bush. Or don't touch, don't roll this man until you check him. Or, this is going to change over here. Things that I would never know on my own, and people were stunned that I could manage the scene by knowing things there's no way you could know. But I found that He would help anybody who would allow Him.

I watched my mom listen to Holy Spirit when my brothers, I had four brothers, and they would try to bring drugs or porn into the house. And she'd just know it. She'd go, alright. Follow me, boys. She'd walk right to the hiding place, to the entire basement was, you know, we had this floating ceiling. She'd walk right to the thing, push up the tile, didn't look, reach up, pull out a you know a bag of dope and walk up and just flush it down the toilet. And my brothers were like this, she walked right to the, and we knew that our parents heard from God. And so, as I begin to develop my life, I craved and desired to know Holy Spirit. When we would go to conferences with my parents as a young teenaged boy, across the States or in Canada, there were some great conferences with Full Gospel Businessmen at the time, and they would bring in some of the top speakers. And I would listen to them, and I would learn from some, be entertained by others, you know.

It was good. But then I would, some would get up there. And when they spoke, it was like the wind of God would blow. It was just, and something would change inside of me. A desire would rise up. I would just know, and I would be changed forever, and I could tell you which speakers and which conferences they were. As I begin to recognize the difference with the anointing, and when I say the anointing on someone, I mean like in the Old Testament the anointing was done with oil. In the New Covenant, Holy Spirit is the anointing. And you could see someone flowing in the presence of God. It doesn't mean they were shouting, screaming, or even charismatic. It just meant that, what, just their presence, just them rising up and taking this place behind the sacred desk, and just speaking. The place would just go, shew! And people would hear and sense and be touched by the very presence of God. Because it's impossible to sense and know the things of the spirit, until your broken heart is healed.

And as a Christian born again, spirit filled, you'll always need a refreshing because every day, every year, things will happen around you to people that you love. People come against you. And you're going to deal with betrayal and loss, and heart and guilt and things you've done, and our emotional, it just becomes a mess of trying to control the guilt, the shame, the loss, the condemnation, the brokenness. And we all are exposed to this. And so when you get born again, he talks about the healing of a broken heart. Now, a broken heart means it doesn't work. If you say to me, my dishwasher is broken. It means, it doesn't work. It doesn't mean it's got a cute little jagged edge on it. It means it doesn't work. And so people can't get their heart to work properly, until you let the very presence of God heal you. I'm not talking about counselling, counselling is great if they know what they're talking about. I'm talking about a restoration. I'm talking about the wind, the presence of God, because the word spirit both in the Hebrew 'ruach' and in the Greek, 'numa', both are the wind, the breath of God.

And it's not that it's a deep, well it is a deep revelation. But I begin to sense in this, it's hard to put into words, things that you do and sense in God. But I recognized that there is an area of understanding and flowing and knowing the mind of God that is so amazing, incredible. It says here, Psalms 25:14, the secret of the sweet satisfying companionship of the Lord have they who fear, revere, and worship Him. And He will show them His covenant, and reveal them deep inner meanings. Everybody here's laid in bed at night, and just feel like there's something more to me, in me, for me, through me, around me. And you don't even know how to put it. It's like, you know there's something significant. You just need to know that, a relationship with Holy Spirit, fellowshipping with Him. That's who we follow in this New Covenant. He reveals the grace of Jesus, the love of God. But the companionship, the fellowship of Holy Spirit is where you begin to know the mind of Christ, sense the love of God, understand the grace, the favour, the power that is yours because of Jesus. The Word comes alive, something changes on the inside of you.

And in 1 Corinthians 2:9-10 it says, but on the contrary, as the scripture says, what eye has not seen and ear has not heard, and not entered the heart of man all that God's prepared for them? Woah. Yet, to us, God has unveiled and revealed them through Holy Spirit. For He searches diligently, exploring, examining everything. Even sounding the prefund and the bottomless things of God. The divine counsels and things hidden beyond man's scrutiny. I love talking with brilliant people. Scientists, and psychologists. And listening to them talk and explain stuff. But then there's a relationship and a conversation that, I can only have with people who know God. He'll talk about things, sense things, direction and flow. What is God up to? These last end times, the things that we're going through, all this stuff. It's amazing how that you've got the reasoning mind, and you've got the mind of God, here at your heart.

And so, we've got to learn to enjoy that. I make decisions all the time here, but I always allow the leading of Holy Spirit to supersede that. It's helped me make smart business decisions, it's helped me understand when a murderer was in our church. It's helped me understand when don't touch that person over there. It helped me understand when people tried to kill, like I can share story after story of knowing and sensing the field that I was entering, and going on, and know how to navigate it and what to do, financially, business-wise, you know, life, death. All these things. And it's not a, well was it hard? No, it was simple and easy, you just knew. It's just knowing. And how did that come, by a relationship with Holy Spirit. And he would just make you love the Word and spend time with God. And I want you to understand that it's easy to know what God's mind is about the situation you're walking into. It's easy to know how to, to deal with your family. How to make sure that your family rises up and that generations of your family, regardless of the past and the, that it's going to go forward with the strength and the power, and the blessing of God. But religion will never do that. And you, you. You my friend, need to sense and know, just the blessing, the favour, the presence of God.

People say, but what is Holy Spirit feel like? What does the presence of God feel like? That's very clear in Ephesians. The spirit of God feels like this. Because I used to think that when you sense the presence of God, it was a real sadness. Because, we used to have this worship and praise leader at my dad's church, and when she led in worship and praise, she would just sob and cry. And she'd weep. But it wasn't like a, a good, it was kind of oh Jesus, help us. Like what is wrong with this lady? Because you knew it was her own brokenness, you knew that as she's trying to worship God that she has all these hurts and these, which is okay, but that's not what I want at Sunday after Sunday. Because I thought that was the presence of God. What? Deep sadness.

So I didn't feel like, but Holy Spirit according to Ephesians 5, that you're so happy that you can't stop humming or singing. You've got a song in your heart. And it's like, people, stop it. What are you singing for? I just feel so good! And the second thing is, that you're just so thankful, thank you, thank you, it's thank you, thank you. And you just, you're so thankful. And then, you literally are, there is this sense of submission. You're not trying to lord over people, you don't need to be the boss, you don't need, everyone notice me. It's just a complete submission to the body of Christ that goes, nothing's going to stop the blessing of God in my life so I'm going to help you get there because nothing's going to stop me anyway. And there's no competition, there's no worry, there's no, you know, usually when a couple good looking muscle guys walk into the same room, they're eye-balling each other up.

And ladies, don't look at me like that. Two beautiful women walk into the same, or just two women, and they're check, this competition. No, no. It's like no, nothing's going to stop the blessing of favour of God in my life. And when you begin to see that, and know that, and sense that, you're free from all the mind games that go on in our world. I'm meeting 75-year-old men who are still playing these mind games and can't be settled in who they are. And let Holy Spirit guide them and lead them. This satisfying companionship, of Holy Spirit. That causes you to know things, to see things. The Bible says if you'll hang out with Holy Spirit, that things that have never entered the heart of man will rise up within you. This incredible, one of the things that is so beautiful, is an amazing sense of how special you are. Very few people get that.

You know, I look at my grandkids and my daughters and my son. When they were small, and the incredible sense of ownership they have. I mean, I'd be in the office up to my eyeballs in appointments, in the early years we didn't have any help. And, I could hear these little feet pitter down the hall, and even though the you know, someone's trying to stop them, the door would burst open. It didn't matter what I was in the middle of. They'd plop themselves in the middle of my lap, grab my pen, and write on whatever paper was in front of me. And you kind of go, where and, but this sense of I belong, I'm significant, I'm important to the very boss of this organization. Nothing could stop this sense of significance and love, and you need that. Every one of us needs this. And only a relationship with Holy Spirit will give that to you. Most people, have an orphaned spirit. A sense of something missing, something lost. A sense of I don't fit in and I don't know why. It doesn't matter where you put them. You can put them in a sports room, you can put them in a church, you can put them in the parent's soccer club, and they just never feel like they belong. This orphaned heart.

The enemy tries so hard, so when Holy Spirit becomes your very relationship, you don't even have to worry about was that gift a word of knowledge or was that a word of wisdom or is that a gift of healing or a gift of faith or was that the working of miracles? Like, it doesn't, those are just teaching things to help us understand the boundaries and the things the Holy Spirit does in us. You get up and you just begin to know the mind of God. You begin to think about what to do in your marriage, what to do with your kids, what to do over finances. God's not stressed over money. You know, He has an idea that will make one billion, forget about 100.000. I mean, He's not worrying about a, a virus or a new disease. A thousand can fall at your side, 10.000 and it won't come near you. This confidence that Holy Spirit brings you. And, because Holy Spirit is the active agent on the ground, God is one God in three persons.

As you fellowship with the Holy Spirit, you begin to sense the love of God. You begin to sense the grace of Jesus. You begin to feel this power, just ease about you that, wherever you go it's going to be easy. People, as you raise your kids in the presence of God it's a new thought for them that they might fail. It doesn't even cross my mind that my life wouldn't be good, are you kidding me? In fact, you've almost got to teach them and prepare them when battles come and things don't go your way at first, just hang in there and do this, do this. Oh really? Because they're just expecting everything's going to go their way. And I'm not talking about the arrogance of teens, I'm talking about the sense of God and significance. And then, we get our first battles as an adult, and we lose that.

And then we don't think anything's going to go good. We've got Murphy, you know, we study Murphy, Murphy's law. Rather than God's law. And to get that back into someone that you, you're the apple of God's eye. You, His mind, the mind of God, is revealed to you through Holy Spirit. Fellowship with Him, enjoy him. Once I understood this, I never felt alone, I never felt lonely when I was alone. That's an amazing thing. To be alone, and not feel lonely. Why? This awareness of how special you are to Him. This moving aside of all the condemnation, the guilt, and the negative emotions of embarrassment and self-centeredness and worried about. And you begin to walk with this freedom, and this love. You just want to help people. You begin to sense this grace of God, which is His favour in every situation to take you right through. And it's hard to explain to people, I'm going to study the nine gifts of the spirit, I'm going to do this. Okay, cool. But first of all, I think you need to know Holy Spirit. And let's get to know Him.

It's in your patience, possessing your souls. Wait on the Lord, and you'll renew your strength. This issue of abiding in the vine, showing us that very few people today will slow down, take their iPad, put it in this drawer, turn it off, the phone in that drawer, computer in that drawer, TV's off, no one bug me, close the door, so there's no interruptions. And then just enjoy with your Bible, the presence of God. I don't know who I'm talking to today, but somebody needs to hear this. Just get up and enjoy Him. Because the joy of living is astounding, and the ability you have to encourage others and to bring healing to others and restoration and demons tremble when you get up. Because joy of the Lord's all over you. And you just have a song in your heart. This joy is such power. It's not seriousness that's power, it's His joy that is power. His peace is unshakable. People who get upset.

I remember going to work as a young man, in my early 20s as a paramedic, and we'd be going through things with firing and the union would be going through layoffs. Or we'd get these calls that were just crazy and people would be throwing up in the toilet and, calling their wives and their kids it was just awful. And I would just get up and go about, and they'd go, okay. What is with you? I go, what? Like, you just mister stone man? No, I, the presence of God is a shield. This shield of faith that believing He'll always be there for me. Stops the fear that rises up in you when something happens to someone else's wife or kid from rising up in me. That I know regardless of what I see in the disasters and the heartache and brokenness of all that's around me. That the angels of God are encamped around my wife and my kids while I'm here. And that wherever I go, nobody's taking my life until I'm ready to go home, Psalms 91:1. Or the last verse. There is just this sense that just an acumen, or just a, a doctrinal read of the Word is not going to do for you. But if you allow Holy Spirit to teach it to you, Him to ignite the deepest parts of you, there is a place of walking in God where the world doesn't know what to do with you.

I could tell you story after story, of not understanding what's going on, other than Holy Spirit saying do this, I did this. One time I walked into a store. And they called it Night Owl, this was in Selkirk as well. And I'm walking in there, and turn around this guy jostles me right into the chip counter. Was a bag of chips. I turned around and he's just. And, so I look at him and I just felt this instant, check in my spirit. Don't talk to him, don't touch him, don't push him back. Don't let your, you know, don't let this little thing rise up in you. So I walked over to something else, and he comes over again and he just bumps me aside, so bad mannered, you know? And I'm thinking in my patience possess me my soul. And then I go to get milk, and I'd reach into the milk cooler and I'd go, and this guy comes over literally slams the door and just kind of stands, just daring me, punch me, touch me, do something, and he's just a little you know. So I ignored him, and I just walked around him again.

And I'm going what is going on? And I pay for this milk. And as I go to the door, it didn't have a double door. This little place had a single door. And here he is, well he didn't have his arms crossed. He was leaning against the back, he had one hand like this, and his hand like this, blocking the door. And I just, this peace of God was all over me. Shut up, don't do anything. And so I literally ducked my head under his arm, stepped over his foot like this, and took my groceries home to my wife and my two little girls. And as soon as I stepped out onto the sidewalk, there was this town car, black town car, smoked out windows, and as soon as I stepped through, all four doors opened up and men just spilled onto the sidewalk carrying baseball bats, and I looked at them, I said, "Hi". I just turned around and walked away.

You say, what was that about? I don't know. I didn't get them to sit on the sidewalk and help me take a chapter of a new book. Say, what was, what were you guys thinking here? Other than God just guided, something was going on that was supposed to hurt me. And, somehow I don't know God just, what He did but I just didn't engage, I listened to, Holy Spirit will never lead you wrong. There's other times, I actually fought. Say Leon, I won't tell that story, got kids. But no, it doesn't mean it's the same way. The leading of the spirit, the knowing of the mind of God in business and the things I've done in leadership, why would you buy that 40 acres? And all of a sudden in a year or two, boom, just made how many mil.

Like, God will guide you in marriage, in home, in family, in raising kids, and all this. But it comes with communing with Holy Spirit. Fellowshipping with Him. God wants to take you to places you've never been. He wants you to enjoy Him in a way you've never enjoyed Him. He wants you to forget those things that are behind. The enemy would like to use the pain and the brokenness and the heartache of what's occurred in your life. He wants you to move on for what he has in your future. Go live big. Stop rehashing what you should have done. Should'a, could'a, would'a, the regrets are horrible. Let's go live the life of your dreams. Get up and live what you're made, you are special. You're beautiful, you're gifted. God is in you. Nothing can stop you, except the boundaries in your own heart.

Father, I just pray today, touch every person here. I pray that in a unique way, something's unlocking. Just, in listening to this message. And that Father, the rest of their life is going to be different for just being here today. Let the wind of Your presence, let Your breath just ignite something special and new. And Father, I don't know how to explain it, but they're all going to go on and live larger, happier, peaceful, more prosperous, blessed, ministering for you looking after Father's business.

If you don't know Jesus Christ as your Saviour today. Just, say Leon, how do I do that? Well, the Bible says you believe on Him. That you choose Him with your mouth. Just say:

Jesus, come into my heart. Just say I'm following You the rest of my life as my Lord and Saviour.

And walk out this incredible relationship. Keep coming out to church, if you're watching by television keep watching. And live this amazing life of relationship with Holy Spirit in a life He's designed to be amazing.
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