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Watch 2022-2023 online sermons » Leon Fontaine » Leon Fontaine - Your Mysterious Identity - Part 2

Leon Fontaine - Your Mysterious Identity - Part 2

Leon Fontaine - Your Mysterious Identity - Part 2
TOPICS: Identity

Hey, everybody! I'm glad you're with me today. We are in a second part of a two-part message that I started last time, showing people how my life was transformed because I wanted to know God, fellowship with Him, commune with Him. I wanted an intimacy with God. Where, you know, where Him and I could talk and think. And this is the highest level of prayer, is knowing Him, sensing Him, in every situation knowing what He wants, knowing how to walk around that mountain or take it out with the spoken Word of God. He would always guide you.

I watched this in my parents and other great men and women of God. I was privileged to know 40 years ago as I started to getting into ministry. And so my desire in these two sessions is to show you and to teach you some principles. That can help you, whether you are a teenager listening to me right now. But we need to teach this to our kids because the emerging generations today have become so self-centered. And everything in our society encourages them to be self-centered. The most important, we just want them to be happy and how many people follow you. And that's a sure sign that you are a great person.

These are ridiculousness that has entered into society as we moved away from greatness that comes from God. And so I pray that you can hang in there with me. You're going to need to listen in today's message over and over because last time I promised to show you promises in the Word of God few people confess and even fewer, even no. And so as we do this together, now a quick review last time I said never read the Bible to yourself unless you have to because you're in a crowded place. Always read it out loud because reading the Bible out loud takes you to a deeper level of meditation. Reading the Bible out loud is able to shut off all your brain interruptions. Oh, I forgot this. Oh, I forgot to do this. Move aside everyone of your phones, iPads. Put them aside. Get them out of anywhere where you can see or hear them because an interruption.

I found sometimes you can't seem to get back to the sense of intimacy and in communing with God. So, that's why the older believer said find your prayer closet. They didn't know about phones. They didn't know about iPads. So they would find a place where people and maybe a phone could interrupt them. Today you got a phone, an iPad, a computer. You might have a beeper. You might have a remarkable. All these things that interrupt your life and have hurt our ability to meditate and be alone with God. So the old-timers called it the prayer closet. Me, I would just call it, you know, draw the curtain digitally around you and stop everything from getting to you and this is an hour that is un, that is not interrupted, just you and God. This helps you to get to a deeper level and a deeper level of, of getting to know Him. And so as I take you through some of this beautiful promises in the new covenant. I'm going to show you what to confess every day.

Now confession is a part of meditation. And meditation is a skill that is not use at all. And even those who don't know Christ who learned meditation. They learned an eastern kind of meditation that is to get your brain to nothingness. It's to get rid of all your problems and find this sweet spot of nothingness. That's not Biblical meditation, okay. Biblical meditation is to meditate on God and His promises because then there is an explosion of faith and ability that takes care of your problems. And when you get up of your meditative prayer times with God, you literally can speak with stunning power and authority and your life changes out of meditation. Where it's just, for people who don't know Christ or if they are Christians who don't know how to meditate, to meditate in that old fashion way of to nothingness. That just leaves all your problems still there and it's just a place to go of quietness to get away from them for a while. But Biblical meditation takes you to a place of authority and power that that few people get to.

In Colossians 2:12-15, it just says some incredible things that you need to meditate and speak out loud. Verse 14 says that He has blotted out the handwriting of ordinances against me which was contrary to me. He has taken it out of the way, nailed it to the cross. All right let's just stop right there. Oh! Now 2000 years ago when Jesus died on the cross. God in His incredible ability allowed Jesus to take every accusations against you, from demonic interference to people who would come against you, to your own mind and heart that would come against yourself. It says here it compares every accusation against you to somebody writing against you. You know, when you see someone, you know, if you ever go to a court of law and you see the stenographer and she's writing down every word they say against you.

If you ever had someone follow you around every moment of every day and just make a list of all the things that you did, that weren't good, that weren't Godly, and that writing just keep going. Your own heart is doing that by the way, and so is the enemy and so do people. When they see things they don't like about you, they'll accuse you. And so most people never get beyond a sense of guilt and condemnation because of real things they've done wrong or because they haven't done the things they should have done right. All of that is sin. Sin simply means it's missing the mark for God's best, okay? It doesn't mean that that sin sends you to hell. The only sin that sends you to hell was to not believe on Christ as Saviour and Lord and invite Him in. And all the rest will stop you from walking out the kingdom of God principles on this planet. We talked about that last time. If you haven't heard it, listen to it.

So this is exciting because this is what help me to get to know God, was taking this promise and just speaking it out loud everyday before I would go into prayer time or even before I would pray about something like healing or prosperity. I would say, "Father, I want to thank You that every accusation written against me was written and nailed to the cross and then erased or the Bible says blotted out". Blotted out, gone. And when you say that out loud everything that is against me. That I did wrong or I didn't do. That I should have done in my past and in my future is erased and blotted out. And so I have confidence towards you Jesus. When you speak this out loud every day, those of you who struggle with guilt, who struggle with condemnation. Condemnation means condamnation. You feel damn, condemn your own guilt.

Most people, it's not the others that you need freedom from, it is this inside accusation that comes from your own heart. That needs to be persuaded. You must persuade your heart and establish it in grace. What does that mean? It means these principles that every ordinance against you, every accusations that your heart would dig up. You didn't do this right. You did that wrong. You didn't do this. And so you are in the self-accusation mode. Most people never get out of it. And they feel like staying there is being humble. No, it's not. He wants you to boldly come into the throne room. And how do you do that? It's to know every accusation that I have against myself and that others have against me. God doesn't. He's blotted out the handwriting of ordinances against me. Which were contrary to us and He's taken it out of the way, and He nailed it to the cross.

Oh, I just see Jesus on the cross and as He's there dying, it's a horrible view. But I see the love and I just see everything I've ever done wrong or will do wrong. That Jesus took it. It was nailed to the tree and He opens His eyes for a moment, and He looks at me and He says, "I love you. I did this for you". So you and I could be adopted into His family. I have discovered that confessing new covenant principles is where you must start before you even start confessing healing and prosperity and all the promises that are yours. You need to confess promises that determine your identity. If you're born again, you've already got it. You just haven't persuaded your heart. You haven't established your heart in this grace. This free gift that God provided for us through Jesus.

Here in Hebrews 13:5-9, it starts to talk and there's, I mean, every line is a phenomenal promise but listen to this one. It says, "We must boldly say," verse 6, "'The Lord is my helper. I will not fear what men can do to me.'" All right stop right there. Oh, did you know that this new position. This legal position that I have with Christ. That you have with Christ, legally God is my helper. Okay? He can't like in a hockey game, you know, all the hockey players on the Winnipeg team. They're playing against the Calgary team. But people from Calgary team's contract could be up and they could be sold to the Winnipeg team. And now he's on the Winnipeg team playing against his former friends on the Calgary team and it's legal. It's a legal contract in hockey.

Well, in life the Lord is my helper. Legally He sign off in the blood of Jesus that He's on my side. He is not against me. He's my helper. And I never have to fear again what anybody can do against me because God's with me. He's on my side. And so I say this out loud. The Lord is my helper. I'm not afraid of anything going on on this planet. Governments, doctors, police, judges, lawyers, lawsuits, you know, any kind of attack. Anything that goes on, whether it's from the enemy who is the enemy always behind everything which is the devil. But it says the Lord is my helper. I will not fear what men will do to me. This confession will take you through times of fear when fear pushes against you. And you got to go for walk and say, "The Lord is my helper. I will not fear what anybody can do to me". These promises, you need to write them out.

You know, listen to this over and over and get a pen and write out this unique powerful promises in the new covenant. These are new covenant promises because we are new covenant people. Whereas many Christians are still struggling with a mix of the new covenant and the old covenant. As you go on in there, it talks about things like how that Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever. Meaning, like I made the analogy between hockey where you've got Winnipeg playing Calgary and Calgary has contracts with all their players, and Winnipeg has contract with all their players. But that contract could change, and they go play with the opposite team.

Well, this is not going to happen because here it says that this Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever. He'll never change. This legal contract in the courts of heaven. That He's on your team, your side, always your helper. What can you build then in relationships? Incredible things. What can you build career wise, family wise, generation's wise? What can you build? Oh, my! Incredible, stunning things. Now, I want to encourage you like this other verses in John 1:16-17, and it says, "Of His fullness we have all received," What? "And grace for grace. For the law was given through Moses, but grace and truth came through Jesus Christ". That means anytime I don't feel like I've got enough. Anytime I don't feel like I am enough. Anytime I don't feel like I'm skilled enough. I'm not gifted enough. Whatever you struggle with in your low self-esteem.

This verse is saying, "Of His fullness I have received. I am filled with the giftedness of Jesus. I'm filled with the power of Jesus. I'm filled with the joy of Jesus. I have the peace of Jesus. I have received all of this". And then it says, "And grace for grace". Meaning it is grace after grace after grace that makes this all happen. And what is that? It's just a free gift, a free gift. I'm confident as a free gift. I've got peace as a free gift. I've got joy as a free gift. I can be, I can know whatever I need to know in my business. He'll guide me and lead me to the most complex things tariffs from country to country and digital stuff and marketing stuff and all the things. Oh, this is too big for me. No, no. You have partaken of His fullness.

There is nothing that God can't take you and lead you and guide you in, because of His fullness I have received grace for grace. It is always a gift. He's always imparting to me or throw me everything I will ever need because He's already in me. Grace, His ability flows through me and truth flows through me. And there's another thing there like, this verse is so fantastic when you read it out loud. Truth, grace and truth came through Jesus Christ. You know, we struggle at times. So now who's telling the truth? Is the news telling the whole truth? Is that employee telling me the whole truth? I'm hearing someone attacked the Bible and they're saying these aren't real. I'm hearing someone say why this is written before. I'm hearing science say this is not true because science is attacking, or all of these things.

Did you know that as you begin to speak out loud that of Jesus fullness I have received grace by grace. And grace and truth come to me through Jesus Christ. You'll always know truth as in the original truth from God in His Word. But you'll also because you're so filled with truth. You will recognize a lie immediately. You'll just sense lie. You'll just sense something's not right here. And this is a part of this nature of God. This love nature that is in you. Whether it's business or investments or finance, hiring people, knowing the truth between your two kids. One's lying and one's telling the truth. Which one is it? You'll always know truth and you need to declare that. That I have received the fullness of Jesus and it's coming to me as a free gift, grace for grace. Grace is always flowing my way. Truth is always flowing my way.

And so I know truth about what paths to take. The direction for my life. When people mess with me, I know truth and what to do and not to do. As you begin to speak this out loud, this phenomenal promise arms you with who you are. You see, these are identity promises. And that's why this last session and this session, these promises are all about identity. It's not claiming a promise to get you healed. It's declaring I am the healed and healing is always flowing through and out of me. This is an identity. Who am I? I am the healed. Who am I? I am the prosperous one. It's not, "Oh, I need some prosperity".

Claim the prosperity promise. No. Or I need protection. I've got to claim that protection for the specific incident but I'm walking through right now as I get on to this plane that I... No! Yes, you can do that. But did you know that when you begin to confess the promises that are identity. Who am I in Christ? I am always the protected. I am always someone that God's grace and His truth is flowing through. I am His child. I am an heir of His fullness. It is in me and I've never can say that I don't have enough. Never let out of your mouth. I'm confused. I don't get it. I just don't think I can. Never speak those words because you are going back to your, the reasoning of your natural mind.

When you need to be confessing who you are in Christ because of Christ fullness you have received. He's full of everything that is needed. He is within you and you have received that fullness. As you begin to confess these promises, who you are. Your identity is established in this area called your heart. Where your mind and your spirit meet your soul and your spirit. That's the center of your being. The deepest level of your mind. This is where we need to establish who we are. Now, let me give you another one. We got a few more minutes. Ephesians 1:19, now this whole prayer I pray out loud every day. But let me give you one line. Here it says in verse 19, "The exceeding greatness of His power towards us who believe, according to the working of His mighty power".

Now, this is a loaded, beautiful, poetic line. It is saying here that what is the greatness of His power towards us. Well, you know, pastor, a just enough. God just meets our needs not our greed. He just to helps us to get by, to get through. That is ridiculous! It says here what is the exceeding greatness of His power towards you, towards me as we believe according to the working of His mighty power. Now, here's a quick thinking. This is what came to me as I was meditating on this and speaking this over my life. If a young mom, a 14-year old. You know, and she's on her own on the streets because I've met someone like that, with a little baby, family's kicked her out. The church kicked her out that she was attending. And she's on her own and she comes up and says, "Sir, can I just have $2.50 to buy a pint of milk just to feed my baby for suppertime. That's all. Please, sir. I have nothing to feed my baby".

And I look at this precious little 14-year old teenager with this little infant in her arm. Do you think I'm going to count out $2.58? Are you kidding me? I am going to pick her up. Find a place to stay. I'm going to find a regular money to come in to feed the child, that baby. I want her protected, looked after because I'm not going to look after her according to her request. I am going to look after her according to my resources. And I've got resources and I have access to resources and ministries. Ministries that put people in homes and feed them and everything else. God's not looking after us according to our need. Just a dabble do you. He's looking after us according to His mighty power, to His exceeding greatness. He's looking after us compared to His resources, His power.

So to take this verse and speak it out loud and then meditate on it. As you can confess everyday this identity Scriptures, who is God, who is God to me, who is Jesus, what is Jesus done. All of these are to persuade your heart, to establish it in the grace of the new covenant. And so now I go, "His exceeding greatness. His exceeding power towards me as I believe in it. And so the working of His mighty power is at work in my life and I believe it. I choose to believe it".

Did you know that all of God's mighty power working in your life must be believed. And if you don't believe it, because the Bible says by grace are you saved through faith. That's the only requirement for you and I to see God's grace flow into our lives is to believe it. And that's why it says here. And what is the exceeding greatness of His power towards us who believe according to the working of His mighty power. These promises are identity promises. And as you begin to establish yourself in the identity of the new covenant and who you are now to God as an heir, a son, a daughter. As you begin to confess this every day. You go find the rest of them. And if you've been listening to me teach for like a time. You've been given so many Scriptures. Begin to speak them out loud.

Stop and just pray them softly and let Holy Spirit reveal to you. Because I often speak out loud and declare promises. Then there's times I meditate on promises like this. Like, oh, I was showing you how I meditate. I said, "What is the exceeding greatness of His power towards me as I believe"?

So there's an exceeding greatness of His power but I have to believe. According to the working of His might. How much power does He gave me? How much power flows in my life? It's not according to my need. It's not according to my ability. It's according to the power that He has. Like me in this teenage mom. She only wants $2.50. But I'm going to find her a place to stay, a regular income. Someone to protect her and look after here. I'm going to establish all the stuff because that's what I have. And I'm going to look after her, not on what she has or what she thinks she needs. I'm going to look after according to the influence that I have.

So God is going to look after me according to His great power. According to the working of His mighty power. I just need to believe it. So as you confess, that's how I would meditate. And sometimes I'd spent 20 minutes, an hour on one line and I get images and analogies and I would think it through, and Holy Spirit would give me ways to compare that. And He's the one that gave me this analogy of a teenage girl and a baby. What would I give? Well, this, I'm God. Why would I only give you a little dabble do you?

And so the church of Jesus is living far below this greatness and this power that's been delivered to us to advance God's kingdom, to reach the lost, to cause His church to rise up triumphantly in cities and in countries, to reach entire countries for Christ, to make an impact where the people around you are impacted so powerfully because they see this mighty power rising up within you. And as you believe it more and more, they don't know what to say other than whatever you've got. I need that level of joy, peace, healing, health. This confidence. This protection that protects you. I got to stop there. My time is up. If you don't know this Jesus, just say:

Jesus, come into my heart, my life. I choose You. I put my trust in You. Now I need to learn about You. Guide me, in Jesus' name.

These two messages today and the last one. If you'll listen to them over and over, something profound is going to take place inside of you. As you move from barely getting by in a, whatever relationship you've got, to one that you understand legally. And you begin to grow in a fellowship, communion, intimacy kind of way, you and God. It's going to change everything. See you again next time.

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