Leon Fontaine - Who Can You Trust?

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Leon Fontaine - Who Can You Trust?

If you're going to live a life, a life that maybe at one time you dreamed about. Whether it was a couple of years ago or as a kid. If you've read a little bit of the Bible and you can see the incredible future not just heaven. I'm so tired of talking to Christians and their only future is heaven. And I'm going, "I'm not in a rush to get to heaven. I got a job to do down here". When I go, it's going to be awesome. I got friends and family there. When I go, I'll be the loudest partier I can. But right now, I have a serious job and that is to live of my life following Jesus Christ using whatever gifts and abilities who He has from politics to business to family and let's just go win the lost for Christ. But so many people struggle with this.

Now, no one agrees yet but give me a chance. If I tell people, "Hey, does God keep His Word"? Everybody says, "Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah". But yet it is the thing that churches struggle with around the world. The attack of the devil has always been and always will be on God's Word. When he showed up and harassed Eve, did God really say? Well, don't listen to God because if you eat and disobey Him, you're going to go further. You're going to go better. I remember as a young man thinking, you know, do I really want to turn my life completely over to God. I've given Him my life. I want to go to heaven if I die. But, you know, I'm going to hang on to some stuff because, you know, I mean, if I get married to somebody that God picks, He might. Well, I mean, He might want me to take one for the team and not be the woman that I really want. Or, you know, Him like stick me in Tuktoyaktuk and who knows. And so I didn't really trust Him. Is God a God of His Word or not?

Well, you're going to find out because if you're going to follow Jesus, if you're going to be a people of the Word, there's going to be storms that come. And you're going to have to make a decision. The Bible says very clearly in Jeremiah 1:12. Listen to some of these verses I want to share with you. "Then said the Lord to me, You have seen well, for I am alert and active, watching over My word to perform it". Does that sound like somebody who's going to bail out on you, change His mind, not be a God of His Word?

This version Jeremiah says that God is so alert, and He doesn't sleep. He's so aware. He is so active day after day, second after second, hour after hour, week after week, year after year, century after century. For thousands of years, He has watched over His Word waiting for someone to dare to believe His Word and He will make sure that His Word works. He is, this is a beautiful version Jeremiah 1:12. It says, "Then said the Lord to me, You've seen well, for I am alert. I'm active". God's not gone on holiday. He's not asleep. He's not silent like some preacher say. He is continually watching over. What? He is watching over His Word. He's not watching over my preaching. He's not watching over our pain and heartache. Although we know He cares, and He loves. What works on this planet is the Word. And anytime God has made a promise. Anytime God has guaranteed something. You need to know He is watching over the things that He says.

In Psalm 119:89, it says, "Forever, O Lord, is Your word settled in heaven". When? Forever. His Word is not up for changing. His Word is not up for grabs. His Word is not up on a sheet for editing. His Word is not up to have a popularity vote. His Word is not maybe because some experts said so. It says anything God has said is so settled the heavens are in agreement. It is settled. You could count on God's Word. Now, the enemy doesn't want you to think that way. Religion doesn't want you to think that way. Small preaching and lame believers who have, you know, don't want to really get to know Him and His Word. Oh, they would rather blame God for every loss in their life, everything that's going on. But according to the Word of God, the promises of God, His Word is settled.

In Numbers 23:19, it says, "God is not a man, that He should lie". Have you ever been lied to? I mean, lied to by the best. It shocks me. I was raised in a home where my mom and dad spoke truth. They taught us truth. I don't remember them ever lying to me. And I remember the way they taught me and trained me that speak truth to your own hurt, Leon. Speak truth. And yet people will lie. Politicians can lie. Leaders can lie. They like promising. God is not a man, that He should lie, neither the son of man that he should repent.

Now, the word "repent" here means change his mind. The word, when we talk about somebody with repentance, it means they're not just saying I'm sorry. They're changing. You know, it's one thing to, if I walk up and every time you come to church I punch you. Oh, sorry. Sorry, sorry, sorry. But the next Sunday I see you. I punch you again. Oh, sorry. Sorry, sorry. You know, after a couple of years of me punching you 52 times a year. You'd think that the sorry means nothing. To repent doesn't mean to be sorry. Repent means to change your way and go a different direction. God is saying here that He's not a man that He should lie, neither the Son of Man that He should repent. He's not going to make you a promise and then go, "Oops, I change my mind". It says, "Hath he said, is he not going to do it"? Question mark? It's like this is a crazy question. He said it. He's going to do it. "Or hath he spoken, and shall he not make it good"?

If God makes a promise, He makes it good. If God says something, He's not going to change His mind. He's not like people. He's not like somebody that can promise you a business deal and then something happens to him and his wife or his kid or something else he couldn't control. So now he's down on his word because, because. It doesn't matter what goes on, God keeps His Word. We've got to get a whole new revelation. That when God makes a promise, it is for sure. When God says something, He's not like people who lie because the situation changes. Oh, I promised you a job, but someone better came along. I promised you this. No. People can come and go. People can betray. People can lie. People can even have something happened to them where they're not able to fulfill their word. None of those things affect God. If God said it. If God promised it. It is a done deal. We simply need to qualify for that promise.

In Acts 10:34, "Peter opened his mouth, and he said, 'Of a truth I perceive that God is no respecter of persons'". You know, one of the problem of people today. They have such low self-esteem. That I'll talk to them and I'll say, "Well, hey. What do you think what do this"? Well, you know, I know it's easier for you. People think for some reason that if you're a preacher you get a higher amount of God. Or, you know, there just certain people that are blessed. They got a silver spoon in their mouth or I wish I was that person.

Listen to me. God is no respecter of persons. Everybody gets Jesus. Everybody when they received Jesus receive the Holy Spirit. In the measure of faith it's the same to every person. Every promises has been given to every person. Some people just work the process. They just dive in and believe Him for His Word. And when you begin to believe God for His Word, things begin to happen in your life. And then there are others that go, "I don't have time for the Word. I don't have time for this". Are you crazy? Did you know that if someone handed you a book this thick and they said, "Ah, yeah. One of the richest guy on the planet died left it all to you. It's all in the book".

I know you would read it. You would spend years going through it, every jot every tittle to find out what's yours. The Bible is the last will and testament of God in what Jesus has appropriated for us. We are heirs of everything Jesus has. We share in that. So Peter is saying there's no respecter of persons. Stop looking at somebody that you respect as a Christian and think, "Well, they got it better. I got"... No. God will always give everybody the same. You can even say, "Well, you know, I wasn't raised like you". Listen to me. The Bible says that if you had a bad father or a bad mother and they didn't teach you anything and maybe you were abused and that's horrible. And that makes me angry but at the same time to you as an adult now it says that God is the God to the fatherless.

That doesn't mean He's going to wipe your brow and say, "Okay, you just get through life somehow". It means He's going to teach you the things a dad never taught you. Show you the things a mom never showed you. He's going to make up the difference. And He's going to make you so amazing that regardless of your past, He is the God to the fatherless, the motherless. He's going to raise you up for a victorious, amazing, incredible life. That's one of the promises that is in the book. Do you know the promises? Are you sold out? That if I can find a promise in this book, it is mine. Because if you don't begin to live that way and think that way, the enemy, his job is to attack the Word.

Some people think the devil's attacking trees. Some people think he's attacking the... I've got news for you. From the Genesis in the garden of Eden to where we are today, Satan attacks the Word of God. He wants to stop people from believing it, from getting it planted in their hearts. In Mark 4 in the first few verses there. It's Jesus Christ teaching this parable about the sower. And He says in there that when someone hears truth, they find a new promise. Someone teaches in the Word at church or in TV or however you got the Word. Satan comes immediately. Do you know why? To steal the Word. Satan wants to steal the Word. He stole that promises of God from Eve. He made her believed that God wasn't as good as His Word. He's trying so hard to make you feel like although God promised it. Yeah, he's probably making me wait, or it's because I've done something in my past.

Listen, Jesus Christ and this new covenant that you and I have today. He has qualified us for every promise. The Word says that all the promises now after the cross are in Christ, yes and amen. Before Jesus they all had ifs. If you do this, God will do that. They were agreements. Well, the new agreement is that Jesus paid it all. You have a gift of righteousness. You are right before God because of Jesus actions. You are qualified for every promise. Do you know the only thing you and I have to do today is to believe? What? We just got to believe it. That's it. Believe the Word.

But here's the thing. There are people today who are double-minded. And the Bible says in the book of James, if you're double-minded, you receive nothing. You're unstable. The Bible talks about people limiting God. The Israelites from when they came out of Egypt on the way to the promised land. About to become one of the wealthiest countries there ever was then. And what did they do? They limited God because they didn't believe His Word when He said, "I've given you Canaan. Go get it. Yeah, you might have to fight some giants. I've given you that. Yeah, you might have to walk around some cities. The walls will come down, too". He gave it to them. Promised it to them. And do you think they could believe Him? No. They want to stone Moses. Then they want to go back to Egypt and slavery and the soup. Oh, they had good leek soup in Egypt. It was safe there. The Egyptians protected us. I don't know. You can go to the Bible and find people limiting God all the time.

Psalm 78 says in the verse 40 and on, they limited the Holy One of Israel and stop what God was, He was trying to give them things. Everybody over 20 that was making the trekked from Egypt. They died off in the next 40 years. They never saw what God had promised them. But not because God backed down, not because God said no. But because they wouldn't go in and take what God had already given to them. My question to you is, where in your life are you praying, bugging, pleading, waiting for a prophetic word from some prophet or you've got the prayer tower praying and the prayer basement prayed. And a ministry here praying and a ministry there praying, and we got millions of people praying. Show me in the Word that your miracle requires the world praying for you. Every miracle in the Bible, you're going to find it's like one guy walks over and prays.

One woman believes God. And I'm not opposed to pray. We're to pray for our leaders. We're to pray for our countries. But any promise in the Word to you doesn't require the world to pray, to pull down demonic structures or brass skies. It requires you to simply believe. I want to show you an astounding scripture that so many have never studied, and it better become one of your new favorites. It's in Hebrews 6:16-20. Listen to this talking about God. "When swearing an oath to confirm what they are saying, humans swear by someone greater than themselves and so they bring their arguments to an end".

If two guys are trying to find out who's telling the truth. The one goes, "I swear it. I swear it on my father's grave. I swear it. I swear it on the head of my kids". Like people have all these things they swear to, and if they swear an oath really out there. Okay, okay. Well, he never swear on his dad's grave, so I believe him. It's saying we swear to something. It says, "But when God wanted to confirm His promises as true and unchangeable, He swore an oath to the heirs of that promise. So God has given us two unchanging things. His promise and His oath. These prove that it is impossible for God to lie. As a result, he who comes to God for refuge might be encouraged to seize that hope that is set before us. That hope is real. That hope is true. It is an anchor to steady your restless souls".

Let's just believe His truth. You can't tell me He doesn't heal because I'm alive because He healed me. You can't tell me He doesn't heal. I've got five kids and the doctor said about everyone in Sally's womb. There's a major problem here. We got all these extra test to go. And they're all... You can't tell me that He won't prosper. It takes millions to continue to take this gospel to the world. You can't tell me His promises don't work. Too late! They work. I found them over and over and over. They work. And anytime things don't work. I don't look at God and go, "What's wrong with You"? I look at Leon and go, "Okay, Leon. Keep learning. God is amazing. You just got to keep growing and learning".

It says here that there are two things that you can count on. The promise God gave and the oath that He gave. When you take a look at the Word, He's got promises about your marriage, promises about your health, promise about generations. And then there are oaths in there where He says things like heaven and earth will pass away before my Word will ever fail. Yet we got preachers preaching some, "Well, the sovereignty of God. God is, He can do whatever He wants". No, He can't. God cannot do whatever He wants. God has contained Himself to His Word, like you should. You can't do whatever you want. Not if you're a man of your word. If you've promised something, you can't go back on it. You can't renege on it. You're a man of your word. God is a God of His Word.

And today in this new covenant, He is simply saying to you and I only believe. Believe that Jesus on the cross qualified you for every promise. Jesus on the cross once and for all paid for every sin you've done or will do. He's qualified you. He's given you a gift of righteousness. The enemy has no more accusations to make because Jesus took away that ability by dealing with the law, fulfilling the law for you, for me. It's just the most amazing thing. I can trust the Word of God. God's Word works. He will never go back on it.

You know there's a verse in the Bible in 2 Chronicles 16:9, "The eyes of the Lord run to and fro throughout the whole earth, to show Himself strong on the behalf of them whose hearts are towards Him". It's very picturesque when it says the eyes of God are, Man, He is monitoring everyone, everybody. What's He waiting for? For you to believe the Word. It's what it says. The eyes of the Lord are running. If God's running, He's probably pretty fast. Probably faster than the speed of light. And His eyes are everywhere, monitoring. And it says to show Himself strong on behalf of someone. God's Word works. You've got to make a decision that you can count on Him. God keeps His promises. God keeps His Word.

Solomon said in the entire country they couldn't find one example of God not keeping His Word. And the same is true today. I don't care what situation. I don't care where it's gone down. God will never renege on His Word. God will never change His mind. God will never go, "Oops. I have a nap. Missed it for you. Sorry, Leon". God's eyes run to and fro. He is alert. He is watching over His Word to perform it. We have generations. Thousands of years of people who knew God and saw His goodness. When armies run before the worship and praise team. When manna fell to millions of people and their children walking through a desert. God has always been good to His Word and for His Word. And all He requires you and I to do, is to believe it.

The devil like I said in Mark 4. He wants you to not allow the Word of God to take root in your heart. He doesn't want you meditating in the Bible, getting out to church. He doesn't want you doing your devotions, spending time with Him. Because when the Word of God begins to grow from just your head down into your heart. It's unstoppable. The Bible says in Jesus teaching in Mark 4, the devil steals the Word. It's the first thing he attacks. But for those who continue to stay in the Word, he has no chance. And later on it says the seed of God's Word in your heart grows into tree so big, all that he can do is just sit around and watch the miracles going on in your life. Because the Word of God, it's uncompromising, unchangeable, unkillable. He has no hope when it comes to the Word of God. The promises of God.

This message is so deep, yet it so simple that people walked right past it. They allow anybody out there to say, "Yeah, that faith stuff. Don't know if I believe that". I don't care what you believe. But as for me and my house, we're going to serve the Lord. I don't care what you think. You've got the free rights. So live the way you want, do what you want. But I'm telling you right now. Our God is able. Our God is willing. Our God is watching His Word and He's looking into your life.

And the second you believe a promise. The second you stand strong and you are unshakeable not double-minded, not allowing doubt and unbelief from whatever thing and that's not hard to do. Someone said to me, "Leon, it's so hard to believe". I said, "May I ask you a question. If God stared you in the face and said to you, 'I promise you this'. Do you trust God to keep His Word"? Oh, of course. That's what faith is. The lights went on. Faith is trusting God to keep His Word. When He gives His Word, He keeps it.
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