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2021 online sermons » Leon Fontaine » Leon Fontaine - The Mysteries Of God

Leon Fontaine - The Mysteries Of God

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Leon Fontaine - The Mysteries Of God

There are mysteries in the Bible and people who just kind of read things with only their reasoning. So they figure they've got the Bible figured out. There's a heaven. There's a hell. There's a, and they've got all the typical main themes of the Bible and then they're kind of bored with it. They start studying other religions, other new age stuff. And they've totally missed that there is such depth and wisdom to God's Word. That if you do not become fascinated and sold out by it, that you'll stop growing, learning, and functioning.

I don't know how to put it to people other than maybe use the word perceive because the mysteries of God are not figured out in the reasoning of the mind. They're perceived at the heart level and that is when you begin to function in a place and in a way that you could never just learn. It can't even be taught, okay? It can't even be taught to people. You can teach them about Jesus who this relationship is with but as you begin to develop that relationship, these incredible mysteries begin to unfold. When you begin to perceive things, you begin to live and function like Jesus did on the planet. Jesus knew things, sense things. He literally had control over certain forces and things that went on on this planet that shocked people. And the Bible very clearly says as He is, so are we in this world.

So there are things to perceive, things to comprehend. And Jesus said to them, be careful what you are hearing. All right, there's a warning there. Be careful what you're focused on because the measure of thought and study that you give to the truth you hear will be the measure of virtue and knowledge that comes back to you and more besides will be given to you who hear. Now, listen to this, continue, "For to him who has will more be given, and from him who has nothing, even what he has will be taken away".

Now, I'm gonna just go a little bit deeper than maybe you used to, but I want you to understand that in Jesus are hid all the mysteries of wisdom and knowledge. If there's a true mystery that we need to know, it will be in Gods' Word. And as you learn to meditate, as you learn to know how to handle God's Word and I wanna talk about that today. God's Word doesn't just give your mind more knowledge. It's doesn't just give your mind a better ability to argue that it's the religion. Something takes place deep within you which starts you up. It begins to cause you to function in a level and in a way that you can't function on your own.

You see, in the Garden of Eden when Adam and Eve sin, one-third of them went out. The spirit side where God's presence came within them, where they knew things, comprehended things. They perceived things. There was a knowing. There was a sensing. There was a powerful force that flowed through them. When they disobeyed God and wanted to make their own decisions, the Spirit of God went out, just snapped out. Just bam! Out! And they function as two-thirds of being, living in a body with a functioning soul which is their will, their emotions. And so, but with this part of them out. There was a sense there's way more that I'm capable.

That's why everybody here has this ongoing sense of greatness and you don't wanna talk about it because it sounds arrogant. But you know there's way more in you than you're doing. You know there's some kind of a greatness. There's some kind of a significance that is in you. That there's something and so you begin to feel haunted sometimes because there's more to life that I'm sensing or feeling. There's more that I could be doing, and I know I'm not doing it. It's because there are some mysteries in God's Word. That once you begin to treasure the Word of God, once you begin to get into it, something begins to change and it's not just knowledge, okay? Knowledge is great and it's good to learn and to grow. But for a human being to function with all three parts in the proper order. You see, you were designed for your spirit to be in lead position. Then your mind or your soul to submit itself to spirit and then your body submits itself to both soul or mind and spirit.

Now, we have it backwards, okay? And each has a voice. The voice of spirit is conscience. The voice of body is feelings. The voice of soul is reasoning. And people live their lives with one of those in control. If your feelings are in control, you're very hedonistic. You're gonna do what you feel like, what you want, pleasures, desires. Whatever you feel, you're gonna go after it. But it's just a lifetime of hell and heartache when you do that because your life was never to be led by your desires and pleasures. They were to follow soul and spirit. Now, if your soul is in lead position, then your reasoning is in lead position. And you will continually reason everything out at the soulish level.

When you reason it out at the soulish level, then everything is reasoning. That is where you're gonna love sciences only and if you can't see it, taste it, smell it, touch it, or hear. Then it's not real for you because soul is in lead position. But when spirit is in lead position, this is where your connection with God. You begin to perceive things. You can't put words to it. You just know this is the direction we're gonna go. You begin to comprehend things as you get into God's Word and you begin to absorb His Word and you begin to sense the truths in His Word. You can't even put words to it. But you'll begin to function and live in a way that you don't even realize because it becomes very natural for you.

But the Bible says as He is Christ, so are we in this world. And for those who have been Christians for years, if you've made everything about the Bible just information and reasoning. You're missing out. But if you begin to make it about a relationship with Jesus, and you want to get to know Him better. This relationship does something to you. When the disciples would preach when Jesus wasn't around, they would share the truth. The people were an awe and they would say this, "They could tell they've been with Jesus".

Now, they weren't talking about a wisdom or a knowledge or an ability to communicate. They were talking about something about them. That there is this authority, this confidence, this ability. And the way you are to live your life, you will never figure out if you only rely on reasoning. But if you learn to get into God's Word, and to begin to perceive it and comprehend it. Like a marinating, a learning to let the Spirit of God which is in your spirit begin to rise up into lead position in your life. You'll make better decisions. You will literally have relationships that are rich and rewarding and you won't know why because something is flowing in your life. It's a kind of God love. It's God's love flowing. God's wisdom begins to flow. God's faith begins to flow.

Things begin to happen at a level and in a way that normal people and Christians who don't know anything about the kingdom of God and its principles. They can't seem to make it work either. And that's why this astounding verse in verse 25 it says, "For to him who has, more is gonna be given". This is a continuum. That when you begin to understand the Word and God's Word begins to take root in your heart that you begin to produce, blessing begins to flow. Success, and the word success just means you begin to increase. You begin to win. You begin to rise up in a peace and a joy. And to him who has more, it says more even more is gonna be given. This continuum begins to move in that same area. But then it says, "And from him who has nothing, even what he has will be taken away".

You know, in the almost 40 years of ministering, I've watched people and there are those who they literally begin to fall in love with Christ and His Word. There is an integrity. There is this God's Word is real and it is true. And they began to just dive into it. They will learn their area. Whether it's television or medicine or sales. They'll understand all the things their mind needs to reason through. But when it comes to the leading of their life, when it comes to walking in health, when it comes to walking and succeeding in areas, when in comes to handling problems that terminate most marriages, that terminates most lives, that terminates most situations, they seem to have this ability that they'll just do something.

Often, people would say to me in a situation where they were involved and say, "Why did you do that in that situation? Why did you do it and how did you know that"? And I'll go, "I don't know. I just knew". And they go, "Okay, that's weird. That's really weird". No, it's not weird because your heart perceives and senses and knows things. You'll begin to function in life. The things you do, the decisions you make, how you treat relationships because deep within you, you because of Jesus. You've given Him your life and He is within you, then you want Him to flow out of you. And here is where few people will trust and dive in. And I've seen people that they just tend to be messed up every time, from mess to a mess, to a mess to mess. It just never ends. Their life is one ongoing hell of problem after problem after problem. And they go, "I think I'm curse". Well, as a believer you're not cursed.

Now, your old self, the flesh. Okay, the old nature's dead but this flesh, this body it has desires and it wars against the things of God. And if you don't get into God's Word and literally it says in Hebrews 4:12 that the Word of God is alive and it's powerful and it goes in and it begins to divide the body from the soul, the spirit. And it begins to look after things like your, the very desires, the very, the deepest things of your heart begin to get straightened out. The Word of God is more powerful than the wisest psychologist or psychotherapist on the planet. You know, when it comes to the issues of the mind, with the issues of your memory. When it comes to the heartaches and the hurts and the brokenness of hearts. When it comes to knowing what decisions to make in the midst of a crazy world and all the storms that go on. A believer who understands the principles of the kingdom and has a relationship with Christ will function in a way that is natural to them. That others have a hard time and it comes from getting into the Word of God.

Now, in Mark chapter 4 the same chapter. Let's go to verse 26. Now, this is Jesus teaching and let's get rid of this little reasoning and let's dive in and say, "Holy Spirit teach us and help us to become enthralled with the wisdom of God's Word". It says, "And he said, 'So is the kingdom of God.'" So what Jesus is about to say is the way the kingdom of God works. And He says, "It's as if a man should cast seed into the ground and he goes to sleep. And he rises night and day, and the seed springs up and grows and he doesn't know how". Most of us only bring success into our lives in the areas we know how, okay? If your truck breaks down, don't ask me because I don't know how to fix it. And if you see me pop my head on the van hood and starts pulling on wires. You're in big trouble, okay? I don't know how, okay? But that's a reasoning teaching I could go learn if I wanted to. But it is saying here that in the kingdom, the way the kingdom works.

That, you know, the seed according to Mark chapter 4 is always God's Word. It's God's Word. Jesus is teaching parables here and He's trying to show us a way to live on this planet that is above the heartache, the hurt. By above, I don't mean you're not gonna get it. But I mean that you'll respond to it in a way that is so unique. You'll you never have to lose joy and lose peace even when your great grandpa goes to be with Jesus. Even when people lie about you and steal from you and stab you in the back and fire you and all the rest of the stuff this world has. You will find an ability the world does not have because you began to plant His Word in your heart. Now, then it goes on to say this, it springs up and he knows not how. That's a very unique phrase because most of us can only prosper.

If you don't know anything about men, you're gonna have a lousy marriage ladies. Read a few books please. Find someone that knows a little bit about men. Guys, you better learn a little about women because they're nothing like men. Thank God. And if you don't understand them, you're gonna mess it up. You need to learn. You need to grow. You need to understand that, that this doesn't mean this. It means this. Oh, etcetera. But, then there are things that cause you and the nature that is within you to rise up. For example, why is it that every bee that comes into this planet instantly knows how to build hives and honeycomb? And what to submit to and how to go out and find nectar and bring it back and there's been no teaching of reasoning to it. It's simply is in the very nature of the bee.

How come that that same salmon that is birth somewhere up in BC knows where to go every time? How come those swallows go back to the very place of their birth anywhere on the planet? What's all going on? How come whales know? What is going on? Every animal that's on the planet though they don't have spirits, they have souls. And so they're not eternal like human beings are. But how come this? Well, the nature of God that is within us. When you begin to allow yourself to perceive. When you begin to allow yourself to comprehend, it's the Word of God. It begins to plant itself in your heart. And then it begins to grow, night and day and you do not know how. All you're doing is you're spending time planting in, planting God's Word. And then, it begins to grow. It says here, "For the earth brings forth on its own fruit of herself".

Now, here in this parable Jesus has just taught, and I'm bypassing it for time sake, that the soil is your heart, the seed is God's Word, and that you are the sower. So as you begin to plant God's Word in your heart, this seed begins to come up and this seed becomes the very nature, the very attitudes, the very characteristics, the very fruit of the Spirit that begin to function in your life. You know incredible peace. You begin to know and experience incredible joy. You begin to be patient beyond anything you can imagine. You begin to be longsuffering where things no longer grab you or hurt you because this very nature of God that is now in your spirit begins to flow out as you begin to plant this Word in your heart.

And then it says here that for the earth brings forth or the heart brings forth fruit of itself, first the blade, then the ear, after that the full corn in the ear. But when the fruit is brought forth, immediately he puts in the sickle, because the harvest is come. There are things that are growing inside of you right now. That you better walk this out. Stay in the Word. Keep getting out to church. Keep learning and growing and having a relationship with Jesus because His Word is taking root on the inside of you and it's growing, and you don't even know how. You just find yourself handling things emotionally better. You find yourself making decisions at work in a way that people are attracted to you. You find a strength you never had before. That when others are saying and talking, it would have destroyed you. It would have broken you. And now you're rising up and people are seeing leadership inside of you.

And it's not because you learned it. It's growing inside of you and you don't know how. All you've done is be obedient to a process of get God's Word and begin to read it, begin to learn it. And as it gets inside of you, it does something to you and you begin to live and do be a Christian, a follower of Christ. As He is, so are we in this world. Look at what Jesus says as we go on quickly. But when the fruit is brought forth, immediately he puts in the sickle, because the harvest is come. You will find areas of your life, things you're believing God for fit into the spectrum. Okay, for those who are mature in the Word let me just throw a little tidbit. Please study on your own. Matthew 6:33 says that seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness and everything just gets added to you.

So if you wanna keep grabbing one verse for every problem you got in your life and pray for every individual problem in your life you get it done where you wanna go. Go for it. But if you wanna seek the kingdom first, which is the kingdom way of being righteous. Okay, which is a gift to you and then you begin to seek the principles of the kingdom. You begin to bear fruit in every good work. You begin to literally your whole life favor begins to flow in your life in every area. And you don't even have time to spend the hours in prayer if you think you had to get where you're going. Because this kingdom is designed that as you take God's Word. It's the seed bag is God's Word. And you begin to plant His seed in your heart, then it just begins to grow.

And Jesus is trying to teach with a parable and analogy because He doesn't know how to put into language we're gonna comprehend. So He uses analogies. He uses parables. And He goes on to say and He said, "So whereunto shall we liken the kingdom of God"? He's saying, "How can I explain to you the kingdom? Or with what comparison shall we compare it? It's like a grain of mustard seed, which, when it is sown in the earth, is less than all the seeds that be in the earth. But when it is sown, it grows up, and it becomes greater than all herbs shooting out great branches, so that the fowls of the air lodge under the shadow of it".

Okay, I have to stop. So let me just say something here. When you go into Mark chapter 4 which is a chapter of teaching parables. The soil is your heart. The seed is God's Word. You know what the comparison is to birds? Demons. So the entire demonic kingdom the Christians gives so much credit to. Oh, the devil maybe do it. The devil there. Oh, I got the spirit of this and the spirit of that and he's attacking me now. He's attacking me. That when you simply get into the God's Word and you begin to marinate. You begin to get it. The Bible says that what is inside of you grow so strong that you never have to worry about demonic things. They literally just rest in the shade of your greatness. The greatness of Jesus in your life. God's Word is alive. God's Word is chock-full of mysteries that we have not figured out yet. But when you begin to pursue Jesus who is the Word. When you begin to take His Word and just spend time in it, marinating in it, certain times every day and you begin to treasure it.

The Bible says that God's Word, His kingdom like a pearl of great price. That when a man saw it, he sold all that he had, and he went after buying that pearl. I have a question for you. If you're a believer here, have you made Jesus so special, so precious, that you pursue Him with everything that you've got. Oh, you've got your marriage, your home, your family, your career, your business. You've got your hockey. You're in it and all the other things. Great, great, great. Live and love this life. But when it comes to a relationship, there is something about His Word. That as you continue to get His Word inside of you, what is growing inside of you, you can't put a finger on because you can't reason it out. It happens to you when you're sleeping, when you're unaware.

You don't know how those intricate things are taking place. But it's taking place and it's all good and it's always powerful and it's always joyful and its' always taking you in directions that God's plan has always been for you. For a Christian to begin to back away from the Word or just talk like this, "I just don't understand it". That's just laziness. You need the Word.

And as you get into the Word, it's not just a magical formula like abracadabra shazam. No, no. It is doing something within you, deep within you, is returning you and taking you to a place that God had His original intention for mankind how they walked on the planet. The authority they had over everything on this planet. The health and the healing that flows out of heart. That won't even make miracles necessary because you walk in health. I could just go on and on trying the best I could to put words to this incredible thing. It's a relationship with Jesus but these words begin to give you revelation. You begin to perceive. You begin to comprehend and your life changes.
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