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2021 online sermons » Leon Fontaine » Leon Fontaine - Access the Miraculous

Leon Fontaine - Access the Miraculous

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Hey everyone, it's so good to have you with us today. I'm excited about this message I want to teach you, it's kind of a part two to yesterday's message, as I showed you why so many Christians think that their personal miracles are as God wills, or they're waiting for Holy Spirit to manifest it. And I took you on, so if you didn't hear that one, get ahold of it. Get, call the MIRACLE CHANNEL or call the, you know, our number there at the end and just get ahold of this message. Because, for the believer today, there is no waiting. That is for the gifts of the spirit to flow through us to others. In other words, Jesus listened to Father God, as He ministered to others and He ministered to the people. But, God revealed and showed Him things about, but for Jesus Himself to be healthy, it was already there.

For Jesus Himself to be protected, it was already a done deal. He wasn't waiting for Father God to show Him, yeah, you can be healthy today. Jesus was every day. He wasn't waiting for Father God to say well, we're going to have some working of miracles as you know, and you can be protected, no, no. All of the blessing of God was within Jesus, and every day He was healthy, every day He was in peace, every day He was in joy, every day He was protected. Every day, He walked in that Himself personally. But now, Holy Spirit flowing through Him to others, is where He was guided, and the gifts of the spirit flow through Him to others, but for Him personally. He walked in this every day, this grace. And this faith that He had.

So, that's what I want to get in to right now, and to continue to show you that, today so many people think it's up to God. And they'll even say to me, Leon, why didn't God heal my partner? You go, um, that's actually not the right question. Because God healed him 2000 years ago. 1 Peter 2:24 said, by whose stripes you were healed. So miracles of protection, miracles of healing. Miracles of breakthrough, and prospering. Miracles of peace, and joy, in the midst of horrible situations. How do we have all these promises of God? They're ours now. In Romans 5:2, it says by whom also, we have access by faith, into this grace. What does it mean to have access?

Well, I'm in our studio right now, and I got access to this studio through the door. Once I got in the door, I'm in with all these cameras and staff, and talented people, and preparing and working and everything that I need is here in this studio to talk to you. I don't have to do any of it, I just sat down and started to preach. I had access into this studio through that door. Do you know, you have access into God's grace? You walk in this door, into this grace, His unearned favor, His ability, and we get it by faith. We must believe. As you believe, that we have access, because Jesus says so. You walk, in a level of life, that it's God's grace that is all over you. Listen to this. By whom also we have access by faith, into this grace, wherein we stand. This grace that we live and walk in, doesn't come and go. We stand in it.

In fact, we're in it all the time if we'll believe that. And then we rejoice in this hope, of the glory of God. Because we are in it, we are living in God's grace, standing in God's grace, because we believe that we are. And as we believe, God's grace is allowed to go to work. In fact, you can't earn a miracle. You can't earn God's power, and the only thing you can do, is believe. That it's a gift. And in that believing, there's no place for pride. There's no place for you've earned it, there's no place for you to look down on other Christians because you got a miracle. No. It's because you simply believed in this gift. In 1 Corinthians 1:30, listen to God's Word, and as I read God's Word, recognize that God's Word is alive, and it brings incredible power in revelation.

It says, but it is from Him that you have your life in Christ Jesus. Whom God made our wisdom from God. Revealed to us a knowledge of the divine plan of salvation previously hidden, but manifesting itself as our righteousness. Thus, making us upright and putting us in right standing with God. And our consecration, making us pure and holy. And, our redemption providing our ransom from eternal, the eternal penalty for sin. Woo-hoo! This is a loaded portion of scripture. So then as it is written, let him who boasts proudly rejoice, and glories, boast and proudly rejoice in glory in the Lord. So, what do we believe? You know, well, I believe God heals. Well, the devil believes that. He knows God heals. We must believe in Jesus. And when I say believe in Jesus, we must believe that He came in a human body, died in our place, took our sin, and rose again.

Now when you first give your life to Jesus Christ, it's more of a trusting in Him and accepting Him, and you might not know all the ins and outs, but you've heard enough. See, as you hear the truth of God's Word, all of a sudden it's like God's Word reveals. Faith comes through God's Word. I was listening this morning at a big prayer breakfast in one of our cities where a Christian explained how she was sharing with a friend who was going to be dying, they said, in just a few days. And, she shared her story of Jesus. And this friend said you know, very honorable, integrous man that didn't know Christ. I don't feel that I have the right to give my life to Jesus at the end of my life, when I wouldn't live for Him or have Him in my life through all the previous 70 years.

And so she took him to the Word, and showed him the story of how the master goes into the marketplace, and needs workers in the morning. And they come and work in the vineyard. And then he needs more workers, he goes out at lunchtime, and be brings in more workers. And then he goes towards the end of the day, he's getting more workers. And these workers come, and just working the final hour or two. And when it came time to pay them, he paid them all what he promised them. He promised them all a denarius.

So he started with the people at the end of the day, and they got a denarius for just an hour or two's work. So for people who were the whole day thought we're going to get more. And they complained when he gave everybody one denarius. And they said, well we've been in the sun and these have only worked at the end of the day. And she used that story to show this man, that even at the end of your day, at the end of your life, that you haven't, you haven't worked or served God like you should have. But at the very end of your day, your time period, your life. He'll still give you eternal life. Everyone still gets heaven. And when she shared this with him, this story, and showed him in the scripture, he believed. Received Christ as his Saviour, gave his life to Christ, and shortly after went to be with God. Went to be with Jesus in heaven.

We must believe in Jesus, and God's Word. When you know His Word, and you study His Word, it literally begins to lift you up, and cause you to believe in what Jesus has done. What He did on the cross. That He took your sin. That righteousness or to be in right standing with God is a gift! That, being righteous now, qualifies you for His grace. And, this comes when you believe it. You have faith to believe, when you hear the truth. God's Word is alive. God's Word is filled with life. So it's crucial that you continue to read the Bible. Put the Bible in a place of recognizing that, it's an incredible gift. It reveals who Jesus is. It teaches us, and as you learn these principles, you begin to look to Jesus.

You know, one of the things we're talking about today. Some of us staff, we were just talking of how many people continually study the Bible to look for God's benefits. And it's amazing the benefits that are there. But, do not look for benefits and forget the benefactor. Forget the person who gives these benefits. You see, the reason I love Jesus. The reason I'm in awe of Jesus, is because as I study the Word, and I see what He's done for me. The Word of God shows me what Jesus has done. That oh, and Holy Spirit, that's why the Bible says Holy Spirit does not talk about Himself. Talking about Himself, doesn't really bring you to faith. But when He talks and He shows you Jesus. When Holy Spirit reveals Jesus to you, He's revealing what He did on the cross. What He did when He died. What He did when He rose again. What He did at, now that He's seated at the right hand of the Father.

The reason Holy Spirit is revealing Jesus to you and I, is because when you know who Jesus is, and what He's done, you believe. And you give Him your life. And you have access to all these benefits. But you've got to remember that Paul, at the end of his life. You know, we have Paul teaching things and we know when the books were written as to when Paul was nearing the end of his life. At the end of his life, he didn't go oh that I could have done more miracles. I'm sure he wished so, though. He doesn't go oh, that I could have walked in more of the knowledge of the Word. We all want to. It literally was, oh, that I might know Him. He wasn't focused on the benefits. He was first focused on Jesus. He wanted to know Him. He wanted to experience Him.

When you go to prayer, when you read the Bible. You know, Jesus was talking to a number of religious people, Pharisees, Sadducees, scribes, and they were kind of arguing with Him about who He was. Here's what He said to them. He said, the Bible, the Old Testament is all about me. It talks about me, shows you who I am. Explains to you when I'm coming, and what I'll do. And here I am! And you don't know me. When you get into God's Word, it's not just to learn principles. It's not just to learn doctrine. It's not just to learn. But when you get into God's Word, it reveals Jesus. And so you should have, this beautiful relationship with Jesus. The revealing of God's Word, should make you go, that's who He is. This is what He's done.

And then every day as you talk to Him, say Jesus today, your Word promises this. You're going to guide me, as I share my faith with my friend. You're going to guide me as I go to work. And protect me as I'm around dangerous machinery. You're going to protect my children, because Your Word already promises that. And you go to Jesus. The reason you begin to have such strong faith, is yes the Bible promises it. But you begin to trust in this Jesus. His nature, His love. How much He loves you begins to rise up inside, and if you want to know, where you walk in the greatest faith. It's yes to know His Word, and then to know Him. And I shouldn't even say then to know Him. I mean, the very beginning should be I want to know Him. Every day, I want to get to trust Him. And I read about Him. I want to talk with Him.

It's not enough to just read the Bible. Talk to Him every day. And talk to Him, expecting an answer. So if I say today, Father, thank You. That You are protecting me. Jesus, thank You that You're with me. Every time I read the Bible I just fall in love with You all the more. Jesus, thank You. Thank You that You talk back to me. And you know what? Very rarely do I hear an audible voice. Almost never. But, there's a sensing in you, as God directs me. And I feel this love loving me. And I feel this strength flowing in me. And I sense Jesus. And I know Jesus. And so every day, this relationship is what gets me going greater. And if I'm not, you know, taking lots of new ground as a pastor or as a business person. That's not where I get my identity from. That's not where I get my sense of accomplishment or our significance from. It's from knowing Him. And spending time with Jesus. And being loved by Jesus.

So many people are looking for love in all the wrong places. Your husband is never going to bring to you the love that you so desperately feel you need. Stop blaming him, or your kids, or your parents, or your pastor. And recognize only Jesus, can bring this sense of significance. This gift of righteousness. This beautiful, grace which is His unearned favour. The more you get to know Jesus, the more you believe He'll never forsake you. He'll never walk away from you. In Ephesians 1:19-20 it says, and so that you can know and understand what is the immeasurable and unlimited and surpassing greatness of His power in and for us, who believe. God's power, and God's surpassing greatness, is not for Christians. What do you mean? Isn't it, well yes. But. It's for Christians who believe.

I know a lot of Christians who give their lives to Him, but they don't believe. In fact, they doubt. They pray prayers of doubt. They get up saying words of doubt. They live entire lives expecting the worst. Fear, is the opposite of faith, and it brings in the very thing that you dread. The Bible says in Job 3, chapter 3 it says that the thing I fear befalls me, and what I dread comes upon me. I know lots of Christians who don't believe in this power. Believe. And so it says, here that who believe, as demonstrated in the working of His mighty strength, which He exerted in Christ when He raised Him from the dead. Seated Him at His own right hand, in the heavenly places. When you begin to believe what Jesus did on the cross, His resurrection. He's seated at the right hand of the Father. You're going to know and believe in God's power.

In Ephesians 4:18, it says that having their understanding darkened, being alienated from the life of God. Because of the ignorance that is in them, because of the blindness of their heart. You know, the Bible has a verse that says, my people perish for a lack of knowledge. People who do not continue to study the Word with love and passion, to find out all they can about Jesus. Okay? They're just ignorant of what the cross means. Today, as I travel this world and meet the most beautiful people. I find the majority of them ignorant of the cross, and what it changes. Of, His resurrection and what it changes. Of, of seated at the right hand of the Father, and what it changes. It's like, their understanding is just darkened.

Now I know that God is also talking about the unsaved. It's like, Satan has blinded their eyes. But I know a ton of Christians who's, they don't have a revelation. That's why, the Ephesians chapter 1 prayer verses 15 and on, that we're supposed to pray over people that are not serving God or Christians who have backslidden. If you want to pray a prayer that will rock their world, pray Ephesians 1 where it says, I pray for the spirit of wisdom and of revelation of the knowledge of Jesus. The eyes of their understanding opened, that they might know Him. You see, that's why people are alienated from the life of God. Because of the ignorance that is in them. The blindness of their own heart. 1 John 5:10-13 says, he who believes in the Son of God, has the witness in himself. He who does not believe God, has made Him a liar, because he has not believed the testimony that God has given of His Son. And this is the testimony that God has given us. Eternal life. And this life is in His Son.

Now eternal life, the word 'eternal' does not just mean the length of your life. I've been with people, who are so suicidal, they want their life to end. You know what's really sad? If they've not given their life to Jesus, the horrible loneliness, the horrible grieving, the horrible depression, the horrible fear, the horrible thing that makes them want to take their own life, once they die, hell isn't any better. In fact, it's worse. An eternity of that kind of loneliness. That kind of hurt and heartache. The answer, is to give your life to Jesus Christ. Because life is in the Son. It's in believing on what Jesus has done. And it says He who has the Son, has life. He who does not have the Son of God, does not have life. This eternal life is not the length of your life, it is also the quality of your life.

This eternal life, this Zoeh, the Greek written, life of God is filled with joy, filled with peace, filled with the joy of a relationship with God. Then it says here, these things I have written to you who believe, in the name of the Son of God, that you may know that you have eternal life. Life forever, but life with Jesus. Life that's going to go on forever, but that is so filled with joy and so filled with peace, and creativity and variety. The Bible even shows it's going to take God forever just to show you His variety and his love. It says these things I have written to you who believe in the name of the Son of God, that you may know that you have this kind of life, this thing called eternal life. And that you may continue to believe in the name of the Son of God.

Why must we continue to believe in the name? I've seen so many believers, who have a period of great joy, great peace. They believe in the Son of God. But they haven't moved on, and learned the scriptures. The scriptures are given to us to stay in. The Bible says in the book of Timothy, study to show yourself approved unto God. As a workman that needs not being ashamed, and rightly divide the Word of Truth. So, if you want the life of God, you must rightly divide God's Word. You must know the Word, and then you're going to find this favour of God comes on you. Or, this grace gets all, not because God's finally releasing His grace. But this grace that has been released for His family. Is only available by faith. And this faith, okay, has been given to you. Well I don't have faith.

One guy talked to me one time on a plane. Never given his life to Christ, and as I shared with him the way, he smiled, old gentleman, very warm and friendly. But he smiled kind of this condescending smile, as he gave me his wisdom. And he said, I envy you and your faith. But I do not have this faith that you have. I've studied all the world's religions, and I do not believe. And so he said, I envy you. Now that's not true. Now see, this is his belief. But it's not true, because when someone tells him about Jesus, the Bible says faith cometh by hearing. That's why through the foolishness of preaching, when you tell someone, what Jesus has done. The faith that is needed to believe that is right there. Faith is in His Word. And that's why we must share our, the scripture. We must share our experience everywhere we go, because this sharing of Jesus, this sharing of the plan, this Gospel.

You know it says in Romans 1, for I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ, for it is the power of God unto salvation. This man, didn't have faith to believe. But once He started studying God's Word, once someone shared with him the Bible. The faith was present for him to believe on the Son of God. So, eternal life is not just the length of life, it's the quality of life as well. And I want to challenge you today. Have you given up on the scripture as a boring book you just can't read? Maybe it's time, to go back to your devotions. And say God guide me. I love reading the Bible, but every day besides my reading of the Bible, I love listening to men and women who teach the Word of God. Because, there, if we didn't need teachers and pastors and prophets and apostles, and evangelists, to teach God's Word, then why would God anoint people to do that?

And so every day of my life, besides my study of the Word, and my getting to know Jesus and His Word. I'm listening to men and women of God, and YouTube's got a ton of great preachers. And people that I find, I'll you know, you can follow them. It's amazing how easy it is, to hear others. And I love, because they'll sometimes talk about things and as they teach on it, faith to believe what they're teaching about comes. Because faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the Word of God. I love listening to great teaching and preaching. Because it causes me to rise up in faith for the subject they're teaching about. Whether it's marriage or prosperity, or healing, or peace, or joy. Or a family that's protected, serving God for generations. God's Word brings faith.
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