Leon Fontaine - Reality Check

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What is the reality of your life? If your reality of it, their terms, or your perception of what's going on, is not accurate, then you're walking out a deception. But if we call it reality, you will stay in that deception even as you crash and burn. Relationships, your mind, your body, companies, situations, families. To call your perception reality, I understand why they do, but it can take you in places that will destroy you. To call what you think your truth, if your truth is a deception, is to walk out deception until you crash on the rocks of that wave.

And so, for today as we talk, I might use those terms interchangeably, but right at the introduction I want you to understand that, we must question what we think. Do you believe what you think? If your answer is yes, you're in trouble. I was training a group of senior pastors overseas, and we were talking about this ability. I call it Spirit Contemporary. This ability to present the Gospel, to present Christ to people in a contemporary way. Because if we just do it the way they did it a hundred years ago, there's a whole bunch of new questions that have been raised. A whole bunch of new attacks. And if we're just religious, we're not going to be able to present the Gospel the way God has intended it to be.

So I just said to them okay, how many here believe that every thing you do is right? Nobody would put up their hands. And, I kind of laughed because I knew they wouldn't. Because typically we know that of course everything I do is, but then I said well that means there's things you do, that are wrong. And if you know that, then you're a fool. And they were kind of grappling with that. I said, so let's take the middle ground and say that there are things you think is right, and you will move on the things you think are right. But they could be totally wrong. That's why the Bible says my people perish, my people are destroyed, my people get off track, my people you know, death and destruction enters their life, not for a lack of prayer. Not for a lack of faith. Not for a lack of love. One word, for a lack of knowledge.

There are things you and I do not know. There are beliefs that we have picked up in our lives, that we superimpose upon our lives, and we interpret them that way, and we're deceived. What do you mean deceived? Well, have you ever tried to talk to somebody who knows they're right, even when they're wrong? But there's a stubbornness to them? You can talk all you want, you can show them the proof. And, they just. Whatever, that's your truth, this is my truth. Like, we literally have developed a society that, we really think that's true. Wouldn't it be interesting to go if we used that for sciences. We had a chief engineer on the shuttle, you're going up on the shuttle, and one engineer says well this is my truth, that's his truth, but we decided. Woah.

Is there a truth or not as to how we put rocket in space? Of course there is. And when you don't know it, you pay the price till you learn it. The same is true, in psychology the same is true, mentally, physically, emotionally, the same is true in our world, eternity, you know. They're really messing with reality, you know. Like, and I'm not going to go in this direction, like the sciences would look at it and say well what is reality Leon, because the space that you're in right now, you weren't in just give minutes ago. The space was back behind the soundboard. And so, really, are you really there, because it depends upon space and time. And they'll go, and they're going to go deeper and deeper until their brain kind of goes mm! And they wonder why they're depressed.

And so, I understand that yes, for sciences, we need to learn all these kinds of things. But when it comes to what you believe, that is outside. When it comes to, how was the world created, and when you look at people and you judge them. Judging your own spouse. You know, they don't love me anymore, and they're just like this, they're like this. We tend to judge people. And so, the ability to discern, what is truth? The ability to discern, what is really happening here. What is reality? If we go the way of the modern sooth-sayer out there, the new age, many of the names we see on TV. You literally begin to move to a place that causes destruction. It may bring temporary relief.

I was chatting with a lady about meditation, I was in a sports shop and I think it was in Banff or wherever I was. And she was looking at mats, and oh this is my meditation mat. And I said, well this is a beautiful place to meditate, you can go down the river, the mountains. I know, I know! I just love it! You meditate? I said, I meditate. No way! I said, how do you meditate? Oh, and then she explained how that, the positions and what she's involved in, zen, Buddhism, and how that she loves to find that moment of nothingness. That moment of peace. Everything around her, just disappears. I'm just waiting and said, doesn't it suck when you get up, roll up your mat, and all your problems come right back? I know! I know!

So, I said, have you heard of the new meditation? There's a new meditation? Oh, I said, absolutely. I said, there's a meditation of focusing on God's principles, and the principle isn't to go to nothingness, the principle is to meditate into truth. And then peace becomes yours to get up and leave with, even though you're no longer meditating. Get out. I said, you can be depressed, and unhappy, and with this form of meditation, which is from the Hebrews. You know, when you go back in time from the Old Testament in the Bible, there's just locked away hidden truths in the Bible that religion is just messed up. And she's just locked on, and we had a talk.

I explained to her what Christian meditation looks like, and I'm not going to go into that message right now. But, the world has little glimpses of peace. Little moments of true happiness, that they can never hang on to, because happiness comes from happenings. But joy is an internal fixture, structure, system. It's a real thing because Jesus is there, and to renew your mind. So what is, when we start talking about these things, I want to go into so many directions. But, in John 1:17 it says this. For the law was given by Moses, and the law was pretty cool. If you build a country on the ten commandments, and the laws of Moses, you get countries that just prosper and are phenomenal. I mean, America, Canada, England, Australia. They've all got lots of problems, but go pick another country where they'll stone women for having a bad thought or an education. Go where kids are like, you own them, you can take them, kill them, whatever you want. Like, what thinking pattern, what religious belief has formed that government's culture of that country? And you'll find that the commandments are amazing. Because that's our legal system, that's our judicial system.

This is, this our government system. The foundation anyway, is from the ten commandments of the Bible, and they're incredible, and they're good for our lives too. But, the problem is no one can fulfill them, so the law was given by Moses, but grace and truth came by Jesus Christ. I had to make a decision in my life at one time. Because, everybody says they have the truth. Every religion says they have the truth. Everywhere you go, people are looking for truth. And so, you've got all these new authors, who they'll grab one thought and they'll walk it through the book. And there's wisdom in it, but they still don't know where to go and how to tie all these parts together. I mean, all truth, if it's truth, it's parallel. But the issue is can you connect all the dots of all this, this all these beliefs.

So, Jesus said, I am the way. The truth. And the life. Can I be that sure? Because, if you've got your truth and I've got my truth, and Jesus' got His truth, and God's got His truth, and Buddha's got his truth, and Mohammad's got his truth. And hey, we've all got truth, we've all got reality. What a mixed up batch of human beings we are walking on the planet. What is truth? And you'll have to decide at some point. I made a decision after studying the Bible, you know, looking at the Koran, looking at Buddhism, looking at a lot of the new-age stuff. Looking at, you know, the sciences, studying the mind. And into my life, just looking at all these things. And at some point, years ago, I recognized that when you look at religion for example, and it's just of the mind, what's truth, where do we go with this. But then when you see Jesus who is truth, He didn't just argue with the people. He produced miracles. And so He is the way, and He'd walk on water. He'd heal people.

Today, miracles are still found in Christianity around the world. Not as much in the first world. But phenomenally so in the third world. Where they still don't think they're smarter than God. And they're still opened. So, Jesus came and when you look at the Bible, and you begin to study the truth, the Bible's never been disproved. I've read the best out there who attack it, but for every book you read attacking the Bible, go read somebody who stands up for the Bible, and it's amazing. When you realize that 80 percent of the prophecies in the Bible, there's something that will blow your mind. Come to pass exactly in the city, with the person, the way the Bible predicted. And so, I made a decision years ago in my life that I would see Jesus, as the truth. He is the way. He is the truth. And he is the life.

Now you and I can get along if you're a Buddhist, if you're a Muslim, we can get along, whatever your sexual orientation. None of those things change my love, acceptance, and hanging out and having a good time, having a good coffee. None of that changes all that. But for me, and how I raise my family, my children, I cannot go to them and say what's your truth? You'll have to discover that on your own. No, no, no. Parenting, is the equipping of children with truth. Parenting is training and raising them up and the nurture and the admonition of God. And to not recognize that we must train them to love and accept and forgive people on this planet because no two people are always going to believe the same things. But now, as far as our family. As the jailer said in the New Testament, as for me and my house, or Joshua said it too. We will serve the Lord.

How do we do that? We learn His principle. We find out who He is. And, we're going to follow Him. He is the way. He is the truth. He is the life. But don't train them to hate, don't train them to disregard, don't train them to disrespect, don't train them to be condescending, to look down. Come on! We're reaching beautiful, amazing, wonderful people who just need to know Jesus. Know the truth. And so, you're going to come to a part, if we're here and you just want to take a piece of the Bible here and a piece of the Bible and zen Buddhism there, and we're going to get a little bit of stuff over here from, you're going to find that somewhere in your life it's going to get complex. It's going to get complicated. And, you're not going to bear results. The man, the God, who designed your mind, gave you a software system for it.

Okay. A lot of things they don't know about the Bible, modern psychology, is because there's so many programs and things in there that are hidden. That as you study and read, they clothe your mind with peace. They bring a joy, a sense of future, of Jesus. And I just wanted to say this as we dive into this topic, that at some point, you have to decide Jesus yes or no. And you say well Leon, I believe in Jesus, a good man, and a prophet. Impossible, you can't do that. Why not? Because He said He was the Son of God. He said He was the only way. He said He was the only life. So He's either a complete idiot, or He's the Son of God. There are no in-betweens, because of what He said. And I think He said them so people couldn't just use them as just a wise man, we're going to take a few principles from him. Because, truth.

So, what's your reality? Well if you don't deal with what real truth is in your marriage, you will superimpose your beliefs of who your spouse is on them. And you will hold them in prison in your relationship, because you have judged them, which you're not supposed to do which is judging the motives and the intentions of the heart. You have judged them, and that relationship will never grow between you and them, until you release that judgement, talk, and allow this relationship to grow. Because that relationship, now they can grow in all their other relationships, but with this one they can't. Wherever you have judged. Judgment is when you have asked the question, why are they like this? And that's a whole other topic. I'm getting so many different areas here. So, we must recognize that you shouldn't judge. You need to judge actions, but you don't judge the motives, and the intentions. Well, he didn't just lie. He's a liar.

Now, you don't know what he is. You know he lied. Good, that's all you need to know to not do business with them. You don't need to know, this man's a liar. No, no. I don't tell my kids, you lied. You're a liar. No, no. One is a problem, the other is a complete destiny. You know. Liar is who they are. So, when it comes to your reality, how you look at the world. You know that, where you form your beliefs are two ways. You form the beliefs, your world view, how you look at people, men, women, God. How you look at money, how you look at sex, how you look at raising kids, how you look at church, how you look at religion. All of these world views, this is your world view. It is formed by repetition of the people that raised you, the culture, the city, the town, the religion.

And also, from the traumatic things that happened to you. When anything happens to you, that causes a great emotion, strong emotion, you form beliefs right there. And they're almost always wrong. These beliefs are heart beliefs. No wonder the Bible says that you can speak to mountains and they will move. And that that mountain means the problems. The problems, the giants that are screaming at you like Goliath to David. That you could speak to mountains, and they'll move. But just don't doubt in your head? No, you can't doubt it in your heart. Your head's always going to go up and down. But your heart is your deepest beliefs. It's where your identity, your world view has been, being built over your whole life.

So when you give your life to Jesus Christ, and you don't deal with your world view. You don't deal with, the heart beliefs. You will think you know it all, and you'll think yeah, I know. My husband's got this problem, that, I know that man like the back of my hand. No, no, lady, all you know are the, all you know are the habits he developed living with you. And all the men said. We've got some brave men in the house. And the same is true the other way. I've talked to men, I know that lady, I've tried this, I've tried that, I've tried, I'm telling you right now, this is as good as it gets, blah, if I would have known. You don't know your wife. All you know about her, are the habits she's developed living with you. And if those habits form heart beliefs, you lock each other into a relationship that will never change. Because you're not open to truth. Because it disagrees with you.

That's why pride goes before destruction, and a haughty spirit before a fall. Because proud people believe their own junk. They believe their own beliefs. They superimpose on every situation what they believe, and then they walk it out. And they wonder why their life is so unhappy. The only way for life to change, and to grow season by season, is to submit your thinking to God's Word. And to submit your life to Jesus Christ, and to let Him come in and change your heart. Or every decision that you make, will be one that comes from your perception of the truth. What a horrible way to live. When you go into the Word of God, it says but strong meat belongs to them that are full age, even those who by reason of the use of their senses, exercised to discern both good and evil. That word discern means to judge. Did you know that as you follow Christ, and as you learn the Word of God, that you have senses.

Now you've got five senses, but it's actually not talking about the five senses. They're included, there's another sense. You might want to call it the sixth sense. You might want to call it your spirit. You might want to call it Holy Spirit, which is what it is, on the inside of you. Guiding you, and you, it says you can discern between good and evil. You know, typical religion will say things like, I have the gift of discernment. No you don't, there's no such gift. Well yes there is. No, there's discerning of spirits. That's one of the nine gifts, and that's not even what that is. Discernment is given to every person who becomes mature in their relationship with God. You will discern, don't touch that relationship, that's not a good thing to do, no we're not letting our kids go with that family. No we're not hiring that person.

There's a sensing and a knowing that come from the inside, that as you grow in God, and as you learn, and as someone messes with your thinking. You know that almost every book that Paul wrote except one, which is half the New Testament, was dealing with wrong beliefs that kept coming against the Gospel, and coming into towns and cities where he'd established the truth, trying to woo people away. And he even named the teachers by name. Alexander, and this guy. Because they would come in, and it was like a demonic thing to stop this beautiful growth of getting to know Jesus. And Him teaching you how amazing you are. And the beautiful life that was ahead of you. And, then he'd get them all back into law, etc.

Strong meat simply means, are you studying God's Word? Are you spending time with Jesus? Because if you're not, you say well Leon I'm going to go to heaven. You know what? Of course. If you've given your life to Christ, and you believe on Him, when you die, heaven's a guarantee. But you know the Bible actually says that you can have a lot of heaven, down here now. It does? Look at the prayer Jesus said, told us to pray. Thy will be done on earth, as it is in heaven. It's just that down here, before we get to heaven, we have an enemy. The enemy is the devil. But then we've also got this nature that we're born with, that is fearful. That is sin-driven. And until we give our lives to Jesus Christ, that nature stays. But when we give our lives to Christ, that nature is replaced by a nature of love, of peace, of faith. It's God Himself.

So there's a complete change. And then, we need to re-train this head, and this body. And if we don't, then although you're going to heaven, you will still live out the deceitfulness, the perceptions that you've developed, before you got saved. I'll give you an example. If you own a company, multi-billion dollar company and your offices are in one ten-story building, and everything runs out of there. And so I come along and buy the company from you. I'm the new owner. So, here I come, I walk up to this ten-story building, man, all our sales teams. Manufacturing, and everything else is all here. Now. Because I'm the new owner, new blood. Has that changed anything in the system, the structures of that business? Do I have work ahead of me?

Oh yeah. I'm going to have to walk in there, and make decisions about all the directors. I'm going to look at the culture of this thing. I'm going to look at every individual leader, and in most cases you've got to find out who to fire. And if you don't fire, things stay the way they are. You walk in there, and you've got to begin to teach new culture, teach new systems, new structures. People get on board quick, and they mean it, you're fired, you let them go. And if you don't, you're never going to turn that thing around. That's like you. The spirit man deep on the inside of you. Jesus came in and made you a new creation. But the problem is, all of these thinking systems, all of these self-worth systems. All of the financial thinking, the sexual thinking, the marriage thinking. The thinking about the world, your world view. Is all still there.

If you don't touch these areas of your deepest beliefs, these sub-conscious beliefs, these heart beliefs. If you don't keep dealing with them, then you are never going to walk out. The Bible says in all your ways acknowledge Him, and He'll direct your path. What area of your life have you not acknowledged God? Oh, he says I'm going to go to heaven, I gave Him my heart. Good for you. Have you acknowledged Him in marriage? Have you acknowledged him in money? Have you acknowledged His ways in this area? What area do you hang on to? That's the area that will hurt you. Because truth sets you free. Deception always snares you. A snare keeps you from where you're going. Again, stop screaming at the devil as though he's doing it. Stop begging God as though He's stopping it, and recognize He's given you all things, Peter says, that pertain to life and godliness.
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