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2021 online sermons » Leon Fontaine » Leon Fontaine - Planting Seeds

Leon Fontaine - Planting Seeds

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Today's message is gonna set you free into a direction of being victorious and winning, if you just sit down and take some time and listen as we begin to help you. You know, God's Word shouldn't just bring revelations, so your head gets bigger and fatter. But it should help your life gets stronger more miraculous and Jesus should be just the center of your life. Now, in John 14:12, Jesus says, "He that believes on me, the works that I do shall he do also". So as we believe on, He doesn't just mean just get saved. He's talking here about, He that believeth on me, is gonna do the works that I do.

So Holy Spirit in John 16:13, Jesus is saying so when the Spirit of Truth comes when Jesus dies and goes into heaven, Holy Spirit's gonna come. He's gonna guide you into all the truth about Jesus. And as you understand Jesus, the cross, the throne, His death, His burial, His taking the curse, taking the sin, becoming sin, this great -, As you begin to more and more focus on this Jesus. Holy Spirit's job is to reveal Jesus. His Lordship, His righteousness, His favor, His grace. All of this that is ours, His job is to help us there. So that we can begin to do the things that He says we can do.

Now, as you look at that, I'm gonna in to John 4:26 and on and I'm gonna begin to teach. And this is a crucial promise because listen to what Jesus says about this parable. Jesus says, the kingdom of God is like. He is now showing you and I how to operate in the kingdom. How do we get kingdom principles working in your marriage, your money, your health, your mind, in the joy the purpose of God? So this is what the kingdom is like. Here we go. It is like a man who scatters seed upon the ground. Let's stop right there. As you read the whole chapter of Mark 4, it says it is clear as the nose on your face that the seed is God's Word.

All right, and the ground is your heart. So He didn't say mind, He said heart. So He is saying that your heart is soil. Your heart can be planted with seeds. Now, we also know from the teachings before this in this chapter that thorns and thistles can be in the ground of your heart. We also know that you can plant God's Word so shallow it doesn't last. You cannot deal with the misbeliefs and the wrong desires and it will choke out God's Word. But then, one out of those four soils will produce so phenomenally that 30, 60 and a hundred times more of whatever you plant will come back. So when you take God's Word and you get serious about planting it in your heart, that's how the kingdom works. That's how you can put to work kingdom principles.

Now, let's read it. So, "He says, 'The kingdom of God is like a man who scatters seed upon the ground, and then he continues sleeping and rising night and day while the seed sprouts and grows and increases he knows not how.'" Did you know, that when you plant the Word of God in your heart and planting requires meditating, focusing on it. It says here in the Amplified Mark 4:24, how much focus and thinking and meditating and daydreaming you make from the Word determines how deeply it's planted, how securely. Then it says, the seed is growing and it's increasing but you don't know how. I don't know how many times I've been praying about something, confessing something, declaring something, prophesying my future according to God's promises. And as I'm doing that I can't see anything happening, nothing seems to change. But as I believed that, you know, the great things are coming. It's growing.

You know, when you put a seed in the ground, it's actually the roots begin to grow out first so that they can gather moisture. And that seed is moving up to come through the ground and you can't see a thing but yet, it is growing. If I have to say to you, "Hey, you planted watermelons in your garden about a week ago nothing is happening". Because you look at the black garden and there's nothing coming up. You ought to know, of course, it's growing. You can't see it right now. It's growing underneath the ground. That is what it's comparing your heart to. If you will diligently become a student of God's Word, not to earn it, but to establish your heart in all of the beautiful seeds of prosperity, seeds of peace, seeds of joy, seeds of healing, seeds of advancing God's kingdom of power and of strength. These are all in the Word and they are to be planted in your heart.

And at first, you won't see it change. But as you just confidently wait, it says, the seed is sprouting. It is growing. It is increasing. You just don't know how. Then it says, "The earth produces by itself". Stop right there. What? Did you know, that when you plant God's Word in your heart, that you don't have to go out and make everything happen. You just know what you know to do. You know, work well and hard, work smart, work with wisdom. You know, just do the normal things. But as you begin to speak God's Word, meditate on God's Word. It gets into your heart. It says your heart begins to produce that word and you don't know how. If you plant for example, promises from God's Word about peace.

At first you might not sense any peace. But if you stay focus on those promises, speaking those promises, they get planted in your heart. They begin to grow. You don't see them, sense them, or feel them at first. But all of a sudden, things begin to change in your heart and you, peace begins to rise up. You don't even know how it's coming. I got the same amount of problems right now. I got the same issues that were making me so depressed before. That same issue seems to be there. Yet, God's peace rises up on the inside of you.

A young couple, actually not young, an older couple came to our church in one of the campuses I was speaking at. As I was walking the halls, I met them. They looked both very grumpy. They weren't touching each other. They were walking together but -, So I just, hadn't seen them before. So I just stops and, "Hey, how are you guys doing? I'm pastor Leon. How long have you been coming to our church"? This is our first day. Well, welcome. And I said, "What brought you here"? Truthfully? I said, "Would, yeah". He said, "My wife and I are finished. We're getting a divorce. We don't love each other anymore". And she's agreeing with him going -, And we just thought for our kids' sake maybe we should try something. So we're here, we tried your church.

And I looked at them and I said, "You know, could you do something for me"? I said, "Make sure that you keep coming for at least two-three months, just be determined that's how long you're gonna come". And I said, "And give it a good shot. Don't you come once and then leave, three months". And I said, "Could you agree to that"? I said, "You guys have been married for years. You've got kids. How hard can it be? They're just three months. Keep coming every Sunday morning, just do what we say in the teaching of the Word". All right. I looked at her, would you agree? She goes, "Okay". So you both agree? I got both of them to promise me that they would.

Now, probably six months later or so, I happened to be walking, you know, down that hall and I ran into the same couple only he's holding her hand and he's laughing and she's looking into his eyes as she's talking. And I said, "Hey! How are you guys? What's going on"? He said, "Excuse me"? I said, "The last time I talked to you, it was a number of months ago. You guys were fit to kill each other. You were not, you don't love each other". I said, "What happened"? And they looked each other, and they couldn't decide what happened. Well, what was it that made you guys stay? And he goes, "I can't think of anything". And she goes, "Well, I don't know". What happened? Did you have a good talk? Did you hear a certain thing that changed you? No. And so you're telling me, you've been here, I guess it was four to five, six months and nothing specifically happened to make you forgive each other or get together. No. So well, you look you love each other. "Oh, I love him," she said. He goes, "Oh, I love this woman".

And then I explained to them this principle. That as God's Word stays in your heart, it begins to grow. First the blade, then the ear, then the full grain in the ear. But when the grain is ripe and permits, immediately he sends forth the reapers, the harvesters and he put in the sickle, because the harvest stands ready. I want you to notice something interesting here. As you plant God's Word in your heart every day and stay focus on it, speak it out loud. It says it's growing first the blade, then the ear, then the full grain in the ear. And then it says but when the grain is ripe and the grain permits. Did you know that it's not even Jesus who decides when your miracle happens? No. It says, when the grain permits it. In other words, as you feed the Word of God into your heart and it grows first a little blade, then it begins to have the full corn and the ear. And then it's harvestable, it's yours.

So if you want regular miracles in your life, you need to be focusing in God's Word for a period of time each day and even during the day. And confessing God's Word over your life. At first you won't see anything happening because it's growing in the Spirit realm. It's growing in your heart and you won't know what's going on. But eventually that thing becomes harvestable. And when that miracle is harvestable, you can begin to have miracles in that area all the time. Health and healing. And don't wait for an incident to begin to plant God's Word on healing. Declare everyday of your life health and healing are mine. God's Word promises no sickness will come near my dwelling. I thank You, you heal all of our diseases. Everyday be planting God's Word in your heart. That way you can harvest a miracle whenever you need it, whenever you want it.

In fact, you can begin to live in health rather than the up and down of sick, healed, sick, healed. New thing, bad thing. Every week you don't know. As you can speak God's Word, you'll begin to harvest healing. So you literally just start walking in health. And when sickness pushes against you, when flu pushes against you. You know, it's almost an impossibility to stick and to go in. If you can hear to speak prosperity, and you're growing harvest of prosperity. Poverty will push at you. Bad times will push at you. Competition will try to lie and cheat about you. People will try to rob and steal from you. But you have been speaking prosperity over your career, your business. And therefore, no weapon form against you will prosper. And you are continually harvesting prosperity because you are continually planting prosperity. And it says, when the grain permits, you get the harvest.

Not when Satan permits. Not when God permits. Because today is the day God want salvation from sickness, salvation from poverty. It's the grain that permits it. How much time do you spend just in God's promises, in God's Word? Allow Holy Spirit to show you what Jesus did on the cross. He took all your sin. Satan can't bring it up. He qualifies you for the miraculous. Satan can't make you feel like you haven't done enough. Jesus qualifies you. He gives you freely His righteousness. Go to Romans 5:17-18. He's grace is upon you. Which is His favor. He's doing you favors. If I say to you, "I'm gonna do you a favor". The first in your mind goes is, "What? Is your favor gonna be financial? Is your favor gonna be something that I've got, I'm gonna give you"? Because a favor means, the word favor literally means unearned. That you don't have to pay me for. If it's a favor, you don't owe me anything.

God's favor is on your life. It's unearned. It's called His grace. It is His grace, His power, that is in your life. That if you'll always look to Jesus as the author and the finisher of your faith, you'll win. If you look to yourself as the author and the finisher of your faith, you'll always lose. That verse is important one because it says, Jesus is the author and the finisher. Many people start a miracle and they see God moving to a certain degree, but they don't ever allow this miracle to finish. So let's say I need a miracle now in finances. And so I begin to feed myself God's Word, get it on the inside of me. I'm meditating on it and I'm saying, "Jesus, I'm declaring right now prosperity is on my business in the name of Jesus".

Now, Jesus is the author. The author is the start up. He is the starter of this miracle. So you begin to plant the Word in your heart on prosperity and healing and financial blessing. And you begin to read it in the Word and all the stories, you get to find those promises every day and meditate in them and your harvest of prosperity is rising up. Now, Satan will attack you. He will attack you with thoughts that say, "You don't deserve this. You're not smart enough to have a company making that much money. You don't deserve to have it because you weren't good enough when you were younger. In fact, you still struggle with evil thoughts over here".

Satan's gonna attack you and your inability to be perfect. He attacks that, so you'll switch from Jesus is perfect so I'm blessed, to I'm not perfect so I can't be blessed. No. Holy Spirit's job is not to keep showing you how imperfect you are, His job is to show you Jesus, reveal to you Jesus. Everything Jesus wants to reveal. And as you look at Jesus, you will change. As you look at His glory, His virtue, His power, what He's done for you, His sacrifice on the cross. As you look to Jesus, as the author and the finisher. The enemy will try to stop you from growing in prosperity for the rest of your life. But he's not stronger than Jesus, and Jesus is the finisher. You don't ever have to worry. A lot of people are known for great starters and poor finishers. They'll start 14 projects and never see them through. They've started so many projects and they never get done.

Jesus is not like that. But if you start believing for something and you get a partial miracle, a partial healing. Don't stop there and go, "Oh, I guess this is good. This is better than losing them. You know, we believed God. They were dying, and God gave them back to us. Now, they can't talk. They can't walk. They can't get up. But we're just glad they're here". Be glad they're here. But would you please begin to believe God for the finishing of that miracle. Which means truth is the original norm. Is this the way God designed them to live? Is this the way God -, No. So believe that He's a finisher. Stay in His Word. Let His Word begin to get into your heart in a powerful way. And as that Word takes root, when the grain permits, when the seed permits. Which means it is grown to a place of being harvested in your heart.

That's why the Bible says, your heart must be established in grace, because then it literally begins to be released into your life. His power, His healing, His joy, His prosperity. It affects what's allowed into your world. Sickness won't, can't come in. Poverty can't come in. Hurt and death and attack can't come in because the heart determines. In Matthew 12, I love that where it says that a good man from the good treasures of his heart. The good deposits in his heart brings forth good things. But an evil man from the evil treasure or deposits in his heart brings forth evil things. Now, when it uses the word evil, I like to help people out. The Bible says evil is unbelief. An evil heart of unbelief, the Bible says. Don't have an evil heart of unbelief departing from the living God. This evil heart is a heart of unbelief.

It doesn't mean you're an ax murderer. It just means that it's evil to allow unbelief in your heart. And this evil heart of unbelief it can believe in and cause to be attracted to you all that you don't want because you won't discipline yourself to do what the way God says. Which is study and taught on His promises, what Jesus has done. Allow Holy Spirit to reveal to you the ultimate sacrifice that Jesus made for you. That He was perfect. He was filled with healing. He was filled with prosperity. He could pay His taxes by catching one fish. I mean, He can heal a person from being three days dead. I mean, He was filled with healing, filled with prosperity, filled with joy, filled with peace, you and I.

Now, sick, disease, unhappy, struggling. It says that when He died and rose again, that He exchanged what He has for what we have. He took our sin, our punishment. God's wrath upon sin went on Jesus. There's no more curse to put on you. Jesus took it. As Holy Spirit reveals this to you and that's what His job is, is to show you things to come focus on Jesus. Show you things to come as you are accepting His righteousness, as you accept His blessing, His grace, His favor on your life. Stay focus on that or the enemy will get you. Often, to places where you can be defeated. Example, Romans chapter 8, says to be carnally minded is death, but to be spiritually minded is life and peace.

Now, carnally minded just means to be focused on your physical life, physical failures, your physical attributes. The things you've done, your behavior, your failures, in this world you get focus on yourself. As you get focus on yourself, you will be defeated. As you get focus on yourself, you will never measure up. As you get focus on your own world, your own failures, or your pride as to how good you think you are and how that God needs to bless because I'm so good. But it's still on you that that brings death. But if you're spiritually minded, you continually keep yourself focus. I qualify for healing because of Jesus. I am righteous because of Jesus. Health and prosperity is mine because of Jesus. Long life is upon me, my family, and my generations because of Jesus.

To be spiritually minded is to allow Holy Spirit to speak to you, reveal to you, and His job is to reveal Jesus, to show Jesus. And as He shows you Jesus, He shows you a new future, things to come. He'll create within you a vision, a dream, of what your future could be like. You'll begin to desire it. You get excited about it and then you'll start speaking it. Now, speaking it is a way to get excited about it, even if you're down and depressed. Let your mouth begin to declare, "God's Word says". When you speak God's Word, it gets planted in your heart. And it won't take long for those seeds to come up and to be ready to be harvested. Speak God's Word. Speak God's Word in your prayer. In fact, praying, my praying predominantly is two things, me fellowshipping with God just talking with Him about my day, my future.

And the second thing it is, is speaking His Word, speaking His promises, declaring to this planet, declaring to the enemy and all his hordes of demons, declaring to the angels of God and to Jesus. This is what I declare over my life. And I believe when you do that, angels obey the voice of God's Word, it says in Psalms. It teaches us that Satan hears the words that we speak. In fact, we were sharing another time how that, when Daniel was praying, an angel finally got through after 21 days of fighting and trying to get through and he said, "I came for your words".

What kind of words are you speaking every day? Is it, "Well, we always get sick. Our family never gets ahead. We get ahead a little bit financially and it all just fails and falls. Oh, man". Your mouth is speaking negative bitter water. James says that can a spring of water do both pure and bitter water at the same time? No. It's just an old myth. Your mouth needs to spring forth with words, health, prosperity, blessing, based on who Jesus is and what He's done. You could confidently declare, my future is beautiful, blessed, bright. Use God's Word. Spend time each day studying, thinking, meditating, imaginating. That Holy Spirit show you your future with your imagination and to see it healthy, happy, blessed, whole, jumping, laughing, etcetera.

Father, bless them right now. Every person listening to this. Holy Spirit, I pray that You just dive deep into their heart. Let them have aha moments. Let there be revelation in their mind. Let them to get to run to your Word and to you Jesus and begin to just to get to know You and to know Your promises. And Holy Spirit, I thank You. You are revealing to them who they are in Christ, what Jesus has done, and the incredible future ahead of them. In Jesus name, amen.

Be blessed. Start right now declaring, God's promises are mine because Jesus qualifies me. Begin to declare right now, I am righteous because Jesus gave me His. I have great favor on my life because Jesus gives me His favor. Speak those things every day. Listen to this message over and over. Why don't you go ahead and get this teaching into your home. Listen to us every day. Tell your friends about this program. It will break you free and take your life to places you've never seen happen before ever. God bless you.
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