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Years ago, when I was younger, I worked a fair bit out of a hospital as a paramedic and I would have this issues at times. And it's kind of my preface forward I wanna talk about today. I remember going to an ambulance call one time where a person had died. And there had been an accident on the farm and it had been a really bad cut and the person just bleed out and the person kept calling the hospital and calling the hospital. And where's the ambulance, where's the ambulance, and the person died.

And I remember after the whole situation was over, how simple it would have been to have simply put direct pressure on the cut. It's likely one of the first thing you're taught in basic first aid. I remember going to situations where something really simple might have prevented. A person was choking one time and no one knew what to do. So it was like 20 minutes to get the ambulance out to where they were out in the country. And it would have been a simple, a very simple thing to remove or to deal with an obstructed airway, very, very simple skill.

And I begin to, and I use those analogies when looking at our lives. Because there are some very powerful, potent, but simple skills that we must learn when it comes to working with Holy Spirit, very important, very crucial. My passion has always been and at the very earliest days of me speaking to our leadership and to our members at Springs. I've always and I want every member a minister. Every member in ministry. Every one of us are called to live lives so far beyond where we are. And everybody here will have, like I don't know how to put it, not in a negative way but almost like a hauntedness that there's more in you that you wanna get out. There's just more to my life than I'm doing. That I just, I feel like something bigger is gotta happen, something more is gotta happen. There's just, there's more in me. There's more outs of me. Like, I just don't feel yet like I've accomplished, like I've done. And I think much of that has been, we have not learned to listen to Holy Spirit and let Him flow through us.

Now, I'm not just do a little bit of introduction talk today, because many people have the wrong opinion of Holy Spirit. Now, when you study the Bible, one of the things that is a mystery but it's powerful is that God is in three Persons but one God. Only one God but in three Persons and you'll read a lot of really wild stuff on, you know, the Trinity, the Tri-Unity. You know, God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit. Many people think that Holy Spirit has only been here since Jesus on the cross because He said in John 14, it's good for Me to leave so Holy Spirit can come. But when you look at the Old Testament, you see Holy Spirit working throughout. In the very first couple verses in the Bible it says Holy Spirit was hovering over the waters even before God spoke and said let there be light.

You see, when you and I pray, we pray to God in the name of Jesus, but it's Holy Spirit that does the work. Isn't that interesting? You pray to God in the name of Jesus. You don't pray to Holy Spirit. You don't pray to Jesus. But Jesus Himself teaches us in the book of John, you pray to the Father in the name of Jesus. And that the name of Jesus unlocks all the authority that has been invested in you and I. You have authority to speak to mountains, authority to speak to careers, authority to speak to finances, authority to all the attacks of the enemy, the crazy stuff. You have the authority. And then when you take your authority in the name of Jesus, it is Holy Spirit that is doing the work. Holy Spirit begins to bring a very clear strength as He begins to help us build our identity on the inside so you're secure in who you are.

And if you think for a minute that Holy Spirit is this cute little Casper floating around making everybody love each other. Holy Spirit is of course the spirit of love, but yet when you begin to study the Bible, it will say things like, "He trains my hands to war". Holy Spirit would come upon all, not everybody but certain people in the Old Testament. For example, David, who said I can buy him. I can run through a troop, leap over a wall. A warrior. God would always help His people to defend themselves. Some of the greatest battle ever recorded are in the Bible where God's presence, the anointing, or Holy Spirit will get upon great war and one would take out an entire army. We've made a mistake as Christians of creating some kind of a religion when it comes to Holy Spirit.

Yet, when you talk about being filled with the Spirit, most people would think about some kind of emotional access. Yet the very first time the Bible mentions a person who was filled with the Spirit was a business person, an artist. Bezalel, very first time we find and it's in the Old Testament. Where the Spirit of God came upon him and helped him do art. Helped him do with gold and silver. Helped him work with cloth and tapestry. Helped him to build. Did you know that often when we think about Holy Spirit, we think about, that's for church. That's where we go and we all get emotional and we all raise our hands or people starts to get a little bit edgy. Actually, you're taught, that's just what church has done with it. And by the way, getting emotional, enjoying God, there's nothing wrong with that. But Holy Spirit isn't just here to make you religious. Holy Spirit is here to work through you and He has given you gifts and skills and abilities.

Everyone thinks Satan is creative. He's not, he's a pervert. He just perverts what God creates. The very first word we have for God in the Bible actually means great creative spirit. And so there are those of you who are so good with people. We'll put you in any room. You'll have the whole room laughing and talking. You are so socially gifted. That's the gift of Holy Spirit placed on your life. And there are gifts on people today who aren't even Christians guys like, pick on the king, Elvis Presley. He did not make up his gift. He did not just develop some skill. There was a gift on him to use that for God. He used it the way he wanted. And people have the freedom to do what they want with their lives. But when you use it for God, your life would have been a whole lot happier, marriage would have stayed together, health would have been better. You're to live longer. You have done more for God. You'd have known joy and peace and great relationships.

But people always take the gift, the call, that's on them and go use it for themselves thinking they know better and they've forgotten that God knows the best. His way is perfect for you and I. If you wanna go places. If you wanna sense a completeness, a fullness, a sense of accomplishment and change, you'll need Holy Spirit. Most of us know who God. The Bible has a lot to say about God. The Bible has a lot to say about Jesus. But very little is known about Holy Spirit other than we just think it's God presence showing up. Which is accurate but yet, Holy Spirit is a Person. And anytime you study the Bible, you'll find that the Father, the Son, and Holy Spirit, all are unique. A Person yet it's one God. So that's not my message you know that. But to talk about Holy Spirit and the fact that you can begin to hear Him, sense Him. You can begin to know His presence in your life in a very fulfilling and a very beautiful way.

If you're hearing, you're really insecure and you know it and you know that you get jealous so easy. You feel so insecure around anybody successful, or good looking, or confident, and you use to right away, you don't feel like you fit. Do you know the Holy Spirit's job is to do a work on the inside of you? When you study the New Testament, you'll find that there's two things Holy Spirit does, He works within you, healing you, making you complete. When you get saved and you give your life to Christ. He literally comes in and does a complete work up on you. The old you is dead. The new you rises up, filled with power and confidence and grace and love and joy. And that old you that's jealous in a second if anybody gets near your spouse or you feel so insecure of anyone does more than you. Holy Spirit's job is to work on the inside of you.

And here's where Galatians 5 comes in, how that the fruit of the Spirit is love. You begin to develop an inside of love. You begin to feel love. You begin to want to love. It's joy. It's a fruit of the Spirit. It is a work of Holy Spirit in your spirit and all of a sudden, a sense of joy. The world does not know what joy is. They only know what laughter is and laughter, yet being happy comes from happenings. They're always trying to make things happened. But people who have joy have an inner fountain of flow of Holy Spirit and joy permeates their lives. There's a patience upon them. When you look at the fruit of the Spirit, that's the work of Holy Spirit within your spirit. And if you don't have that, you will be an unhappy, lonely, even if you've got friends. You'll feel incomplete. You'll feel like these things aren't going the way you. You'll always feel wrong on the inside.

If Holy Spirit, if you don't allow Him and work with Him to do His work and to cause you to be who you are. You know, so many people, I'm trying to decide where to go on that one. So many people think, everything is a disease on our planet today. You know, if you have an addiction. It's a disease and we use words that remove your ability to change. If it's a disease, there's nothing you can do about it. But actually, it comes down to your beliefs. Every addiction comes down to beliefs. Every gender, sexual issue, comes down to the beliefs of your heart. It's not a born that way. It's not a disease. It's not. It's God's Word that is accurate. What we believe, what Holy Spirit is doing on the inside of us, making us feel loved, happy, fulfilled, joyful, patient, kind, longsuffering, gentle, letting us feel know who are, our identity. Holy Spirit begins to bring a very clear strength as He begins to help us build our identity on the inside, so you're secure in who you are. Secure in your sexuality, secure in your gender, secure in knowing Him.

All of these things that the world thinks they know so much about. The Word says Holy Spirit's job is to do that work on the inside of us. And so, we must treasure Holy Spirit. We must recognize that He is here. And if you've given your life to Jesus, He's on the inside of you and He's ability to flow in you, to bring healing and health and to flow through you in career, in family. You know, there's no way you're gonna have the kind of New Testament marriage that the Bible shows, if you don't rely on Holy Spirit to help you love that person. Why? Because you married an imperfect person. Yeah. You married an imperfect person and they're gonna be hard to love at certain times. Really hard to love at certain times, and unless you just kinda, "Hang in there". If you really wanna still feel that love and grow and change, you'll need Holy Spirit. Holy Spirit brings the changes that we want inside. Holy Spirit gives us the ability to flow in His power on the outside.

When you study the Bible, both the old and the new about Holy Spirit. He brings gifts into our lives and He actually empowers us in unique ways. For example, you know, you take a look at people like Samson, who the Bible says that the Holy Spirit would come upon him and he would rise up and take out an entire army. He had unique strength. There's Elishia, who God would show him things. All of these Old Testament are Holy Spirit working with people. In the New Testament, every one of us now has Holy Spirit residing within us. Ever had sang that old song, "Create in me a clean heart, O God. And don't remove your Spirit". I forget how it go. But don't remove Your Spirit from me. Cast me not away from Your presence, and take not thy Holy Spirit from me. It's like, and we cry as we sang it. That was a verse that David wrote when he saw King Saul who disobeyed God and the Holy Spirit left him and an evil spirit harassed him until he was killed on the battlefield.

David saw this and he went, "Don't ever take Your Holy Spirit from me". In the Old Testament, yes, Holy Spirit was not in their spirit. He would come upon them. He would talk about filling them but it was more of a filling them in the areas of the mind. The areas of their physical body. They couldn't be born again until Jesus died. But now that Jesus has died, we don't ever have to sing and worry that I'm gonna make a mistake. He's gonna take His Spirit away from me. No, He is within me. His Spirit is within my human spirit. But we live so low, below what God has for you and I. And my message for you is that, whatever changes you want, whatever dreams you wanna wake up, whatever things you need in your marriage, your career, whatever areas you wanna see changed. Stop relying on your own energy.

You know, in Romans chapter 8, it says to be carnally minded is death and to be spiritually minded is life. What does it mean to be carnally minded? But right away we think, "Well, sex, sin, alcohol, drugs, murder, like it's carnal man". No, no. The Word there very clearly means to be focused on sense knowledge or your normal ability, your normal reasoning, is the carnal way. There's two kinds of knowledge. One is a sense knowledge and the other is a revelation knowledge. And believers who follow Christ have been promised that we can do great things. That this is the victory that overcomes the world even our faith. Holy Spirit's job is to lead you into all truth. Just like Samson needing incredible strength to rip those gates. If you know the story of the city that an army couldn't move. Just like Elishia needing to know which way the enemy was attacking him. Every believer today has a relationship with Holy Spirit. And it's not just to have a few goosebumps in church. It is actually to know how to lead your marriage, to have a love beyond your normal love to love your spouse. To have an ability to strategize business principles. Things like that for your life that will take you to places you never dream possible to go.

God needs His people to be salt and light. He needs us to be in the market place, in politics, to be in business. Where it's not, that we are integrous and we are serving Him. And we don't need to get up there and be preaching at people. We literally just need to let God flow through us so that they see our love. They see our kindness. They see the fruit of the Spirit in our lives and they see the power of God in our finances, careers, health, etcetera. That if we need a miracle, the presence of God heals. If we need something to take place in our business, that in our prayer times something opens up that people go, "Oh, my! How did you make that happened? You are so lucky. In fact, you're always lucky". No, it's called blessed. The world sees lucky. The believer sees blessed. The favor of God on your life. It's Holy Spirit's job to move and to manifest.

The apostle Paul says in the epistles, he says, "I didn't come to you with great words of oratory preaching. I didn't come to you able to preach and inspire. I came to you in weakness and in trembling and in the demonstration of the Spirit and of miracles". Where can you this year begin to step out of your self-centered, look after yourself, make excuses, for every reason why you don't have to step out of faith and where can you begin to minister to others. You don't need to solve deep doctrinal problems. You don't need to tell them why bad things have happened to them. No one has figured that out. When you get to heaven, we'll talk to God about it. The world is bad. There's a devil here. There's all sort of stuff and everyone's gonna die. But we've gotta just reach out and love people and care. And did you know that every miracle is actually an act of kindness? I've always found that where miracles begin is stepping out of my comfort zone and just being kind to someone else.
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