Leon Fontaine - Measuring Up

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Hey, everybody! It's so good to have you with me. This week we've got a lot of great topics. So today, I wanna talk about this area of how does God's Word get from? I've got my Bible on this iPad from here to in here and what's the process of it. I've heard it all along that everybody needs to renew their mind, if you know renew your mind. And some people think that by renewing their mind all they have to have is more information. And it's more information, it's not renewing your mind. In fact, it's just adding information to an already overloaded messed up mind. The mind needs to have information come in from God's Word and then I wanna show you how we're gonna do that today. When it comes to renewing the mind, it is such a key.

I'm gonna show you the process of where the Word works, where the Holy Spirit works, where your mind works, then your heart, and then the miraculous. But so many people they don't do this to understand the process. They think that knowing the Word is renewing the mind, just having a knowledge of it. But the Bible teaches us very clearly, we gotta go from the knowledge to understanding which takes meditation, and then from meditation into wisdom of how we act in our everyday lives. And here's the other thing, did you know according to Mark 4:15, when you start the process of learning and getting God's Word in your mind planted in your heart. Satan, it says in Mark 4:15, he comes immediately to steal the Word that is sown.

One of the gorgeous things about the Bible is that if you stay in the Bible, it just begins to transform you in a phenomenal way. But few people do, because Satan comes immediately, and he'll figure out a way to get you out of the Word or he'll figure out a way to make the seeds that you're listening to, you don't stay there long enough to drive them deep enough. So let's keep going and let me show you because it's so beautiful. Your life can change massively radically if you'll figure this out.

Now, in Hebrews 13:9, we give you Romans 12:2 which says renew your mind with God's Word. You can have God's perfect will in your life. Hebrews 13:9 now talks about the heart. It says, "Do not be carried about by different and varied and alien teachings, for it is good for the heart to be established and ennobled and strengthened by means of grace, God's favor and spiritual blessing and not to be devoted to foods, rules of diet, ritualistic meals, which bring no spiritual benefit or profit to those who observe them".

He's saying here that we must get our heart establish in grace where you begin to recognize everything you're ever gonna need, every change you ever need to make, all the strength you'll ever need, is only gonna come as a free gift from Jesus. You're never gonna be able to earn it because then you're in pride. When you start thinking you're good enough, you begin to be in pride. So the Word of God enters our mind. We study it. We meditate on it. And we'll show you what Holy Spirit does with us and it drops from here to here. Now, in the heart, that's where we've been talking about where your, the deepest beliefs are established.

I know many people who know the Word of God, but their heart is still anchored in wrong thoughts. And so, according to Proverbs it's how you think in your heart that your life lives, not a brief thinking in the head. I'll give you an example, a man came to me in January, one year. And he said to me, I said, he said, "Leon, this gonna be an amazing year". I said, "Really"? Oh, it's gonna be the best year yet. I'm telling you. And he just went off telling me how good this year is gonna be, making faith proclamations and prophesying to the wind and declaring his future. And so about a month or two, I don't know exactly where later I ran into him and I said, "Hey, how you doing man? I was so excited to hear you prophesy to your life and declare your future. How's things been going"? Here's what he said, "You know Leon, just another stinking year like I thought".

You see, this man was saying something from his head but what was in his heart came out two months later. If you do not take God's Word and begin renewing your mind so that your deepest beliefs which are the beliefs of the heart get anchored in God's grace, get anchored in God's Word especially in the new covenant. If you don't do that, then you'll try get something to work that you know with your head. But there's no power there on the inside to help you believe that at your core. Many people believe, I'm gonna lose weight this year. This year I'm gonna look so good. And oh, man, God's gonna help me. And then after a couple of months they go right back to the way they were. You must renew your mind with God's Word, meditate, stay in the Word until it becomes a heart belief.

Now, to do that isn't just a behavioral issue. Did you know, Holy Spirit is gonna help you with this. Now, here it says in John 16, He says, "I still have many things to tell you, but you can't handle them now. But when the Friend comes, the Spirit of Truth, that's Holy Spirit. He will take you by the hand and guide you into all the truth there is. He won't draw attention to Himself but will make sense out of what is about to happen and, indeed, out of all that I have done and said. He will honor Me. He will take from Me and deliver it to you. Everything the Father has is also mine. That is why I've said, 'He takes from Me and delivers to you.'" All right. Holy Spirit's job is to guide you into the truth about Jesus.

I'm gonna say something, don't freak out. The Bible doesn't teach us to follow the Bible. Everyone thinks I'm a follower of the Bible. Oh, I sure hope not because in some places in the Bible they're killing people and some places in the Bible they're doing a lot of weird stuff. Me? I follow Jesus. The Bible is a beautiful book that shows me how not to do things, how to do things, what the principles are, but everything about a believer is we follow Jesus. Jesus said follow Me. When the disciples, when He came to each of His disciples, He didn't say, "Okay, go follow the Word". He said, "Follow Me".

When the rich young ruler came to Jesus and refused even call him God. He just called Him a wise teacher. And Jesus looked at him and He say, "Obey the commandments". This guy, "I've done that from my youth". And he still didn't call Jesus God. And when you read the story, Jesus was saying, "Well, don't call me good, only God is good". He was saying he was God to this guy and this guy would not admit that Jesus was God. He was just a good teacher. And so if that's the case just obey more rules to become right with God. And so Jesus told him, go sell all what you have and give it to the poor, because what was hanging into his heart was his money. But if he had seen Jesus as God and followed Jesus, then his life would have changed radically. Because all the disciples, they had money.

You talk to some they were doctors and fishermen. We know that Peter had at least two homes and some boats and none of these guys were poor. But when we follow Jesus, that is when we begin to see the teachings of Jesus, what Jesus did on the cross for us. Holy Spirit's job is to guide us into all truth and He's going to reveal Jesus. When you begin to understand that, something powerful, something beautiful takes place on the inside of you. Now, in 1 John 2, it's going on talking about how Holy Spirit is our Helper. It says here, but you have an unction from the Holy One, Holy Spirit, and you know all things. "Woo, Leon, I don't know everything". No. But Holy Spirit within you does and because He's in your human spirit, He's inside of you. You know all things in your human spirit. Holy Spirit in your human spirit. And so it says here, "But the anointing which you have received of him abideth in you, and you need not that any man teach you, but as the same anointing teaches you of all things, and is truth, and it's no lie, and even as it hath taught you, you shall abide in Him".

Folks, I hope you understand. This is all about Jesus. Yes, we can find good behavioral principles in the Old Testament, okay. Here's how to deal with angry people. Here's how to deal with a neighbor that you're offended. Here's how to deal with your spouse. Here's how to handle yourself and all these situations. There's lots of great beautiful principles and truths in the Old Testament. But if you want change, if you really want the power of God in your life, Holy Spirit who is within you. It says He will show you things. He'll reveal. So what is that mean? Well, as I'm in God's Word and saying Holy Spirit show me what Jesus did for me. Show me why the cross. Show me why Jesus is so important.

And as you begin to listen to me, ask Holy Spirit to teach you. As you begin to read the Word for yourself or read good teaching books say, "Holy Spirit teach me". His job is to show you things to come. His job is to show you what Jesus did in His teachings and why Jesus is the central figure. Let's not move away from Jesus. He died for you. He took your sin. He took all the curse that went with everything you've done wrong that you could have an amazing life. And when people begin to realize how loved they are. That they are loved and blessed. And this loving and this blessing is beyond even their behavior. There's no longer a reason to go out with wrong behavior. You begin to fall in love with Him. You begin to treasure Jesus. You begin to follow Jesus.

Hebrews 4:12, it's another great verse that talks about Holy Spirit and the Word of God and how it brings change in your life. It says, "For the Word that God speaks is alive and full of power making it active, operative, energizing, effective". You know, there's many times in my life where I was reading the Bible and studying, and I did not feel any energy at all coming off. I was just bored and just doing the duty of reading so many verses a day. It wasn't active in my life. It didn't energize me. It wasn't making my life effective. And yet, the Bible says that that's what God's Word is like when Holy Spirit anoints it. And so we need Holy Spirit in our lives, otherwise we're just gonna become another religion, another book with a bunch of rules that just dries us up and takes all the joy out of our lives. But it teaches us here. It says, "But the Word of God it is sharper than any two-edged sword, penetrating to the dividing line of the breath of life, of the immortal spirit, and of joints and marrow of the deepest parts of our nature, exposing, sifting, analyzing, judging the very thoughts and purposes of the heart".

Now, I thought that Holy Spirit was just showing us here that He's always gonna be reminding us of how bad we are, how our actions don't add up. That we're never good enough. But Holy Spirit's job is actually the opposite. He's trying to find thoughts about how dumb you are, how bad you are, how you don't measure up. Those are the thoughts that God's Word should judge and push out of you and show you that you're a new creation. You're a brand-new man. That everything has been given to you according to Peter and that you've been given all things that pertain to life and godliness. And it's through Jesus and these precious promises. That all of the promises in the Word of God are yes and amen. Jesus qualifies you for these promises. As you begin to get into God's Word, God's Word is alive. Holy Spirit teaches it to you and your mind begins to meditate.

When I was younger, every time I go to pray. Every time I'd pray, I would literally begin to make a list of all the things I'd done wrong that day, said wrong that day, all the temptation I've gave into, all the things that -, and it literally, it was just awful to pray because I was gonna get my butt slapped. I was gonna get all my problems brought up in front of me. I was gonna be shown how bad I was, and how evil I was, and how I didn't measure up, and I'm never good enough. That's how I felt when I would go pray. And one day as I was reading the Word, I realized that Holy Spirit's job is to show an unsaved person that they, to convince them of sin, one sin. You know what that sin is? Jesus. That if they accept Jesus as their Lord and Saviour, that's the one sin Holy Spirit convinces you of. Then when you give your life to Christ, you're a brand-new nature. You're a brand-new person.

Now, Holy Spirit begins to convince you. You're righteous. You're a child of God. You're blessed. You're so blessed you don't need to go and cheat people to get it. You're so blessed that it's chasing you down. You're so blessed that everything is here for you. And it is this realization of how blessed and highly favored of God you are that begins to make your Christian walk kind of exciting and alive. The Bible teaches us that God's Word begins to expose and sift and analyze and judge the thoughts of your heart. It doesn't say the thoughts of your head. The thoughts of your heart. So let's look at it this way. As you begin to read God's Word and the truths of God's Word begin to rise up.

Now, what's beautiful is the book of Acts and on shows us new covenant living, okay? And so the Old Testament shows us all the failure of the Law, from Mosaic Law and on. But here as you begin to read, it will begin to show you who you are, whose you are. And the most important thing for you will be your identity. Who are you in Christ? Are you gonna renew your mind and establish your heart in the fact that you are Jesus. He owns you in a beautiful way. He's died for you so that you are a brand-new creation. He has paid the price for you so that you can forge ahead. You can believe God for healing. You can believe God for happiness and joy. You can believe God for prosperity. You can believe God for favor. You can believe God to be protected from all the onslaught of the enemy and the people around that come against you.

And when the enemy comes against you and tries to steal the Word that you're meditating on. You just go, "No. I get all this, not because I'm good enough to earn it which is pride. But because Jesus earned it for me, died on the cross, and God sees me as dying with Jesus on that cross. I rose again in resurrection life with Jesus. When Jesus sat down at the righthand of the Father in complete authority, I'm seated with Him". Meaning there's nothing left I can do to earn God's favor and His blessing. But believe what God's Word says about you. So many Christians today are trapped in their beliefs. I call it your BS, your belief systems. That anything that you do, that could be in any way wrong disqualifies you from the favor and the blessing of God. And so all they do is spend their whole life trying to be gooder, better, gooder, better. Their entire life is only about morality.

Now, morality in living good is important. But that's not what qualifies you for the favor and the blessings of God. And I've seen so many people as God's favor they begin to believe in it. Believed what happened from the cross to the throne. And as we begin to saturate it in and it begins to come in. You know, I literally got to stay in the Word every day. It's so easy to slip back into laws, slip back into I have to go earn every blessing. What am I doing wrong if the finances aren't here for the church, the schools, the television station? And how come I'm not being blessed? And right away Satan's analyzing. What did I do wrong? Where did I disobey God? Where did I not do what He told me to do? Where didn't I follow Him good enough?

All of this stuff that religion taught me. And it literally gave me almost a nervous breakdown. I mean, there are times in the past where I've got so stress out where I know, I feel like I know, I've got to be so good so that everything runs smoothly. I've got to be so good that everything is gonna win and then pride. And pride doesn't mean that you're arrogant. Pride just means it's all about you. And so I just got so focused on me, me, me, me. And, you know, over the years, a couple of times I've ended at the hospital trying to believe God and get my life to a place of perfection where, you know, God is so pleased with me He's gonna give me the miracle. I'm telling you, it is a rat race where you almost get finished and you get so depressed.

So many Christians have slid into depression when they realize they just don't seem to be able to live good enough to cause miracles to happen. Well, you'll never be good enough. You can be the best Christian on the planet and you still won't arrive because you're not perfect. Only Jesus is perfect. So relax and begin to renew your mind, establish your heart. Let Holy Spirit take you on this journey and God's Word will be planted on the inside. And you literally will know this works because out of your heart comes peace, laughter, joy. And when you make mistakes, oh, you wanna fix them and correct them on the spot. And you do because you got God's power to change. But you no longer believe that Satan has the power to step into your life and to, he has the right to come in and hurt you because you did something wrong. No. Satan never has a right. No, I use it all the time. I would put this in every message I preached.

If you forget to lock the doors of your house and two thieves walk by and see that and they go into your house and steal your stuff. Did they have the right to steal from you because you didn't lock your door? You did something wrong you forgot to lock your door. No, they don't have the right to steal from you. They're still gonna get arrested if they're caught. All they got was an opportunity. And when you understand the difference means Satan's got the right to come into your life and so many Christians say that and it leaves Christians in fear wondering, is this sickness Satan? Does he have a right to come into my life? Is my finances going down so bad because Satan walk into my life? Where did I let him in? What rights does he have? He has no rights. Yes, plug up the opportunities. You can't keep running red lights in your car and think for a minute that when it happens God allowed it. No. You just gave an opportunity for death to hit you. Just, you know, live the way God says to live. Take the Word of God and live it and learn it and get on the inside.

And as you do, you lessen his opportunities. But anytime you see him messing with you, it is amazing thing to know. I am convinced he doesn't have the right to be here. Get out in the name of Jesus and the blessing of God is mind. Well, I hope that you've been making, if you haven't taking notes, get a hold of this message and recognize this process of your mind needs to have God's Word coming into it. Holy Spirit will teach it to you. Satan's gonna try to come in and get your mind off of it. Gets you up and go do something else. He's gonna try to get you away from getting with your heart prepared.

So Holy Spirit wants to get the words from your mind into your heart, establish it in grace and then new beliefs begin to rise up. A faith like you've never dreamed possible will rise up when you understand what to renew your mind in, in God's grace. Begin to believe His favor, believe what happened at the cross. And a whole new day for you as a Christian will open up for you. One of easy miracles, one where your faith brings in things so beautifully because you know where you fit in this and what Jesus has done. Father, I just pray right now incredible blessing. I pray for the Spirit of wisdom and of revelation on the knowledge of You, upon every person listening. I pray, that Father, they would break free from religion and from the death that it brings to our lives and begin to look to Jesus, follow Jesus. That Holy Spirit guide them to the truths about Jesus in the Word until their life changes beautifully and drastically. In your name we pray, amen. God bless you.
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