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2021 online sermons » Kenneth Copeland » Kenneth Copeland - You Don't Own Sickness

Kenneth Copeland - You Don't Own Sickness

Kenneth Copeland - You Don't Own Sickness
TOPICS: Healing

The healer's in the house today. The mighty Holy Spirit is here, and he is the agent representing Jesus in this room. He is the healer. He is the comforter. He is the standby. He is the advocate. He is the everliving Almighty God, and he's the healer in the house today. Oh, glory be to Jesus. Glory be to Jesus. Hallelujah.

Father, we thank You today for the wonders of Your love and goodness. We thank You today that 2,000 years ago, our sicknesses, our diseases, our poverty, our lack and pains and devastation were laid on our savior, Jesus. And we see from the great letter the great apostle Paul by the Holy Spirit wrote saying he who knew no sin was made to be sin so that we might be made the righteousness of God in him, and we praise You for that this morning. Oh, glory to God, hallelujah, we praise You. Thank You. Thank You, thank You. In the name. In the name. In the name that at the sound of that name every knee must bow. Just the sound of it. Every knee must bow, every tongue confess, including the devil's, that Jesus Christ is Lord to the glory of God the Father. Hallelujah. And his presence is here today. You will receive your healing if you will receive it. Amen.

Well, you may be seated this morning. Boy, the praise and worship good this morning. Right? And now all of you that are watching online, watching on the Victory Channel today. Hallelujah. Kenneth Copeland Ministry, Saturday's always been healing day. Oh, I'm glad you're here this morning. Now there's no time nor distance in the realm of the spirit. You remember the nobleman son? There was something like 25 miles there. He kept wanting Jesus to come go, please. Come go heal my son. Now think about it. Had Jesus gone with him, he would've died before they got there. They're walking. Isn't that right? So, what did Jesus do? He spoke the Word. Amen.

You remember when Cornelius' servant, the Centurion of that area, Cornelius? We found that out in the 10th chapter of the book of Acts. Cornelius sent word to Jesus. Jesus. Some people say, "I just don't know if it's God's will to heal me". Get a Bible. Jesus on the earth was what? God manifested in the flesh, and he said, "I came to do the will of my father". Well, he's never changed. He's the same yesterday, today, and forever. And like I told you early, Gloria and I came into this with no knowledge of the Word. We were scripture illiterates when we came in. And you've already figured out, but now I'm squarely in my thinking anyway. I said last night that I won't be 85 December the sixth. I will have lived 30,600 days or something like that. Yeah, that's... But I mean, back there then, when people say, "I don't know whether it's God's will to heal today or not," 99% of them are thinking of about themselves.

So, it's not God's will to heal me. I'm just the opposite from that. I looked at that. I couldn't see any reason why he shouldn't heal me. He healed everybody else, except those that wouldn't believe it. And we'll put this up on the screen, the 55th chapter of Isaiah. I can tell you what it says. My word goes forth out of my mouth, Isaiah 55:8 through 11. It will not return unto me void. Now he compared it to the rain and the snow that come and water the earth. There it is. For as the heavens are... "My thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways," sayeth the Lord. Okay, go ahead. I want to go down through the 11th verse. For as the rain come with down and the snow from heaven and returneth not there. The snow and water comes down, it doesn't go back. What does it do? It waters the earth and maketh it bring forth bud that it may give seed to the sower and bread to the eater. So shall my word be that goes forth out of my mouth. It shall not return under me void, but it shall accomplish that which I please, and it shall prosper in the thing where unto I sent it.

Now how does his Word return to him? When we pray it. These are covenant words. We take his blood backed words, covenant promises, covenant facts, and we have the answer to the prayer before we ever pray. Thank God. Thank God, thank God, thank God that Gloria and I learned that from Brother Hagin in the very, very, very early days. Pray the Word. Don't mess around with your own head. Pray the Word. By his stripes you were healed. Glory to God I was healed. Now see, I'm talking about you that that are online that are watching on the Victory Channel and so forth. So there's no time nor distance in the spirit. So take hold of it. Do what we do. Say what we say. Because the same spirit of God, the agent of healing, is right there. The same spirit of God, the agent of healing, right now is in Thailand, right now in Beijing, right now in China.

Now there's a lot of nasty stuff going on in China. But whoa, I want to tell you, there's a lot of glorious stuff going on in China because God saw to it for years and years and years and years about... I mean, about eight out of 10 missionaries were going to China and going to China. And that seed is still there and still growing. Gloria and I have been there. We have seen it in operation in some marvelous ways. Thank You, Jesus. Oh, glory to God. All right. The healer's in the house today.

Now this is an opportunity for you to learn. This is Healing School, an opportunity do to learn the laws that govern healing and so forth, and how to keep your healing. You mean that you can lose your healing? Well, yeah. Back in the days that I was there at Oral Roberts University, and some people came to me. Precious people now, you have to understand that. And she said, "Brother Copeland, we need to pray". I said, "Okay, about what"? "The Lord's taken his hand off of Brother Roberts". "What"? I said, "Where'd you get that"? They said, "Well, we went to interview some of the people that were miraculously healed. And we went to interview them, and they're not healed anymore". I said, "Oh, I believe I can help you". "Okay, Brother Copeland". I said, "Did Oral Roberts heal them"? "No". And she began to see.

Well, yeah, it wasn't his anointing that was lost. They lost it. And the Lord gave me a word for her right at that moment. It's always pays to look inward, and it just came up. The same lack of faith and unbelief that put that dear sister in pain in the first place came back. Well, why? Well, that's easy. She didn't get in the Word and keep that healing and resist the devil when he tried to come back. That symptom came, she said, "Well". I mean, I didn't even have to meet the woman to know what she said. Some form or another, she said, "Well, I thought I was healed. I guess I wasn't". Well, it wasn't had anything to do with Oral Roberts' anointing. It had to do with her lack of knowledge of the Word and how to keep it. Because the devil will do his best to steal it.

Now there's another thing that is telling when someone comes up and says, "Would you pray for my arthritis"? No, I won't. In the first place, you own it. Now Jesus bore your arthritis. So, that is not my arthritis. That is not my heart attack. No, that's not my sickness. That's not my disease. I refuse to own it. I refuse to take it, glory to God. That belongs to Jesus, and he bore it and took it to hell and back, and I don't need to have it. And I've been attacked ferociously and had a lot of pain in my life. And you know who's fault it was? Mine, because I did not obey some instructions that the Lord gave me years and years ago. I was too busy, and it caught up with me. I'll answer the question for you again. Why do bad things happen to good people? Because good people make bad choices. It's simple. The rich young ruler made a very bad choice. He missed the opportunity to become an apostle of the lamb. Jesus said, and take up the cross and follow me. Huh? Well that is his fault. Wasn't God. God called him.

All right. Oh, we're going to have a good time today. And first of all, there are some scriptures and God's words coming from my mouth. I do not say things from this pulpit that I have not already backed up by the Word of God. And the prescription for healing is attend to my words. Attend to them. Put them first place in your life. Put them final authority in your life. Well, let's turn to Proverbs four. This is the prescription for healing. The 20th verse. My son, attend to my words. Incline. Incline your ear to my sayings. I want to hear what he says about it before I want to hear what anybody else says. Thank God for good doctors. Man, I love them. Amen. All for them. They're God's agents, fighting the same sickness and disease that Jesus bore. Amen. And praise God for them. But I am inclined to listen to God's Word. I want to hear what He says about it. Incline your ear unto my sayings. Let not my sayings depart from your eyes. Go to this book. Look at them.

I was in a situation in Shreveport years ago in the church that Jerry Savelle and Carolyn Savelle came up in. And man, I had a situation. I went in there Sunday night, and I had started the meeting on Monday. And I had a tightening that started in my groin area, and it just tightened up in there. And I didn't pay any attention to it that night. And the next morning I got up, and I seemed like I was doing right. It was doing pretty good. But when I stepped out on the platform, ah, ah. Glory. Just before I walked out there, it hit me. And then I walk out on the platform, the anointing would come and I was fine. I walked off that platform and screamed before I could get my hand over my mouth. Well, this happened then every day after that. And I just fell over the bed. I said, "Lord, what is this"? And this is where you've heard me say this before. This is where I learned it. "What's going on here"? He said, "You've been quoting all your scriptures".

Now I never have just set out to memorize scriptures. Well, I did in several places. But they're inside of me, and I've preached them so much, and they just start flowing out of my spirit. He said, "Now that's good, but"... And these are His words. "The memory of a potato never nourished anybody. You have to get it in the system". And he took me to that scripture right there. Put your eyes on it. Look at it. Put your eyes on it. That's the reason I have healing scriptures. All these tabs have to do with healing scriptures. And you can just flip through just picking those tabs up. Amen. And now let those words not depart from your eyes. Keep them in the midst of your heart. They are life unto those that find them and health or medicine to all their flesh. Amen.

All right, now then let's go, I love it, to the 103rd Psalm. Thank You, Jesus. Thank You, Lord. Psalm 103. And those of you that are partners, you know that this is on the bottom of that letter. This is one of the prayers that we pray for our partners, the 103rd Psalm. And I'll just tell you right now, we're going to take our benefits this morning. Before we do that, let's talk about unbelief. Jesus preached at Nazareth. We talked about that sermon yesterday where he said the spirit of the Lord is upon me for he has anointed me to preach. He's anointed me to preach the gospel to the poor. He's anointed me to do that, to preach, to teach and heal. But there in Nazareth, he could do no mighty work. Didn't say he wouldn't, said he couldn't. Could not do any mighty work. Said he laid his hands on a few sick folks and healed them. No mighty works because of their unbelief.

Now unbelief is as simple as faith. They're sitting there in that place. "I don't believe a word of this. How could this happen? I know his mother and daddy. That kid right there fixed my shoes one time. How could he be anointed of God? I just don't believe a word of that". That's unbelief. There's no such thing as non belief. Everybody in this room is believing something right now. You may be sitting there saying, "I believe I itch". And nobody thinks in words, I mean in letters, written words. You have thoughts. You think in words. And then the printed page takes the thoughts of God and then puts them on paper because he put his thoughts... "My thoughts are higher than your thoughts. My ways are higher than your ways".

Therefore, because of that, my word goes forth out of my mouth. We don't have to be dumb and stupid. Listen. Are you listening? We can be as smart as Jesus. Why? We have his thoughts. We have the mind who Christ. Christ anointed. We have the same anointing available for our minds as Jesus, a man whose thoughts were of his Father. By the time he was 12 years old, he was totally completely involved in the work of his Father. Glory to God. And his spirit, which is his mind, is living in you, and because we have his thoughts. We have every thought that Jesus had that's recorded in this book. His thoughts are recorded in red. Did you get that? His thoughts are recorded in red. That's the reason it's so important what you think, and what you think all the time, because what you think most of the time you will become.
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