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2021 online sermons » Kenneth Copeland » Kenneth Copeland - Reach Out and Take Your Healing

Kenneth Copeland - Reach Out and Take Your Healing

Kenneth Copeland - Reach Out and Take Your Healing
TOPICS: Healing

Open your Bible this morning to the tenth chapter of the book of Romans. Thank you, Lord Jesus, praise you this morning, Lord. We praise you Father. We thank you for the healing mercies. We thank you that you are the healer. You have always, Father, provided healing for your people from the very, very beginning healing, your name Jehovah-Rapha, "I'm the Lord that healeth thee". Glory to God. Think about it. If healing passed away, Jesus... The Father would have had to have changed his name. And he said, "I'm God. I changed not". Amen? He's a healing God, he's a covenant making God. And Israel had a national covenant and we have a healing covenant. We have a forgiveness covenant. Praise God.

Though, a major article of our covenant is if we do sin and we do, praise God, we have an advocate with the Father, even the righteous Jesus Christ, who is faithful and just to forgive us our sins when we confess them and cleanse us from all unrighteousness. So let's just start right here. If you have anything in your life that needs to be gotten rid of, do it right now. Amen, thank you, Jesus. A covenant has a military atmosphere about it because, it's not based on feelings. It's based on that law of covenant. Amen. So, sir, I forgive. Thank you, sir. I'm forgiven. I receive it by faith. Glory to God. And now I receive my cleansing, sir. I'm cleansed. I'm forgiven. Glory to God.

Now let's get on with business. And it's not an unemotional thing because particularly if you are repentant and you are sorry for that messy, sorry, stupid thing you did. But, the trap there is to go through all of that in first John chapter one, go through all of that and then, "Oh, but I don't feel forgiven," What are you... Feelings don't have anything to do with it because that's covenant. He said he would do it and he will do it. And we believe it and we take it by faith. And even when those feelings come you say, "No, no glory to God, I wish I hadn't done it, but that's over, praise God, I did do it. I own it". And I just turn it loose. Glory to God. And I won't touch it and my thought life anymore. Because if you spend a lot of time meditating on that and thinking about that meditation on that side of the ledger is called worry. And it will interfere with your health and it will interfere with your receiving healing.

So now Romans chapter 10 and let's begin with the ninth.... Well, no, let's back up there to the sixth verse. "But the righteousness, which is of faith"... And let's stop right there. What is faith? People use the word faith a lot. Like, well, what faith are you? That's not what we're talking about at all. No, faith and we'll see demonstration of it today. Faith is a very, very powerful spiritual force. Very powerful spiritual force. Spiritual forces are far more powerful than natural seen forces. Oh yeah. Well we think about nuclear power being so, so huge. But now wait a minute, God spoke and created universes, solar systems, and it's still expanding at the speed of light. and the scripture says he did it by faith. It was that spiritual force. But now we see that he did it also by a great wisdom. By great wisdom he created it. Amen.

And of course we have the wisdom of God, but nowhere near on that level, now there's coming a time when there will be a new heaven and a new earth and we get to be in on it. And at that time I'm totally convinced the glorified ones, and there'll never be any more glorified ones. There will be natural people. There will be in the new heaven and the new earth God's plan will continue forever. There will be natural people born during the millennium, but no more glorified ones and the glorified ones. You, me, they're the ones that accepted Jesus in a time of sorrow and combat on this earth. And we stayed with him right in the middle of all this hell. But then, glory to God, the catching away of the church. I'm so excited about it, hallelujah. Well, at that time, we'll have a great part of that. So now look at this, "But the righteousness, which is a faith speaks"...

Faith always speaks. We looked into that last night, yesterday evening, that faith speaks and then must exercise corresponding action. It has to be believed, the word believed in the heart, spoken with the mouth and accompanied with corresponding action. Now faith is on the job. The creative power has been released. "Say not in thine heart 'who shall ascend into heaven,' that is to bring Christ down from above, or 'who shall descend into the deep' that is to bring Christ again from the dead". We know that Jesus went to hell. A lot of people have trouble with that.

I got in a lot of trouble for preaching it but I was in a little town in the panhandle of Texas years ago and a three week meeting back there then it took two weeks to get the unbelief out. And in a one week of great meetings. And back then we had two, three week meetings all the time and we had rented an old drugstore building, had just a little small platform in there that we'd made. And it was an evening service and I just preached Mark 11:23, 24 and 25. And I got over into the Jesus went to hell and he's suffered there. And then he was born again in hell and rose from the dead. The first born from the dead. First born of many sons. Hallelujah. And I'd been on this for a while.

Well, of course the news got out and the pastor of the Methodist church there, and some of his people came home and told him, and they got baptized in the spirit and had told him I said, Jesus went to hell. Well, it made him mad. Come to find out later he was an old truck driver and he got saved and he much of a man and well, I love God. And I didn't know all this. And here he came just right in the middle of my message. Just burst through those doors. This guy was big. And here he came walking right up towards me. And I'm standing there like this and I thought, "Uh oh".

And I just said to the Lord and myself, I said, "Lord, here he comes". Man, I mean, he just come waltzing right up in front of me like this, guy's big. And he said, I laid my hands on him. Oh God and he just looked around. So, and he told me later, he went back to the church. He didn't even go into the parsonage. He just went right straight to the church and he got on his knees. I mean, he just got baptized in the Holy Ghost and didn't know what to do with it. And he just, he said, "I just started praying in tongues". He said, "I just prayed and prayed and prayed and prayed and prayed and prayed and prayed". He said, "I just had never had so much fun in Jesus". And he said, "suddenly I stopped". And he said, "I said, 'Jesus, did you go to hell?' He said, 'You better believe it, big boy, if I hadn't, you would have.'" Totally healed, glory to God.

That settled it for him, wouldn't you think? What does it say in verse eight? I want to read that. I want to read into that again, "But the righteousness, which is of faith speaks on this wise, say not in heart, 'Who shall ascend into heaven?' That is to bring Christ the anointed one back down from above. Or 'Who shall descend into the deep?' That is to bring up Christ again from the dead. But what sayeth, oh, what does faith say? Faith says, the word is nigh thee, even in thy mouth". Glory to God. "And in thy heart". That is the Word of Faith, which we preach. Now, those of us that preach the Word of Faith, we didn't make that phrase up. And, it's not anything new. The apostle Paul preached the Word of Faith. What is that? It's the Word of God that is anointed and brings faith when you preach it. Amen.

"So that if you will confess with your mouth, 'Jesus is Lord' and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, thou shalt be saved for, with the heart man believeth unto righteousness. With the mouth confession is made unto salvation. For the scripture sayeth whosoever believeth on him shall not be ashamed, for, there is no difference between the Jew and the Greek for the same Lord overall is rich unto all that call upon him. For whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved. How then shall they call on him in whom they have not believed? How shall they believe on him of whom they have not heard? How shall they hear without a preacher? How shall they preach except they be sin? As it is written, how beautiful are the feet of them that preach the gospel of peace. That bring glad tidings of good things. But they have not all obeyed the gospel. For Isaiah saith, 'Lord, who hath believed our report'"?

So then, he summarized it here the Word of Faith, which we preach, "so then faith cometh," there is no such thing as faith that does not cometh. Faith is coming right now. For what? Well, this morning faith is coming for healing. Amen, glory to God. So faith comes. Faith comes. Faith is coming right now. Just in these few moments, I sense a rising of the tide. Praise God, faith is coming. It's happening. It's not something you feel. It is an inevitable result of teaching and preaching under the anointing, the Word and the covenant of the living God, faith arises. Faith just reaches up and takes hold of that. Amen. Now, so faith is here. Faith is coming. Faith is rising. Praise God. Thank you Jesus.

Now then let's go back over to the book of Exodus. Dear Lord God, I love his Word. There's two places in Exodus, one in 15:26. And he said, "If thou will diligently hearken". H-E-A-R-ken. Hear Ken. Okay, I'm listening. I didn't come up with that myself. Gloria came up with that. Thank you very much. And she would look at me and say, "Here Ken". And I said, "I'm here". "Harken to the voice of the Lord, thy God," this is the voice of the Lord, our God, this is my Bible. This is God speaking to me. I can have what it says I have. I can do what it says I can do. Because this, my Bible is God speaking to Kenneth. And all the way through it. I find out where God loves Kenneth. I'll find where God's healed Kenneth. I found out where God promises to prospered Kenneth. I found this all out years and years and years ago. Now then Exodus 23. "He is the Lord that heals". Well, let me just finish that. "If you will diligently harken to the voice of the Lord, thy God, well do that which is right in his sight". Now what is that? "Walk in love. Walk by faith and keep his commandments".

Well, we know from the New Testament that all of the commandments are satisfied with "love your neighbor as yourself". Jesus said that. And we live and walk in the commandment of love. We find that in John and in first John, the commandment of love, amen. We know we have passed from death. Hey, what'd I just say? We've passed from death. We've done all the dying we're ever going to do. Don't be afraid of death. I'm going to talk to you about that. A fear of death can really, really hinder your healing. We'll deal with that. "Do that which is right in his sight. We'll give ear to his commandments, keep his statutes. I will put none of the diseases upon thee which I brought upon the Egyptians. For, I am the Lord that healeth thee". Now did he bring disease on the Egyptians? Yes, he did. It was a weapon. It was a covenant weapon. He's in covenant with these people and he promised them deliverance. Amen. So what did he do? God has never physically put sickness on anyone. Well, if he put his hands on them it had healed him, if he spoke, it would heal them. So what, what did he do? He just simply lifted his hand. Now they were walking in direct opposition to his people.

So what happened to Pharaoh when they went through the Red Sea? God congealed that water. Well, he wiped that whole group out, all he had to do is just relax. And they drowned. You see the concept? Well, sure. So anyway, now then Exodus 23. This is one of my favorite scriptures in the Bible, Exodus 23:25, "And you shall serve the Lord your God with joyfulness and gladness of heart". Now wait a minute. Don't start reading with that verse. It doesn't make sense if you do. Go back up to the 23rd verse, "For, my angel shall go before you and bring you to the"... And so forth.

"And so my angel," now let's read this like it's written, "You shall serve the Lord, your God and your angel shall bless your bread and water. And I will take sickness from the midst of thee, there shall nothing cast their young or have miscarriages nor be barren in thy land. And the number of that days I will fulfill. Your angel will bless your bread and water". He didn't say, I'll bless your bread and water. He said, "He will bless your bread and water". All you got to do is back up two verses and find out who he is. So now back up further than that and find out what's that angel's job was and, and what he was doing. Because why? Because Moses said, "We're not going up these without you. We can't do it. We have to have help". He said, okay, "I'm assigning this angel to you and he will bless your bread and water and I will take sickness from the midst of it".

So one day I was driving out my driveway. Well, as you've already heard many times that we took over this Naval air station operated by the Marine Corps and already had the airport on it. And so Gloria and my home, which of course the ministry owns and the driveway is nice. It comes out and it's more than just a little small driveway. So I'm driving out. I was driving out the driveway and this verse hit me. I stopped and I hollered, "I'll never be sick again in my life hereafter forever. Sickness has been taken from the middle of me. Glory to God". And one of my granddaughters had a miscarriage. I sent her that verse and I sent it to her in a modern translation and says, "You will never have miscarriage". She said, "I'll never have another one". "And you'll never have anybody barren". Any you girls wanting babies, there it is right there, you'll never be barren. You'll never be barren. Glory to God, hallelujah. Isn't that good? He's taken sickness from the midst of us. It is gone. Sickness is gone. You know what gone is? G-O-N-E gone.
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