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2021 online sermons » Kenneth Copeland » Kenneth Copeland - Faith, Food and a Healthy Life

Kenneth Copeland - Faith, Food and a Healthy Life

Kenneth Copeland - Faith, Food and a Healthy Life

— Hello, everybody. What a week. Man, glory to God.

— Amen.

— This great book by Don Colbert, Healthy Gut Zone, and we've talked about it now for a week, this being Friday. That every living thing, I started to say this earlier in the week, and I did say part of it, but I have the Lord in ministering to me over this, because I had a gluttony fat problem for years, and just determination. I made a decision, I'm not being fat anymore. I wrote a little book called "The Decision is Yours". God created everything to eat, but he will not choose the food. He has put before us, in his own words, in his own Word through the Holy Spirit, the foods that are dangerous and the foods that are not. But that's under the law. No, that's in your gut. It's like tithing. It was from the beginning and this was from the beginning. Now we have to make the decisions, and we have to make them a faith. Faith is the power. Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the Word of God. Faith is the victory that overcome. I like to say it like this, and have many times, faith is the victory that overcomes the belly.

— Amen. That's true.

— Faith is the victory that overcomes problems in your.. and your thinking in your mind. Faith begins where the will of God is known because of these blood covenants. This book is the will of God, and you can learn what will extend your life, you can learn what we'll cut it short, but you have to believe it and you have to act on it. Let me just tell you how simple it is. This is how simple it is. Well, doc, I think I'll go to the store today. So, I may not. Or, "Dr. Colbert, I believe I'm going to go to store today". Now I believe it. The other way, I had no commitment, but now I believe it. Or, "Dr. Colbert, I'll see in a little bit, I have to go to the store today". Now it's a cinch. I am going to the store today.

— Amen.

— It's not hard. It isn't. Like Charles Capp said, it is so simple, you have to have help to misunderstand it. You have to sell some preacher help to misunderstand, and so forth. Now, Jesus, the manifest will of God in action. It's the knowledge acted on that gets results. This is knowledge from a spirit field ambassador doctor of God. As I mentioned yesterday, years ago, the Word of the Lord came to me in his kitchen. And he said, you minister this to him and put your hand on him. He is an apostle of healing. He has been set forth by the Spirit of God to teach the body of Christ how to be well. Now, what about Jesus, then? I want to read two scriptures for you. In the 14th chapter of Matthew, 14th verse, Jesus went forth and saw a great multitude and was moved with compassion toward them and he healed their sick. Now, there had to be somebody in a great multitude that was above. A jerk, that's standing there thinking, "I hope he doesn't find out what I was doing yesterday," but he healed him because he is compassion. God wants his people well. He wants you well, he wants you well. If you've never made Jesus Lord of your life, easiest thing you ever did in your life. Do it now. Jesus, come into my heart, take my life, do something with it. Glory to God. I receive it. Now I'm born again.

— Yes.

— Well, yeah. He's done it all. He went to hell so that you could be saved, but he can't pray your prayer.

— Amen.

— He can't do this for you.

— Right.

— And he healed him. That's God's will. He said, I don't want to say anything that I don't hear my Father saying, I don't do anything I don't see my Father do. Oh, dear. 15th chapter, the very next chapter in Matthew. "Jesus departed from thence and came nigh unto the sea of Galilee and went up into a mountain and sat down there and great multitudes came unto him having with those that were lame, blind, dumb, maimed, and many others, and cast them down at Jesus' feet, and he healed them in so much that the multitude wonder when they saw the dumb to speak the maimed to behold, the lame to walk and the blind to see, and they glorified the God of Israel". Now, you get into this and you learn how to receive good knowledge, knowledge acted on brings results. You find out what the Spirit of God said through Donald Colbert, and this is good information. Now, let me tell you something. I've known these people since their older son was a baby. I held him in my arms, and he's how old?

— Thirty-seven.

— Thirty-seven.

— I've known you a long time. You've been married. How long?

— Forty years.

— Forty Years.

— I must have met you on your wedding anniversary. I mean, hey, come on. Long time here.

— Amen.

— I know him. I know his life. I know her. I know their life. I know how they conduct. He practices what he preaches.

— Amen.

— Because, like somebody else I know, he learned a lot of it the hard way. God corrected him, healed his body when they said he'd never walk again. I'm very interested in anything he writes, anything he says, because there's been time I've called him on the phone and say, "Hey, I got to have help," and his answer was always, "Okay, what's up"?

— That's right.

— Well, this and this and this. "Well, that's easy". That's easy for you to say.

— It is easy.

— There was a time I went into his office. I was in such horrible pain that it was blinding pain with my low back. That that disc ruptured in my back in 2004, just horrible, terrible pain.

— I remember.

— Guess who got his hands on me immediately? Immediately after that happened. Dr. Colbert. I was supposed to go to Korea and minister and go to Australia. I've never canceled a meeting because of sickness or disease, and I've not canceled one since. He said, "No, you can't go". He said, "Unless you want to wind up in a wheelchair, you want to cancel that one". He said, "You're going to come see me". So I did, and then he did, and then God did.

— Amen.

— I remember we were sitting at dinner. Remember that night? This is at the third day you were here with us there in Orlando.

— It was after a couple of weeks, I think.

— Was it? I think it was the first week, not very long after. But we were sitting at dinner at a restaurant and all of a sudden you went, "Glory to God," in the restaurant,

— I was thinking, what happened?

— Everybody turned, and you looked across at Gloria and you went, "Gloria, I have no pain".

— That's right.

— You were just so excited. All of a sudden it hit you. There's no pain.

— But let's talk about back pain for a sec, because that's something that literally plagues so much of the church.

— That's just chronic, isn't it?

— Oh, my goodness. I see this every day in my practice. People come in with lower back pain.

— Now, he's not a chiropractor. He's a medical doctor.

— No, I'm not a chiropractor, but again, what I do is I notice people. I notice the way they walk. We'll be in the airport and I'll tell Mary, I said, "Mary, that guy has got a major hip problem. That guy has got a major knee problem. Mary, that guy's got Parkinson's". Mary used to go and tell them, "Do you know you got Parkinson's"? They'd say no, and they'd go and get checked and they'd call my office, say, "Sure enough. How'd you know that"? I can tell. You can tell by the way they carry themselves.

— We sit in the airport and Don sits and he diagnoses everybody walking by. I'm sitting there.

— But what I'm wanting to tell you is when people walk in my office with a big belly, that puts a lot of weight on their lower lumbar area. See God, we are fearfully and wonderfully made. God has designed the most amazing scaffolding system. He's put three unique curves in our back. These curves have got to be maintained, but as we age, we start to get bent over. We lose our curves, and when we lose our curves, we lose our scaffolding system. When that happens, it puts wear and tear on our Fossette joints, on our disk, we start to develop arthritis, degenerative disc disease.

— Let me add to that how important it is, because when that disc blew like it did, that was because of disobedience. Bad things happen to good people because they make bad choices. The Lord talked to me about, you start walking and don't quit. Well, I did it for a while, but I quit. I disobeyed God and it blew up all at one time, Sunday morning after Southwest in my shower, and I fell on the floor and couldn't get up. I crawled out of the shower. Anyway. Disobedience to what you already know is right, cost me an inch of my height. I was 5'10". I am now just a little over 5'9" because of that. It compressed.

— Right. That's exactly what's happening.

— My scaffolding that was holding me up, compressed.

— Started pinching nerves and pain. I thank goodness for pain because a lot of people try and turn the pain off. Pain alerts you there's something wrong going on. What do we do for the spine, and for the joints, for the knees, for the hips? I see so many people come waddling in. When they're waddling like that, they're wearing their hips out. They're going to need hip replacements. When you see someone waddling around, their hips are almost gone. They got bone on bone. Again, what we have to do is unload the frame. This frame was only meant to carry so much weight.

— Now, Pat Boone, long time, I met Pat when I was in high school.

— Oh, yeah. Pat. We love Pat.

— I've known him for all these years, I talked to him just a few days ago.

— Wonderful. Yes.

— But he wore his knees out jogging.

— Oh yeah.

— He loved it. He jogged and he ran, and he jogged and he ran.

— No, cycle. Cycling is the best thing for the knees.

— They had to replace his knees.

— Yeah, sure. Well, again, our body's not meant to carry that ... See, when you come down on your knees running or jogging, you're putting three to five times your body weight on those knees and you're just compressing wearing your cartilage out. I tell people, walk rapidly or even better, cycle. When you cycle on recumbent bike. I see so many people will come with arthritis of the knees. They come in and they say, "Oh, I've got bone on bone. I'm going to need a knee replacement". I said, "No, you don't. Let's try this first". It's amazing how many people we've prevented them from having knee replacements and they're pain free. It's real simple. We unburden their bodies. Their knees are carrying too much weight. We stop them from jogging. We start them on the elliptical machine or we start them on the recumbent bike, or cycling, or swimming exercises. You got to do some exercise. We put them on the diet. We lose that belly fat, and then we put them on natural anti-inflammatories that work amazing. I talk about these in my book, such as curcumin or turmeric. When you get the right dose of curcumin, turmeric, it is amazing how literally, inflammation goes down, eventually. Many times, they will turn off, but when you combine it with an herb, frankincense or boswellia, it works synergistically as well, many times, as anti-inflammatory medicine, but without the side effects. You don't get the gut inflammation that anti-inflammatories cause with these natural herbs God's put on earth. Then, collagen, especially chicken collagen. It is so important for the joints. Then, for the knees, the special form of glucosamine chondroitin, when you combine all these together and then the exercise with it, and then the diet with it, and you take them off the sugar, all the inflammatory foods, the fried foods, I tell patients so many foods invite inflammation into the joints, especially dairy. Dairy, cheese. It always, almost always, invariably turns out these people with bad arthritis are cheese lovers. When you love cheese, you're asking for a sinus issue, ear issues, but especially arthritis. If you have joint pains in your hands and you have those joints, especially in your distal fingers or at the DIP joints, and you get knots forming on them, I'm telling you, you are highly sensitive of cheese and you are most likely craving cheese. Also, tomatoes and peppers and paprika. They literally invite inflammation into those joints, but the worst is fried foods. French fries. I know you're out there and you got joint pains, knee pains, hip pains, back pains, hand pains, and you are loving them french fries, and you're loving that butter popcorn that literally is setting your fingers on fire, and you're loving those fried corn chips, those deep fried corn chips with queso. You are just asking for it.

— People, for years taught and believe that God allowed you to suffer because he's trying to teach you something. That God's a child abuser and he teaches his children through abuse. Can you imagine that that used to be such a normal teaching?

— T.L. Osborn. Tommy Lee Osborn.

— Oh, I love him.

— When Gloria and I, when we got born again, Gloria had never heard the Word "born again". She was raised in church that just didn't say anything about that. Well, I did because I was raised in Southern Baptist church. When I began to read the Bible, I went in there to Gloria, I said, "Did you know that Matthew, Mark, Luke and John told the same story"? She says, "Well, I just got a hold of that. I'm reading the Amplified Bible. I got ahold of it". Well, when the Lord told Brother Roberts, when he first went into the healing ministry, he said, "You read Matthew, Mark, Luke and John, and the book of Acts on your knees, three times through in 30 days".

— Wow.

— He said, "That's when I met Jesus".

— Praise God.

— That's when I knew he was the healer.

— Yeah.

— You can do the same thing with this. You can take this and read it. Read it through the first time, but then go back and study it.

— Amen.

— Then, the more you read it, see, this was taken out of scripture and so, faith will come.

— That's what I was telling. When you have arthritis, now again, when you put the right foods in that are non-inflammatory, anti-inflammatory like Alaskan wild salmon. Oh, my goodness. Put some garlic on top of that, grill it, but don't burn it now. Just grill it, and then put olive oil on it. It is the most amazing anti-inflammatory food. And veggies, veggies, veggies. I eat lots of those cruciferous veggies, lots of salads. When you do this and put olive oil, I don't just put a teaspoon on there. I'll put maybe four or five tablespoons of really good olive oil. How do you know if it's good olive oil? Well, this is one of God's most healing foods on the planet.

— Praise God.

— When you take a tablespoon of olive oil, or start with a teaspoon, and you take it and it has a little burn in the back of the throat, and you cough, it generally means it has these powerful phenolic, polyphenol compounds that are some of the most powerful anti-inflammatories on the planet.

— Now, because of Doc and Mary, Gloria and I do that every morning.

— Praise God. Good.

— Before breakfast, before you eat or drink anything. His favorite word is amazing.

— It is amazing.

— It is amazing, that olive oil. Now, when I come in the morning and the little cup there full of it, that's the first thing I grab. It'll bite your throat, kind of swish it around in your mouth and swallow.

— I'll swish it around for five minutes.

— It says, "I'm here".

— It wakes you up. If you're not awake, it will wake you up.

— We have a patient who just came in this week. A year ago, his carotid arteries were 30% blocked.

— That was last week, that's true.

— He had had, by 40 years old, and had four bypasses in the thing. They told him, they said, "You've probably got about 10 years left because you form plaque, and there's not really much you can do," and blah, blah, blah. Don, a year ago, put him on drinking this olive oil. They went in, and they did the carotid ultrasound on him. They can't find plaque in him anywhere.

— Well, again, there's a few other things we did, too, with fish oils, but then some powerful, natural anti-inflammatories.

— The doctors were like, "What did you do? We've never seen this".

— There was something else you taught me that needs to be plugged in here because this is Friday.

— Okay.

— Okay.

— That this has become our routine. Our evening meal is at 5:30.

— Amen. Good.

— Our evening meal is not big and heavy and all that.

— Good.

— In 30, 35 minutes, we get right up from there and I take my shower and Gloria takes her bath. We go to bed. And then, it was either Brother Hagin or Healing School, and then we may not turn the light out until 10:00 or 10:30. Then, we don't eat the next morning until about 8:30 or 9:00, unless I'm taping or something and it's early, but that's our natural routine.

— Now let me tell you.

— Think about the hours there.

— Yes. Oh, my goodness.

— We actually fasted.

— Therapeutic fasting, intermittent fasting. Let me tell you, when you do this, you unlock the most powerful healing process in your body. Christians have stopped fasting and I tell people, especially if you're overweight, you need to fast. You only need one or two meals a day. When you take this olive oil, and avocado oil, and nuts, literally they stay as fuel in your body for six to eight hours. I go and I forget to eat lunch because I start each day with an avocado, a couple of eggs cooked in avocado oil, little bit of blueberries or raspberries, and I have some coffee with some dark chocolate and a little MCT oil powder.

— Lately, we've been having the Word on in the morning, no news. We never turn on the news anymore.

— No. No more news. Only good news.

— We have the Word going for ... We get up about 6:00 and he heads out about 8:00. From 6:00 to 8:00, we have nothing but the Word going. We have the Word going throughout the day.

— Amen. I'll do like Brother Hagin, I'll pray Ephesians one, Ephesians three out loud.

— He comes home, after we've had the Word going the whole time, we sometimes are forgetting to eat because we're finding that when you nourish on the Word, you're satisfied.

— Yes, amen.

— You are satisfied and you'll forget to eat.

— I mean, we only need about two meals a day.

— When I'm on the road and I don't want anything heavy in me anyway.

— Amen.

— That breakfast meal is so important.

— Amen. It is.

— But Yvonne will make me a smoothie.

— Mm-hmm. Good.

— This is when I get a lot of greens and stuff.

— Good. Right.

— You get it and it's just green and ugly looking because he puts raw spinach in there. I like spinach anyway I can get it.

— I do, too.

— And he puts fruit in there and all that and grind it all up.

— Some fiber in there, I'm sure.

— The right seeds and stuff, the little things you can't even see.

— Sure, that's your fiber.

— It's good.

— It's full. You're full.

— It is some kind of good glory to God.

— It is.

— Good for you.

— Nasty-looking, good tasting.

— Packed full of antitoxins,

— Rich, very rich protein powder.

— Those are good for you.

— We're out of time again.

— Oh, my goodness. We just got started. Well, the gut is the foundation of health. You build a foundation for a house, you start with a foundation before you build a house. This is the foundation.

— And you don't start with the roof.

— You don't.

— You start with the foundation. Praise God. Is that it, Tim? We're out. Yee-haw. Hey, Jeremy, give the Lord a praise. Hallelujah.
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