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2021 online sermons » Kenneth Copeland » Kenneth Copeland - The Gut-Brain Connection

Kenneth Copeland - The Gut-Brain Connection

Kenneth Copeland - The Gut-Brain Connection

— Hello everybody, I'm Kenneth Copeland, this is the Believer's Voice of Victory broadcast. Let's pray. Father, we thank You today. Oh, the things that we're learning, the things that enhance our healing and our well-being. Thank You. We praise You. Thank God for ministers of the Gospel.

— Yeah, I remember that. Thank You. Yes. Thank You, God. I'll do it again.

— And this man, Donald Colbert, medical doctor, Mary Colbert, Rhema graduate. Yes. Amen. Glory to God. Ministers of the Gospel. I remember. And we're talking about the book that Dr. Colbert has just written. This is hot off the press, Healthy Gut Zone. This area here has to do with everything alive. God created everything to be nourished to live. He created it that way. He created it, and he's a good God. So everything he created was good. Now we're the ones that fouled it up, but he created it good. It was good. And he saw that it was very good. Then he saw something that wasn't all that good. The man was by himself, he needed a woman. And so a whoa man. So handmade, took a rib, and made this gorgeous thing. Don't you know, she was so beautiful and so fine that Adam walked away from what he knew in order to keep her. Anyway, my whole point is this. When Adam's body was created, it was exactly like God. God needed a body. Then Jesus, born of a woman, born of God. And the scripture says he is the second and last Adam. Now when we get to heaven and we see Adam and Jesus, we're going to be astonished. They're going to look exactly alike. They look exactly alike. They're the same size, everything. Amen. So now this book that the Spirit of God has written through this apostle of healing. Remember when the Lord said that to you through me?

— Yes. It was about 20 years ago.

— Yeah. I was at your place.

— Right. Right.

— And standing in your kitchen.

— Right. I remember that.

— I was standing there, and I heard the word. "You tell him, and you lay your hands on him, and you say this to him, that he is an apostle of healing".

— Uh-uh.

— Amen. And so why? God has sent Dr. Donald Colbert to the body of Christ, to us, to bring God's truth concerning this body and the things that we can do, the things that as we aid, now, just before they turned the camera on, I heard this. "You have to read this in faith".

— Yes you do. Yes.

— Yeah, that's right.

— Now. How many times do you suppose the word faith is used in the New Testament? I don't know. I'm going to find out. "Whosoever believeth that Jesus is the Christ is born of God. You're born of God. Amen. You're born of God. God's own offspring. And everyone that loves him that was born, loves him also, that's born of him. By this, we know we love the children of God when we love God and keep his commandments. For this is loving God that we keep his commandments. His commandments are not grievous. For whatsoever is born of God overcometh the world. And this is the victory that overcometh the world, even our faith. Who is he that overcomes the world, but he that believes that Jesus is the son of God". Who is he that overcomes cancer? We do.

— Amen.

— Because we have faith in God. So now I have to read this in faith, because the same spirit that wrote this, this Bible, wrote this. Because he's the one that called Dr. Colbert to go into medicine. He's the one that called him to do it. I don't think you really intended to do that in the beginning.

— No, I didn't.

— He was a guitar picker and a muscle guy.

— Yeah, right, I worked out. Yes.

— And I remember those power guys. I didn't remember him being one of them.

— Well, I was one of the very first. When John Jacob went to ORU with me, we used to work out. He was my workout partner at Oral Roberts University.

— John Jacob is one that I met, but I probably met you and didn't remember.

— No, it was just the two of them.

— Well, at first.

— They'd go into high school at the beginning at ORU.

— At the very beginning. And then I went into med school.

— These guys do the old phone book deal and all this. Yeah. But you have to read this in faith. But because what Dr. Donald Colbert has put in here has come, not only from what he has learned in medicine, and all forms of medicine in order to learn this body, in order to teach you and me what to do with it. But I've known this man for a lot of years, and he's a man of faith.

— Amen.

— Everything he does is about faith. He believes God, praising the Spirit, and believes God before he does anything. That's the reason he is so prolific in writing books to help us. They just flow out of him the way these letters flowed out of the men of God that wrote these. It's the same process. So faith will work as we read this the same as it will when we read this. So you talk.

— Well, what I've found, again, so many Christians, their God is their belly. And the Holy Spirit wants everyone to know that out of your belly shall flow rivers of living water.

— I was just thinking about that.

— And the thing is this, instead of we have to repent of literally making our belly our gods, and choosing the wrong foods. We are unknowingly inviting diseases into our bodies. Galatians 6:7 and 8 says, God is not mocked. Whatsoever you sow, you will also reap.

— That's right.

— He who sows to the flesh shall of the flesh, reap corruption, destruction, cancer, arthritis, all diseases literally are from sowing to the flesh, but he who sows to the Spirit will have life and life everlasting. So how do we make that transition from our body, or our belly being our God, to being literally out of our belly shall flow rivers of living water? Well again, we've got to get in the Word. We've got to not just get the Word, we've got to learn the Word. We've got to speak the Word. And we've got to use our imagination to activate our faith.

— Let me plug this in here. Christians everywhere call this the Word of God. It is. But not being covenant minded, every time I hear the words, the Word of God, I think about his bond. He's not a man that he should lie. If he said it, it's true. This is a copy of two blooded covenants. First one in the blood of animals. And then that progressed into the blood of a man through circumcision. And then the second covenant in the blood of Jesus or the blood of God. So this, the Word, when you're in the Word, faith comes by hearing, hearing by the Word of God. You begin to realize everything he said in here has power. So every everything that the Lord led you to talk about in that book has power.

— Especially Brother Copeland, if people are struggling with IBS, acid reflux, GERD, ulcers, and ulcerating colitis, celiac disease, Crohn's disease, bacterial and fungal overgrowth, auto-immune diseases, brain-related conditions. It goes on and on.

— Depression, anxiety, autism, just all kinds, even obesity, we now see links back to the gut. ADHD, hyperactivity in kids, Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, dementia, it all has a root in the gut. What's so amazing, they find that people with Alzheimer's disease generally have leaky gut. They have elevated, I talk about LPS from saturated fats, that lard, that butter, that cream, literally causes these lipopolysaccharides from gram negative bacteria to hide and ride on these saturated fats. And they create what we call a leaky brain. So the Alzheimer's patients have three times the amount of lipopolysaccharides that create inflammation, but it's in the brain. And so we're learning there's a huge gut, brain connection with depression, with anxiety, with all of these issues that deal with the brain, you deal with the gut first and foremost.

— Now we believe in faith. We believe in the Word of God. And hey, you can pray over your food. And if you can turn water into wine, that's awesome if you have that kind of faith, but I think the majority of people don't have that ability to turn water into wine. So what you are putting into your body matters, it matters. It matters in every way. You pray over it and bless it, that'll cause no harm, but you can't knowingly be putting in like a plane, he couldn't go over and put water into his jets and expect it to...

— Or gasoline into your jet aircraft.

— You couldn't put gas in there.

— You can't do that and then, "Oh, he could do it by faith". Well, I'm just going to believe this water is going to...

— When I first started training, the first large jet that I was training on, was a four engine Lockheed Jetstar. And my instructor was a Christian man. And we first got there and then he knew who I was and on television and all that. And it was interesting, our first day in there. And he went through a lot of stuff. And he said, "Now do you have any more questions"? And I said, "No". He said, "I do. Let's talk about tithing". So he was really interested in that. Now this came across his thinking and he said it to me, "You can't be a fool and use your faith where good procedure is concerned".

— Amen.

— Now, I already knew that, because the Lord had previously really put that to me. You don't mess around when you fly, you don't listen to anything. And there are other people that get in there and listen to radio and stuff while they're flying. No, never. I won't ever do that. And then I said, "Oh, I use my faith, but not in place of".

— That's good.

— And I remember the thing that came out of my mouth. I said, "I use my faith, but my faith does not replace my checklist".

— It's good.

— My faith is important, but so is that checklist. That checklist is put in proper order. You check it off in order. The manufacturer decided that after a lot of testing, you do it in order, you don't leave out an item, even if you have memorized the checklist, you go back and you do it item, by item, by item. Many, many crashes have occurred, particularly in larger airplanes, just because somebody didn't set the flaps where it needed to be, and killed a bunch of people, including themselves.

— So the faith cannot do away with the checklist.

— Well, that's why I have in there checklists, foods that damage the gut.

— That's it.

— And the number one food is usually sugar. That's one of the number one foods, also...

— That's really the culprit, isn't it, in most cases?

— Yeah but also, and what happened to me, again, I'm speaking from 35 years of experience, and I used to get horrible sinus infections, but I was inviting sinus infections into my body by the foods I was choosing, because I love cheese. Our body is not designed to eat, but a little teeny amount of cheese. Why? Cheese has a protein in it that's casein A1, most all dairy cows have casein A1 and casein A2. It's the casein A1 that's inflammatory and mucus producing. Well just so, it swells the lining of the sinuses and the turbinates in the nose, creates congestion, mucus buildup, where the mucus can't exit properly, gets thick, and infected, and boom, sinus infections, ear infections. How many patients, and kids, and adults are treated over the years by having them lay dairy on the altar. You say, "How long? I got to have dairy, they say., I got to. That's one of the most important things". No, it's not.

— No, it isn't.

— Dairy is highly inflammatory to most people. Now, if you eat goat cheese or feta cheese, that's not nearly as inflammatory as cow's milk with casein A1. And also, it inflames the gut. I have seen so many gut issues by eating cheese and wheat.

— And one thing I learned recently, and I think this is very important for the women to hear, is I was talking with Don, and some of the knowledge he has just is amazing. Because sometimes he doesn't tell everything. He just learns, and reads, and goes to seminars. So he's this wealth of information. I said, "Don, help me understand children. They come here perfect. And they haven't sinned. They haven't done anything. But yet, we'll see issues with babies and children. Like for example, Don, help me understand type one diabetes in children. What is it"? He said, "Mary, if mommas with breast milk"...

— Would breastfeed.

— Breastfeed, you would see type one diabetes in children plummet. One thing.

— One thing we find with a lot, not everyone with type one diabetes in children, infancy, many of these kids had developed, again, there's the word again, leaky gut, increased intestinal permeability, because they're not meant to have the big milk protein from cows, from mama's milk. It's totally different.

— So it flips an auto immune reaction in their body and it creates type one diabetes.

— It does. It sets the stage for type one diabetes, not in every child, but...

— So that does completely away with generational curses.

— That's exactly right.

— Inviting it in.

— Well, the Lord dealt with me about that a long time ago. He said, "there's no such thing as that". He said, "The way you were raised is what you do".

— Right.

— So if the devil is able to get something in there, then your parents teach it to you, then you teach it to your parents, and so forth down the line. It's the same devil. He just stayed. So it's not just because it's a different generation. It's because you learned what you learned from your parents.

— Absolutely. That's like me. I was born in Mississippi, in the south. I was taught to eat. If you had beans, or butter beans, there was bacon grease in there.

— Well, sure.

— My mom would literally have a coffee cup, a big coffee cup, full of bacon grease.

— Well sure, you were supposed to have that on the stove.

— And she would put two, or three, or four tablespoons right there on all the beans. All the food had to have bacon grease in it.

— That's what made everything taste good.

— Well, my mother had a large mason...

— Jar.

— ...jar right there on the stove, so she fried the bacon and poured the grease off, and it just turned into that nasty looking old yellow looking stuff. And then she would take what she did yesterday, and take a big gob of that, and make gravy and put it on biscuits.

— My dad, when I was a little boy, used to make me eat the fat off the steak.

— Your arteries are full of plastic.

— But these are habits we developed as kids. We would get corn bread. Corn bread was our main bread.

— Oh, absolutely.

— And then after dinner, everyone would get a dessert. My mom would make great cakes and pies, but I didn't like it. I didn't like the bacon grease. I didn't like the corn bread. I didn't like that. My dad would make me eat the fat off the steak. You cleaned every bite off that plate. And literally he'd make eat it, and I would be gagging on that fat. And my body was repelled, repelled.

— I hated it.

— But then I had to rethink this, and I said, "Wait a sec, I have been taught wrong". A lot of the people that are sick and from the Southwest, they're raised many times on Mexican food, lots of beans, lots of peas, lots of lentils, lots of flour, lots of queso, lots of corn tortillas. That's why there's such an obesity problem in Texas. It usually leads the country in obesity because they're corn fed. We feed corn to our cattle, to our pigs, to fatten them up. There's nothing that fattens you up more than corn. But I'm eating popcorn. It's still going to fatten you up. Corn is corn, because why? Not only because of the nature of corn, it's almost all genetically modified, about 94% genetically modified.

— So what do you get if you have something sweetened with corn syrup?

— You're going to get fat. You are going to get lots of Firmicutes, bad bacteria in your gut, that's going to make you extract more calories from your food, and be addicted to super sweetness and more and more corn. You literally start to crave these foods. They don't allow genetically modified foods in countries like Greece.

— You just reminded me of something. You know, Carlo, Yvonne's dad that was with us for about 18 years.

— Yes, very well.

— Or excuse me, he was with the Olympic committee for 18 years.

— Yeah, sharp guy. Very good.

— And I asked him about it. I said, "Man, why is it that when I eat my food, that so much of it turns into excess weight"? He said, "You have what was used to be called a perfect body". I said, "You got to be kidding me". "No". He said, "To an Olympic athlete," he said, "Your body extracts more calories from your food to burn, but you're not burning them". Well to an Olympic athlete, you're burning everything you eat and then some.

— Right.

— That makes a difference. But when you don't do anything, there it goes.

— That's right.

— So I had to correct it through what Yvonne has taught me.

— Sure.

— And he designs every meal I eat. The calories are what they should be. And I exercise hard. I work out more.

— That's so critical that most Christians aren't doing, we're not exercising.

— And let me tell you something else that he did. He got the salt shaker, he said, "You're done with this".

— Amen. Praise God. Why do we have so much high blood pressure? Church, it's real simple. It's because we eat too much food, too much belly fat, too much corn that converts to sugar, too much wheat, wheat germ has agglutinin, it fattens us up, too much salt. There's only four things. When I take people off four foods, their pressure drops, salt, number one, sugar, number two, wheat, number three, corn, number four. When you lay these on the alter, the pressure drops. It drops as much as two to three medications. Now, not right away, but you will see, and drink water, eat living food, lots of veggies. Celery's wonderful. Salads are wonderful. Olive oil is wonderful. I put people on olive oil, not just a little. You say just a teaspoon. No, I put them on tablespoons of good olive oil. Now they can get a good olive oil, Paul Newman's is a good one. You can get Walmart, $9.00.

— Now a lot of people, they're addicted to the salt through the crunch, potato chips, corn chips.

— Right. That's an addictive food.

— That's an addictive food, The corn chip. But I want you to know there is alternatives out there that taste as good and are just as satisfying, and it will get you away from it. It's amazing.

— Well, get on nuts. I tell people, eat nuts. Again, we have so many studies out now that shows the power of nuts, not just salted peanuts. Everyone's thinking, "Oh there's my..". No, I'm saying almonds. I'm saying walnuts, macadamia nuts, pecans. Now don't salt them. And again, when you eat those nuts, they're satisfying.

— We're out of time. We're out of time. Where's that off switch?

— You get me going and get excited.

— Yes, glory to God. Come on. Hallelujah.
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