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2021 online sermons » Kenneth Copeland » Kenneth Copeland - What Is a Leaky Gut?

Kenneth Copeland - What Is a Leaky Gut?

Kenneth Copeland - What Is a Leaky Gut?

— Praise God everybody, this is the Believer's Voice of Victory broadcast. I'm Kenneth Copeland, you probably figured that out by now. Jesus is Lord! Father, we thank You again today. Glory to God, we give You praise and honor, for Your Word states very clearly that Your people are destroyed for a lack of knowledge. Yet You said, Jesus, you shall know the truth and the truth will make you free. So we are finding out the truth about some things, we're finding out the Holy Spirit truth about some things, and we praise You for it and we thank You for it. In the name of Jesus, glory to God. Amen. Welcome Dr. Colbert...

— Thank you.

— oh, Mary, that's your name. I haven't known you but 39, 72 years. How old is Kyle?

— Thirty seven.

— Thirty seven. Well, I've known you 38 years...

— Thirty eight.

— because I held him in my arms.

— Right. That's right. It's been a long time.

— It's been a long time.

— A wonderfully long time.

— We're celebrating 40 years of our marriage.

— Praise God!

— This weekend. Forty.

— Forty years? Well, you're still behind though.

— I know. You're at sixty-something.

— I'll point right at it, we're... April '59.

— Praise God!

— If you count the six months we went together, we're 67. Hello everybody. Dr. Colbert's Healthy Gut Zone. This is the area, the most important, this is what I've learned over the years, a lot from you and the Lord and a lot of things from my mother and my dad. This area, the top two, the brain, the heart, then the gut, for health. Right?

— Exactly. If you have a healthy gut, you'll generally have a healthy brain and a healthy heart.

— That's the point.

— Yes.

— Now the reason that I'm an only child, my dad and mother got married when she was 16, she didn't quite finish high school. The reason why is right here, she was an athlete. She loved to play basketball. Her appendix ruptured on the basketball court because they didn't know how to eat anything but ham, biscuits and gravy.

— Wow.

— She didn't know any better, raised on a farm. They just ate what they raised. Then the doctor opened her up and saw what a mess it was in. He didn't even sew her up. He just used cadaver clamps because she had to die. Now my grandfather, full-blood Cherokee Indian, in times like this he didn't talk much. When things got bad, the Indian came out of him, he just stopped to think, grunt. He walked in there to him and gave him some encouragement. He said, she dies you die. So he didn't even bother to fix her up. He sewed her up. Now listen to this right here. Common enemy number eight: constipation. Because of the situation, they told her she couldn't live but 10 years, don't ever try to have children. This is the reason I'm an only child. She suffered constipation so bad, I mean, all the time. She lived on animals. Then she later went to school and became a naturopath and a chiropractor. Then she learned nutrition and learned what the problem actually was and why she was like she was. She tried to have another baby and they stopped it. They wouldn't let her do it. I wound up being an only child. Can you see, in the audience, can you see how what she ate changed my life, how it affected my life? I had no brothers and sisters because of what she ate. Back then, it wasn't a little fang scar.

— Yeah, right.

— You should've seen her midsection. She was born in 1911. She was operated on when she was 16. She was cut from stem to stern, this terrible scar. She kept her weight down.

— She learned how to eat the right food.

— She learned how to eat...

— Praise God!

— and that prolonged her life.

— Yes. She lived 71 years, excuse me, 61 years past that. She was 77.

— Yeah.

— That's amazing!

— That's amazing.

— That's miraculous there, back in the day, to live that long.

— My grandfather died of heart trouble. Then she died of heart trouble. When I started going that same direction, I was way ahead. I look like the Owens, my DNA was Owens. When I was a young boy they thought, I'll be with my uncle. They thought I was his son. I looked more like him than his own sons do. That's where my DNA went. They diagnosed me with the same heart problems that she had because in the beginning of all of this, I didn't know how to eat either because she taught me and I refused to do what she said.

— You know, most heart disease is due to inflammation. The inflammation is usually due to the inflammatory foods we eat. Sugar is one of the most inflammatory foods we can eat. Yet it's the most tempting food. So many people come to see me every day and I always do an inventory of their diet. The thing 99% of people crave is sugar. I tell them the root cause of your disease is sugar. Always, 95% of the time, I would say. Literally they say, I can't give it up. I love it too much. I'd rather have my sugar than have my health.

— That's what I'm talking about, that's what we were talking about in my dressing room back there.

— They say, help me to hate sugar. I said, you got to do that. I can't do that for you. You've got to do it. You've got to lay sugar on the altar.

— I challenge you. I knew I had a spirit of gluttony about me. I knew that. I didn't have to be a scientist to figure that out because I couldn't quit eating anything. From what I weighed this morning, I didn't have to stay there very long, but there was a time I weighed a hundred pounds more than that. I weighed right around 162 this morning.

— That's great.

— I weighed 263 at one time. I found gluttony and drunkard in the same scriptures. It's the same problem. Most of you know, I have a weird way of renewing my mind. When I found out this was a living sacrifice, for a long time I didn't call this my body. I called it my sacrifice. I decided sugar is out of my life. It's gone right now, just made the decision. The decision is yours. God can't make the decision for you.

— I think that is a good point because a lot of people want God to do it.

— Right.

— They want God to do it.

— Take the desire away.

— Yet God says, no, I've given you the authority over you. You do it.

— You can't leave up to him what he's left up to us.

— That's right.

— Right.

— He created every living thing to eat food. He created it. He created the same system, particularly in warm blooded animals. He created this same system, one form or another, in all of them. He controls what they eat because they can't choose their own. They have their babies at the same time of year, every year. We have free choice. People started offering me cake and pie and all the stuff that I craved. I would smile and say, no thank you, I don't drink. What? What does that have to do with anything about this coconut pie? Sometimes they ask me and then I refer to those scriptures in the book of Proverbs and say, I'm done with sugar. I never was hung up on alcohol. I didn't like it to start with. It wasn't that I was above it, I didn't like it. I didn't like to lose my consciousness over anything. I liked to eat. Isn't this the Christian problem? You get delivered from alcohol and the next thing you got is the sugar bowl.

— Amen. Substitute one addiction for another. Well, hear this...

— Listen to this.

— ...this tells it so well. The scripture you're referring to is in Proverbs 23, verse 21, the drunkard and the glutton shall come to poverty. He puts them in the same category. They're both addictions, sugar addictions, alcohol addictions. Then in Philippians chapter 3, verse 19 it says, whose God is their belly. It goes on to say, who set their mind on earthly things. To be carnally minded is death. To be spiritually minded is life and peace. When we set our minds on the earthly things, on the flesh, we are asking for death. Excessive sugar leads to death, yet they say, I crave it. Let me tell you why you crave it. So many people ask me, why do I crave sugar? Why do I crave these processed carbs and starches? It's what's on the inside of you, in your colon, in your gut. Let me explain it. There are four key classes, families of bacteria that live inside your colon. In fact, we have over a hundred trillion of these little teeny bacteria that literally helped to train our immune system.

— Is that what you call a flora?

— That's called the microbiome. That's literally the good flora in our gut that helps our immune system. What happens is, unfortunately, when we eat a lot of sugars, carbs and starches, it causes our body to shift to having lots of this one family called the Firmicutes. The Firmicutes are a type of family of bacteria in the gut that causes us to extract more calories out of the food. It actually changes our tastes so that we crave more super sweetness. We start craving that ice cream. We start craving that sugar, that cake, that pie, all of those sweets, because these Firmicutes do...

— I remember this. I didn't realize I was craving it. I just enjoy it.

— And what happened?

— Then the next time it came out, I think, I shouldn't eat that. One more time is all right.

— The flesh says, just a little and what happens? People cannot take one bite.

— I know one that can.

— That's rare. That's very rare!

— That little blonde headed woman right over there? When we first got married...

— She's strong-willed...

— I've never known anyone like her.

— This was back when she wash dishes...

— Here is one right here.

— And there was no such thing as a dishwasher in our house in those days. Somebody is always sending us some candy and stuff, so she'd take it out. One of my favorite candy bars was a Baby Ruth. She'd pinch off a little end of it, take the wrapper and set it in the window sill. The next time she would come in to wash dishes, probably at the evening meal... Now this happened three days ago, I went in to the freezer and there are some I'm talking about blueberry Blue Bell ice cream in little cups.

— Oh yeah.

— Three spoonful cups, for me, one tablespoon. I opened one of them and there was a little corner out of that. I took that in there, I said, Gloria, did you eat that?

— Yes. She took the corner.

— That's amazing. Ninety-nine point nine percent of people could not have just one tiny taste. They would have to have the whole thing.

— And you lick the box.

— That's right. Let me paint the picture so people understand what is happening here. They did a study in 2013 and they had human twins. They took the microbiome, the good bacteria, the bacteria out of the colon, of the human twins. One was obese. One was slender. They transplanted into mice that were slender. The mice that got the bacteria from the microbiome of the obese twin, they all got obese. The mice that received the microbiome of the slender twin stayed slender. They analyze the microbiome, the bacteria that were in these animals' colons.

— Isn't that amazing.

— They found that the animals that were fat had a predominance of Firmicutes. The mice that were lean had a predominance of Bacteroidetes. These are family of good bacteria.

— What's the difference between them?

— The Firmicutes are a family that make you fat. They extract more calories out of the food. They change your taste perceptions. You literally crave super sweetness. The Bacteroidetes, on the other hand, you don't have the sugar cravings, you crave healthy foods. What happened is they found that they can literally examine your microbiome, your gut bacteria, and they can tell about 90% whether you'll be obese or not based on what you have a predominance of in your gut. What happened to my wife last year is she got strep throat and she took an antibiotic, a real strong one and she said, I got an antibiotic. I tried to treat. I said, Mary, you don't want an antibiotic, please don't take an antibiotic. She says, no, this hurts too bad. Finally I consented, very reluctantly, but then, you want to tell them what happened, after taking that antibiotic?

— One of the things Don talks about in the book, which is going to help you get so many answers here, because I'm telling you, when this revelation gets to the general public, we're going to see America shrink. They're going to be getting skinnier and thinner because they're going to get this revelation of what's happening in their body. Now they're going to know how to fix it without having to use medicine, drugs, surgeries. There are things in this book that's going to give you the answers of how you can shift what's going on in your GI tract. But with me, when I got the sore throat, it felt like shards of glass in my throat. I mean, it was the most painful thing. I've never had it before. I didn't know what it was. We'd been flying. We'd been in North Carolina and I had been in cold and hot.

— I treat this naturally all the time.

— All the time, but I said, no, I hate pain. Y'all have to understand. I hate pain. I said, just give me the guns. Give me the guns so it'll be gone tomorrow. Well, what happened is...

— It'll get you later!

— I had no idea what was coming later. Those guns destroyed all of my good bacteria...

— Most of them.

— in my GI tract and everything I put in my body, no matter what it was I ate, I grew welts on my arms and my legs and I was on fire. It was like somebody had...

— She said it was like someone used a blow torch, burning her skin. She couldn't sleep at night.

— I woke up in the middle of the night thinking someone had set my arms on fire.

— Every time you ate sugar, tell what happened.

— I don't really eat a lot of sugar, but anything that converted to sugar of some sort, it set me on fire. He had to start looking at every ingredient to everything that could possibly convert.

— Any food high in histamine, like strawberries...

— Strawberry is a good one. Strawberries are good. But for me, I would eat a strawberry and I was set on fire.

— Even healthy foods, if they were high histamine foods, they set her on fire. tomatoes, tomato sauce, anything like that.

— Spinach would set her on fire.

— He says Mary, we've got to heal your gut. We've just got to heal you've gut and you'll be fine. It's going to take 30 days. You're going to need to be patient.

— You've got to give her a time limit.

— I have got to go through this for 30 days? I thought I'll never take another antibiotic as long as I live! He literally...

— Salads, salads, salads.

— Within 30 days, salads, olive oil...

— No tomatoes, couldn't take tomatoes.

— No tomatoes, nothing anti-histamine.

— No histamine.

— It was day 31, the fiber or collagen...

— She would have that fire and I would say, Mary, go in there, take that fiber, take your probiotic, take that collagen. It's going to heal the lining and just trust me within... Go ahead.

— Literally, 31 days, I woke up, gone.

— One day longer than I said.

— It was gone. I was totally healed. I could eat anything again. It was totally gone. I said, Don, my GI is healed.

— Let me tell you what happened here. Those antibiotics created tremendous leaky gut. Let me explain leaky gut and pray we have time. Leaky gut is called increased intestinal permeability. It is the root cause of most every disease that we see. GI disease and systemic disease, I go in detail in that. Again, our body, according to Psalms 150 is fearfully and wonderfully made. God has put our septic system right next to the blood. One cell thickness separates it. He has designed our small intestine to be finger-like projections. In-between the cells of your gut are tight junctions. When you get antibiotics, when you get anti-inflammatory meds, when you get acid-blocking meds, the three most common meds, usually, that most doctors prescribe every day with most patients, they disrupt these tight junctions. These tight junctions meant to keep our sewage from our blood, open up with thousands, tens of thousands, millions of tiny little holes. Undigested foods start to go through there.

— Oh, brother.

— Also, instead of just amino acids and fatty acids and monosaccharides, you start getting whole proteins and peptides coming through there. It creates inflammation, food sensitivities and eventually leads...

— No wonder tomatoes set it off.

— Yes...

— So much acid.

— Yes, acid. It eventually leads to systemic inflammation, systemic disease, autoimmune disease. What is happening is the whole key causes leaky gut. What we do now is we remove that. We identify and remove the foods that trigger it. I've told you the main three meds that trigger and is mainly caused by doctors like myself. I won't tell my testimony what happened in 1990 when I developed psoriasis. The Lord dealt with me and gave me that insatiable desire to find the knowledge. I went to a dermatologist, he looked at me and he said, Don, you're going to have this rest of your life. You've got psoriasis, the heartbreak of psoriasis, get ready to deal with it. Just smear this cream all over your body, this Aquafor that made me stink like road tar. Finally I got fed up with it and I said, I know God healed me before. He held me out of a heat stroke and muscles that literally disintegrated. He restored it and he led me into the key. I talk about it in my book, but what I did, I healed the gut within approximately three to six months, psoriasis totally gone. That was back around 1991. That was 30 years ago.

— What's amazing is, from healing the gut, your cravings are going to disappear.

— Right.

— You're going to shift from where all these carbs and sugars you're wanting, you won't want them anymore.

— Let me add, let me add something to that.

— Yeah.

— Communion is extremely important in this. You take this wonderful book and this wonderful, God-backed knowledge, and you read it. We're out of time. I'll take it up right here tomorrow. Okay, come on, Jeremy son!
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