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2021 online sermons » Kenneth Copeland » Kenneth Copeland - Being Healed Versus Being Well

Kenneth Copeland - Being Healed Versus Being Well

Kenneth Copeland - Being Healed Versus Being Well

— Hello everybody. I'm Kenneth Copeland. And this is the Believer's Voice of Victory broadcast. Let's have a word of prayer. We'll get right into today's Bible lesson. Father, we just praise you. And we thank you. We thank you in the name of Jesus for your Word and words that move heaven on the earth. We thank you that we're healed and saved by hearing words, our lives are controlled by words, the words that we think, the words that we say, and we praise you that in consistency lies the power and we are consistent in our thinking and in the Word of the Living God. In Jesus' name, we pray it and thank you for it. Amen. Glory to God. Hey, it's happy time. Hallelujah. Glory to God! This man and this woman actually need no introduction in this ministry. Their lives have been poured out on the altar of God. And this is the only man that I ever heard of that is a medical doctor that studied all forms of medicine. All of it. Studied chiropractic, he studied Chinese medicine at the chagrin of a lot of his instructors. But anyway...

— Right. That's true.

— Because he proved it. Now, he had a heat stroke. They said he would never walk again. Never. But he did all right walking in here today, right? And his legs were actually cooked like a roast.

— Massive heat stroke.

— Yeah. Massive heat stroke. And Mary left the house to go to the grocery store, right? Came back and he's standing up in the middle of the room praising God. Now I want to know what he knows. And I asked him "Why did you study all that other"? He said, "Because I need to know how the body works before I can fix it". So that's why he's a medical doctor and all the other things.

— Nature path.

— Nature path.

— I studied under pretty much every medical discipline you can imagine.

— All of them.

— Naturopathy, homeopathy, acupuncturist, chiropractors, biological, dentist. The Lord just gave me this insatiable desire to learn and to get to the root of illness.

— Now you said something. Insatiable desire.

— Yes.

— God's insatiable desire is for you to be well.

— Amen.

— His first covenant was a healing covenant. The second covenant is a healing covenant. And faith begins where the will of God is known. So we know that Jesus came to do the will of the Father.

— Yes.

— We know that God is a good God. And sickness is bad. Health is good. The ninth chapter of Matthew, the 35th verse, "Jesus went about all the cities and villages teaching in their synagogues, preaching the gospel of the kingdom and healing, every sickness and every disease among the people". Every severage.

— Every.

— Every disease among the people.

— Amen.

— Amen. That's true.

— Ain't that good?

— That's amazing.

— That's the will of God! I won't say too much about this through the rest of the time, but... Oh, hey, where's my copy of the book? That's why I'm here. It's my... duh, I know where it is, where I left it.

— The Lord showed us a long time ago, back when Don started going into all these places, that healing is like this... literally what He showed a vision of a giant oak tree with many branches. And He said, "Mary, my healing is in many forms in many facets, many branches like a tree. If you go and cut off one of those branches and says, 'I don't need that branch.' You may have just eliminated the venue of which I may have brought healing to that person. So be open to how a person should be healed". When we dictate to God how He's going to heal us, we tie His hands. But when you stand with the Word of God first and believe healing first, and however God chooses to use, whether it's food, medicine, whatever He's going to use to heal you, it's all His healing. It's all His healing.

— But even better than healing is walking and divine health.

— Walking health.

— That's the key!

— There's a difference between being healed and being well.

— Yes.

— That's good.

— Don, Dr. Colbert's Healthy Gut Zone. This area where you can see a fade picture of it there. Everything that we eat goes through this process. And it winds up in the sewer. Which is the colon, right?

— That's right.

— Good way to put it.

— And let me add this too. In your intestinal track, in the small intestines, it's one cell thickness that separates your sewer from your blood. That's how we're designed.

— One cell.

— And if you start developing what we call increase intestinal permeability, you are literally inviting every disease in your body. Like Hippocrates said in 400 BC, I'm talking about 2,400 years ago. He said, "All disease begins in the gut".

— Sure it does.

— And we're finding out just now...

— And so does health.

— Absolutely right. It's the key.

— All health begins right there.

— The whole key to health is the gut.

— This virus that everybody's lost their head over.

— Yeah.

— It's the flu, people.

— That's right.

— Shutdown nations over the flu. We've been having a flu ever since there's been a devil. But anyway, that virus develops in here and then goes... and you slap me on the wrist if I...

— Well especially it catches hold of these ACE 2 receptors in the nose and in a bronchial... But then you get all of this development in here. And if the gut flora isn't where it should be, then neither is your immune system.

— 80% of your immune system is right in your gut.

— Now, I've been tested for COVID four times. I've never had it.

— Praise God.

— And you'll never have it.

— Number one, I learned a long time ago to say it first.

— Yes.

— Because I believe that in my heart. This is the victory that overcometh the world. Even our faith. "Who is he that overcometh the world, but he that believeth that Jesus is Son of God"? Well, I believe that. Well, anyway, the law of first mention. When something is mentioned... now, all the Bible scholars that I know agree with this, I've never heard anybody that didn't. Once something is mentioned the first time, then that is part and partial of everything throughout the rest of the Bible. Well, Genesis 6:3 is at the beginning. "The Lord said 'My spirit shall not always drive with man, for that he is also flesh: yet his days shall be a hundred and twenty years.'" So we don't have the right to decide for ourselves what long life is. God said that. He didn't say three score and 10, four score. That's in the 90th Psalm. It was Moses interceding for the people. You can find that in the Book of Numbers. And people have accepted that... my mother did. And when she finally made 70, she started going downhill and live seven more years, but she had fought for it since she was 16.

— Well here, Moses lived to be 120, and yet he's telling us that 70 or 80's okay. But it's according to your faith.

— Yeah. And what you understand about His word, His covenants.

— Sure.

— And that's a covenant promise. Anyway, I wanted to bring that up and say this. This is affected primarily by food. There are other things that affect it, but that's where we're going with this. So then you go to Leviticus where the food laws are, then that has to be based on this 120 years. The 91st Psalm, with long life, will I satisfy him and show him my salvation. Well, that's referring to Genesis 6:3, but because the holy spirit wrote this book.

— Amen. That's right.

— Both covenants. He wrote this. So He knows. Amen. And knowing that and understanding faith, you have to eat by faith just the same as you do everything else by faith. I learned that the hard way. But once I learned it and learned how to renew my mind, it changed everything. And I found out sugar was killing me. And I was a glutton and knew it. And I looked up the scripture. Everywhere I found glutton, I found drunkard. I was addicted to food the way a drunkard is addicted to alcohol or drugs. But alcohol will ruin your liver, the way I was eating will ruin your heart. And lacked it did. But anyway, I wanted to point that out because that's the basis with which you study food. That's the basis with which you study the Word concerning what we eat, what we think, what we say. And I'll go back to what the Lord revealed the glory when I was a student at Oral Roberts University that in consistency lies the power. It's what you do all the time. It's not what you say just when things go bad. It's what you say all the time. So let's...

— That is a major point.

— Oh, it is.

— I'm hoping people were hearing what you just said, because that is a major key. Major key. Major key right there. Consistency.

— Consistency. Constantly faith or constantly fear. The biggest aid, the biggest help to the devil during COVID-19 was the news media and the fear in Christian people that had no business watching that all day. They could quote the news. Well, how many died today? Well, how many died tomorrow? How many died yesterday? I like to die to the flu when I was in the army, but you can see I didn't. This was, "Hey, we had a soldier die of the Hong Kong flu in 1950... Well, this would have been in early part of '58 and I was drafted in '57, January of '57. And I was already in the dispensary there in Fort Gordon, Georgia, that huge field hospital. And that thing hit. And we had about 40, 50 people in there. And the next day we had 500 and the soldier died out in the hall".

— Wow.

— Well, since I helped my mother who's naturepath and chiropractor, I helped her in her clinic. I could read a thermometer and I knew how to fill out a chart. Well, I was helping the Colonel because he didn't have any men. He was far behind, he didn't know what to do. And I was doing charts for him. And I remember this one day I was riding down his soldiers' temperature on the chart. And I looked out the room, turned around and I woke up two weeks later.

— Oh my goodness. Wow.

— Now, you know what, our medicine was? Fresh squeezed orange juice and aspirin. The mess halls all over that and all over that huge army post, they were squeezing orange juices, man. Get that vitamin C and shove those aspirins down our throat to stop fever. And I was lost as a goose in a hailstorm, I would have gone straight to hell if I'd have died... over the flu. But they didn't shut the country down.

— That's right.

— That whole thing... I don't want to get into that. That's enough of that.

— So many Christians stayed plugged into the news and listening to the bad news and it was destroying their faith and it was destroying their belief and they were getting their belief program to the world. And then as a result what has happened is we have this problem that we're seeing now, Christians have more unbelief than they have faith. And again, we had unplugged because there's too much bad news. The Holy Spirit dealt with us. He said, "Turn off the TV and turn on"...

— Get away from it.

— Exactly. That's what we did.

— Just get away from it.

— We started just getting in the Word day and night and we turned the news totally, totally off.

— Just turn it off.

— And when we did that...

— I have a better suggestion. Turn on Victory News.

— Amen. There you go. Exactly right. Exactly.

— That's the reason the audience on our news...

— That's the good news.

— Just went sky high.

— Amen.

— Because we give you the news and then what to do about it.

— Exactly, exactly. When I was listening to Fox News and I'm thinking, "Oh, that's the good news". No, it's sensationalized stories that grab your attention, get your blood boiling and drain your faith and put your belief in them and not in the Word of God.

— During some of this, what the Holy Spirit imparted to me was He said, "Mary, everybody is just freaking out over what's going on right now with the government and who's in authority and all this stuff". He said, "Would you just please tell the people that during Herod's time, Jesus was born in the greatest ministry on earth was birth during the worst rain"? He goes, "If you'll just shift to just watch what I do in this rain".

— Amen. Mary, the Lord said essentially the same thing to me. He said, "I'm the same God that defeated Pharaoh and the same devil was there then as he is now". And here's where He said, "I jerked the slack out of those pharaohs back there". He said, "These little politicians are nothing to me".

— That's right.

— At least they won't cut your head off if you disagree with them. We have a tendency to forget that. He's a now God, but he was back there then.

— He was.

— He's the one that kicked the devil out in first place.

— That's exactly right.

— Thank you. Jesus. Go ahead, Doc. Get us into this.

— Well, let me explain what happened to me. I was healed, again of a heat stroke, back in 1983, and they told me I'd never walk again. I actually have a large scar on this left thigh where they did a muscle biopsy all the way to the bone and the muscle. They came back to tell me, I remember what they said. They says, "You'll never walk again. Your muscle is dead all the way from the surface to the bone. It's dead".

— They said his muscles were completely necrosed. Yep.

— Not just this thigh, both thighs. So my legs literally shriveled up where my arms were bigger than my legs. But then I was listening to Schambach. Remember R.W.?

— Yes, I do.

— R.W. Schambach every morning I was laying in bed. And I literally, I...

— You don't have any problem. All you need is faith in God! Amen! And literally, as he was preaching, the Spirit of God came on me and said, "Get out of bed". And again, faith without works is dead. "Move! You move! And I will strengthen you". And that's what happened. And I started moving and I haven't stopped. And literally I watched the muscles regrow, and I walked back in the city of faith in Tulsa, Oklahoma. And literally it's almost something that you would see in a movie, like who's the fella that used to... what's the name of the fellow that...

— It doesn't matter.

— Okay. But anyway, the nurses came out, the doctors came out and they say, "We have not seen this before". They said they literally measured my thighs because they saw how they shrunk. And the thighs were a little bit bigger than they were when I went in, when they hadn't shrunk yet. And God had done a creative miracle.

— When he got this report. And I think this is an important factor for people here...

— Forrest Gump was what I was thinking about! Forrest Gump. I was thinking "What is that"? A movie I saw years ago, Forrest Gump, everyone came out and saw Forrest Gump.

— He's Forrest Gump. God's Forrest Gump. But this is an important factor for people to learn. And that is all of us get hit with a bad report at some point in our life. One thing or another, none of us are going to be exempt from that. When you live in this life, you shall have tribulation. Period. You're going to get hit. What's inside of you when you get hit that comes out is what matters to combat against that force of a deadly spoken Word over you. You have got to simmer this inside of you. It's got to become such a part of your sail and part of your thinking that you don't let that death spirit come into you. It's a battle. The devil wants to kill us all. He wants to kill every one of you. So you have got to get a force reckoned inside of you that the enemy knows is there. This fortress, this shield, you've got to have every cell in your body in alignment with the Word of God against these spoken words. They're going to come! He said they would. These fiery darks are going to come. But what you've simmered inside of you when these words come that combat against it makes all the difference.

— It's all back to consistency.

— Amen.

— Consistency. So when he got this word spoken to him, my reaction immediately back to those doctors was, "You're all fired".

— She did.

— "Get out of his room".

— And I said, "No, Mary, you can't do that. They're my professors. They'll fail me". I'd already missed a month of med school. You can't get behind in med school. I missed a month!

— But what I wanted to do was cancel out those spoken words. They were saying, "You'll never walk again". And I said, "No, God determines that. That is not for man to determine". Now the second point that's very important is you've got to get a Word from God. You get a Word from God, you and God become a majority against everybody else's spoken Word. You've got to get that spoken Word and it comes in here in your spirit. I'm in the elevator going down after he and I had a wonderful husband and wife discussion. He wasn't too happy.

— I was saying, "Mary, you can't fire my professor". She had fired him. And they said, "Sorry, we got to leave". She had just fired them. I said, "Oh my goodness, what am I going to do"?

— What has he done? I mean, we had a really bad day.

— What has my wife done?

— "He's never going to walk again," He's thinking in his head and his wife just fired his medical professor. There went his career. So I am in the elevator coming down and I am telling you, I heard out of my spirit so loud I could hear it, "He shall run and not be weary. He shall walk and not faint". So I stopped that elevator. And we were in the city of faith. I went back up to his room and he was laying there. I go "I want to tell you something. Man has spoken, but now God has spoken".

— Can I tell you when she said that, that Word of God hit me like someone slapped me in the face with a cold rag. And literally I recognize the voice of God in her. And when she said that it went right through me and I had a choice right then. Was I going to agree with the doctors? Or was I going to agree with God's Word? Well, thank goodness I agreed with God's Word.

— Now. It didn't happen right away. I took him home in a wheelchair.

— No, it didn't. Yeah, that's right.

— And we were in a second story ORU grad housing and they were wanting to move us downstairs so he have access.

— Yeah, I had to pull myself up with my arms.

— They said "No, Mary, we need to move y'all downstairs because he's got a wheelchair and y'all have got to have access". And I go "You're not moving me anywhere. We're going upstairs". I was determined. And I got marked a crazy woman at ORU, but that was all right. And I remember watching him drag his dead legs up the stairs and I could hear the enemy screaming in my head. And that's the third thing will happen to you.

— And I have a Word. We're out of time.

— No!

— Give the Lord a praise!
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