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Kenneth Copeland - Learning To Live Well

Kenneth Copeland - Learning To Live Well
TOPICS: Lifestyle

Who's in the house today? The Healer. And His name is Jesus. Hallelujah. Glory be to God forever more. The Healer is in the house today. Thank You Jesus for being here. Thank You for showing your life into us. And we praise You and thank You that You are still giving Your life for us because You ever make intercession for us. You didn't leave, You're still here. And You're coming for us very, very, very soon. But in the meantime Sir, because of You we will live in good health. And we thank You for it in Jesus' name. You know you don't have to be sick to die. You don't have to be sick to die. And I quote Gloria Copeland, "If you do what's right in the natural and you do what's right in the supernatural, you can live in divine health". Glory to God. Yes. Amen. Praise God.

You can be seated this morning. Isn't Jesus wonderful? Glory to God. Thank You Lord Jesus, thank You Father. Hold your Bible up. And say this with boldness, "This is my Bible. This is God speaking to me. I have what it says I have. And I can do what it says I can do. And it says by His stripes I was healed. If I was healed, then I am healed. And I thank my God, especially Jesus Who bought my healing and put this covenant in my hand". Now thank Him for it. Hallelujah. Thank Him for it. Just thank Him and praise Him for it. Hallelujah. Isn't that wonderful? I first learned that many years ago from John Osteen. Now for those of you that hadn't been around all that long that's Joel Osteen's dad. Amen. And John and Dodie Osteen very dear friends of Gloria and mine, and I'm not through praising Him. Let's just praise and worship. The glory comes.

I heard Brother Hagin say, I know the truth of it. He said, "If you praise long enough the spirit of worship will come. And when the spirit of worship comes then the glory fall". And we've been in a wonderful place since Thursday night. And in here today I sense it very strongly there's a residue in this building because this building has experienced many wonderful things. And such honor is given to the presence of God here. Amen. That this is a tabernacle of praise. This is in every sense of the word, a cathedral of worship. And I'm honored to just stand on this platform and stand behind this desk. Praise God. And Father we thank You and we worship You this morning. We worship and praise. Praise and worship You in the name of Jesus.

Now let's turn to the Book of Proverbs and the third chapter. Proverbs 3. Let me tell you what you do. Let me read this to you. I want to read it from the Classic Amplified, "My son," that means daughters to, "forget not my law or teaching". Now it's not just the law but it's the teaching. "Forget not my law or teaching, let your heart keep my commandments. Let your heart keep my commandments". It's one thing to keep the commandments just because you've been commanded to do it. No, that's being obedient but not willing. Remember what we read earlier? If you're willing and obedient, if you're not just obedient but willing and obedient you eat the good of the land.

Well, that means you're going to drive the good and wear the good and live in the good because God is so good. Hallelujah. Amen. But listen to this, "For," in fact I'm going to read this you quote it back to me, "for length of days and years of a life worth living. Tranquility. Inward and outward. Continuing through old age till death. These shall they add to you". This will add years of a life worth living, not years just getting old finally wind up in a bed somewhere. And I don't know what else to do and you know slobbering around for two or three years and die. No. No. No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. A life worth living. A life worth living. That's a blessed life, that's a healed life. A life worth living. Now, wait a minute. This came out of your Bible. This is God speaking to you. Huh? And He's saying, "Hey, I've done this for you now accept it. Receive it, a life worth living all the way through till old age". It'll add that kind of years to your life. Praise God. Thank Him for it now.

Now you're here in the third chapter. Let's go over to the fourth chapter of Proverbs. And we're going to take our medicine today. Proverbs 4, "My son, attend to my words; incline thine ear unto my sayings". Let me bring this up in the app also. "Incline thine ear unto my sayings. Let them, my sayings, my words, not depart from your eyes". This is the reason it is so important to spend time every day putting your eyes on this Word. Every day. Every day, glory to God. So, "Incline thine ear unto my sayings. Let them, my word, my sayings, not depart from your eyes, keep them in the midst of your heart for they are life". What life? A life worth living. Long life till old age, a life worth living. Glory to God. Hallelujah. Unto those that find them, what is that? When you find those words that's when they begin to speak to you. Amen. Didn't that what we said in the beginning? This is my Bible. This is God speaking to me. I have what it says I have and I can do what it says I can do.

Now in the Book of Hebrews there's a very wonderful thing there, that the word of God is the asunder of thought and intent of the heart. Neither is there anything hidden from Him. What? The Word of God, Him. The Word of God, Him. You can say the Word of God, He. Of course. How do we back that out? In the beginning was the Word, the Word was with God and the Word was God. And not anything created that was one created by Him or by the Word. And God is love and God is good. So love created everything good. Hey, come on. This is what this Bible is. And it's written in the form of covenants. God's sworn oath. That's the reason He's always in Healing School and that's the reason we've never had Healing Schools since Gloria started it in 1979. There's never been a Healing School where nobody got healed. Thank You, Jesus.

And one of the reasons that Jerry Savelle suffered a massive stroke and they said he would never be the same again. Well, we went down and prayed for him and stood over him and prayed and praise God and stood on the Word of God. And it wasn't but just a few days later, how many days Jerry? About three days after that he's doing this. All of it, the whole thing couldn't remember anything. All of that, every bit of it. And he kept pointing to his granddaughter that he wanted to go out what started as his garage. And I'm not talking about a place to put your car but it was a garage. He's a paint and body guy. And he likes a shop, a garage and it turned into a museum. I'm telling you, you can get the joy of the Lord in there real easy. But now here's the big thing, he got out there and his granddaughter had to open the door, unlock it the key. And he looked at all the motorcycles and he looked at the cars in the museum and came through his heart and mind to start everything in here.

Now there's some of it he has some things in there I couldn't start this morning in good shape. He's got a 1945 military Harley. That thing. I mean, there's more twists and turns just to start that machine, it's in pristine condition. But he went through all of this without the use of one hand and one leg and started everything in there.

Now Jerry is left-handed. And this was the hand that was dragging. Wasn't it? So he walked over there and he turned around to his granddaughter said, "Give me the key". And unlocked the door. She said, "You see what you just did"? "What"? "You unlocked the door". He said, "Well, so what's the big deal about that"? Walked out just like I walked out right then. Shut all those machines down, walked up there. And they said he'd never preach again. Well, uh-huh. Mr. Never Preach Again is sitting around over there. The Healer was in the house. But this man had found these healing scriptures. He spent his life preaching them, he spent his life teaching them and ministering to other people. Glory to God. I said hallelujah. Thank You Lord Jesus.

He found these scriptures. They were on the inside of him when his brain couldn't get a hold of them, but those scriptures kept coming up and feeding his mind and feeding his brain. And he just walked out of that stroke. That's what it means. He found those scriptures and they were health to his flesh. Now notice health to all their flesh. I have a footnote in my King James reference, Hebrew that word translated health in Hebrew is medicine. This is your medicine. This is your medicine. And I quote Gloria, "That's the prescription". That's the prescription and you can't overdose on it. And the side effects are absolutely marvelous. Take it three times a day. If you need more double the dose. Double up on your Bible reading, double up on your listening to CDs. You ought to be listening to somebody preach to you all the time, particularly if you drive to work. Glory to God.

And some of these so-called modern cars don't have a CD player. Well you've got a phone. Load that phone, plug that thing in, turn off that goofy news and daily radio... And let somebody minister to your life and begin to build up on days with a life worth living healed and well. Glory to God. Thank You Lord Jesus. So all of these scriptures this morning, those of you watching and listening, all of these scriptures... Get your Bible don't sit down and just look at us, get your Bible. Amen. Well, I don't have one Brother Copeland. Believe God. We were in a Healing School out here on the West coast, Billy Rash was the one that took the testimony, Jerry.

There was a woman that had come to the convention. She was a military wife and they got pregnant and he got killed. And she didn't want to come up and testify, she had never done anything like this before. So Billy just read her testimony. She had come up there and giving it to him and she kind of sneaked off. And she said, "Now, my husband was killed in action and I got the report that my baby was dead". But she said, "I just got in on this. I just got in on these things". And she said, "I just got the report this week that my baby's alive". But she said, "Here's the big thing, this is so big to me while I've been here somebody gave me a Bible". Hallelujah. Thank You Lord Jesus. We don't realize that we've been blessed.

Many years ago how many of you have heard of Rick Renner? He's a Greek scholar and he's an apostle to Russia, lives in Moscow has been there for over 25 years. And before that he built his ministry, built the first building in Latvia built to be a church. And so many years. So our ministry got together with Rick and his ministry and we provided Bibles in their language. Gloria and I went there to dedicate the facility. This is a people that had been free for 25 years out of the last 900. Everybody came through and took things away from them. And I had them stand up and hold their Bibles. They absolutely screamed. They shouted, "This is my Bible". And one man, we just finished that and this man shouted as loud as he could, "And we will never be overrun again". We will be free because we have the Word of the living God. Hallelujah. Thank You Jesus.

Hebrews 13. I know you all know this but we're going to put her eyes on it. Hebrews 13. Oh, this Book of Hebrews, spend your life in it. Hebrews 13 and read the seventh verse, "Remember them that have the rule or that they're the ones that teach you that have rule over you, who have spoken," listen, "who have spoken unto you the Word of God, whose faith follow considering the end of their manner of life. Jesus Christ the same yesterday, and today, and forever". Jesus the anointed one is the same today. He's the same today as He ever was, He never changes. He never ever changes. Hallelujah. And 10,000 years from now if He changes it'll just get better. No, He'll be the same loving, good, wonderful, kind Jesus that He is today.
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