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Watch 2022-2023 online sermons » Kenneth Copeland » Kenneth Copeland - Plug In With Faith for Your Healing

Kenneth Copeland - Plug In With Faith for Your Healing

Kenneth Copeland - Plug In With Faith for Your Healing
TOPICS: Faith, Healing

We have talked about living a life worth living. Now that you're healed, what about staying well? I remember, it was amazing. I was a student, there at Oral Roberts University. I'm on the road with Brother Roberts, I'm listening to him, watching him, hearing him preach, watching him administer healing through the laying on of hands and just was astounding. And it hit me one day. This man uses his faith on purpose. He uses it on purpose. Up until then, faith was kind of like a scattershot to me, like slinging mud, you just hope some of it sticks. Like he said to me that I talked about last night, he said, "Don't touch them until you're ready to release your faith. Do it on purpose. You can aim it".

And I'm watching him. And I thought, he uses his faith like a mechanic uses a tool. He goes to his toolbox and he gets the proper tool for the job. And Oral Roberts goes to the toolbox of faith and he uses his faith as a tool and he aims it. He uses it and he gets dynamic results. And I realized that we can do that in intercession. We can do that as we intercede for family members. Glory to God. That faith is real and it's in me. Is it lying dormant? Then stir it up. Is that scriptural or not? I don't remember where this was, but here again, Jerry and I were in a meeting. He was preaching. Oh, I'm telling you, I was tired. And I have notes on this someplace where I wrote it down and I kept it. And the Apostle Paul wrote to Timothy. Stir yourself up. He didn't say, God, stir me up.

Well, what God's going to have to do to stir you up? You're going to have to stir yourself up to start with, and then He can step in if you do it by faith. And Jerry said that, and I said, praise God, I'm stirred up. I didn't feel stirred up. I felt broken down, tired, worn out, but I'm stirred up. I said, I'm stirred up. I said, I'm stirred up. Thank You, Jesus. Stir yourself up. First Thessalonians, chapter five. "Abstain from all appearance of evil and the very God of peace, Shalom, sanctify you wholly. And I pray God, your whole spirit and soul and body be preserved, blameless under the coming of our Lord, Jesus Christ. Faithful is he that calls you and he also do it". Glory to God, glory to God. Glory to God.

Those two scriptures go together. Those two scriptures fit right in there with 103 Psalm in the benefits of God. Bless the Lord all my soul. All it is within me. Bless His Holy name and forget not all His benefits. What are His benefits? Who forgives of all our iniquities and heals all of our diseases. But abstain from evil, keep your eyes where they belong. I heard Gloria say, "Keep your eyes off naked women. What's worse, naked men". That was Gloria, not me. She's right. Keep your eyes where they belong. If they start drifting off, slap yourself and shut your eyes and repent. Amen. Do you know why they put blinders on a horse's eyes? Because he can see out here. That's to his advantage and their night vision is tremendous and they can see dangers.

That's the reason when you're riding a horse, you don't want binders on him, but if he's pulling your buggy, you want blinders on him because he sees stuff over here he doesn't need to be seeing and jumping away from it and wreck your buggy or wreck your wagon. We got Holy Ghost blinders on. Are you kidding me? You're looking at me like I would never been tempted. Listen, when I was a kid, I don't want to go there. I don't even want to talk about that. Oh, Lord. Keep your eyes where they belong. The appearance of evil. Now the young woman that does our makeup has been with us for many, many, many years. But now even with her, not because she's her, I don't care who it is, unless Gloria actually doing my makeup. But when she's working around me, I do not relax and allow my knee or any other way to bump into her. I will not do that. And when she looks down in my face to check it, I do not make eye contact with her. I'm not going to do that. Well, on account of her? No, on account of me, I just shift my eyes over the other way.

Listen, I'm 84 years old, but I'm not dead by a long shot. No, ma'am. No, sir. I'm telling you how to stay well, because if you do, then you got to go through repentance. And the thing of it is just hard to get it off of your mind, but you can do it and just lock it down. Plead the blood and walk in it. Plead the blood and walk in it. You're ready to receive? You're ready to pray the prayer of faith? Stand on your feet, please. Glory to God. Glory be to Jesus. Glory, glory, glory, glory, glory, glory to the lamb of God. Thank You, Lord Jesus. Praise You Lord. Praise You, Lord Jesus. Plug in with faith. Plug in, plug in. Oh, Brother Copeland, what does that mean? Did anybody use a hairdryer this morning? Did you plug it in? It didn't work until you plugged it in. Amen.

Now, if the power's not on, you can plug it in all you want to and it's not working, but the power is always on. Plug in. Just see yourself. I'm plugged in, plugged in to faith. Make an effort. The Lord told Brother Hagin when he was healed of heart and totally paralyzed. Listen to what he said. He was paralyzed from the waist down. He could hardly move. He couldn't feel anything. And he believed Mark 11:22, 23, 24 and 25 for months and months and months. And that day he got it. And the Lord said to him, "So you believe you're healed now"? He said, "I sure do". He said, "Healed people ought to be up this time of day".

Well, this was, what was it, Keith, about seven o'clock in the morning or a little before. He said, "Healed people ought to be up this time of day". So he said, "All right, I'm getting up". Well he couldn't get up, but he got up. He got up, swung his legs off of the bed and he said, they felt like two chunks of wood and they just hit the bed and he hung on to the bed post. And he said, I want to announce before God and all the angels in this room. I want to announce that the devil and ever devil of hell, I am healed from the top of my head to the soles of my feet, in the mighty name of Jesus.

And he said, all of a sudden healing began to come in my legs. And he said, it felt like 10,000 needles being stuck into the nerve. And he said, it hurts so bad. And it hurts a good, he said, I just started crying. I was crying not because it hurt, but because I could feel my legs. And in seconds, he was totally healed. He was so badly deformed being born so immature that all the plumbing in his chest was wrong, but he made the effort. Amen. He said, when he drank something cold and he asked the doctor, he said, I can feel it going in here. And then it goes way over here before it goes into my stomach. He said, "Son, I'm telling you, for you to live we would have to change everything in your chest area. You'd have to have new lungs. You'd have to have a new heart. You'd have to have, everything all in your chest area". He said, we'd have to do it all. But of course, that can't happen.

Think what happened to him in a moment's time on Mark 11:23 and 24 and 25. That whole chest area, his heart, his lungs, all of his plumbing, everything. And he got up from there. He only weighed 89 pounds and he stood up and he walked all the way around that room totally, completely healed. In a moment's notice. Now, raise your hands before God. Close your eyes, if you want to. Glory to God. And if you believe this gospel that I have preached to you this morning, you're ready to receive the power of God unto salvation for your spirit, your mind and body, then say this.

The gospel that I have heard is the power of God unto my salvation. I confess Jesus Christ as Lord over my life, spirit, soul, and body. I receive the power of God to make me sound, whole, delivered, saved and healed now. I act on the Word of God. I receive the power of God. Sickness, disease, and pain, I resist you in the name of Jesus. Sickness, weakness, and pain, you are not the will of God. I enforce the Word of God on you. I will not tolerate you in my life. Leave my presence. I will never allow you back. My days of sickness and disease are over. I am saved. I am the heal. The power of sickness has been forever broken over my life. Jesus bore my sickness. Jesus bore my weakness. Jesus bore my pain. I am forever free. Sickness shall no longer lord it over me. Sin shall no longer lord it over me. Fear shall no longer lord it over me. I have been redeemed from the curse of the law. I proclaim my freedom in Jesus' name. Today, the gospel is the power of God. To me, unto salvation. I receive the gospel. I act on the gospel. I am made whole in Jesus' name.

Now act, praise, move, hear. Straighten up. Be delivered. Be free. Be sound. Do what you couldn't do before. Do it. Glory to God. Do it. Thank You, Jesus. Thank You, Jesus. Praise God. I take authority over arthritis. Glory to God. I take authority over bad eye sight. I take authority over migraine headache. I take authority over all forms of sickness and disease. I take authority over all low back trouble. I take authority over inflammation in the joints. I take authority over sores in the mouth. I take authority in Jesus' name, over all kinds of sickness, over all kinds of disease in the name of Jesus. Now take it. Now do something. This place belongs to us. If you want to run, run. If you want to dance, dance. Do something. Get into action right now. Move something. Shout something. Hallelujah.

Come on, come on, give the Lord praise. Give Him praise. Give Him authority over your body. Give Him authority over your sinuses. Give Him a authority. Do it right now. Glory to God. Give Him authority over your heart. Say it out loud, heart muscle, you're a good heart. You're a new heart. My name is, say Your name. My name is Kenneth new heart. I have a new heart. I actually do. I actually do. Kenneth. I actually do.

Let me give you a little word of my testimony. My DNA took after my mother's side with a history of heart trouble. My mother died with heart disease and her younger brother, her older brother was killed in World War II. Her younger brother died of a heart attack. My grandfather died of a heart attack and I'm just gone that same way. And I was preaching in the prison and I had got short of breath and I'm going through all that stuff. I wouldn't quit. It never did give me pain, but I could feel this tingling across my chest here. And I knew what it was and anyway, so, and I went to all the exams and all that stuff. And so the cardiologist examined me and he said, "Well, you need a pacemaker". And I said, "Lord, I'm just going to believe. God, I'm just going to, without that pacemaker". And the Word of the Lord came into me and He said, "No, you're too far behind the power curve now. Receive the pacemaker by faith". So I did.

Now at my age, having record of heart problems, to get my FAA physical, I had to do an extreme stress test. And well, not just at my age, at any age, if you want your physical back, you got to do this particularly, but from 75 up, you would have to take that stress test. Well, here I am 84, and this pacemaker had the new technology. The FAA really didn't have much experience at it. Pacemakers, they do. This thing had a defibrillator in it. Poom! Now, before... And I set the thing off a couple of times, and it really wasn't. All that much to it. But anyway, I just started training, got on the treadmill and actually I took the stress test before I ever went and took the stress test. Thanks to Keith and Phyllis Moore, who some time ago had given me, because I liked Phyllis' treadmill. Her treadmill was better than my little rinky dink treadmill. And the little household treadmills will only go up to about 10 degree incline, but to pass the stress test, I had to go to 14.

Thank God I had the treadmill that I could do it. So I passed the test. It's supposed to be nine minutes. At my age, I only had to do six, but it did the whole nine minutes with the defibrillator in there and didn't set it off, because I received the pacemaker and defibrillator by faith. Now I did it with the defibrillator active, and then after I passed the stress test, representative of the manufacturer of this machine that's in here, came out with the computer and turned that defibrillator off because I don't need it anymore. I'm going for that 120. Glory to God, I said. You understand, by faith, by faith. Put your hand over your heart. I take my new heart. I have it now, so begin to rejoice. Praise Him, praise Him and thank Him. Praise Him and thank Him. Praise Him. This is the key to it. The praise cure.
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