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2021 online sermons » Kenneth Copeland » Kenneth Copeland - The Spirit of Faith Moves Mountains

Kenneth Copeland - The Spirit of Faith Moves Mountains

Kenneth Copeland - The Spirit of Faith Moves Mountains

— Welcome to the Believer's Voice of Victory. I'm Jeremy Pearsons. This week, my grandfather, Kenneth Copeland, is joined by Mark and Trina Hankins. Now these broadcast were recorded in the BVOV studio for their program with Brother Copeland as their guest. And they covered how to develop the spirit of faith in you to overcome and advance and take new ground. And the revelation that they shared about the spirit of faith was powerful. It was practical. So we wanted to share these messages of faith with our partners and our friends as well. So let's join them now for today's study on how the spirit of faith will move the mountains in your life.

— 2 Corinthians 4:13 says, "We having the same identical spirit of faith, according as it is written, I believed in there for have I spoken"? He said, "We also believe and therefore speak". And so the spirit of faith has these two main ingredients. Number one, I'm a believer, I believe, I believe God, have faith in God, faith in the Word of God, faith in the blood of Jesus, faith in the name of Jesus, faith in the power of God. I am a believer, I believe and I speak. Someone said it this way, "Even the devil don't care what you believe, if you'll be quiet about it". In other words, when you believe and speak, that's the spirit of faith. And that spirit of faith is actually contagious.

— It's contagious.

— Super contagious.

— Ah ah ah... The fear is contagious.

— Remember this now, in the beginning, there was no fear. There was none. Adam was full of faith. Nobody sinned and died until Adam sinned and died. And God told him, "The day you eat that you're going to die". So he died spiritually. Now what was his faith? He was disconnected from God in the spirit and connected with the devil.

— Fear.

— So what's the next thing that happened? Instead of faith coming when he heard the voice of God, fear came and he hid from Him.

— Wow.

— So fear and faith are the same thing but exact opposite.

— Just the opposite.

— Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the Word of God. Fear comes by hearing and listening to the lies of the devil.

— Negative.

— It's like a compass there. Just take a compass for instance, North and South are the same thing. They are degrees of a compass, but they're exact opposites. That's faith versus fear. So the same laws are going to govern both of them.

— Yeah. Now you know my mom and my mama's case, my dad and my mom... You've been to my dad's church years ago. And my dad and my mom pastored in a little town called West Columbia, Texas. They pastored there for 50 years. And my dad's church, there's only 3,000 people in town, but my dad's church grew from about 20 people over 2,000 people. And there are 3,000 in town. And so my dad stayed there 50 years. But when they started out, my dad had a heart attack as a young man. My mom had a nervous breakdown and was totally controlled by fear. Now both of them had been saved and filled with the Holy spirit, even called to the ministry. But my mom lived in fear and ended up in depression in the back bedroom for almost two years. But when dad Hagin came along and taught on the authority of the believers to have faith in God. Interesting, because we knew the Bible, we love Jesus, was saved, even filled the Holy spirit, but we didn't understand how faith works. So when dad Hagin came and taught on the authority of the believer, my dad took the Word to the back bedroom and got my momma to start speaking the Word. And he would tell my mama now say this. And she would say, "God has not given me a spirit of fear, but of power and love and of sound mind". And in the middle of that darkness and depression, her speaking the Word of God brought her out of that...

— Absolutely.

— ...and gave her victory.

— Mark, what is fear? It's faith.

— But some people call it a disabling belief.

— Well it is. Well, faith in a dangerous animal.

— Is reverse. Yeah.

— Now, If you can't find the same fundamentals in Goliath's mouth, then it doesn't follow the fundamentals. The devil knows he's got to say it. He knows he has to. So when it came up and came time, I mean, they're there. So let's go from...

— You were in 1 Samuel 17.

— Yeah, 1 Samuel 17.

— And this is the spirit of faith David killing Goliath.

— There's killing Goliath. And he never did say, "I'm going to try".

— No, he never even left a note for his mama in case it didn't work.

— He never did say that. He said, "I'll go fight him, and I will kill him".

— I will kill him.

— And he started out by saying, "What do you get if you kill him"? He didn't pay attention to how big he was. "What do you get if you kill him"? Because he's planning on killing him

— He's planning on killing him. I'm going to get... I'm going to get the girl, I'm going to get the money. I'll kill him. I don't care how big he is.

— And I'm going to break the reproach off of the armies of God.

— Wow.

— What was the reproach? Fear of an enemy and you have a covenant.

— And they had a covenant. And so David brought up the covenant.

— Yes he did. He brought that up. Listen, he was an Orthodox Jew. He knew what the 28 chapter Deuteronomy said. And he also knew the 27th chapter. And if you have any trouble knowing why the curse and the blessing's in the same chapter just need to read 27 and it'll tell you.

— So it brings a reproach, if you know your God and you're afraid of the enemy. So to know what God has spoken in His Word about healing, about being redeemed from the curse of the law, and to be afraid of the Coronavirus or whatever. That's a reproach.

— It's a shame.

— It's a shame.

— Reproach means to shame.

— So you got a giant that is intimidating you.

— He's shaming that whole crowd. And there are different kinds of giants. And everybody's got one that you're going to have to kill. And so that giant standing before David, and first thing David brought up is, "You uncircumcised Philistine. I got a covenant. You don't". That's the issue here.

— That's the bottom line.

— And David, he knew the Word that said, "No man will be able to stand before you all the days of your life".

— I want to bring something else into this. Here's David 17, 18, 19 years old. We know he's less than 20. Or he had been in the army with the rest of them. Now I'm referring to me. He wasn't, twenty-five 30 pounds overweight. He took care of himself. Worked hard. He followed the Levitical law of food.

— He was prepared.

— He was prepared.

— In every way.

— In every way before he ever faced that giant. Now think about this, who made David king? Goliath.

— Oh, I got you. All right. Yeah, yeah. Yeah. So you're the giant you kill.

— The evil.

— That's it. And it has to be done by faith. I had said it for years, I hated exercise. I didn't want to do it. Now I was always overweight and had starved down and getting... just break me down. Because I wouldn't exercise. I didn't like, I didn't want to do it. And finally, the Lord dealt with me about, about living at 120 years. And He asked me to do it. And I said, "Well, of course I'll do it". I mean, it's a mandate to me. And I knew right then I'm going to have to get that exercise.

— Now what you're saying is the spirit of faith works in every area of your life.

— Yes. So does the spirit of fear. I had said how I hate exercise over and over and over. And my first day in there I'm telling you, I'm all excited. I'm telling you, I've got this thing. I'm going to do this thing, glory to God. Then I was going to do some triceps, pulls down on the A-frame and I reached up there and caught that. And I said, "God, I hate this". And I slapped my hand. I said it before I could get it to stop it. I said it to the God in my heart. And it was controlling my life. And I said to God, "I'll do it, I love this". Guys I physically felt that devil leave my body.

— Wow, I like that.

— He fed me with that. I fed it to him so long. He had every right to do me that way.

— And I believe somebody is getting this today.

— Yeah. Very practical.

— Now this morning, well, what are you going to do? I mean, you got to start early, and my call time's 10 and all that. Well, surely you're going to take off today. No, no, just start a little earlier. I had a good strong workout this morning. And the only half of it on the treadmill, but now I'm not just walking on the treadmill, I've gotten an incline and now my dream that I never thought I would ever see come to pass, is the fact that on the DEXA scan machine, that my fat percentage, my body fat percentage, right in there where it's supposed to be. And I'm 84 years old.

— Oh, that's a miracle.

— You're blazing the trail for a generation.

— Yeah.

— Well I hope so.

— Oh you are.

— Because otherwise I don't have any purpose doing that. But to do what God's called you to do. Now, I have a mandate to live that long. You do what you want to do. But I'll tell you what you have to do. Believe this book. Those food laws, the law of first mention in the Bible, then that holds true all the way through the Bible. And Genesis 6:3 that's best as close as you get. "I'm not going to put up with man as long as I have been, and the days of man should be 120 years".

— So what you're saying is your believing in speaking affects every area of your life.

— Every area of life.

— I was on my elliptical machine one time watching you on the TV program. And so I'm exercising and you came over there. This is funny, but you might not think it's funny, but you said, "And I want you to confess this after me. I'm never eat another donut, the rest of my life". And I just couldn't say it brother. Here's what I said, "The rest of the week. How about that"? But what you're saying is that your believing in speaking, that affects every facet of your life, your finances, your health, everything.

— Every bit of it has to come here, so that those food laws are based on that 120. So when you, you follow all the way down through, the 91st Psalm, "With long life, will I satisfy him". That's based on 120 years.

— And not long, bad life, quality life.

— Quality life. So it just tracks all the way through, but without faith. Now you could in the natural. So what if you lived to 120 years, and hadn't done anything? But if you live 120 years to preach the Word of Faith... Now people, don't misunderstand me now. Anybody lives 120 years my hats off to you brother. But, and people give God the credit for it. And I love it, man. I mean, you live to be a hundred and, hey, that's big news, that's good news. But for a specific purpose, now your specific purpose may be... And you may be in the car business, and that's your specific purpose. You need to do that by faith. You need to do everything you do in that dealership by faith. And you need to walk in love. And sometimes it's a bit difficult in a natural business.

— A challenge, yeah.

— But you better watch your mouth. Let me give you a little story. This won't take a second. I was just in the very beginning of my flight training and trying to my best, and I won't go into all that. But anyway, I was over in Camden, Arkansas, and that's where I met Gloria. Changed my life forever. Nobody had ever loved me unconditionally until I met her. And anyway, it was time for me to move on. Well, I'd been using the airport car there where I was working in Camden. Now I've got to go on to Little Rock to finish up my training and I don't have a car. I went down to the Chevrolet dealership. Now I didn't know, I'm going to tell you this ahead of time, because of time, I didn't know that this man was president of the local Full Gospel Businessmen' Fellowship. I found that out years later. I walked in there. I said, "Sir, I really know better than to do this, but I don't have any choice". Told him what my name was. And I said, "I don't have any money. I don't have but $135. Well, I'm on foot and I have to have a car". And here's what he said, "Kenneth, will you trust me in this"? I thought, "I don't have any choice". I said, "Yes sir". So we got in his pickup and we drove past the used lot, past the garage where they worked on used cars around behind that set the ugliest 54 Chevrolet I have ever seen in my life. That had been yellow and chartreuse green on top. And it looked like it had leprosy. Every hubcap was bent and some of them were gone. And the headliner hanging down in the back. Now, this is a faith man, he didn't know where I would wind up and I didn't know; I'm just this kid learning how to fly. And I looked at that car. He said, "Kenneth, I traded for this thing". And he said, "I'm no more than got it traded for". And then the transmission went out on it. So I had to overhaul the transmission. Then the engine blew up and he said, "I can't sell that thing with the engine blown up". He said, "I'll overhaul the engine and then I'll put four new tires on it". Run, that thing ran like a Singer Sewing Machine. It just looked bad. But my point is, here's a car dealer following the Spirit of God. I had to have a car and it had to be trustworthy. And I wish had I kept that car. Because I'm telling you that little rascal run. I did run down the highway like I just didn't want anybody to see me in it.

— I actually used to have a 54 and a 55.

— But this Holy Ghost man heard in his spirit what to do with this kid that needed a car. And somehow he fell in love with me. And the question he said, "Kenneth, will you trust me in this"? He used spirit language. I didn't know it at the time. I wasn't even saved at the time. But my mama was praying. The Spirit of God was watching after me. And this man was living with a spirit of faith.

— Just the spirit of faith.

— Spirit of faith.

— And when David, when he killed Goliath, now all the men was ready to fight. Before that, no.

— David became the leader that he was the rest of his life. How much time we got to? Verse 43, "The Philistines said"... the devil knows he's got to say it. The Philistine said, "Am I a dog that you'd come to me with staves"? The Philistine cursed David by his gods. The Philistine said to David, "Come to me, I'll give your flesh to the fowls of the air and the beast of the field". Famous last words. That's the last word he ever said in his life. And David said to the Philistine, "You come to me with a sword and a spear and with a shield. I come to you in the name of the Lord of hosts. The Lord of Sabaoth, the Lord of the angelic armies of God". I mean, there were angels all over that place. We're going to kill this We're going to get him right now. That stone is going to hit him smooth between the eyes, like a 357. And you look at other translations, "He fell"...

— On his face.

— ..".And then he took his sword out and cut his head off". Well, which one killed him? The rock or the stone. But it said both of them. No, no. It actually says, "He hit him with that rock and he finished him off with the sword".

— Oh, wow. Yeah.

— You can finish the devil off taking the sword of the spirit.

— I'm glad he didn't say nothing else after that.

— So David's saying...

— He finished him talking.

— Then the Lord says, never run into your giant with your mouth shut.

— Shut him up.

— So, before he ran, he's talking and he's speaking the Word. His covenant is talking. And while he's talking and then when he hit him in the head, cut off his head, took that head back. He couldn't turn loose of it. Somebody said that David showed you how to get ahead in life. So he got that guy's head and he's dragging that head around.

— And you know that thing must have been big as basketball. And he's got it up here like this. I mean he's got teeth, hair and eyeballs. But what happened? That was the flag.

— As the trophy.

— That was the flag. I got it, now come on. Man if that bunch up, where did they wind up? In Goliath's hometown.

— Oh man. That's right.

— Brought reproach to that whole city. Shamed them. They fell down. When he had that giant's head in his hand. And he took his prize to Jerusalem. And then he took his armor, and he's just a teenage boy, and he put it in his room. He took this guy's armor, he took this guy's suit of armor and put it in his tent. He's just a kid.

— I love it. I love it. What a great story and a picture of the spirit of faith. And this is when Jesus said this, He said, "Whosoever shall say". In other words, it don't make David special. Anybody could have done that.

— At any age.

— "Whosoever shall say he shall have whatsoever he saith". And Jesus talking about talking to a mountain commanding the mountain to be removed and cast into the sea. And so the Lord said to me, "When you say that mountain not only will it be going into the sea, that means it's not coming back".

— And you can't see it.

— And that means there'll be no evidence it was ever there. So when Trina had a brain tumor, 30 years ago, we took the Word of God, Mark 11:23 and spoke to that brain tumor, 30 years ago. And that thing disappeared and hadn't come back in 30 years.

— And you could have been born again. Holy spirit-baptized, speaking with other tongues, believe in healing with all your heart and that thing kill her.

— That's right. Because until you use, here's the way the Lord said to me, "The authority of the believer is not just available, it is necessary". And He said, "And your faith may not prevent all mountains, but it will move all mountains".
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