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2021 online sermons » Kenneth Copeland » Kenneth Copeland - The Spirit of Faith Agrees With God

Kenneth Copeland - The Spirit of Faith Agrees With God

Kenneth Copeland - The Spirit of Faith Agrees With God

— Hello, I'm Jeremy Pearsons. This is the Believer's Voice of Victory. My grandfather, Kenneth Copeland, joined Mark and Trina Hankins for their TV program, where they taught on the spirit of faith and how it enables you to face the storms in life and overcome. Now that is something that every believer needs to know. So all this week we are bringing you their Bible discussions about activating the spirit of faith in your life. Now, let's join Brother Copeland as he begins today's study. I've watched you guys over and over and over again and the way you present faith is so vitally important. What really advertises your faith to me is two, a team, all the time.

— Yeah.

— All the time.

— All the time.

— We stay together and instead of fighting each other, we fight the fight of faith together.

— Yes, yes, that's the way Gloria and I have been all these years.

— Yeah.

— When we got married, Mark gave me, before we got married, he gave me this card. It says two people is not looking at each other, but walking in the same direction. Then he added the verse Hebrews 12:2, "Looking unto Jesus, the author and the finisher of our faith". That's how we started and that's how we keep going.

— Praise God, that's good.

— Yeah. So we're very thankful to be with you today, Brother Copeland, and thank you for taking the time to be with us. Thank you for the Victory Network. You know, Kenneth and Gloria Copeland give us free time daily, Monday through Friday, and we're very thankful for that and it's changed our lives. You said it's like a dream to have a 24-hour faith network, and your dream caused our dream to come to pass.

— Well, like I was saying yesterday when we were on radio, because I got hold of it, by the time World War II was over, I had just turned five years old the day before they bombed Pearl Harbor. So the time at war was over with, I was almost 10. So man, I remember it, I remember stuff that went on, and I'm just right in the middle of it. I was raised out there in Abilene, Texas, and there's a Camp Barkley was just a little ways from there and the entire Air Force base, which is now Dyess Air Force Base in Abilene. All of this was right around me all the time. I mean, this is all everybody thought about. But people were so completely and absolutely totally committed and they were learning how to do things that they didn't know they could do. Like I mentioned, they had that total immersion language that if I could just get into it night and day like this and not do anything else, then within six weeks they were fluent in the language, but you couldn't mix it with English.

— You had to isolate yourself in that.

— Yeah, you can't get into your CDs and then say I'm going to get into this and I'm going to stay in that. Well, no, wait a minute. Now wait a minute, that other group over there sitting, no, you done messed it up.

— Wow.

— If you're going to walk night and day in faith, if you're going to develop your faith, you just mentioned the author and the finisher, as you know, that Greek word is developer, finisher. It's used like a finish carpenter. Now, you don't want a regular carpenter doing the cabinets. There's going to be a big old half-moon hammer marks. You want the finish guy.

— You need a finisher, yeah.

— You need a finisher. This is back in the days when somebody else didn't build the cabinets. He was the finisher, the finish work end of it. He's the finisher of our faith. But Mark, Trina, He can't develop something you don't put in His hands.

— Uh-uh. Yeah.

— That's good.

— Yeah.

— If you don't put that in His hands, what we're saying here is this. I remember this, the very first thing. I mean, number one. I mean, we were, like Charles Capps said, we were so broke we couldn't pay attention.

— Yeah, that's true.

— I thought, well, I'm going to do this thing. I'm still a student there at Oral Roberts University and I'm hearing all this. Man I'm flying for Brother Roberts. I'm going to the meetings. I'm seeing him preach. I'm listening to Brother Hagin on tape night and day. I was getting a little money, a loan, and I needed some socks, man.

— Socks.

— Some socks.

— I really needed some socks. I didn't have any money. I thought, I've got to have some socks. So I scraped together enough money and I went to the store. There wasn't any Walmart back there then. I went to the store and I heard the Lord, "Why don't you believe for socks"?

— Yeah. My first thought was, can you do that? I thought, well, of course you can do that. I don't know, so 50 cents or something, whatever it was for socks. I got covered up in socks. I mean, people would just, somebody would say, "Brother Copeland, I was just thinking about you and Gloria".

— No shortage of socks.

— "I was at the store here and I saw these socks and they looked nice to me". I'd say, "Ooh, thank you. Look at that, they're my size. Thank you". I had socks a-plenty.

— Oh, man.

— I thought, all right, if I can get socks, I can get shorts. If I can get underwear, I can get a suit.

— Jesus just said, "Whosoever".

— Whosoever.

— I want some of that. Here's why this is important. I love hearing your story because Dad Hagin, before he went to be with the Lord, the last five or 10 years or something like that, he said the Lord told him to go back and teach on the fundamentals of faith, he said because too many of the leaders and pastors, preachers in the body of Christ are preaching, are teaching faith from where they are, not from where they started.

— That's right.

— Right.

— He said and people can't get it from where they are, they've got to get it from where they started. So Dad Hagin said he just was going back just to teach on the basics and the fundamentals of faith, and the fundamentals of faith are applicable at every level of faith.

— Oh yes, because they are fundamentals.

— They're fundamental.

— When you start, you know, I've been flying now for almost 60 years, so I learned so much through aviation because it's an applied science. Well, the same physical rules apply and once you know that, you begin to think. I remember Brother Hagin said, now, you can't walk by sight, you have to walk by faith. I'm looking at that and I told Gloria, I said, "Wait a minute, I already know how to do that". She said, "What are you talking about"? I said, "That was the first fundamental thing I had to learn when I started getting me an instrument rated".

— Don't fly by your feelings or by sight.

— No, they'll kill you.

— Yeah. You know more about this than I do, but I read an article because we fly on plane and have a pilot, but they said if you are not instrument rated, you can only last for 90 seconds if you're flying visual or your senses will lie to you.

— Oh, big time.

— You've got 90 seconds.

— It liked to kill me one time.

— Not 90 minutes, not 90 days, you've got 90 seconds if you're not instrument rated.

— Man, I'm telling you, twice it liked to got me. I won't go into all of it, but you get vertigo and you don't know you had it.

— Yeah. Yeah.

— You don't know you have it.

— You feel it.

— You don't know you have it.

— Yeah, you don't know.

— Then suddenly you get in the clouds and you've been trying to stay in contact and then all of a sudden you've got to look down here and but, man, this thing's turning, I've got to straighten it up, and you weren't turning at all.

— So you weren't following your instrument.

— Yeah. Then you come out from under the overcast and you're like this.

— Wow. Wow.

— Here's what was happening. When they first came out of the war and some single engine airplanes like the Beechcraft Bonanza were very fast, they come out like this and it's surprising, you do this and yank the wings off of it or yank the tail off of it.

— Yeah, yeah, yeah.

— Then it just kill you.

— So it's a great illustration that living by faith is learning to be instrument rated.

— Yes.

— And look into the Word.

— Well, I began to see that and I realized my feelings and my natural mind, trying to live by faith with my natural mind will get you killed.

— Yeah.

— The devil will kill you. He'll make you think you're going one way and it's going another and he'll just sneak up there in behind you and nail you with something that will kill or maybe kill your family.

— Sure. That's why the Apostle Paul said in 2 Corinthians 5:7, "For we walk by faith and not by sight". Here's your instrument rating.

— There it is, right there. That's my panel right there.

— Yeah, that's true. Keep your eyes on it.

— Let me demonstrate this. Now, I can't see out.

— Yeah.

— If I walk in the light as He is in the light, we, or I, have fellowship with one another and the blood of Jesus Christ, His Son, cleanses me from all sin. If I say I have no sin, I deceived myself.

— Your feelings.

— I deceive myself and the truth is not in me. If I confess my sin, He's faithful, just, He's righteous to forgive me my sin and cleanse me from all unrighteousness. Now Father, in the name of Jesus, I did it. I said it, I did it, it's not a problem, it's a sin. I feel like a dog, but that doesn't mean anything. You're a faithful and you're just and I confess that sin. I was not willing to forgive that person, the politicians and all, and I did it and I stand here and I praise You, Sir. I'm military minded, I was in the army, and I just stand at attention. I praise You, Sir, and permission to be free of this sin. Thank You very much. I'm forgiven and I'm cleansed. I'm cleansed.

— Yeah. That's faith right there.

— All the time I feel like dying, just shut up, you're cleansed. Now just shut up, don't you say anything else, don't you act any other way, and you put a smile on your face and get up out of the floor and go do good because you are forgiven and you are cleansed.

— Cleansed from all unrighteous.

— All of it.

— Smith Wigglesworth said something like this. He said, "There is not one thing in me the blood does not cleanse".

— That's it.

— From all unrighteousness.

— So what am I doing?

— Walking by faith.

— You're walking by faith. The feelings have to show up later. Yeah.

— Now what happens, it's amazing how rapidly your feelings change.

— Yeah, yeah, yeah.

— It's so true.

— So your spirit takes over and you think, glory to God, I'm free of this thing after all.

— Yeah. The truth is the blood of Jesus, and so you agree that I did miss it, I didn't obey God, but now I'm agreeing with God that the blood of Jesus cleanses me from all sin.

— You just said what faith is, you agreed with God.

— So that's why Romans 3:25, well, verse 27 says the law of faith, Romans 3:25 says through faith in His blood. Ooh, man. In other words, to live by faith and to win the fight of faith, the focus of our faith in Romans 3:25 is in the blood of Christ what the blood of Jesus has done for us, what it does in Heaven, what it does in us and cleanses our conscience from guilt and shame, and what the blood does over Satan who's the accuser of the brethren.

— That's right.

— So our faith is in His blood.

— Now, then the people that, well, let's say for instance the people that are watching us now on Direct, when before we were just on Dish, so there's a lot of new people that have never heard this, born again people and a lot of them spirit-filled and have heard the wrong thing about the Word of Faith. The devil is going to fight anything that has any form of power. Anything that pulls him down from his place, he's gone to fight it. He started off fighting healing, he started off fighting speaking with other tongues, but you have to remember, he has been brought to naught. That means zero. That's an accounting term for zero.

— Yeah, zero.

— So he's a defeated foe already.

— Yeah.

— Now what is faith? Faith is a spiritual force.

— Mm-hmm.

— Let's look over there in the 11th chapter of Hebrews.

— Yeah, Hebrews, chapter 11. He starts with, "Now, faith is".

— "Now faith is the substance". Faith is a substance.

— It is a substance.

— You can't see it, but it is a substance.

— A substance.

— Yeah. It's a spiritual substance.

— "Of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen. For by it, by faith". What faith? "By faith in God the elders obtained a good report. Through faith, we understand that the worlds were framed by the Word of God so that things, natural, physical things, which are seen were not made of things that do appear". They're made out of something invisible. I've heard preachers say God created all things out of nothing. No, He didn't. He created out of something you can't see and faith is not nothing. It is a spiritual force that is so powerful that Jesus said a grain of mustard seed size.

— Yeah. Yeah. Can move a mountain. That's like saying it doesn't take much nuclear power to make a real mess. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.

— But look at what he said. It was made out of something that you can't see, and by something, a force you can't see, Abel offered to God a more excellent sacrifice than Cain, by which he obtained witness that he was righteous, God testifying of his gifts, and by it, him being dead, yet speak by faith. Or by a force, a spiritual force that you can't see, Enoch was translated. By a force you can't see, and it's right in here.

— Yeah.

— That's the reason one of the biggest verses in the Bible is Mark 11:20.

— Yeah. Now when you go from Hebrews 11, we're talking about the spirit of faith, and I had a country guy, a redneck, come into my church years ago and I was preaching on the spirit of faith. He said, "That makes me want to grab a cornstalk and swing out over hell and spit in the devil's eye". I said, "Well, I know how you feel, but I never said it like that". In other words, the spirit of faith gives you such confidence and the spirit of faith literally feeds on the Word of God. I call it God's Word is a spoken thing. It was spoken before it was written and it was written so it could be spoken. We put God's Word in your mouth, I call that mouth to mouth resuscitation. In other words, you take God's Word and you breathe in the faith of God. It's a God kind of faith. That's the substance of our faith.

— God blessed me with and allowed me to see this in a vision. It wasn't an open vision, it was a spiritual vision but I saw it and I heard what God said when He created Adam. Let me remind you the word Adam is blood.

— Yeah, that's good.

— This is a blood book.

— Yeah, it's all blood. Blood covenant.

— First blood covenant started out...

— Adam was a man with the blood of God.

— Yes. There you are.

— Yeah.

— That's what causes faith.

— Yeah, the blood covenant.

— Ooh, that's good.

— Now he said, I saw him when he, in Genesis 2, and I literally saw this, well, in one and two, well the first chapter there in the 26th verse. We already know from this, particularly if you read the book of Hebrews, we know how God did this. He spoke these words...

— By faith, yeah.

— By faith, that spiritual force. It's not something that God has, it's what He is. He is love and He has faith, but He is faith and He has love. The thing of it is, the reason the love part of it is because faith works by love.

— Yeah. Yeah.

— Well, He has both. He is both.

— God uses His faith on purpose in Genesis chapter one.

— Yes.

— Yeah.

— Now He said in that the 26th verse, "Let us make man in our image and in our likeness". I saw him standing there in front of him. They were exactly the same size. There were no way Adam could, because he was in His image, exactly the same size. Over here it's said, "And he breathed the breath of life," in the seventh verse of the second chapter. "He breathed the breath of life and man became a living soul". Or the Tanakh says a speaking spirit like God. A speaking spirit. He had to be a speaking spirit. He can't release his faith like God if he can't talk.

— Yeah. Yeah.

— He had him like this and He said, "Man, be in our likeness, in our image. Dominion, have".

— Wow.

— It was going right into his nostrils like this.

— Yeah.

— Adam didn't hear that, all he heard was be blessed, multiply.

— Multiply. Dominion.

— And he became a living, speaking spirit like God.

— Yeah. Yeah.
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