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2021 online sermons » Kenneth Copeland » Kenneth Copeland - Faith Is the Steadying Force in Battle

Kenneth Copeland - Faith Is the Steadying Force in Battle

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Kenneth Copeland - Faith Is the Steadying Force in Battle

— Hello everybody, I'm Kenneth Copeland. And this is the Believers Voice of Victory Broadcast, you know that. And this is professor Greg Stephens. You also, know that right? You should, by now, we've been doing this a long time.

— Yes sir we have.

— And talking about covenant partners one of the most beautiful examples of that and my father in the faith Oral Roberts also used this in talking about his partners, holding him up. I remember him saying, I was listening to it on tape and he said, I must be the tiredest man on this planet, but he would never quit. Now, by this time I was partner with him, Gloria and I partners with his ministry. And then we were in Detroit and my boss, Bob Duweese, he was captain of the airplane I was flying co-pilot to Hansard. He came to me, he said, Kenneth we're not ever gonna get these people prayed for. He said, I'm gonna set you up a prayer line, oh yeah. let me at em you know? And Greg, it was amazing that Evelyn said, Oral Robert's wife, she said Kenneth it's very strange when I'm watching you lay hands on people, it's almost like watching Oral. She said, I can almost see him in you. Well, I was his partner working right with him all the time. He was the tiredest man on the planet. Somebody had to hold up his arms.

— Yes sir.

— And it was his partners.

— And what you're referring to is the first battle with Amalek. When we go to chapter 30 of first Samuel it's Amalek that is coming and taking everybody from David. David went and of course, everybody got the blessing of that. But in Exodus chapter 17 verse 16 God will say this concerning Amalek. Because the Lord has sworn, Now he swore this, the Lord will have war with Amalek from generation to generation.

— That is a covenant oath.

— From his mouth. Yes, yeah, hey, look at that, go ahead.

— So he will have war with Amalek, from generation to generation. That war has not ended. That war will end in our future. Remember where this all started, where David was. He was up in the Jezreel Valley. Where's the Jezreel Valley. We know what is the Valley of Armageddon. There'll be a final battle, when the covenant, the one who ratified the covenant Jesus made the covenant with God. He will come and destroy the spirit of Amalek once and for all.

— I wanna mention that again. The covenant cannot be broken.

— No.

— Because it's between the father and an immortal man

— Jesus.

— Jesus, yes.

— So when we accepted him as Lord and savior we entered into that covenant. Well, of course we're not perfect like he is but all you have to do is go over to first John, very first chapter. And one of the most precious articles of our covenant is let's just go over there.

— We were remastered into Him, our spirit man.

— Verse five, chapter one. This then is the message we have heard of him and declare unto you that God is light. And in Him is no darkness at all. If we say we have fellowship with him and walk in darkness we lie and do not the truth. But if we walk in the light in the light of his word, in the light of this covenant, we walk in the light as he is in the light. We have fellowship one with another and the blood of Jesus Christ His son cleanses us from all sin. If we say we have no sin, we deceive ourselves. And the truth is not in us. If we confess our sins He's faithful and just, he's righteous. He's faithful and righteous to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness. Yee haa

— Glory.

— That's covenant.

— Yes, sir, now the rabbis refer to Amalek as children of darkness. You just read children light.

— That's right.

— They'll refer to Hitler as a son of Amalek.

— They'll refer to Haman as a son of Amalek. Everyone that comes against the covenant people of God is operating by that spirit. So this is the descendant of Esau, it's what they teach. When they came out of Egypt, all of the nations feared them. Cause they said, Rahab even said it, we know what your God did. You defeated, he defeated the most mighty army on the planet.

— Yes sir.

— The Egyptians

— Yes sir.

— And everybody was in fear except Amalek said, we don't fear him. We don't fear God. We don't fear them. And we're gonna prove that they are beatable and would attack them from the rear picking off, you know and just pestering them all the time and tormenting. And because he didn't fear, God, God said albeit, made it, He swore from generation to generation. And that's why he said his name would be blotted out. It'll be blotted out in the end. All of the spirit, all the sons of darkness and we're the children of light. Jesus will preach that over and over and over. Paul will teach you, that you don't be asleep in the light, you know. So, and when you look at this, the first battle that we have with them is with Moses. Moses will go to battle with the Amalekites and what'll happen is, you know, the story. He will fight them. And he, as long as he had his hands up, they won the battle. And when he became weary, like Oral Robert said, I'm the most tired man on the earth. When he became weary, he needed somebody to hold his hands up. That's what you were there. This is why you were able to pray for people in that anointing. You're one of those Aaron and Hur that's holding the hands up. Do you realize you get a blessing out of every Oral Roberts university graduate that graduates this year?

— Praise God.

— And begins to work because that's still going.

— Yes it is. That original partnership you had with him is still going. If you've partnered with Kenneth Copland ministries, every KCBC graduate that comes out of here and starts a church. And everybody that gets healed in that church everybody gets saved in that church. You're part of it.

— That's right.

— Bless God.

— And then the churches that come off of that then the field ministries that come from that it's like the axle for me, the axle was Oral Roberts and then Oral Roberts university. And then it goes out to the spokes and then the ripple effects, it takes charge. And we have partners. I was right in this room the day that I heard the Lord say I'm going to give you a million partners. You'll be the biggest, Holy ghost gang on the earth. I got so excited. I knocked my cup of tea over. I said, forget it, we'll clean it up later. I'm just, Gloria was sitting there with me. We were both kind of starry-eyed, you know a million partners we're on our way.

— Yes, sir, I'm one of them.

— Yes.

— And my children will be one of them and their children will be one of them.

— Well, and I'm a partner with this ministry.

— Yes, sir.

— Of course I tithe into the church, but I'm a partner with this ministry and it's oh my.

— Think about now, Moses he's fighting these Amalekites and he's tiring and who helped him out? Aaron and Hur. Aaron is what? He's the priest? So that's that church, that's that ministry side of that you see coming together.

— I love it.

— As long as his hands were up, they won the battle. And so these two men hold his hands up. That's partnership with him and with the guys, they're not fighting the battle, are they or aren't they? When Moses has his hands up is he fighting the battle? Kinda, they're after I mean, he doesn't have a sword and he's not whacking somebody with it. But as long as his hands are up, we're prevailing. As long as he's being lifted up, he's prevailing. So here's a spiritual side of this.

— The general of a fighting force.

— It was his plan.

— Is his plan. And he is sitting someplace out of harm's way because you don't need to be losing the general over this thing. And, but he's fighting a war. He's fighting a war. You could say it like this the troops are fighting and he's running the war.

— That's right.

— He's running this war.

— It's exactly right.

— Now I liken that under general Patton. General Patton was a gutsy no stop kind of a man, wouldn't quit, flat wouldn't quit. Bastogne was under siege by the Germans. Coldest Winter in 50 years. And Patton called for the chaplain. Write me a prayer.

— Yes he did, make it a good one.

— Yeah make it a good one. He said, well, I don't know if what I should, he said, I'm not asking you to pray I'll pray it myself because of my intimate relationship with the Almighty.

— Yes, yes sir.

— I'll pray it myself. Thank you very much.

— Just write it.

— Just write it out for me. And he did most famous prayer ever prayed by a General. There was cloud cover to where the Germans were moving armor and every kind of other thing undercover of the cold foggy weather in less than 24 hours it lifted and there's bright sunshine and in came the bombers and it literally ended the war with Germany. So Patton was the general. Moses is the general fighting this fight.

— Patton got a priest, got a pastor to write him a prayer.

— Yeah.

— Give me something from the word so I can pray it in his position of authority.

— Yes he did.

— As the General of the third army. See what's happening here. Moses in his position has a priest holding his hands up Hur's holding his hands up. They got two guys holding his hands up for the battle. As long as his hands are up, the battle is won, that's covenant partnership.

— Yes it is.

— Now really interesting thing that happens right there in that whole story with Moses and Aaron and Hur God's gonna reveal himself in a whole new way that He's never revealed himself before. He reveals himself as a new name. And his name is Jehovah Nissi. The Lord my banner or the Lord my miracle, You could even say that word. So he's the Lord, my banner in this. See, when you go to Amalek and you look in the Hebrew at his name Who this guy is, he's grandson of Esau, the rabbis teach. His first initial, his name is ayin or ayin as the eye, it's a symbol of the eye. And it has the same value in the numbers, Hebrew has value in numbers and letters and it's sophic and it means a cut eye or spiritual blindness. His whole name is a lack of faith, that's Esau.

— Yeah.

— All of these battles, the battle David's fighting against the Amalekite, the battle that Moses is fighting. It's a faith fight, Brother Copeland. It's spiritual blindness, the eye and no faith. The Hebrew word for Moses when his hands are up. And it says that they held him steady. That word steady is Emunah in Hebrew. Emunah is the word for faith.

— Yeah praise God,

— Faith is the steadiness in battle. The steadiness is battle is faith.

— Peter would write, the casting of all your care over on him because he cares for you.

— That's right.

— Satan, as a roaring lion, comes seeking who he can devour.

— That's right.

— Whom resist steadfast in the faith

— Steadfast in the faith, that's the same word

— That's the same word.

— So when they were in, they were in spiritual warfare. In both of these cases, these are spiritual warfare. Why? Because it's Amalek. He doesn't respect the covenant. He doesn't respect God. He's not in faith. That's part of what Amalek is about. He's cut off from faith. He's a doubt and disbelief. So in spiritual warfare, faith is the steadying force. You've gotta remain in faith. This is why he let those guys stay back, there're too weary. They can't stay in the faith, you guys stay here, stay with the provisions. We're gonna go do this and come back. This is why he rewarded them. It took faith for some of those guys to stay back. I mean, it really did. I wanna go fight, I'm just too tired to fight. I've been there. I've been there in battle. I am so tired, Brother Copeland, we're flying missions. And I had an IV port in my arm. We were so sick. All of my flight crew, that I was on had the privilege of serving with. We had a little port with an IV and we jus taped it on us. And we were combat medics. And so we could put IV solution in anytime we needed it to keep going. But I know what that is to be at that point that you're so tired that you can't go on. We didn't have any choice. We just here, we're gonna take care of ourselves. We put an IV in and we just left it in and kept doing missions until we got relieved. But he, David was wise enough to let them stay back. That was a good decision actually. And all of these guys received part of the blessing because this was a faith fight. And when you're in a faith fight you need a covenant partner, and you need a covering. And now more than ever America needs, I know why he told you you'd have a million partners. Cause now more than ever, this country needs you. The world needs that covering and they need that faith covering, now more than ever. So it was a spiritual attack. David was about to side with the wrong army. They didn't trust him. They sent him back. And because he wasn't where he was supposed to be, you know, he was with them. His city got raided by an old enemy that we'd fought before. There's there's one thing I hate. I hate fighting the same battle. I mean, even in marriage, with stuff with Michelle I don't wanna fight the same argument. We've already fought this argument before we won this, when this one's over, I don't wanna fight the same thing over and over and over. But this is what's happened with David because he'd gotten out of faith. He's back in faith. And now this faith battle. And as a result, he gives the spoils to everybody because we're in covenant and partnership, we're all in this spiritual battle because Amalekites are not faith people. So they can't see it. It doesn't make sense to them. And they're going to expose you. That's what Amalek was all about. I'm gonna expose them that they're not as strong as the way we think they are. They're not as bold as we think they are. They're not as tough as we think they are. And so he would strike to the rear, just little hits in there. And this is why Saul was told to kill them off. And he didn't do it. That cost him. But David now has taken up, taken the battle and taken all the spoils. So we will win. If we'll stay in faith and fight the spiritual battle with spiritual warfare, that's why he inquired of the Lord. He was triumphant.

— Praise God.

— And we will always be triumphant in Christ Jesus. When we use the right weapons of our warfare they are not carnal but they're mighty to the pulling down of strongholds.

— Mighty dunamis through God for the pulling down of strongholds.

— That's exactly right. And that's what we have. We are Kings and priests. We can put that ephod on. I can put that mantle, that's on you on, you know what I'm saying?

— Sure I do.

— Spiritually in prayer. That was on Oral Roberts. My days with Brother Hagin, I can put that. I can draw on that. Not looking at you as the Messiah, Jesus, is the Messiah but that anointing that's on you to do that faith battle. You've taught me faith.

— Well on my birthday, December the sixth in 2020, I heard this just boldly 2021, a year of divine a year of divine healing, a year of divine health. A year of divine prosperity and a year of divine recovery. From the 42nd chapter of the book of Isaiah.

— Amen.

— It said there was no one to say restore. What did God tell David? He will restore all.

— Restore all. And he did. He didn't just do it with his men that were there. He sent it to all the cities of Judah and restored it all, his generosity to all of them...

— Praise God.

— all the leaders of the cities. He had learned a lesson. Don't try to do this by the flesh.

— That's right.

— This is a faith fight and we're out of time.

— Hallelujah.

— Praise God, hallelujah. Thank you Lord Jesus. Isn't this marvelous? Brother Greg and I will be back in just a moment.
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