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2021 online sermons » Kenneth Copeland » Kenneth Copeland - The Blessing Will Lift You Up

Kenneth Copeland - The Blessing Will Lift You Up

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Kenneth Copeland - The Blessing Will Lift You Up

— Praise the name of the Lord. This is the "Believer's Voice of Victory" broadcast. Father, thank you. Oh my, we have been made kings and priests unto our Lord. So that we can bless the covenant blessing. THE BLESSING that began in the Garden and has flowed like a flowed like a river all the way through both covenants and we thank you for it. Oh, and now we are the blessed ones and we thank you in Jesus' name. You know, you know Greg,

— Glory to God.

— I remember there in the book of Luke.

— Mm hmm

— Be fruitful and multiply.

— Yes.

— As He began to ascend,

— Mmm

— He blessed.

— Yes He did.

— Them.

— Yes he did. Yes he did.

— It was the power of THE BLESSING of the Lord. It was THE BLESSING that taught Joseph. It was THE BLESSING that trained the men of Abraham

— Mmh

— and defeated the most powerful armies of world.

— Yes, He did. Yes, sir.

— Cause they learned how to fight at night.

— Yes, sir.

— And it was THE BLESSING of the Lord that raised Jesus from the dead. It was, that's where the power is, is in that blessing. And He was blessing and that blessing was lifting Him up. And as He was being lifted up, He blessed them and we're blessed by God, man.

— He was acting as our high priest.

— Yes sir.

— Right then, right there.

— And we've been made Kings and priests under our God.

— Yes sir.

— If he remembered our sins, he couldn't bless us.

— That's right.

— He said, I, "even I am he who blotteth out your transgression for my sake,"

— My sake

— for his sake.

— That's right.

— I couldn't get that. He said, I'll remember your sins no more.

— Yes sir.

— I couldn't get that.

— I said you meant for my, he said no, if I remember your sins I can't bless you.

— Mmm

— Now, I forgot them, you forget them.

— Praise God.

— That's good advice. Hey, it's been a great program. I mean, that's enough right there. All right, we're talking about this blessing. And I started this. Let me just tell you where it is, I didn't tell you Numbers 6:23 says this, "Speak unto Aaron and unto his sons saying, on the wise, you shall bless the children of Israel saying unto them". This was God's idea. Here's what you're gonna say, "The Lord bless thee and keep thee, the Lord make his face shine upon thee and be gracious unto thee. The Lord lift up his countenance upon thee and give the peace. And they shall put my name upon the children of Israel". There's the name change.

— Oh, glory to God. There it is.

— And I will bless and I will bless them. So now he's given righteous men the responsibility to bless. Now, it's not just God blessing. So when, when Brother Copeland, you stand under the anointing and you bless somebody, it's as if Jesus himself just did it because he just gave power to men for the first time to do it.

— Yes, he did.

— And so that's why it's important. So when you start to see this, the Lord keep you, God is securing THE BLESSING in my life. He will not allow it to sour. He will not allow it to fade away. He'll add no sorrow to it.

— Mm, mm

— It's as if.

— THE BLESSING of the Lord, it maketh rich.

— Maketh Rich and he adds no sorrow to it. So the word face is plural there in the verb, it comes from the word light, which goes right back to the Garden, light be.

— Oh man.

— So in other words, the Father as you're looking in his face, as he's looking at you will enlighten you. I just don't understand the Bible. You spend time with him, you start confessing THE BLESSING, he'll enlighten your spirit so that you'll see a know. The spirit of seeing and knowing. So with wisdom the divine light proceeded creation and now it's recreating me. And then it says this, be gracious to you. This is undeserved gift of his love. You can find this referenced in Ephesians 3:18 The face is an indicator of the attitude of the heart. You ever say, I know what you're saying but your face says something else.

— Yes.

— Your face is an indicator. God is not turning his face from you. My God, he did that with Jesus.

— Yes He did.

— On the cross. But he's not turning his face in anger from you. He's lifting you up in his arms. And the final blessing is Shalom, nothing missing.

— Nothing broken.

— And nothing broken. No, with inner peace you have balance you're in harmony. You're, there's no strife in your life. Without Shalom the rest of it is useless. So this is the priestly blessing from the Prince of Peace. Now, what will happen is they'll take, they'll take their tallit and they'll put it on and they'll cover their head. It's not just draped around your shoulders, but literally covering your head. And what happens is you, to this day the Orthodox will do this. When you're receiving THE BLESSING, you do your hands like this and your face is down. You do not look at the, the priest. The priest doesn't look, he does his hands like this and pronounces his blessing. Usually sings it over you with his head down. Which makes sense when Jesus was ascending that he would have been looking down on them, right?

— Yes. Yes.

— You men, you men of Israel, why do you stand here looking up into the, remember this?

— Yes.

— So they're looking up into him He's looking down onto them. But the rabbis teach that it gives the, this picture, this, this bible will become a little child. You've done this Brother Copeland with your children,

— Yes sir.

— your grandchildren. How can I see his face? Why would the Lord lift up his face if he's above me? Because what he does is he lifts you up and looks in your face, like a little toddler. That's the level of love.

— We've been raised up to see him

— There it is.

— When he said that to me, it just, well, it literally changed my whole consciousness. There here are my, my, my Jesus as a born again child of God. This is a new creature, just a baby Christian. He just lifted me up like this smiled and looked at me.

— That's what it means when he lifted up his countenance, his face because he's lifted me up to a place. I'm seated with him above all, right now. I did this all the time you know, we lived in California we'd take the, what do you want to do? Disney land, and then, they always want to go Disneyland. And some point during that trip, those little legs would get tired. They didn't wanna stop. They wanted to keep seeing stuff and riding things, but their little legs would get tired. What would I do every time? I'd pick them up, put them on my shoulders and I'll never forget Matthew said, daddy, I can see so much better up here But that's where we are. When we get up, when he lifts us up into that position we can see things so much better. And I referenced Ephesians 3:18.

— Oh, yes.

— In touching this, look, this Ephesians 3:18 Well, let's look at verse 17 "that Christ may dwell in your hearts by faith. And then you'll be rooted and grounded in love may be able to comprehend with all saints. What is the breadth, the length and the depth and height," I can comprehend. I can see it because he's lifted me out of this situation. I was in Brother Copeland with the blood, THE BLESSING because of my covenant, I've been washed in the blood. THE BLESSING has literally lifted me out of all the trials and tribulation, stress, strife. All of it. When I walk in the revelation of that blessing, walked into the fact that my loving Father has lifted me up. And blessed me.

— And I spent all of my Christian life looking up to him. And, and then I realized that he's in me and I, and I know he hears me because I'm so aware that he's in me become God inside-minded over the years where we're just, we're just together. We're just all the time together and day and night. I mean that's when, like in the night I heard we need to get back through THE BLESSING to show these things. And I said, I just jump up and run in my closet or where I keep a little pad and write it down and go back to sleep. And then when I wake up the next morning, it just the today's to all of this week's broadcast just unfolded in front of me. But Greg, it never was a revelation to me until you showed me this. And this is the reason I said to him, we have to go through the covenant blessing and come to that point where I could look down on the happy face of my Father.

— Not turning his face from you. There's no sorrow look on him whatsoever.

— And he's got a big, just like my kids

— He gave himself to get you.

— Yeah.

— Isn't that beautiful? Now, it ties very closely to the prayer Jesus taught us to pray our Father. Less, you realize that he's your Father, Now, you may have had her horrible relationship and it may not even be known your father, but you have a Father.

— Yes you do.

— You have a heavenly Father, unless you realize that relationship, your faith is going to suffer. That's what I found. I knew one thing about my dad. My dad loved me. That was unconditional. I knew my dad. He would move heaven and earth to get something for me. You will not recognize the timing of THE BLESSING. If you don't recognize the timing and the love of your Father for you. The example, I'll show it to you in the life of Jesus, Lazarus. When Lazarus was raised from the dead, let me show you this Lazarus' name means "my God will help" in Hebrew. That's his name. My God will help. He lives in a town called Bethany, which means "house of poverty". All right. So the house of poverty has a guy named my God will help in it. Jesus hears about his sickness and he remains for two days. And he said to the guys don't fear, fear, not. In ancient times, the Jewish different religions I'm going to call them denominations, Pharisees, Sadducees, Essenes Scribes. The Sadducees, the Pharisees believed in a resurrection all right. The Sadducees did not believe in resurrection after death. That's why they were sad.

— Yeah, so Sadducee

— Sadducee

— But they believed that the common belief of that day and what we would refer to now as mystic Judaism was that after death, the spirit of a person remained and hovered over the earth, around their body or somewhere for three days. So they believed that for three days after this, this is why they said we got to block that tomb for three days. Because they believed that something could happen for three days. But after three days, it can't. Well, they get that from Jonah. There's three days

— Three days and in the belly of a whale.

— Listen Jonah died.

— Yeah, he did.

— You're not gonna survive in the belly of the great fish with all the acids and everything, unless it's a miracle, but I believe he died.

— He was resurrected, born again.

— You have to read it, you read it carefully. And he said he did.

— Yeah. Right. So this three-day resurrection thing that Jesus is talking about is very familiar to them because they believed that that for three days, a spirit could come back into a body and be made whole. So Jesus, what happens? He waits to two days and then shows up on the fourth day and they say to him, you're too late. If you'd have been here, why did they say you're too late? If you'd have been here within the first three days, he could come back. But he can't now. Cause it's the fourth day because that's their belief. Jesus, THE BLESSING arrives on the fourth day. Proving his power is not limited to three days that all power is given unto me. That he's more powerful. This is why it was such a big stir. if he did raised him from the dead on the first day or the second day, they would've said, well, that's that's could have been done because it's within three days when he waited for four days, he made a statement. and that's brought THE BLESSING did to Lazarus. THE BLESSING did that. My God will help. And he did. And at that moment, the Gentiles were ready to believe on him. And that's the thing that pushed the priest over the edge. Okay. We've got to kill him. We got to take this guy out because he's got the power to raise people on the fourth day, past three days. And the Sadducees who didn't even believe in a resurrection, there's a resurrection standing at the temple with him because I guarantee you, he went back to the temple, presented himself, cleansed himself. And that's why there was such a stir about that because Jesus was consistent. He told people to do the exact same thing.

— And something that, something that 99% people don't know. Just a little research and you can figure it out. They learned in Egypt to mummify.

— Yes, sir.

— And the last thing that was covered was the face. It's like, like our tradition of seeing someone in the coffin and then closing it. The last chance you get to see your loved one. And then the face is covered. So when John and Peter came into that tomb,

— Mmm that wasn't, the grave clothes were not, it was the, the, the face napkin was folded. There was a cocoon there, the very shape of Jesus with nothing in it.

— Mmh it says the napkin,

— Yeah the, all the napkin was folded by the side. Lazarus, he was four days the face piece was already there. He was already mummified.

— Yes, sir.

— And when he said Lazarus come forth. That thing, stood in the front of that tomb, standing there like this. Don't, you know, that was the shock of the ages? there that thing stood that's the reason he said loose him and let him go. You're gonna have to cut him out of that cocoon.

— That's right.

— So let's connect the dots. They, the girls probably went on the third day. His sisters probably went on the third day and did that. This is why the women arrived with Jesus on the third day. And he was already gone, but they probably went on the third day Jesus arrives on the fourth day. And they're like, it's too late. We've already,

— yeah,

— we've already done this other you're too late. He stinks by now. We've already been in there. How would they know he stinks? because they were in there yesterday when he arrived on the fourth day.

— That's right.

— That's exactly right. And he showed absolute all of these little strings.

— Yes.

— Attached together. Now, one beautiful thing that happens in one of the accounts of Jesus in the tomb is the Ark of the covenant. The Ark of the covenant had a seraphim on one side and one on the other side facing each other.

— The Ark of the covenant has...

— Has yes, yes, sir. Has one on either end, and then this is the mercy seat. That's right here inside of that, there is a manna of the bread of life.

— How, how large

— Four feet, maybe like this table, here across. And there's one on either end read the account where they looked in there and they saw an angel one at the foot and one at the head of where he had lain. What they did is they got there right after the two angels came together. Now the, the bible says that when two of us gather together face to face in his name, there is he in the...

— Middle of us.

— Middle of us...

— That's right.

— That way I'm not controlling the spirit and you're not controlling the spirit. He's in the middle of it.

— We are in agreement.

— In the heavenly throne room, they're circling the throne crying Holy Holy, Holy. I guarantee you here's what happened. An angel stood at the foot and angel stood at the head and they reach their arms out like this and cry Holy Holy, Holy. And the power of God went into that body. And he came up out of it. They made an Ark of the covenant with him on it, on the mercy seat. They literally think about that. I've been there that slab, his body was there. Two angels got here and here, they did what they do in the throne room. And the power God came in that body. He came up out of there. He folded the napkin up and left, but they made an Ark of the covenant. So Brother Copeland, when you and I or when you and, and someone with you get together in agreement in his name, you're making an Ark of the covenant.

— Yes glory to God

— recreating what's in the throne.

— Then there's most, how much Tim do we got, Tim? Most significant, just most significant. He first said, don't touch me.

— Don't touch me.

— I have not yet. I'm going to just paraphrase.

— Ascended.

— I haven't gone up yet to my Father and your Father, my God and your God.

— Yes.

— He had to go cleanse according to the book of Hebrews.

— Yes.

— He had to cleanse the heavenly utensils of worship

— That's correct.

— because Adam's sin had gone all the way into heaven right up to, but not including the throne of God.

— Well, Lucifer, was, that's where iniquity happened first was in heaven. He said, I will ascend my throne. That's where it happened. So he went and cleansed that first.

— Yes, had to.

— And then here.

— Now, that's the reason why heaven, God had to create a virtual Paradise in the upper region

— Mmh

— of hell it's called Paradise.

— Correct.

— The pit was down below it. And when Abraham talked to the rich man, he was speaking through, we'll call it a portal. As far as everyone else knew they were in heaven.

— That's right.

— They didn't know there was anything else.

— That's correct.

— But heaven was not fit for a person yet. Only two had gone up there and they had not died.

— That's right.

— Now when Jesus said, no, man hath gone into heaven, he wasn't talking about them. He was talking about no man has died and gone to heaven. Because it was unfit.

— That's correct. And this is why he will make a statement. "I go to prepare a place for you".

— There it is. And that's what he's been doing.

— There it is.

— I have, I've had, I was struggling with that. And the Lord said, Kenneth, will you get out of the natural

— Yes.

— He said, he said, you think about it. You could step into your closet and just suddenly, I could put the whole state of Texas in your closet. You could see the whole state from a, from a spiritual point. And he said, I can, he said, you walk out and you're just in your closet then he said, I put Heaven, a virtual Heaven called Paradise in that upper region. They did not know they were not in heaven.

— That's correct. That's great. So let me, just one

— they led captivity captive.

— captive So, let me go back to this, this prayer Lord, bless thee, and keep thee, the Lord, make his face shine upon thee be gracious to thee the Lord, lift up his countenance upon thee, and give you peace. When he lifted you up this how the whole state of Texas can be in your closet.

— Yes.

— He lifts you up out of the natural, Brother Copeland.

— Oh Lord God.

— Into his realm.

— Yes.

— And you can see it the way he sees it. That's THE BLESSING.

— It's the spiritual climbing of Mount Nebo.

— That's it.

— And up there, you can see it. I heard the Lord say it, he said, climb Mount Nebo, like Moses. And you, see things that others don't see, you hear things others don't hear. And you know, things, others don't know.

— That's correct. That's exactly what John did in the book of Revelation. I was in the spirit on the Lord's Day.

— Yes.

— And suddenly he heard a voice behind him. He turned to see, and he was somewhere else.

— Yes.

— And that's being lifted up. He and what he say to him, come up,

— come up here.

— He said that to Brother Hagin

— Yes he did.

— come up here. And that's what he's saying to all of us, come up here, get up here. And there's coming a day when the trumpet will sound, he will literally have us come up there.

— Yes, yes. But we've already been done that. So, you're operating in THE BLESSING right now. Not in the curse, because in THE BLESSING he has a million ways to get THE BLESSING to you.

— Yes, yes, yes.

— Did, do you remember my thing I got 30 seconds here. The Lord said, I have a million ways to make you a billionaire.

— Yes.

— You can't think of three,

— And well, if he could give it to me get it to me, give it to I know. And we're out of time.

— We're out of time,

— Glory to God. Come on, join me help us here, boy. Praise God. Hallelujah

— Amen.

— Thank you.
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