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2021 online sermons » Kenneth Copeland » Kenneth Copeland - The Blessing Is in the Earth

Kenneth Copeland - The Blessing Is in the Earth

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Kenneth Copeland - The Blessing Is in the Earth

— Hello, everybody. I'm Kenneth Copeland. Are you getting as much out of this as we are? I just love it, don't you? Father, we thank You today for this broadcast. We thank You today for the people all over the world that are joining us in these great and wonderful truths of Your Word, and the insights, and the ideas, and the concepts of the Bible in revelation from Heaven, moving through our hearts and minds that are just absolutely marvelous. We thank You for today. We thank You for Professor Stephens today. And we give You the praise and the honor, Lord Jesus, forevermore. In Jesus' name we pray, amen. Well, come on, guys. Hasn't this been something? Whoa, hallelujah. All right. Well, John 10 is where you were talking about, right?

— That's right. Yesterday, we were talking about why there had to be a Virgin birth, and that how God got around a blood curse that He spoke on the line of David. Satan thought he had Him, thought he had Him wrapped tight with a bow on it. And God got around it by using Mary's line, not Joseph's line, which gave us the reason for a Virgin birth. Which means Jesus can legally be, a covenant term that was used often in His ministry, son of David.

— Son of David.

— He legitimately was son of David without the blood curse.

— Now, you know, I've known that for years, that they, that's the reason. Hey, don't go away from the begets.

— Vitally important.

— That's Bible. They're in there for a reason. And I knew they were different lines, but I didn't know why.

— Because it was legal and it got around Lucifer. A lot of people, here's the difference in a Hebraic mindset and a Greek mindset. If I asked this audience, these people, Psalm 23, what's the first word of Psalm 23? The 23rd Psalm, what? The Lord is my shepherd.

— The Lord is my shepherd.

— Now to a Hebraic mindset, it's a Psalm of David, the Lord is my shepherd. You don't leave that out.

— You don't leave that out?

— No.

— Well, I won't either from now on.

— So THE BLESSING is coming into the Earth, bypassing the curse, because He will become the curse. He wasn't cursed, but He will become the curse, just like what they did in Deuteronomy 28. They'll hang a king between the two mountains. We talked about that in the sessions before. And so it's a type and shadow, but He's gonna come fulfill this thing. So His birth is very interesting. You can go through, first of all, I mean, just brace yourself. Grab a hold of your seat and don't fall out. He wasn't born on December 25th.

— No he wasn't.

— He wasn't born on December 25th. That's the day the world celebrates it, but that's not the day. You can take historical fact with the Word of God and you can come up with when He was born. He was probably born in September of 2 BC. The reason we know that is Herod dies, they flee. Remember they flee Israel to go to Egypt? They return after his death. Well, we know when he died. He died on January the 14th, 1 BC. Tertullian was a historian. He was born about 160 AD. So he's within a hundred years, 150 years of Jesus. And he said that Augustus began to rule 41 years before the birth of Jesus, and he died 15 years after Jesus. So we know when Augustus died. He died on August 19th, 14 AD. That places Jesus' birth about 2 BC again. He also talks about that Jesus was born 28 years after Cleopatra in 30 BC. So which places you at 2 BC. So all the history points to that. There's another approach you can take from the Word of God though, because of John, John the Baptist's father, he's a Priest. And he is of the Course of Abia. Now, there are, the Priests were divided into 24 courses. So the Priests lived throughout all the tribes. They didn't have any inheritance of their own in the land, but they lived everywhere. So, if you were of this course, you served for one week in the temple. John's father was in the temple when the angel Gabriel spoke to him, told him, "Be quiet, his name will be John". Remember that whole thing? So we know what course that was. We know what course it was when the temple was destroyed in 70 AD. History tells us that the first course of Priests had taken over. So if you do the math, you can figure out what course John's was. And you do the counting backwards and you find out when John was conceived. You find out John would have been conceived on Passover in the year that Elizabeth, you do five months later, six months later with Jesus. And you come up with a date of September of 2 BC. Now, here's the thing. He would have been conceived then over in December to be born then because He was full-term. I know He was full-term because the Bible says, "In the fullness of time".

— He was exactly full-term.

— On time. Exactly full-term. So, He would have been conceived during another festival of the Jews. He would have been conceived during the time of Hanukkah. Now, I brought a Hanukkah. People call this a Hanukkah menorah, it's a hanukia is what it's called. But let me show you something in John 10. Jesus is speaking and He's got this whole verse about the thief and a robber. The way you come into the door. He's doing a teaching. "The thief comes not but to steal, kill, and destroy," verse 10. "I'm come that they might have life, they might have it more abundantly". I'm the Good Shepherd. So, He's got this great teaching going on about the Good Shepherd. And then you get down here to verse 22, "and it was at Jerusalem, the Feast of Dedication, and it was winter".

— Yes, sir.

— What feast is He teaching here? Because the feasts of Israel are Spring, or they're Fall and they're Spring. They're not one at winter. There's not a single one, except this one. It's the Feast of Dedication. Now, you gotta go back to some history. Now, you're gonna see why Herod was so afraid of the wise men. Why the wise men was such a big deal because this goes back to the Greeks. This goes back to Alexander The Great, it goes back to a time that was prophesied. Antiochus Epiphanes, the destruction of the temple. This man will bring a, he'll bring a pig in, Brother Copeland, to the Holy of Holies.

— Oh, dear God.

— And offer it on the altar. So the entire temple has been desecrated. Now this, what the time I'm talking about happened between what we consider the Old Testament and the New Testament. A guy by the name of Judah Maccabee will rise up and we're not gonna have any more of this. And they began to overthrow and they defeat these enemies, and they realize they have to rededicate the temple. So, this is why it's called the Feast of Dedication and it was winter. So they gotta cleanse everything. And they look at the temple menorah, which has seven branches. The Hanukkah menorah has eight on it. The... They found the temple oil. They had enough oil for the lamp for one night, but it's gotta burn all the time 'cause they're commanded in Scripture it has to burn all the time. So they bless it. They pray over it. And they light the temple menorah that night and God performs a miracle. And the oil, just like with the prophet, it never ran out.

— Glory to God, it never ran out.

— It never ran out for the entire eight days that they needed to get the temple cleansed, rededicated. And they dedicate it. So every year, the Jewish people celebrate Hanukkah. And it's called, also called, the Festival of Light. Now, if you do all the math, and I didn't break down all of that, you know? People's head start swimming when you do that. Jesus would have been conceived by the Holy Ghost in Marea, during the Festival of Dedication or the Festival of Lights. Well, she dedicated herself to the Holy Spirit.

— Yes, she did.

— Be it unto me, according to your word. That's a, you're the temple. She dedicated her temple without the blood curse in it, to the Holy Spirit. And the Light of the World was conceived in her during the Festival of Lights. Now, here's how this works. This one light, you can see it stands apart from the others. Now, on the first night, you're commemorating that the lights, and you put these in your window. You don't hide this. You let everybody see the light shine from your house. Don't hide your light. Jesus is gonna teach on this over and over and over. So the Jewish people will light this one. And then on that first night, they're gonna start right here and come down here. This one will light that one. On the second night, they'll put another one in here. And you always light the newest one to this one. We've done this with our kids so they'll understand that you are a light into a dark world. I teach them that. This light is called the servant light. The servant light is responsible for lighting all the other lights.

— I see it.

— You see it, you see the connection. So He is the King of the Jews, the Light of the World entered. It's called the Shamash, is what it's called, the servant light. It's dedication of us being the light. And they celebrate this every year during the winter time. This is what Jesus was doing. It's in your Bible. He celebrated this. And so when we put lights on trees or lights on our house, we're kind of just following this. We're celebrating the Light of the World, the day He was conceived. So I'll submit this to you. Somewhere around December is when He was conceived. He wasn't born, but He became alive. THE BLESSING came in to the Earth, and we walk in that blessing. Everything changed the moment He came into the Earth.

— Praise God.

— Into her.

— No wonder it says, "Let your light shine".

— Let your light so shine before men.

— Yes, sir.

— That they may see your good works. And Jesus of Nazareth who went about doing good.

— The Light of the World.

— And healing all. And so we're supposed to allow our light to shine. So I've always wondered when I first started seeing that, why is that there?

— We are supposed to become. We are as witnesses. We are the servant candle.

— Yes, sir.

— We are to go get someone born again, and their light begins to shine. They get someone born again, and their light begins to shine. And then we came into this ministry and this one servant light. Gloria got born again two weeks before I did. I'd just come in from flying that trip that night, and received Jesus as my Lord and my Savior. Well, just a little bit, a little bit, and then family members, and then that. But think what's happened now, Greg, over the last, I don't know, 54 years. My goodness, that Gloria and my servant candle by obeying God through every available voice.

— Yes, sir.

— We began just like. Fred Price prophesied, years ago, In fact, you talked about it I think last week.

— Last week, yeah.

— And I remember that. You remember the, you remember the great song, "I Believe"? "I believe that da, da, da".

— Mm-hmm, mm-hmm, yep, yeah.

— The regular lyrics that sold so many regular, beautiful song, had been replaced with Scriptural lyrics. And I recorded it that way. And of course we had the, because of the copyright, we had to put those lyrics on file. And they had no trouble with that at all the people that, these were lovely people. They saw that and liked it and we had no trouble with the copyright at all.

— Amen.

— And Fred Price prophesied lights and those lights began to spring up all over. And then he began to talk to me about the songs that the lyrics would be changed, and spring up lights. But man, I see it with that one candle today. Oh, man.

— What one candle can do.

— And they never ran out. That's the miracle of Hanukkah. They never ran out of the oil to rededicate the temple. Now, Jesus, we're gonna be taught in the New Testament and see, I think it's in here to let the Jews know He celebrated Hanukkah. He was absolutely Jewish. He's teaching about Himself here during that festival in that time. He talks about us being the temple of the Holy Ghost. Paul's gonna teach us on this. That you're the temple. So I don't wanna do anything to diminish my light, Brother Copeland.

— Mm-mmm.

— Now, we were talking yesterday about blood curses and I told you, you're not under a generational curse. But if you eat like the generations before you ate, then the things that were upon them will come upon you, right? I mean, if you continue to live that lifestyle of Uncle Ed or whoever it is.

— To be carnally-minded?

— Is death.

— Is death.

— Yes, sir. Spiritually-minded is life. So once my temple has been cleansed, rededicated to Him, because I had originally a man's temple was originally God breathed into it. He showed it that at the very beginning of the week. That was a perfect temple. It had been defiled. But now the Holy Spirit has come in me and re-lit my candle.

— The entrance of His Word brings light.

— Yes, sir. Yes, sir. Yes, sir. Now, it all starts to make sense, the words that He said. He's teaching directly out of this and rededicating this temple. This is why He got so mad when He went to the temple and saw things that shouldn't have been there. That's why righteous indignation rose up in Him.

— It was an absolute confidence game. You brought your little lamb in, and this lamb is blemished. They would take that lamb back and bring another. Then they would take the lamb you brought and sell it somebody else.

— Right. They're making a profit.

— It was a wicked thing. Oh, boy, I'm telling you. I don't think that that rope, that lash He made, I don't think. Though, it wasn't a little flimsy whip. He's hurting people with that thing. They needed to be hurt.

— Well, it was enough stir. It's kind of like the first presidential debate this last. It's enough stir that everybody talked about it. I mean, He did it more than twice. He turned over tables and...

— Yes, sir.

— He's so guarding of the temple. So guarding. And He guards your temple, and you need to guard your temple.

— That's right.

— When you talked about that, I think it was yesterday. You mentioned He stands at the door and knocks. That's Revelation 3. He standing at the door of churches. He's not in your church. He's at the door trying to get in. That's why, what Pastor George said, "I want my church back". That was a big deal.

— Yes, it was.

— And He'll come in and house with you in the temple because your temple's been rededicated and cleansed. And you gotta, now, you have to receive that by faith. So, in this line of Jesus, I showed this yesterday. Here we go. Tribe of Judah. There's that kingly side. But because of His mother, she was a Levite. He's a King and a Priest.

— Glory to God, man. The exactness of this book.

— Yes, sir.

— That I wanna say this again. Particularly those of you that are new to this. This is the Word of God. Two blood covenants. One first in the blood of animals. Second in the blood of a man through circumcision. And third through the blood of God, blood-sworn oaths. And I said this. I said this on Monday, but I know I need to just say this over and over and over and over.

— Yes, sir.

— When you talk about, talk to me, about the word of my dad, A.W. Copeland, Aubrey Wayne Copeland. You talk about his word, I didn't think about a book. I think about the fact that the man would swear to his own hurt and change not before. If he made a deal, if he just said something. No. If it even sounds like a lie, he just. He's a yes and no guy. He didn't, he wasn't like me and talk all the time. Mother and I'd just nearly drive him crazy. But I won't go into all that. But anyway. Don't think of the book when you hear the Word of God. It's His blood-sworn oath.

— Yes, sir.

— It's His promise. It's His covenant. He said it, He'll do it. He said. He said who He is. He said who He was. He said what He will do, what He won't do. You don't have to even consider what the will of God is. It is all in here. And it is sworn in blood and it is His bond.

— He would have to cease to exist.

— Yeah.

— For it not to happen.

— And that's not gonna happen.

— That's the biggest thing about this.

— Wow. Wow.

— So all of these things starting right there. Everything that happened here. In the beginning, God. All the way through. To right here. "He which testifies these things says," "Surely I come quickly". "Amen, even so, come Lord Jesus. The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you all. Amen".

— Amen.

— Every bit of it is that book.

— It's true. So here's the precision of the Father. If He was conceived during the Festival of Lights, the Light of the World. See, I believe you're alive. You're a person the moment you were conceived. That's what I believe.

— I do too.

— Not when you're born. So He came into the world in Mary, as the Light of the World. That, you do the math on this. He would have been born on the Day of the Feast of Trumpets. When God, with us. Emmanuel, God with us. Exactly to the day.

— That's who He's name?

— That's his name. And so He comes during the Feast of, the Feast of Trumpets. That whole new year thing is when He comes. And what happened? The entire sky opened up and the Heavens rejoiced that THE BLESSING, Brother Copeland, had come into the Earth.

— Oh, man.

— My God. And He's gonna rededicate. He's the temple of the Holy Ghost without the blood curse. And He's gonna make us just like Him, if we'll believe on Him in faith.

— Sometimes I just can't stand it.

— I know it. I know. If I wasn't plugged to this chair, I'd.

— Oh, I'm telling you what. This room ain't big enough, brother.

— Glory to God. All of Heaven invaded Earth.

— Yes. Those marvelous words. Peace. Shalom on Earth. Not good will among men, it didn't say that. Goodwill towards man. The war's over. The sacrifice is here. You can't get Him out.

— Amen. My, God.

— It's over!

— Yes, sir.

— The Sin War is over.

— And the shepherds that are watching over those little lambs were there.

— The temple lambs.

— Yes, sir. Wrapped.

— And, yeah. And I have a book at home. And we're out of time.

— Oh, my.

— But when they, when it goes back and said when they interviewed people around that time, they said it, everybody woke up and thought it was daylight because the whole area lit up like the noon day Sun.

— It lit up 'cause the light had come into the world.

— Glory to God.

— Amen.
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