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2021 online sermons » Kenneth Copeland » Kenneth Copeland - The Blessing Overcame the Curse

Kenneth Copeland - The Blessing Overcame the Curse

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Kenneth Copeland - The Blessing Overcame the Curse

— Hello everybody, I'm Kenneth Copeland, let's have a word of prayer, we'll get right into today's Bible lesson. Father, we thank you again today, Oh, my. We praise you Lord Jesus, we praise you Heavenly Father, thank you Holy Spirit, greater one that lives within us, our teacher, our comforter, our guide, our intercessor, our standby. Oh, we thank you, praise you Lord Jesus. Thank you today, Sir, for the covenants of God, thank you Lord for giving us the Word of faith by which and through which our personal garden of Eden can come to pass. And we thank you for THE BLESSING of Abraham. In Jesus' name, amen. We've been talking about THE BLESSING of God. Well, it is but actually coming out of that garden fiasco. Now, Adam was the god of this world, he had the authority to do what he did, he committed high treason, and under that moment of pressure, he just gave his authority over, he could have said, take your hands off my wife, you just shut up, 'cause the scripture says she was deceived but he wasn't and he could have looked over there at her and said, Baby, he didn't say we couldn't touch it, but just let it alone. and he never took any responsibility for it. Anyway...

— We'll actually he blamed God for it

— He blamed God for it, and then he blamed his wife and then blamed God for giving her to him.

— That's what he did.

— So, he literally gave this whole earth to the devil, he had the authority to do it, he did not have the moral right to do it. But God had given it to him, God was hands off. God did his part. He purposely gave him every point there to repent and he didn't do it.

— That's right.

— So, now, as we said yesterday, he began right then to get it back, to get that garden back, to get this whole thing back. The plan was already in motion. Now, let's go to the book of Deuteronomy.

— Yes, sir. The 28th chapter, is THE BLESSING of the Lord blessing Abraham. Look at the second verse, "All these blessings shall come on thee and overtake thee if you will hearken if you will listen to the voice of the Lord thy God".

— We will say they be led by the Spirit.

— Yeah.

— Just do what I tell you to do That's exactly right. That's exactly right.

— You gotta listen, just do it. That's faith.

— Yes, sir, exactly right. "Blessed shall you be in the city, blessed shall you be in the field, blessed shall be the fruit of thy body, and the fruit of thy ground, the fruit of thy cattle and the increase of thy kine and the flocks of sheep".

— Let's talk about kine.

— Okay.

— That's not K-I-N-D, it's K-I-N-E. Okay, let's go to Deuteronomy 28. What's that? That's the-

— Fourth verse.

— Fourth verse. No, wait a minute I'm in the wrong app. Let's go to the Blue Bible app. Okay, it wouldn't it be strange you came back. Everybody open your iPad. So, we go to Deuteronomy 28:4, and we go to the concordance. "The increase of thy kine, there it is in Hebrew,

— Eleph...

— "Eleph". Cattle, oxen in farming as a possession, that's all the equipment you need to do what you're called to do. Greg, I use that a lot. I went there believing God for that Citation X for a brand new jet debt-free, I needed that jet. The one I had was too slow and I couldn't get out of the United States with it or this North American continent. I needed to go international and I needed to go fast, 92% of the speed of sound with that airplane. Do you know that airplane was the same speed that we're still flying it today. that's the same speed as the F-86 in the Korean war,

— It was subsonic well, so are we. But in the dive test of course it had to do some supersonic. Anyway, I was using that 'cause of that I need that.

— That was your kine.

— Eleph That's THE BLESSING of the Lord. Everybody reads K-I-N-D not K-I-N-E, it's pronounced kine and kind, there it is.

— It's the tools you need to do what He's calling you to do.

— You need oxen, you need trucks,

— You need computers.

— Yeah, that's what I used to believe for DirecTV. I called George and Terri, I said, look, the kine, he said, what? I said, the kine the K-I-N-E, yeah, we can do that, and it came in in record time.

— Yay, man.

— Right, the kine for record time, yeah, I mean it but it's THE BLESSING.

— It's the tools you need everything you need to do what God's called you to do in THE BLESSING is there.

— Where's my camera.

— If you'll just hear his voice.

— Let me remind you something here now, there's blood behind this.

— Yes, sir.

— Started out with the blood of animals, then it became the blood of a man through circumcision.

— Yes sir.

— Then it became the blood of God through the blood of Jesus.

— Yes sir,

— And there's where we live, glory to God.

— THE BLESSING actually became flesh, came into the earth, to sign the agreements with us, that's what he did.

— That's what ihedid.

— And so all of these covenants are getting us back to the place, I call it a ladder. You go from Adam to Noah, and than more is revealed Adam, Noah, from Noah, we go to Abraham.

— I forgot about Noah because He flooded it all out, He said the same words to Noah that He said to Adam...

— Be fruitful and multiply. He doesn't change, that's the pattern.

— Then you come down to Joseph and Potiphar saw the anointing on him and that God was with him, turned his whole operation over to Him and he ran it, how'd he know how?

— THE BLESSING on his life,

— Taught him how to run this big operation...

— Not only saved Egypt but will save Israel, 'cause they'll move down there. And God even told Abraham for 430 years, your people will be in Egypt, but I'm gonna bring them out to the place I promised you 'cause the land is part of that. And all the kine you need for the land is part of that. He didn't leave anything undone, Brother Copeland.

— No, he didn't.

— Not a single thing.

— Not one jot or tittle, not one dot of an I or the cross of a T, it is exact.

— He is so detailed in everything that He does, and so if I tell you that He's so detailed, whatever He's promised to you has to come to pass.

— Don't struggle with your rent.

— Hmm.

— Relax, I have a covenant with God. Jesus offered me a covenant.

— Yes He did.

— He said, behold, I stand at the door and knock, He's not talking to unbelievers.

— No, He is talking believers It's available for an unbeliever, He's talking to believers. I stand at the door of your heart, I'm knocking, I'm your savior, but I'm not your Lord, you sweating the rent. He offered covenant, He said, I will come in, we will come in and we will sup with you, we will come in and eat with you. This, is an Eastern book and you have to be Eastern-minded or renew your mind to think like Eastern thoughts. That's what this man has done, even to a much greater degree than I have. So what was He saying? if you'll let me in that house, I'll pay the rent.

— That's right.

— Baby, there's no use in you worrying about it, I'll come in, I'll take care of all the costs, I'll pay off your house, I'll take, what do you have to do? Listen and quit worrying about it, quit crying around them, No, that did no, no, no, no, no, no.

— Remember when he told that guy, hey, come here, we're going to your house for lunch today.

— Get down that tree, Shorty This guy was...

— Do you think that guy sweat about what he's going to serve Him, I don't think he did, I think Jesus were at lunch.

— Well, He knew his name, he be knew it how'd He know my name?

— Right.

— I don't know Him.

— So if you let Him into your house, you don't have to worry about what you're going to provide for Him, He's got that covered. I guarantee he sent Judas to go get lunch we're going to his house, 'cause that's His character and nature...

— This is what I'm talking about this whole thing going widescreen, you begin to think covenant, you begin think the Word, it... I've turned my household over to Him and boy, back there in that beginning, particularly before Gloria and I knew anything about it we were just learning. God was doing little small miracles just to get us to get us food but we were so thrilled, we didn't care where He got it, we were so thrilled with the Word and we had just finally just turned everything over to Him, I don't care what it is, He'll take care of it, what He said, I'm gonna start. I learned that from my father in the faith, Oral Roberts. He said Kenneth, when he tells me to build a building, I dig a hole.

— Hmm. He's doing what He said, hearken unto my voice.

— And He actually did that.

— Did He, yeah,

— He stood out there on South Louis there's not a building on that place, stood out there and pray in tongues and interpret. And the Lord told him how to build this and how to build that he brought everything, he liquidated everything that he personally owned. he said don't ever start any kind of project without a significant seed. Brought it all, liquidated it all this was back years ago, it was over $100,000 and land and everything he and Evelyn owned personally liquidated it and bought it before the board of directors of that ministry and said we're gonna build a university and I'm the first giver.

— Hmm.

— He didn't ask them if we could build a university, he said, I'm gonna build a university and I'm the first giver.

— Hmm.

— You'd already heard back when he got healed of tuberculosis.

— And he's walking it out.

— He walking it out.

— At that point, that's so good.

— But God supped with him,

— Yes, sir.

— He had covenant with him. He said, everything has a key issue, He said this to me personally. And he said, when the money's not flight right there's a key issue and only the people that live and walk by faith can find that key issue. He said, it's like a Chinese puzzle. Once you find that key issue where the devil has it bottlenecked turn that key issue and the bottleneck will leave, and He said most of the time it's because you're not walking in love.

— Hmm. So all of these covenants build one upon another, from Moses we go to...

— That stair step is interesting.

— From Moses would go right to David, now more is revealed in David see it started off with one man, with Abraham, then it became a nation with Moses, now, it's becoming refined, a kingship, an everlasting kingship through David, he's pointing it down to a point in time when THE BLESSING is gonna come into the earth in a town called Bethlehem.

— Yeah.

— And somebody from David's line will sit on the throne forever. From David, we enter into what we know as is now our new covenant, us, and then we'll enter into that everlasting covenant, which is Eden again. And so each one is a step. Now, spiritually speaking, we're there, already back at Eden, spiritually speaking. But like, you talk about this flesh that hadn't gotten there, yeah, that will get there. Jesus is there, but we'll get there.

— It never ceases to amaze me, Greg, how God had to handle the bloodlines, you know the devil is cutting in there every way he can to keep that bloodline from getting where it's supposed to be, it's got to come through David, it has to because he said it would.

— Yes.

— It looked impossible. Did you bring that outline with you that shows...

— I did now, here's the deal. What if I told you there was a King of David, one of his grandsons that God will curse and put a blood curse on him, and that happened. When that happened...

— The devil thought he had it fixed. he had to break that, I got him I got him. It can't make it.

— I'll read it to you, it's in Jeremiah 22:30. God will pronounce a blood curse. "Thus saith the Lord, Write ye this man childless, a man that shall not prosper in his days," You don't ever want to hear that. "For no man of his seed shall prosper setting upon the throne of David, and ruling any more in Judah". The devil thought, well, I got him...

— Got him Got him, when that was said by prophet Jeremiah, the priests went and they ripped their garments and put ashes on their head and fasted and mourned because the Word's not true. And if you have ever thought the Word's not true, Let me just... Brother Copeland, this is a blood curse, this is a generational curse.

— Yeah.

— And those of you that think you're under a generational curse, how did God get around this? Well, it goes back to Moses and the children in the desert coming out. There was a man named Zelophehad, and he had five daughters. Now, Zelophehad died, the scripture says died in his sin meaning he didn't believe, he was one of the ones that didn't believe that we're able to take the land. Remember that generation was cut off.

— Yeah. But he had five daughters, now, the five daughters go to Moses as they're getting ready to go into their Promised Land with all the blessing and the cursing.

— I love it.

— And they said, we don't have any husbands, we don't have a father, it's not right, we don't have an inheritance. So Moses goes before the Lord to hear Him, he goes to the Tabernacle of Meeting to hear what God wants him to do. He didn't just give an answer. So when he does this, God says, here's what will happen. If the woman marries within her tribe, she receives full inheritance of her tribe, alright, so as long as she marries within her tribe. So this is why I brought a chart, you ready? This is why you had to have a virgin birth, we're coming up right here on Christmas. Now, look at this. Jesus is of the tribe of Judah, so is David. Mary's father, Eli and Mary are of the tribe of Judah. Now, their cousin, he's a priest. Her cousin, Mary's mother is Elizabeth mom are both cousins, but they're of the tribe of Levi.

— Sure, he's a priest.

— Because John the Baptist is of Levi even though it's his cousin, because that's where his face family's from. But Mary marries over here this is why the angel, Brother Copeland the first recorded ministry of an angel in the New Testament was coming to Mary and then that angel, well went to Zachariah as well, but goes to Joseph and says the thing that's of her, is of God, you better marry her. So he has to marry her. So Mary will... Her daddy has no sons, she marries within her tribe, she marries Joseph 'cause the angel speaks to him. She bypasses the bloodline, let me show you why, this is why it had to be a virgin birth. Here's the legal line, I didn't go all the way back to Abraham. Jesse, David, Solomon, Rehoboam this guy right here, there's the guy that's the guy that had the blood curse put on him. So everybody in Joseph is right here in that bloodline, everybody in this bloodline is of the curse, cannot sit in the throne of David cause I just read it to you in Jeremiah. Nobody from this line can sit on the throne, How do we get around that? Well, let's look at Mary's. This is why Matthew and Luke have two different genealogies, It's why it's in there 'cause it's illegal, and look what God does. Jesse, David, oh, wait, who's this guy, Nathan.

— Nathan.

— It's the other son of David and Bathsheba. He didn't sit on the throne, but he's the other son, he's just a much a son of David as Solomon is, but Mary's family, Eli right here, Mary's father is of Nathan. So guess what? Jesus can come through Mary, this is why you had to have a virgin birth, Brother Copeland cause there is no seed of this curse in Jesus.

— That's it. Come on somebody.

— And so when satan thought he had Him, I got you, He already had this planned out, it goes all the way back to Moses with the daughters of Zelophehad. If you marry within your tribe, this is why the angel told Joseph, marry her, what's of her is of God. And this is why they came together, they got married and this is why God had to shut the mouth of the priests so that this thing will come to pass, He's watching over that now, if He's that detailed to you, or to this, He's that detailed to the Word that he spoke to you. as well.

— Isn't are wonderful? So if I'm in Christ Jesus, I know a lot of people like to have generational curses in their family but it's gone in me, because of Jesus, my awareness of this, there can be no blood generational curse in me. The racism that was in the Stephens family is gone in my generation because of the blood of Jesus.

— Yes sir.

— Praise God.

— Praise God

— He around it legally. So, in the same chart, this is the legal line for Jesus to set on the throne through David 'cause of Joseph, but this is the bloodline so...

— This is the bloodline and this down here...

— It's pure

— Down here is where we came in.

— Yes, sir, you and I have been grafted into all of the covenants by the blood of Jesus by the blood.

— So therefore I'm not, I'm sorry, I'm not under the curse. Do you, people tell me, well, you better be careful saying that? Why? you're telling me that the blood of Jesus and that his, the Father's accuracy to make sure that came to pass?

— Now, and for those of you that are not, you're new with us.

— Numbers 26

— We know have what we say.

— Yes, sir. 'Cause Jesus said that and we believe it. I will never have the flu again in my life here after forever. I do all of those things that I need to do, I take good care of my physical body, I obey God, I eat right, live right, talk right, and believe right, you can't put the flu on me, you can't. I've had the symptoms of it at the Ministers' Conference lasted about 15 minutes, all of the symptoms are there, I'm chilling, I never got the smile off my face.

— But you could have yielded into it.

— Oh, yeah, if I had I'd have been sick.

— Yes, sir.

— But I just sat there and said, you can't put that on me, you know you can't put that on me. Like Brother Hagin said, I haven't had a sick day. Now, he said I've had some marvelous opportunities. To be sick, but I'd just pass them by, amen. We're out of time.
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