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Kenneth Copeland - The Blessing Creates

Kenneth Copeland - The Blessing Creates
TOPICS: Blessing

— Hello, everybody. I'm Kenneth Copeland. And this is the "Believer's Voice of Victory" broadcast. Father... We give you praise today. We worship you, sir. You said, Lord Jesus, in the gospel of John, tenth chapter... 14th... Verse. My words... Are not my own. For it is the Father that dwells or the Father that lives within me. He does the works. And then you said, he that keeps my commandment, he it is that loves me. My Father will love him and I will love him. And I will manifest myself to him. And you will, because of our faith, manifest yourself in this studio today and in this vast radio and television audience all over the world. And we thank you for it. In Jesus' name. Amen. I'm already excited.

— Yes sir. Oh, and would you welcome Professor Greg Stephens to this studio again today? And again today and today today? I dunno. I dunno how many of these we've... We've done, but it's, it's all of it onn covenant. We started out doing two weeks.

— Yes sir.

— And the tangible anointing got so heavy in here nobody wanted to leave. Now, there's been times we've done more but it was necessary because of timing and so forth. This was the first time that we had to do more because we were not finished. So, we did another week just right away. And then we did another week and I don't know how many this is now, but it's good.

— It's good.

— And it just keeps getting better and better. The strength of it because it's... It's inexhaustible.

— Yes sir. Thank you. I'm honored to be here.

— This no, we're more honored to have you. Dr. Stephens. Don't you ever forget that.

— Yes sir.

— Yes sir. 'Cause you know things we don't know. You know things that we're hungry to learn. Because of the time you spent in the first covenant and you can look at my Bible and tell where I spent all the time, this end's worn out. This is brand new. It, you know, there's you got a few marks in it. This one's marked up til' you can't read it anymore. That's where I spend my time. You spent yours over here, and, and the Lord, I'm saying this for the benefit of the, just the television audience. There's a lot of... Since we went on Direct, we have a lot of new people and that haven't heard of these things before, the Lord directed Greg, Professor Stephens, he's professor of first covenant in KCBC. Kenneth Copeland Bible College. Every time I hear that, it's strange to me. My name on the Bible college? Thank God.

— Yeah, same here. Thank God.

— Anyway.

— Sir, I, I started because I wanted to be disciple of Jesus. I thought I need to be there. I need to be there when he was talking what did he know?

— And why? And I asked a lot of questions. And so I started studying it like I was a disciple.

— I'm an investigator and this is just the, this is the way the Lord put me together. And I'm looking for, it goes back to the first days I was still a student at Oral Roberts University. I was 30 years old. And was almost immediately introduced to Brother Hagin's ministry. And for the first time I heard the phrase revelation knowledge, not the book of revelation, revelation knowledge, and since knowledge knowledge revealed of the Word by the Spirit of God inside your spirit. And you see things, you're the same way, just, on the different end of the book. But I'm looking for the, the revelation of it. Where is it going in the spirit? I want... And it expands and expands and expands. And I'll never forget the Sunday afternoon and one of Brother Hagin's seminars, 10 day seminars, I heard spirit and soul and body. I sat there with my mouth hung open and I thought that just explained the whole Bible.

— It did.

— I thought the soul and the spirit were the same thing. So did 98% of all the rest of the born again tongue talking, Christians. They are not. You are a spirit. You have a soul and you live in a physical body. Anyway, let's, let's go to Genesis chapter one. And... Let's read first from the King James scriptures. "In the beginning, God created the heaven and the earth. The earth was without form and void and darkness was upon the face of the deep". I want to get to that very... Because here's the thing. God never changes. Never. He's the same, yesterday today and forever. Now, listen to this from Young's... Literal. Now, this is from Dr. Robert Young, the author of the Concordance. Young's Analytical Concordance of the, of the Bible. And then in a moment, I'll tell you where where I got the rest of this. "In the beginning of God's preparing the heavens and the earth". Now, don't read, just listen to me. "The earth has existed, existed waste and void and darkness is on the face of the deep. The Spirit of God, fluttering on the face of the Word, of the waters and God said, let light be. And light is". We were in a meeting. Wait, wait. In the early days of this ministry. We had a we were meeting in a church in our morning services and in the city auditorium at night. The board of the church where we were meeting, they really got crosswise with me and what I was preaching, particularly on prosperity. Anything had to do with prosperity. They had a meeting and decided they were going to tell us that we could no longer use their facility. I picked it up in the Spirit. And so our team was already out there looking for a place to have morning service. I preached that last, that last morning in there. And I just let those folks know that I knew what they were doing. I won't go into all that. But anyway... They found a local synagogue and they asked the rabbi if I could, if we could use the synagogue for our morning services. He said, of course you can. And so the first morning I got there a little early you know, I was so excited about this. And I met him and he called me Brother Copeland. And he said, now, he took me into his study and he said Brother Copeland, just help yourself. I just kinda went silly. And I got chills on me again. And I found it in his writings and it literally said light be, light was Now, I wanted you to get that because of his MO. Now... I'll get off of there. Let's go to the second chapter. And the Professor's going to be reading out of the Chumash. You want to tell them what the Chumash is?

— The Chumash means five. It's the printed form of the Torah with commentary, the first five books. And so it's one fifth towards, it's not on a scroll. It's printed in a book. And so that's what I have here.

— Okay.

— Genesis what? Two?

— Yeah. This is Genesis two. Look at Genesis two seven.

— "The Lord, God formed man of the dust of the ground and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life. And man became a living soul". Now, read that, that I have highlighted here.

— "This soul made man a living being which defines as a speaking spirit".

— He made Adam a speaking spirit, like God.

— Yeah, it goes on, "Accordingly, the life that is unique to man, which is only to God".

— A speaking spirit like God, of course he was exactly like God. Now, the reason... The Lord is very specific about... 'Cause we're moving into the covenant of God. But I, I wanted you to see something. 99% of the ideas about the creation of man and sow forth you know, or imagination. There's not anything wrong with that. But like, you're like me, I know you've... And it looked good to me, that in imagining this that man just formed up out of the dust of the ground and there he was, well, that's the imagination of it. And when I saw this and I saw that I, I began to I was going, no, no, no, no, no, no. No, he never changes. I literally saw this, now guys, I'm going to have Greg and I stand up. So, I let you know beforehand. I saw this in a vision, very plainly. I saw... The Lord had this... Gray lifeless body... Completely formed. They were exactly the same height. He breathed... Into his nostrils, the breath of life that always bothered me. How did he do that? Like that? No. Turn around this way. They were face to face like this. Man, be. In our likeness. In our image. Be. The breath hit him right here. And... He was alive. Looking God right in the face. And he saw himself and God saw himself and it was good.

— Wow.

— And he became a living, speaking spirit.

— Wow.

— Just like God. He had the mind of a God. And he personally named, every living thing. There's 500,000 bugs. I mean, come on, what?

— He's God. That's power...

— He and God's heart were communing together. They didn't have to say anything out loud. God think it, he thought it, and said it. Can you, can you see that? Now, that is vitally important. In our imaginations, because we, we can see God's purpose and we can see how he did... he does everything. Now... Now we know why that we read... From the book of Isaiah.

— Yes sir.

— In that 52nd chapter. Where... Or the 51st chapter... "Harken to me you that follow after righteousness, you that seek the Lord. Look under the rock whence you were hewn and unto the hole of the pit which you were digged, look unto Abraham, your father, and under Sarah that bear you, for I called him alone and blessed him and increased him for the Lord shall comfort Zion. He will comfort all her". These are covenant words! He will, he will.

— Yes, sir.

— That means he will.

— Yes sir.

— If you believe it and take it. "For the Lord shall comfort Zion, he will comfort all her waste places. He will make her wilderness like Eden and her desert like the garden of the Lord. Joy and gladness shall be found there in thanksgiving, in the voice of melody". Glory be to God.

— Praise God...

— He has to go back to that garden and get it back.

— And verse 16, "I put my words in thy mouth".

— Eden is right here. Didn't he say it? Your day shall be like days of heaven on earth, right there in the book of Deuteronomy.

— Yes sir.

— You see the will of God in all of these things. Now... Was there any poverty in that garden?

— No, sir.

— No. Shouldn't be any poverty here in our garden. We are now God's garden. The apostle Paul said so.

— Yes he did.

— Amen.

— That makes me understand some things. 'Cause Lucifer sat there and watched that whole thing. That's why you understand the scripture now that says, "what is man that you're mindful of him"? That you would pick him up and breathe yourself into him. What is this?

— The angels were looking at... This whole thing.

— What is this?

— They were like, hey. When I saw that... There was no sound. God was speaking. I'm going back over there.

— That'd be true. I remember Peter speaking on the Mount of Transfiguration. God was speaking and interrupted Peter. When he's speaking, you be quiet.

— You be quiet.

— Yes sir. Yes sir. Genesis one?

— Genesis two, yeah. And... Right there in that first chapter, verse 26. Now, let's transpose this over into what we've found in the.. The method of operation of God. He never changes. "And God said, man," now he's, he's speaking to him. He's looking at this, this lifeless body. It's a perfect body. All it needs is a spirit in it. He created the whole body. All of it. "God said, man, be in our image. After our likenesses have dominion over the fish of the sea and over the fowl of the air and over the cattle and over all the earth and over every creeping thing that creeps upon the earth". Adam did not hear that. He didn't hear that Only God was speaking. Then one second later... But I wanted you to see this. Now... Here's the first thing he heard. "And God blessed him. God said blessed be! Be fruitful. Multiply. Replenish the earth. Subdue it. Have dominion over the fish of the sea, the fowl of the air, over every living thing that moves upon the earth". And Adam said, glory to God, I guess. That's the first thing any human ear ever heard. Be blessed. There was no curse.

— The Hebrew right here. Blessed them. That word, them is "Aleph mem tav". And it's called "Emet". And it's it is the word for truth. The truth is... One man, one woman. It's right there.

— There it is.

— It's right there. And God blessed them and said to them... Truth.

— And we've been talking about the covenant of blessing. And when I woke up the weather started in the night last night and I realized that we needed to get to this ground right here. 'Cause this is the bedrock upon which THE BLESSING.. Sits. Now, over here, he lost it.

— That's right.

— And God told that serpent right then, he took his legs out from under him. He said you crawl on your belly and on the earth. In other words, you eat dirt. That is an insult above all insults. He told him to become a snake and eat dirt. You'll be under man's foot. He'll kill you.

— Because man was made from dirt and elevated from it.

— Yes, there you are.

— They were elevated from it. He was brought down to it.

— So now that we have the authority of THE BLESSING, we can go from there.

— We were here and we fell down to here. Now, now all these covenants are to bring us back...

— To get right back up...

— Back to that spot.

— Back up here.

— To that Eden spot you read in Isaiah.

— Adam like God... Could see. Greg, I like to call it the light line. The speed of light. Light be the speed of light 126,000 miles...

— Per second.

— Second. Or thereabout. And some like 16... Billion miles of universe in 24 hour whatever those gigantic numbers are. And he's still expanding at the speed of light. And will continue to do so until God... Renovates and just blows the whole thing away and recreates it. And we start over again. But what, this really was important to me, particularly in THE BLESSING in the way we see things. Here's that light line above that is the speed of light. Below that... Is where we are. Adam was right here with God. He could see into the spirit like God he could see here, like God, Jesus came into the earth. He's a man he's functioning below this light line. The angels function in the spirit they can... At God's permission, then they... Think about it. Every molecule in this table, everything is moving all the time but it's moving way below the speed of light. But if it moved beyond the speed of light this thing'd disappear, we couldn't see, it'd be too fast. That angel... At God's... Permission... Can slow down.

— And be made manifest. See it.

— Now Jesus... Or man. He couldn't do anything. Any other man. I mean he came as a man, the son of man, son of Adam, son of blood. But then... Raised from the dead supernatural man. But he said, handle me. Aa spirit hath not flesh and bone, no blood, all of his blood's in the heavenly mercy seat,

— My God...

— All of it is there.

— Yes sir.

— He is a man again. Like he is the last and the second, the last Adam he, that's where we're headed.

— He's got a glorified physical body...

— He's a glorified, and we're headed there at the great resurrection. We're out of time.

— Oh my.
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