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2021 online sermons » Kenneth Copeland » Kenneth Copeland - Speak The Blessing

Kenneth Copeland - Speak The Blessing

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Kenneth Copeland - Speak The Blessing

— Hello everybody, I'm Kenneth Copeland. Father, we thank you for this word today. We praise you and thank you for sending Professor Stephens to us, on this broadcast again today. Oh, Lord Jesus, Lord Jesus, Lord Jesus, We ascribe all of the glory, for every word that's said and every deed that's done. For all those that are listening by radio and watching by television all over the world. DIRECTV, Dish TV, The Victory Network. We give you praise and honor, our dear Jesus. Our dear savior. And we praise you for this revelation of your Word, in Jesus' name we pray and believe. Amen. Greg, let's go back over... Where's my camera? Right here. Let's where we were yesterday. In the book of Isaiah.

— Isaiah 51.

— Have you ever noticed, Jesus found himself. Now, let me back up a minute for those that are not aware of this. Very, very important. Jesus, had you known him? Had you known him on the street? He wasn't a gorgeous looking man. He's good looking man, handsome man. But he's just a good looking guy, in business with his dad. But, he never did... He did no miracles. He's just as much the Son of God when he's 29 as he was when he's 30. But you have to remember now 30 is the Levitical age for priesthood. But he didn't come out of the out of Levi he came out of Judah. Which made him an oddity to the Jewish people. But now here's what we need to realize. Greg, he could not do anything any more than any other man could do, until he was anointed.

— Anointed, that's right.

— And he had to be baptized in water, then he had to be baptized with the Holy Spirit. Then Luke records his message at his own hometown in Nazareth. "The spirit of the Lord is upon me for he has anointed me".

— Yes sir.

— Acts 10:38. "How God anointed, Jesus Christ with the Holy Ghost and power. Who went about doing good

— Healing all.

— And healing all that were oppressed of the devil".

— Sickness and disease is satanic oppression.

— That's right.

— It's not a blessing of any kind at all.

— No. Glory to God, you got me preaching now. Now, let's go back over there where we were yesterday, in the Isaiah...

— I teach Bible school students all the time. Isaiah is a mini Bible, 66 chapters.

— You know what, yeah it is.

— Just like 66 books. In Israel, they have one Torah scroll that's complete, that's ancient. And it's in the Dead Sea Scrolls. They found one complete. The partials of others. And it's the complete book of Isaiah.

— Now isn't that a miracle thing of God?

— Well I think it is

— Well, now you know what Jesus would now... And here's another thing. He didn't follow, the Sabbath reading that day.

— No, he did not.

— He found the place where it was written in the what we call the 61st chapter of the book of Isaiah and said, "The spirit of the Lord is upon me".

— And he stopped partway through, which you don't do. That's why everybody's looking at him. Why did he stop? Because he's talking about himself.

— What's the matter with him?

— Right, exactly.

— Now, I had to say that to say this. Let's go back over there, in the 51st chapter, of Isaiah. "Hearken to me, hear kin to me, you that follow after righteousness, you that seek the Lord, look under the rock, whence, you were hewn". The rock, the rock, the rock, which is the anointed one.

— Yes Sir.

— "The rock whenceyou were hewn, and to the hole of the pit where you were digged. Look unto Abraham your father, and on to Sarah that bare you, for I called him alone and blessed him". That's what we're talking about here today. "I blessed him and increased him". Oh, you got your shouting clothes on?

— Verse three. Yes sir.

— "For the Lord shall comfort Zion, He will comfort her waste places, He will make her wilderness like Eden, and her desert like the garden of the Lord. Joy and gladness shall be found there in thanksgiving and the voice of melody".

— Why did he say Eden?

— Yeah, that's where the trouble started.

— Yes sure,

— Yes sir. I'm taking you all the way back to that state. Yes sir, I'm going back to where I first lost the whole thing.

— My God.

— Greg... And you listen to me about this. The Lord asked me one day. He said, "Kenneth"... Now, there's times that the only one time that I heard what I thought was the audible voice of God. That was when he said, "Coming to you from the Revival Capital of the World". It was getting dark, and I looked down the audio panel as if I'd left it on, which I never do. And it wasn't I thought well, you know, I don't know anyway. But it's been at times that it is so strong, that it's to me it is. And he'll... When he calls me by my name, and he said, "Kenneth". Excuse me. "Who is the biggest loser"? I said, "Well, the devil". He said, "No". He said "Me". Well, I just didn't get a hold of that. He said, I lost Adam. In doing so I lost the planet, I lost my garden, and it costs me my son. But I never let loss get into me. And he said, "I win".

— Absolutely.

— I am the Victor. Well, that just shut me on that course of victory right then I mean this was way back there, Greg. And the very beginning vision of this ministry almost 54 years ago. And it's set that victory track up. And he started talking to me about victory right there, and right in the very beginning. Victory in the new birth, victory in the name, victory in the blood where it just branded my spirit with victory and almighty God. Victory over the grave, victory over death, victory over hell. That's the reason it's the Victory Channel.

— Yes sir.

— And the "Believer's Voice of Victory", you know, that thing happened in the garden, right there. Where that deceit treachery happened, that treason happened. Jesus reverses the curse, in the garden. Sheds his blood in the garden, that's where it starts.

— Yes it is.

— In the reversal of this thing, praise God.

— Now what he said was, I'm gonna get my garden back.

— I'll get my garden back. He shed blood in the garden first with drops of blood.

— I will make and I wrote it like this. "He will make my wilderness, like Eden the garden of Eden, and he turns my desert, and the joy and gladness, and thanksgiving and the voice of melody". I'm a singer, glory to God. Get out of my way Satan. How dare you get.

— Yes sir. Well, you go on and down all through that chapter, and into the 52nd chapter.

— No, No, wait a minute. Verse 16.

— Okay.

— Are you ready teddy? Oh hey, y'all gonna love this. Everybody knows, Fredrick K.C. Price. K is Kenneth. Fredrick Kenneth Price. Alright.

— Amen.

— There at Rhema, I'd listened to his tapes. I knew he was black, but I'd never seen him until the first time he preached at that then Rhema in Sheraton Assembly. Right there. The place was so packed out man. Anyway, he... Brother Hagin introduced him, and he ran out the platform there, and he kinda slid sideways and said, "I am ready Freddy". And he's been ready Freddy to me ever since I...

— You know I'll tell you a story. I've never told you this, back years ago I worked for Trinity Broadcasting Network, and we covered an event at Crenshaw, and you were there. And I've never forgotten it. I saw something I'd never seen before in my life. Grew up Pentecostal, but I'd never seen this. I can't remember now who it was. Well, it was the two of you, you and Fred Price were speaking to each other, in other tongues.

— I remember that.

— And you were having a conversation...

— And then we began to sing back and forth.

— Yes sir, I was there. And I saw that, and I...

— You must have been about 12 years old.

— But I saw that, the two of you do that. And and at first I thought, what is this? This is a bunch of silliness. And then you know in my spirit, no stop it. Don't you talk bad about this thing. But I've never forgotten, what I saw when the two of you... And you were literally having a conversation with each other. We didn't know what you were saying but you guys knew what you were saying, to one another. And when it came out, he said, "There will be points of light around the world. And those points will be connected by streams of light, and the fabric of the Spirit of the living God, will come together in a place, in time".

— Well, dear Lord, this is this is right now.

— It's right now.

— I hadn't thought about that.

— And he put his words in you, that you guys spoke out, which goes right to this verse in 16th.

— Look at this 16th verse. "I have put my words in your mouth, I have covered you. And the shadow of my hand, that I may plant the heavens, and lay the foundations of the earth, and say unto Zion, you are my people". And when I underlined that in red, and I said that, you may say unto the United States, you are my people. That's what George Washington said. The day it was inaugurated. We will be your God, and you will be our people

— That's exactly right. As the head of this nation, he made a covenant contract...

— Yes he did.

— And we can claim that.

— That's a reason that devil hates this country, he hates it worse than he does Israel. That's the reason they call us the big satan, and Israel the little satan. 'Cause that... if he could get rid of this country, the rest of them are easy.

— That's right. And you gotta speak his Word. I put my words in your mouth. He expects you to use them, to say something.

— So what's in your mouth. What's in your mouth when COVID-19 comes around the door. My God, I'm gonna die. Well, be there at your funeral. Glory to God, hallelujah. Get out of here, satan.

— Yes sir.

— Put his words in your mouth, I'm a covenant man.

— You know, Brother Copeland, we talked about yesterday, Melchizedek came with the bread and the wine. Paul will admonish us when we take communion to rightly divide the body.

— Yes sir.

— That means we need to rightly divide, not speaking out against the body. In our own deal, honoring those that are in authority over us. Pastors, teachers, prophets... We do that with Supreme court, the president, vice president. Do we often do it with leadership, spiritual leadership. Prophets, pastors, teachers. We gotta watch what we say. We have a rightly divide the Word, he said, this is why many of you are sick. See a lot of people got mad at you when you went and met with the Pope. No, you're rightly dividing the body. Man believes in Jesus Christ. We may disagree on other things, but you were that connector to the body.

— When the Pope invites you to come. Yes, sir.

— There is no longer a Protestant movement. The declaration, joint declaration on the doctrine of justification by the Lutheran World Federation in the Catholic church, we confess this was October the 31st 1999 after four years of deliberation. October the first 31st, 1999 "Representatives of the Catholic Lutheran churches gathered in Augsburg Germany, and signed a joint declaration on the subject of just justification. So 500 years of arguments misunderstandings, and yes, sometimes wars, began to give way to the reconciliation and recognition of the gifts of the Holy Spirit, as placed within the body of Christ. Together, we confess. Together we confess. Together we confess by grace alone, and faith in Christ saving work. And not because of any merit on our part. We are accepted by God and receive the Holy Spirit, who renews our hearts while equipping and calling us unto good works".

— And what do I have wrong with that? Nothing.

— It's settled. Yes sir.

— The protest is over. So get over it.

— Right. This is recognizing the body, the body coming together. And that's what all of these verses about. Put my words in your mouth. We've gotta start blessing, one another more instead of fighting with one another more. And when we do, we'll walk in THE BLESSING.

— It's amazing, the things he said while we were there, I won't go into all of that. But just before we left, his secretary got all bent out shape because he gave us more than 15 minutes. He said, "The queen doesn't get but 15 minutes. He said, "I know it, but these are my friends". And he said, I'll meet with them in however long I want to you, do you understand that? Oh yes sir. And he met with us 30 minutes, and then he said I'd stay longer but I have another appointment. I'll give you a personal tour through the Basilica. And then when you get back, we'll have lunch. The only reason they didn't stay the rest of the day is 'cause I had to leave that day. And before we left, he said, "I want you to bless me".

— He wants you to bless him?

— Yeah. And I just kind of stood there for a moment. Because actually it's out of protocol to touch him. It's fine if he wants to touch me. But I just did what he asked, and then I just put my hands on him and prayed and blessed him and Tony was right there to interpret for me. And the biggest thing that day at the table, he was sitting over there with James Robinson. And James got excited over something that he said about evangelize. what the Pope said about evangelism and they just high-fived one another. And there's a picture of that sitting there at his table.

— Praise God.

— Amen. That's hey, things are happening in our time.

— How good and pleasant it is when brothers dwell together in unity.

— In unity.

— Amen

— Yes, amen.

— 'Cause that's where THE BLESSING is. Flows down. No matter what part of the body you're on, from the head, Aaron's beard, the shoulders, the robe. It flows down. And so you're blessed, when you bless.

— And so is this nation.

— Yes sir, absolutely.

— If we bless it, we, we have to bless it.

— Yes sir.

— What was said yesterday. The Lord said he had lost this planet. He's said this to me and then you know, I've talked the thing. He said, "I had no more authority in this planet. I gave it to him. I couldn't come in and touch it". He gave it to the devil. He had a right to do it. Not a moral right, but he had the authority to do it. It was his, this thing belonged to Adam. It had belonged to Satan, Lucifer. We can find that, but we won't get up into that. But now, God redid this thing. There was a flood before Noah's flood. Because it was was flooded.

— Darkness was upon the face of the deep.

— Yeah.

— Yeah.

— He just redid it. So, Adam gave it to the devil. The devil said that, to Jesus. All of these kingdoms... I'm just paraphrasing. All of these kingdoms are mine. I will give them to whomever I please. For they have been given unto me. Bow down before me, and I'll give them under you. He got hit really hard.

— Jesus is reversing a curse that happened on the children of Israel. They went in his all those kingdoms, that already been promised that this is their land. And they said were grasshoppers in their sight. Jesus, he succeeds at that temptation where they failed at that temptation. Here's the thing, he remastered all this. I've got this microphone sitting right here on my shirt. You know about this. If I were to hit this right now, it'll be on the master recording. And every duplicate that comes after it will have that microphone hit at the same place. Unless you remaster the master. That's what Jesus did.

— And edit it out.

— Edit it out. Jesus came...

— He edited out the curse.

— Yes he did. He remastered me.

— Yes he did.

— All the pops and scratches of my father Abraham. The moment I was born again, are gone.

— All glory be to God. Glory be to God, glory to God. Hallelujah.

— I know it. I'm remastered now in Christ Jesus and all the flaws of that first Adam, are removed.

— Isn't that marvelous

— And that's covenant. And that's THE BLESSING, Brother Copeland.

— Oh it is.

— Taking me right back to the garden.

— Yeah, right back...

— That's the place...

— To get right back there and start this thing over again.

— He originally his idea, was for Adam to work this thing and work it and work it and work it. And that fruit was his tithe, and if he'd just kept hands off of it, brought it to God, then he would have fed them of it, and talked to him...

— And how did he do it? He brought animals by him to see what he would call them. In verse 16. I put my words in your mouth. He'd named them. And that's what we've been done now that we've been remastered. He's put his words in our mouth, so we'll say something, about things. So what God intended for this... And you can see it it's in man now he wants out of here to go to the planet. Well he's supposed to? But, not with machines. 'Cause this thing... Once this became the garden spot of the universe, then all of those other planets would have been the next project. I'm totally convinced of this. But then after the fall we've got to center on this one. But then there is real global warming is coming very soon. Oh yeah and we're gonna get to be in on it. Praise the Lord. When we create the new ones and we're out of time. Praise the Lord.
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