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2021 online sermons » Kenneth Copeland » Kenneth Copeland - Walk In The Blessing and Live

Kenneth Copeland - Walk In The Blessing and Live

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Kenneth Copeland - Walk In The Blessing and Live

— Tuesday's here and I don't know, it may be cold outside where you are in December. Praise God. Well, we live in Texas, like somebody said you don't like the weather in Texas, wait around a few minutes, it'll change.

— Yes sir

— Father, we thank you today, Oh my my my. We bless you sir. And we praise you for THE BLESSING, not a blessing, THE BLESSING of the Lord, brought into our lives through blood covenant and we praise you. And we thank you. With our faith we reach into the heavenlies, to bring divine revelation from heaven. Words. Words that cause heaven to move upon the earth. And we thank you for it in Jesus' name. Amen. Praise God. Professor Greg Stephens.

— Thank you sir, its an honor.

— Those of you that are not aware who the professor is, he teaches Kenneth Copeland Bible college. Can you imagine that? Kenneth Copeland Bible College?

— Yes sir.

— I ain't even been to school much less...

— Yes sir.

— Well, they say I'm old school, you know, I did go to school.

— Yes sir. Three or four days I never dreamed in my wildest dream man. Anyway,

— And we have our first graduating class out there now.

— Yes.

— And it's an available voice, Brother Copeland.

— I've been in graduations before but I've never been in that role. I didn't really know what to do. I said well, I'm learning. Yeah helped me Lord... Oh yeah. I know how to do this next time.

— It was such a blessing to watch you during that go from tears to smiling.

— Oh man.

— It's just wonderful to be part of it. It was just and you know you've got people now that have graduated that are going out and pastoring churches all across America, South Carolina, Louisiana...

— Greg, back in the 70s, when the Lord said to me very indelibly, I've just branded it on my spirit. "I am coming so soon". It was just bold. Almost audible to me, it just shook me. "I am coming so soon. I want this uncompromised message of faith on every available voice". Back there then, you know,

— Radio.

— Radio, three channels on television.

— Yes sir.

— And the printed word. Well, since then, of course it has just grown and grown and grown. And when this, this was my daughter Terri's vision a long time. I didn't know it. She never had said anything to me about it and I'm right in that place where Lord, I'm not doing anything until I hear from you. This is wasn't my idea in first place. So what about this? And we were in that boardroom laying hands on you guys.

— I remember.

— And it hit me. Every available voice. This one goes on and on and on. Should Jesus tarry on and on and on.

— It's a continuation of what Jesus told his disciples that day.

— Yes.

— Jerusalem, Judea, Sumeria. Outer most parts of the earth and that's exactly what's happened. They're spreading out from here. Now, the "Revival Capital of the World'.

— Yes.

— And spreading out with message of THE BLESSING and faith. You have a covenant with God.

— And right...

— With the anointing.

— The first step out of the box and that big wind hit down there in New Orleans. KCBC pastors down there became the church. That was the church that we used as headquarters.

— And they're sitting right here and they're sitting right here with us today.

— Well, thank you very much. Yeah, praise God.

— From that first graduating class.

— First graduating class, praise God.

— But see God did that. They came here out of obedience, went there and they were already positioned for that nasty hurricane to hit. He'd already moved them to that position coming from here with the anointing, ready to go. We had a place for our teams to go to.

— Now, that's what blessed me so much is you have to have, you've got to have a contact point that's believing God just as much as you are. Because if you're gonna get in agreement somebody, they need to be somebody that can agree.

— That's right.

— Thank you, sir. Praise God. And the better half of him. Thank you very much. The reason I didn't recognize it because I'd never seen your face. I'd never put the two together.

— Well, they're sitting apart in here cause...

— I say I see you in class but I didn't put that together with this. And who would ever think you'd have been here this morning? I don't know.

— But God.

— But God.

— Because it's all part of our covenant and that's what that school is.

— And I'm talking to Ken junior. Kenneth Hagin, Jr. Of course Kenneth Hagin founded Rhema Bible Training Center.

— Yes sir. I'm a graduate.

— I have a 1975 first graduate ring because I didn't know it at the time, but the tapes that I was studying night and day were the ones he used to build the first curriculum of Rhema. I didn't know that. That first graduating class, they had a ring for me and whoa, look at this praise God. And 1975. And now I was talking to Ken. He said, well, you know, he said, you know so many churches now have schools and so forth, but he said, Kenneth, Rhema International, said it is still just growing and growing and growing all over the world. Well, where do you do you think KCBC got it's idea. We got that from Kenneth E. Hagin at Rhema Bible Training Center and I was there. So, he reproduced himself. Now, the Lord has blessed me with the privilege of doing this.

— Amen. It's a God thing. It's a biblical thing.

— Covenant thing.

— Yes, sir it is.

— All everything we do in the Word of God is all covenant wrapped. We are in covenant with one another because we're in Jesus together.

— Yes sir.

— Being strangers from the covenants of promises, one of the biggest problems the whole body of Christ, but we're no longer strangers.

— No, we're not.

— We have some understanding about it.

— Yes sir.

— Yes sir we do. For most Christians, I talked about this yesterday that Jesus didn't come to start a new religion. He came to restore that relationship that covenant relationship and THE BLESSING that goes with it. You got to understand something now, you're not Jewish but all Jews trace their ancestry to Abraham, but you have been tied to Abraham as well because Abraham believed God by faith and it was accounted unto him righteous. Can I show you a verse...

— Please

— In Isaiah 51.

— Oh, I love that.

— Isaiah chapter 51, verse one and two. And then now, see if this applies to you. "Hearken to me ye that follow after righteousness". Well, now I do that. I follow after righteousness. So this is me. "Hearken to me ye that follow after righteousness, ye that seek the Lord. Look unto the rock which you were hewn and to the hole of the pit which you were dig,"

— Did you notice it said hear, Ken? So, I'm hearing this

— Yes sir. Yes sir, that's good. "Ye that follow after righteousness". Verse two "Look unto Abraham, your father and under Sarah that bare you for I called him alone". Look at this, "and blessed him and increased him". So, I've been grafted. Galatians teaches us this. Paul spends a ton of time in the epistles teaching us this I've been grafted in to this covenant of Abraham, even though I wasn't born of it in the natural. I've been grafted into it. Now, the Jews knows that he's blessed and increased. That's what's expected of him, but the Christians lost that. We allowed religion to steal that from us, but he says "I called him alone and blessed him and increased him". Abraham is the descendant of Noah's son, Shem. You find that in Genesis chapter 11. In Genesis 14 he's the first person to be called a Hebrew. Hadn't happened.

— What do you think about that? for that book's very strange to us. We don't think like this, cause we're way, way, way thousands of years over here on the other end of it. But Adam and Abraham were just a few generations...

— Oh absolutely right. They all overlap each other.

— Yeah

— Yeah, absolutely. So Abraham knew Shem.

— Yes sir.

— And Shem would have known, I wanna make sure I get this right. I think Shem knew Adam, or at least he knew Adam's son Seth. That's something.

— Yes it is.

— To see that cause...

— Now, Shem is the one that became Melchizedek

— Yes sir. King and priest of Salem. Yes. And so, but they're related to one another and you see that he's a descendant of that in Genesis chapter 11.

— That salvation covenant between them was no strange thing.

— No, not strange at all.

— And when he came to him with the bread and the wine

— It's a picture of what's gonna happen with us.

— Well, then he knew exactly what he was talking about

— He knew exactly what he was doing. Yes, sir he did. Wasn't strange at all. And this is why he realized THE BLESSING comes from God. It doesn't come from the King of Sodom and he'll lift his hand and say that I lifted my hand to the Lord and it's a serious thing. It is a serious thing. So he's living. Abraham is living under a covenant of, he gets his own covenant with God, but he's living under the covenant of Noah. Be fruitful and multiply. Think about that for a second. He's still under that. God told Adam that, he'll tell Noah that after the flood. Now, you be fruitful multiply, fill the earth, this exact same thing. And then it'll come now to Abraham until Genesis 12, the Father calls him and adds an everlasting element to him. See, God will call him now and add a new thing. This is an everlasting covenant I'm making with you. With Noah, it was a land covenant as well, the whole earth. I won't destroy this earth again like I did. But now with Abraham, it starts to refine from your seed. See, it's now coming to a family and that family will become a nation by the time of Moses. And then there'll be a land aspect to this. Everywhere the sole of your foot treads, you know, this land is yours. This way you can't ever separate the Jews from their land.

— That's right.

— You can't just can't do it.

— No you can't.

— Cause to do it is to fight God Genesis 12:3 I will bless those plural that bless you. I will curse him. Doesn't say those, everybody always says, I'll bless those that curse you at all. I'll bless those that bless you, I'll curse those that curse you. Doesn't say those. I'll bless him that curses you, singular. There's only one source of the curse. Lucifer.

— Boy, that is powerful Greg I never noticed that.

— It's Lucifer. Well, let me, can we just put your eyes on it, you've got to see it. Instead of me just telling you about it. Genesis chapter 12. And this is when he tells him to get out of his country from his kindred, from his father's house first one, the land that I will show you. So there's a land first time verse two, "I will make of thee a great nation. I will bless thee and make thy name great. And thou shall be a blessing. And I will bless them that bless thee and curse him that curses thee" See it?

— Yes I do.

— "And then thee all the families of the earth shall be blessed". There's only one source of the curse and that's Lucifer. Saying it right there. So if you're against Israel, you're on the wrong side

— Of everything.

— Yes sir. If you're against, I'm gonna say this. Christians, believers in faith in Jesus Christ, who is the promised seed of Abraham. If you're against the church, if you're against the Jewish people, you're siding with Lucifer according to Genesis 12:3 cause there's one source of the curse.

— So he actually said, I'll bless you If you bless him. I'll stop him Who tries to stop you.

— That's absolutely right.

— I'll stop him.

— Yes sir.

— If I have to kill him, I'll stop him.

— And we see that play out all throughout scriptures. Who was it? A guy tried to curse the children of Israel and he couldn't do it over and over and over. Balaam.

— Balaam.

— Tried it over and over and over. He couldn't curse. He tried, he tried to come against him. Finally, he's about to lose his life over it. And you know the donkey talking to him. Angel ready to strike him down.

— That's really when it the revelation of it came to me and to my family just powerfully. As long as I walk in that blessing, you can't kill me.

— That's right. That's right.

— Now if I get off of it and start wandering around out there then I'm subject to the same thing the rest of the world subject to, but you can't kill me. And it's amazing to me, how many times the devil tried particularly before had sense enough to know God out there running from God and acting like fools. Now, at this time I was born again, but it hadn't been just a little while. I came down to demonstrate an airplane to a man. And so he was in the left seat and he was a pilot and he was in the left seat. I was in a little 250 Comanche, was very fast a little airplane. It gets fast really quick. Well, I mean he pushed the power in and in one motion and he's coming back on the yoke. With one motion, he raised the gear. That was a bright day and I could see the right-hand side over here, I'm in the right seat. I just grabbed the yoke and yanked it up cause he's sucking the gear out of this thing. And right then my mind is just racing to what is going on here with this. And I could look out the right and I could see the nose gear hadn't retracted. So I went through the emergency gear procedures nothing worked. Nothing would work. Well I learned later why it didn't. It bent up part of the gear and it wasn't gonna go up or down either one, it just stuck. So then I told him to just keep his hands off everything and took off and flew around, checking this thing. I called Todd told him what I'm doing. Well, there wasn't any way to fix it I saw that. Try to put this thing on his belly. Now, you don't get to practice that you know? so I didn't know what was gonna happen.

— Wow.

— And we had full tanks of fuel. I don't know whether we gonna have a fire. I had no idea. But you know Greg, there was not one second of fear, not one. Now, I didn't know then about the Word of faith what I do now, but I was believing God. And no fear. And so we got to let that thing down down, cause I just held it off as long as I could. Reached over and unlatched the door. Well, I don't know how much control I have over this thing but you could see what the devil had planned.

— Yes sir.

— He was really working at it. If that guy had been just a second or two quicker then she'd gone right in on her nose, I don't know With full power, it could have flipped and that would have killed us all. But as it's scooting on its belly, down the runway like this and I had pulled them all up, I shut off the engine and the prop went, ding, ding, and then it didn't do this. It stopped like this. So, it's just scooting down on it's belly. There's a lot of sparks going on. So man, it starts doing this, well I just shoved that rudder in and man, it just and then I've straightened it out and just squash, screeched and screamed and hollered till it came to a stop. And when I turned around there was a fireman standing there looking at me. Not one second of fear. Not one...

— Praise God.

— Had two passengers in the backseat and everything's all right.

— Praise the Lord.

— Now that scenario had started happening when I was a little boy. All kinds of stuff happened to me like that. Got bit in the belly with a water moccasin and all that kind of stuff. But here I sit.

— There you are.

— Because I had to praying, blessed mother.

— Yes sir. Yes sir.

— He tried.

— See Lucifer doesn't know on any given individual. He'll see the anointing on somebody. He'll see that blessing. And so he tries to take it out, but he comes for the Word's sake, that proves that to take, okay, if I can stop you then, this all doesn't happen but he can't do that because we walk in, this is why knowing that Abraham is our father we're in that covenant, that THE BLESSING is just natural for us. It is so vitally important for a believer to understand that. And then that's how you operate out of no fear. It shouldn't. What's the worst thing that's gonna happen? I'm going to heaven.

— Oh yeah.

— But that's not gonna happen today, Mr. Devil. That's not gonna happen today.

— Greg, Back 'for I had an instrument rating and I was doing something I knew better than to do, but I did it anyway. I was scud running at trying to stay below the clouds and finally I saw, this thing's dangerous. And so now I'd had enough instrument training. I could, you know, I could manage the airplane but I couldn't shoot an approach. So I just set up a climb, got right up on top at 7,000 feet and it's bright and a white blanket up there. And like today, man, I love that. But boy, back there then I didn't love it. So immediately, immediately I called flight service. I told them what the situation was. And he said, can you shoot an approach? I said, no, sir, I can't do that. So he said it when we went through all these procedures and everything he asked me to do I knew how to do. I could feel fear coming up my legs and it got to the place if I didn't talk out loud that fears would keep coming up my legs. And so and I knew if that ever got to my head, it'll kill me. And so I really didn't know exactly what to do. I followed his instructions. Anyway, to make a long story short, I'm tracking the radial outbound it was southeast out of Sikeston, Missouri VOR and looking for a hole in this overcast and I saw it right over the river. I saw this hole. And so I just dropped the gear on the airplane and went down below. I could see down below it. So I just continued that descent till I was below it. And just as that river, I turned to follow the river, there was a crop duster strip right there.

— Right there.

— And the guy's farmhouse sitting right there. Glory to God, man, I just shut down and right over that guy's house. And he came out there. Of course, you can tell, you know, why I was there, we're about out of time, but here's the point. I got on the ground. He said, my airplane's not here. Just put yours in the barn. Got the stuff, walked out the back door of that hangar. You couldn't see as far as from here to that fireplace.

— Praise God.

— My my, boy he tried me again.

— Yes sir.

— It didn't do it because I'm blessed.

— You're blessed.

— And we're out of time.
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