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2021 online sermons » Kenneth Copeland » Kenneth Copeland - Jesus, My Covenant Connector to God

Kenneth Copeland - Jesus, My Covenant Connector to God

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Kenneth Copeland - Jesus, My Covenant Connector to God

— Hello everybody, I'm Kenneth Copeland. Welcome to the "Believer's Voice of Victory" broadcast. Let's have a word of prayer. We'll get right into today's Bible lesson. Father, we thank you today. THE BLESSING of the Lord is on the studio. THE BLESSING of the Lord is being poured out like no other generation before us. And we thank you for it. We thank you for it. We praise and worship you today. Thank you for this broadcast and all this radio and television audience all over the world. We praise you. We thank you. We bless you in Jesus' name. Amen. Praise God. Would you join me today in welcoming Professor Greg Stephens to this broadcast?

— Thank you sir. Thank you. I tell you what, he and I get... he and I are doing a book together and I don't know that thing gonna be big as a dictionary, I guess, by the time we get through with it but it has just gone week after week after week after week and THE BLESSING of the Lord, THE BLESSING of covenant. So, let's open our Bibles, first of all. To the 138th Psalm please, 138, Psalm. "I will praise thee with my whole heart before the gods, will I sing praise unto thee. I will worship toward thy holy temple and praise thy name for thy lovingkindness". Chesed?

— That's it.

— Mark your Bible right there. The mercy of God, the covenant mercy the greater one blessing the lesser with his mercy and all that he has. "And for your truth, for you have magnified your word above your name". Now, what does that mean? Greg, let me see this outline.

— Yes sir.

— Say, this is a covenant. I'm, I don't care if it's a marriage covenant or what kind of a covenant is, but we're talking about a blood covenant. Here are the articles of the covenant. It's no good until it's signed. So his Word is above his name. His name guarantees this, the name that's above every name that's named, guarantees, not only the validity but the absoluteness of the covenants of blood. Praise God.

— Amen.

— I just kept reading that and reading that and when it went along, I put a little red finger pointing at that. Well, of course he did. And Proverbs 10, of course that's so well known by us all. The 22nd verse, THE BLESSING, say blessing. "THE BLESSING of the Lord, it makes rich". Now, that means exactly what it says. Abram, then Abraham was very rich and then Isaac very wealthy indeed. "And he adds no sorrow". Sorrow there. He has no toiling. You know that...

— I wrote that in there. Painful toil.

— Yeah.

— It's not in there. Praise God.

— You don't have to work to get this but you do have to believe it, to receive it. That doesn't mean you go to go sit on your easy chair and just draw your pension. Oh no, no, no no. Faith is the money. Yep. Faith is the money.

— That's so good. I was reading this in Psalm 138, "I will worship toward thy Holy temple and praise thy name for thy lovingkindness, Chesed, And for thy truth," John, the apostle knew Jesus probably the best out of all of them described him. And he broke it down and said, I need to... I gotta break this thing down. John says, "we beheld his glory, the only begotten of the Father, full of grace and truth". So when it's talking about thy truth, it's talking about Jesus. I read that, truth in Hebrew is "Emet", it's the first letter and the last letter and the middle letter of the Hebrew alphabet makes a word called Emet, which is true. Jesus, he tells John is the first letter and the last letter. I read that verse in Hebrew just while ago, there is an left Tav untranslated sitting right there in the middle of the verse, just sitting there in the Hebrew. And it's like Jesus, you talked about signing that. It's like, he signed that verse, guys, this is talking about me right here. When magnified thy Word above thy name.

— Oh, praise God.

— And his name has been written on my life in that contract, when he ratified that covenant on the cross, I was written into that. And therefore THE BLESSING's on it.

— For a couple of days now, it keeps coming up, It just keeps coming back to me. Just keep coming back to me. 1 Peter, 2 Peter, we don't need to turn there. That wasn't his name. Jesus changed it.

— That's right.

— He put a covenant name on him that he didn't know until Jesus called him that.

— That's exactly right.

— And he became Peter for the rest of his life.

— And when did he call him that? It's when Peter told Jesus who he was.

— Yes he did.

— When you acknowledge who he is-

— You are the Christ, the Son of the living God.

— That's when it happened.

— And Jesus said, you quote it. What did he say to him?

— He said, "Upon this rock, I'll build my church. And the gates of hell shall not prevail against it".

— No.

— Flesh and blood did he said, thou art Peter.

— But he used his name first.

— He did, Simon.

— That's the day it happened.

— That's right.

— Blessed are you Simon. Barjona.

— Son of Jonah. Yeah.

— You are Peter. You're a rock.

— Flesh and blood didn't reveal this to you. My Father revealed this.

— The revelation of it. God built his church on it.

— That's exactly.

— And that day, he became Peter and he's never been Simon Barjona since. It's recorded in heaven, his name is Peter.

— When you acknowledge him, you get the revelation of who he is and you call out upon him. He will tell you who you are. Happens every time.

— Glory to God forever.

— That's what happened with you, you acknowledged him, and then he began to tell you who you are. Glory to God. See, Jesus didn't come to earth, Brother Copeland to start a new religion. He came here to mend a relationship that had been broken. He came that Garden of Eden moment. He came to mend that thing. So I asked the Lord about this, the two covenants, the first covenant, the old, we know the old covenant and the new covenant, I said "Lord, I need an easy way to understand this because they're not different, yet one's better than the other. Help me understand this". God chose by his mercy, by his grace, a group of people called Israel at Mount Sinai, but it was through Abraham. He chose them to be a chosen people and they responded to the Word, the Torah. That's what they're still doing today. They respond to the Word and then they get a final judgment or based upon how you handle that. But that's the simplest form of the old covenant. He called these people, separated them out, put his name on them. They do the Word and they receive THE BLESSING. And I got to looking at us. We were strangers to the covenant, we had no covenant. We were nothing. He chose us, revealed us in Jesus. The promise seed that began with this or began with Abraham. We respond to his grace by faith in that Word. And we get a final reward as a result of it. And I started looking at it. It's he chose you, you respond to the Word, you receive the reward. That's the first covenant. He chose me in Christ Jesus. I responded by faith and that's what I'm doing all the time by faith, by faith I respond to that, I received the reward. The two covenants are exactly the same. And it goes to that verse right there. "I have a magnified thy Word above thy name". We were both responding to the Word in faith. And that's the simplest form that I saw of the two covenants that they both operate by faith.

— Greg, this just dawned on me, he chose them. We chose Jesus.

— Yes.

— Just a little... He chose them. He had to start 'cause he lost Adam. He had to start in the beginning, God. Well again, in the beginning God. So he chose them as a people and took them out in order to start this thing. Then through Jesus, we were able to choose him just a slight difference but ever so significant.

— It's ever so significant by the fact that when he called them out of Egypt, he'll tell Moses, bring them to my presence. And so he brings them to him and that's exactly what we did. Jesus brings me to the presence of God. That's my covenant connector that brings me to his presence. It's the exact same covenant, Brother Copeland.

— Yes it is.

— In its simplest forms. It's the exact same thing. 'Cause he's the same yesterday, today and forever.

— The difference being the blood.

— The blood. That's exactly right. And we have the blood of Jesus applied to my life. I'm not any longer made righteous. I am righteous because now it's been signed.

— Yes it has.

— It was accounted as done. When Jesus agreed before the foundation of the world

— The difference between the blood of a lamb and the blood of the lamb.

— Absolutely. But the covenants are exactly the same. They operate by faith. By faith in that blood. That this is once and for all, final and done. We've just not understood that we were born again into really the same covenant. It's just on the other side of it. Yeah, I showed you in my Bible where I made this, made this mark right here. Showing that this is the difference in the Bible here it's a Kenneth Copeland Bible, it's a good one. Pointing to this new covenant site because I was spending so much time steeped in the first Testament that I still wanted to remind myself visually, this is all finished. I live on this side of the cross now, where that is applied to me.

— Praise God.

— Praise God, it's a good thing. THE BLESSING, so this is it, now I live in THE BLESSING. That blessing has been restored. That was lost. That's what Jesus came to do, to restore that. He didn't say that I have all authority has been given to me now. I gave it to you guys the first time and you messed that up. And so I'm not gonna give you all of it back. 'Cause I don't really trust you guys. No, he didn't do that. He said, all authority has been given to me and he gave it right back to us again for us to walk in it and operate in it.

— Therefore you go.

— But Greg, I, when I saw that, at you know, you began to learn something a little piece at a time and over the years and studying THE BLESSING and just... whoa, God never changes, what he says never changes. People change, he does not. That's the first words Adam ever heard when God created him with his word. He didn't hear that. The first words, when he became a living, speaking spirit like God, the first thing he heard was bless, THE BLESSING of the Lord was the first utterance any human beings' ear ever heard was blessing. He didn't know what a curse was. He never heard the word curse, it didn't exist. He heard bless and multiply.

— Be fruitful.

— Be fruitful, own the earth and fill it. That was his job.

— And that hadn't changed with us.

— No, I studied that thing in pieces, but then I realized God did that on purpose. That blessing went all the way through the first covenant, all the way through the second, and it is still in operation today, THE BLESSING of the Lord.

— The sad thing is Christianity somehow morphed into poverty and sickness and being pious and all this and that's not part of THE BLESSING at all.

— It's not a blessing. There's no blessing in that.

— No, there's not. And but we morphed into that and we've gotten it and it got us away from the original intent. I think it's an insult to the blood of Jesus to believe that.

— Well, of course it is because that's why he came is to restore us back to that Eden place where we first had THE BLESSING.

— I had a guy stop me in the parking lot of a shopping center. I just drove up in there in my truck and he saw me "Brother Copeland". And he was smiling until he got up to my truck. I mean he's zeroing in on me. And that he's a sweet guy. You could tell it but this was really, it was eating on him. This what it was eating on the devil. He said, "now God only promised to meet our needs according to his riches in glory". I said, "is that right"? That's right. I said is the 23rd Psalm for us today. Absolutely. Well, the Lord is my shepherd I shall not want. Well, yeah, but his mind let me say, what he had been taught.

— Yes sir.

— He obviously didn't have enough and he's struggling under it. But he had been taught. He was not supposed to have very much because all of that was for the Jews, but we are Christians and we are like God and poverty are tied together with a real short rope. Unless you're a Jew, then you can have anything you want.

— No, they have anything they want 'cause they know their covenant.

— That's it man. I mean prosperity and healing is just normal for their covenant.

— Well and so it was with the Greek too because it's that's what it said in Greek. Some places it's translated saved, the very same word is translated healed, the very same word is translated made sound, the same word is translated delivered. They read it all in one word. If you'd been... what does save mean? It means what does it mean if you're drowning? You're saved. Somebody jerked you out of the water well, we got jerked out of darkness. But sicknesses is dark, we got jerked out of sickness. We got jerked out of poverty because we're blessed.

— Some people won't let the Bible get in the way of their theology. That's probably heaven. Here's what like a third monkey at the ark

— Exactly.

— Did you hear that on th Victorython? Did you hear what? I don't know where that came from. I thought, I wished I'd thought of that.

— That's an old saying from my grandfather that he tried to...

— Brother Copeland, he was trying to toughen me up a little bit, I was getting picked on and in sports and he said, Greg, he said Gregory, he's in heaven now. He said, Gregory, you need to fight like you're the third monkey trying to get on Noah's Ark. And so that just stuck with me. And I don't know why that just rose up in me for those people I wanted them to call in. I was trying to give that serious tone. You need to call, you need to fight to call in. And that just came out of me, fight like the third monkey.

— But it worked. They're got me man. I never heard that in my life.

— You'll never forget it?

— No.

— I've never forgot it. So here's the deal.

— I can't wait til one of my great grandchildren need to hear that. We need to fight like that.

— When my son went to play college football, his first year, Matt's not real large. I told him, I said, "son, and he's heard me say it over the years. I said, "third monkey".

— That's all you needed to say?

— That's all I needed to say. And so the first game we went to, he's standing on the sidelines in his uniform. I went like that to him. He knew, he had big grin on his face. He knew what I meant, fight like you're the third monkey. Listen, if you know there's only two on there, how hard are you gonna fight for this?

— And it's raining now.

— You really, and I'm telling you. One of us is going off and it's not gonna be me. But you know, Brother Copeland, there's a principle there. We got to get this serious with the enemy. We got to contend with our faith like that. Yeah, that's absolutely true.

— It paints a picture.

— Yes it does.

— Yes sir. We've gotten so fixated on the devil instead of our Father and THE BLESSING. And we've gotten so... He's, we've allowed him to do that to us and religion that we so fixated on him that we didn't fixate on no, no no. I have a covenant with my Father and because I have a covenant with my Father, I'm prosperous and everything I put my hand to prospers.

— Well, you and I both learned from Brother Hagin that and he talks about, he has prepared a table before me in the presence of my enemies. That's our table. Sure he's there, but he doesn't have a place at the table Unless you give him one, if you allow him to, he'll pull right up beside you and he'll tear up everything you try to do just slap him away from the table and tell him, you know where the dogs, eat under the table, get. Go on, get out of here. Mother don't allow any dogs in his kitchen. Get!

— That's right.

— So what he's there? We have authority over him. He's a defeated foe.

— And he'll keep you chasing yourself and everything else chasing you down in a parking lot to try to correct you when THE BLESSING is available to that man, I guarantee he loved Jesus and love is-

— Oh yeah and he have been listening to me. But of course when I was able to show him that, well, he had a grin on his face and it settled something for him.

— I'm telling you that Brother Copeland THE BLESSING should be part of every baby dedication. It should be part of every water baptism. It should be part of every new believer's class. It should be the foundation that we start every new believer with. You're blessed 'cause you have a covenant with God. When you hold that baby from that mother and father, and you should offer for THE BLESSING over that child. Almost what we're doing isn't it, but teaching THE BLESSING to this child, 'cause that's what a Jewish family does. They bless their children every Sabbath and you know, an observant Jewish family. They bless their children every single Friday night the father will lay hands on his kids and bless them. May you be like Ephraim and Manasseh? What's always said, now that's interesting 'cause the sons of Joseph from a Gentile mama and they say that why do they always put those two together? Because the scripture teaches us that there was never strife between those two brothers. And there was never strife between those two brothers and the rest of the tribes. They received a full inheritance, they walked in love with each other and faith worketh by love.

— Praise God.

— And they bless their children every week. The boys with that and the girls, may you be like Sarah and all. But we've kinda lost that, that blessing part in that. And we'll just say, "oh, you're just like your old uncle. I knew it. You're gonna be that way or whatever". And what we're doing is we're cursing but that's not who we are. We're people of blessing. We're covenant people. So therefore we bless. And so God's going to instruct, and we're going to get into that. I know later in the week, God's gonna instruct us how to do that. How to bless.

— Praise God.

— Amen.

— Well, we're just about out of time here. We have 30 seconds. Let me say this too where my camera. Thank you. This blessing is by choice for you and me. It's there Deuteronomy 30, "I place before you life and death, blessing and joy and cursing," take a pick.

— Choose life.

— Amen, choose life.

— And he gives you the answer, does he?

— Come on, give the Lord praise. Give him praise.
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