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2021 online sermons » Kenneth Copeland » Kenneth Copeland - Shout Your Victory for Healing

Kenneth Copeland - Shout Your Victory for Healing

Kenneth Copeland - Shout Your Victory for Healing

The healing is here. I call you well. I call you healed. All of the "itis brothers" have to go. "Arthur", "Ber... Bersitis" go! Arthritis get out of here. Boy, I tell you, this lung thing. Pain right here lower part, yeah. Yeah that was... Thomas Avrey, your lungs. Thomas, I don't know whether this was your... I think, yeah. Yeah. In the name of Jesus, affected by tuberculosis in the past sometime. But that, your lungs are not filling up with fluid. Your lungs are now filling up with air. Chronic asthma, chronic asthma. Oh, I know what that means. When I was a little boy, I had asthma so bad. I couldn't run. I just did it and I collapsed. And my mother prayed, my mother prayed, my mother prayed.

And this is back during World War II. And my dad, well, it was just... just right at the beginning of the war. And during the war you couldn't get aluminum cooking utensils because all of the aluminum was going to the war ever. And my dad had just bought my mother a complete new set of aluminum cooking ware. I mean everything, the little pots, the big pots everything. She was so thrilled. Tracy, she got a brand new set nobody had 'em like her. And my dad, oh, God bless him. He and mother were tithers and he was never without a job, 24 hours during the Great Depression. And I was born right at the end of the Depression but he just, he just believed God and just stood on what he'd, what we know now is tithing. Right?

Anyway. Oh, she was praying over me. Oh, she's praying over me. Ah, she's praying over me, praying over me. And she heard the Lord say, George, get rid of that aluminum cooking ware. Oh Lord, it's brand new. He said, go out in the back of the backyard there and bury it. Now, we lived in West Texas, in Abilene, Texas. And the back part of our yard, the place wasn't very big. But the back part of our yard at that time was vacant. Now, later my dad went to put a storm shelter out there but this time, it was just vacant and it's just real sandy. And so, she did what the Lord said. She went out there and dug a hole in that sand and put that aluminum cooking ware in there and forgot about it. It wasn't long until there was a large gray black circle. Where the ground had leached that aluminum out and it's surfaced.

Now, when you get aluminum hot, it expands. And that aluminum residue was getting in my body and I was allergic to it. And I've not had asthma since. But God showed my mother what the source of it was. There's no such thing as a sickness, a disease, an allergy that there is not a 100% source and 100% deliverance. I used to have allergies. I mean Tracy, I'm telling you I couldn't get close to a horse. And that upset me man 'cause I liked to ride on one Wichita Slim was riding. It really bugging me 'cause my horse give me. Pray, the old boy ride again. Some of you don't know, even know, what I'm talking about.

Tracy: Brother Copeland...

Kenneth Copeland: Wait just a second. There was just a little simple procedure.

Tracy: Oh, yes sir.

Kenneth Copeland: That Dr. Donald Colbert, born again, Holy Ghost, baptized medical doctor. And now he won't mind me telling this he got in trouble for it, but he's I don't care. He went to Chiropractic school to find out that. He studied Chinese medicine to try and find out that what they had because he needed to know the human body.

Tracy: Yes sir.

Kenneth Copeland: And just one avenue he studied naturopathic medicine.

Tracy: Yes, sir.

Kenneth Copeland: Amen.

Tracy: Yes sir.

Kenneth Copeland: This very small procedure. It took less than 10 minutes. I've never had an allergy since.

Tracy: Glory to God.

Kenneth Copeland: But a Holy Ghost doctor knew where to get that and it came through chiropractic.

Tracy: Yes sir. Glory to God.

Kenneth Copeland: And of course I thank God for it, 'cause He's the healer. He's the, I said he is in the healer. He is the healer. Come on. Pray in the Spirit. Yeah. Back in the first tier. Not on the ground floor, but in that next tier right there. It looks like about one, two row of seats back. You're there a little bit by yourself. You have a long light colored coat. Can you see the one I'm talking about?

Tracy: Yes sir I do. Yes sir I do.

Kenneth Copeland: Wave your hand. Yeah, you just waved your hand right here. Put your hands right here. Put your, no, right here. Right here. Right here, in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, I speak to your stomach. I speak to your lower intestines. I speak to this whole part of your body in the name of Jesus, it's well! It's well, it's over glory to God you're out, yeah. And right here in the low back, you will never have that again. The power of the Lord Jesus Christ has healed you and you're well forever. (Now, does that mean anything to you? Did that mean anything to you? Did I miss it? Did I miss it or did I hit it all right? I can miss it. Evidently it turned out to be right.

Tracy: It turned to be right. Yes sir.

Kenneth Copeland: There's a concentration of the healing power right in that whole area right there. Glory to God. Hallelujah. Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, angels.

Tracy: Yes exactly.

Kenneth Copeland: Healing angels.

Tracy: Yes sir. That's exactly, they're walking.

Kenneth Copeland: Going here and that tier gone here and over here across there like that. Oh, dear God. In that 1-12, section 1-12, right there. Praise God. Praise God, arthritis is being healed throughout that that section 1-12, section 2-11. Praise God that 2-12. I'm telling you there's angels flowing like this, flowing like this, flowing like this, throughout the whole place. I said throughout the whole place just going and going and going and going and going. Glory to God. Glory be to God. Glory be to God.

Someone has been having some really, really bad dreams. Bad dreams are so bad. It just seems like it just something you just there. Just something you just did. No, it's a dream. It's a dream. Don't worry about it. Just laugh at it. Just dump it. 2 Corinthians 10. Amen. Cast that imagination down. Imaginations are part of the dream cycle and all of that. cast that imagination down. Amen. And put those reasonings that come out of that in prison. Put it in captivity and be ready. Oh, I mean be ready to take revenge, to the be... Just be ready to come out that dreams! No you don't. No you're not putting that all means. You can't make me dream a dream that I don't wanna dream. If one sneaks through that's all it's worth. The devil is not worth much better. When it comes to that cancer.

Now, you don't wanna rail against him. Just take a thought on him. You don't touch me Whether I'm awake or I'm asleep. Go! Now. That's all you have to do, if you believe it. If you believe it. I said, if you believe it. Oh God, it's happened.

Tracy: Oh, yes sir. It has happened.

Kenneth Copeland: It's happening. Hallelujah, let's worship Him. Let's worship Him. The glory is here. The glory is here. The glory is here. All kinds of throat problems, sore throat, strep throat. Get that COVID-19 thing out of your mind, off your mind. The devil will masquerade if he can he'll just come up and say, Oh, you got it. You've got it. No I don't. I don't. I refuse to take it. Now, somebody said, well, that's you in denial. Wait a minute, wait a minute. I don't deny the sickness. It's real. It is killing people. It's real. I deny it right to exist in my body. I deny it right to exist in the body of my family. You don't touch my household. This is the household of faith. And it's not just the house itself. It's the whole house. Gloria calls it a Spirit of God bubble. And we walk in it. We walk in it all the time. We walk in the full armor of God all the times. And armor means all the way around. That's what it means. That's what armor mean all over, all the way around.

Tracy: All the way around.

Kenneth Copeland: The shield of faith. Don't don't get the idea of this. No, no no. That one is not the shield of faith. Not like this.

Tracy: Yeah.

Kenneth Copeland: Above all the shield of faith. The apostle Paul was talking about Roman armor. They talked about the turtle maneuver.

Tracy: Yeah. Yeah.

Kenneth Copeland: Now, arrows were the weapon of the day. That is the most dangerous thing that had ever come into warfare. And they would take a unit. These things had hooks on each side. If we hooked our shield together and we've got, we've made a wedge here. And then here comes this flight of arrows. We're not afraid of the arrows that fly by day. So what'd they do? They had their shields hook. They just did this. And it looked like the back of a turtle and quenched all the fire and arch of the wicked. Isn't that amazing?

Tracy: Its cool, yeah.

Kenneth Copeland: Yeah. No, he can't shoot me. I am covered head to foot. My feet are shod with the preparation of the gospel of peace the gospel of peace and the power of God unto salvation. My feet are shod in power. From my feet, my breast plate. I like that breast plate. You know, it's not this. No, it when like this and strapped here and there. And there was armor that strapped here in the back. And did you ever notice, even when you go to a museum and you see that armor, that breast plate it never has a belly on it. It always has a six pack on it. Now, you may have a belly on inside of that thing but when you got it on nobody can tell you got a belly. You may be going, put that strap thing on.

The breast plate of righteousness. I don't care how you look. You are the righteousness of God in Christ Jesus. That helmet of salvation. Put it on there. Now here is the important part. Put that face shield down. Now, the devil doesn't know whether that's God in there or you. Don't say something stupid. Well, that wasn't God And that's the old dumb dumb in there. Again, trying to look like God. No, no don't let anything but faith come out of that mouth. I'm healed. I'm well. Strap that armor belt on and gird up the lawn. See, the Roman soldier wore a skirt up here that hung down to about here and to protect this part. But you didn't want that thing getting in the way. And so they would gird up. You pull that skirt like this, you thought going to combat here. And I'm wanna do this first. And then the armor belt went around here and held all that in place where you can't stumble over it. So you've gird up. You've got the weapons belt on.

And now, you just about ready except for one thing. I got my shoes on. Clear everything and on. Now. Okay, strap it on. Now I'm armed. I got the sword on. I am fully armed. Sharper than any two edged sword. The word of God, my sword. Let the word fight its own fight. The devil comes up there, why are you not healed and you got COVID-19? Here Satan, hold this!. No, I have COVID-19 no, no, no no. You may have TB, but you don't know. I hate him the way God hates sin. And I love God with all of my heart, all of my soul, all of my mind and strength. And I hate Satan. I hate every principality every power, every ruler of the darkness of this world. I hate every evil unclean spirit. Then the wicked spirits in the heavenlies. I hate them with all my heart, with all my soul all my mind and all my mind and all my strength.

And I will not let him touch my house. This house or the house of my family. I will not, I will not allow it. I will not allow it under any circumstance. Get an awareness of the Spirit of God on your shoulder. And of that sword that you were night and day. You never take it off. You never take it off Tracy. You never take it off. Well a woman that had been healed of lung cancer. I mean, I prayed with her laid hands on her and one moment she just walked off from the job just healed completely, healed well. And then I got a call and this was, Oh, I don't remember. Now is probably what Lord? Eight months later maybe. Brother Copeland this old cancer has back on me. I said well, now you're a covenant woman right? Yes I am. That's the way she got healed in first place. I've told you're a covenant woman. You can't have cancer. You're not allowed to have cancer. You're a covered. Yes, yes, yes.

And I said, get your Bible. I don't think she thought I could hear her. She said, "where is my Bible"? Laying in the bed dying of cancer and didn't know were a Bible was. Spirit-filled tongue talking healing believing Christian already been healed by the Word of God. Well, I said, get your Bible. She got it. I said, now you're a covenant woman. Well you have I said, don't give me a yeah, but you're a covenant woman. Well, yeah, I know. And I should quit whining around about it. I said, you're a covenant woman right? Well, I said, are you a covenant woman or are you not? Well, yes I am. I said you don't sound like one. Are you, you have a covenant with God? Yeah. But I said, answer me! Do you have a covenant with God? Well, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, Yeah.

And finally, just getting to get, just get rough with her and she, but she kept getting a little bit better and a little bit better. She said yes Brother Copeland I mean, praise God, I have a covenant with God. It's a covenant of healing. I am a covenant woman. I am a blood covenant believer. Glory to God. Am I'm healed. And she was. Did we get there this morning? Are you well? Then raise your hands and give him praise beyond any praise you have ever praised in your life. Begin to shout before the Lord. Shout the shout of victory. Shout the shout of deliverance. Shout the shout of the the power of the Lord. Hallelujah. Thank you.
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