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Watch 2022-2023 online sermons » Kenneth Copeland » Kenneth Copeland - Expecting Covenant Results

Kenneth Copeland - Expecting Covenant Results

Kenneth Copeland - Expecting Covenant Results
TOPICS: Expectations, Covenant

Let's look at this in the fifth chapter of Mark. And if we do what and follow these same examples then we can expect the same results. Verse 25, "And a certain woman, which had an issue of blood 12 years". She was a shut-in for 12 years. And thank You, Jesus. "And had suffered many things of many physicians and had spent all that she had and was nothing bettered, but rather grew worse, when she had heard of Jesus, came in the press behind and touched his prayer shawl, touched his garment, 'for, she said". She said. "Now Jesus said, 'Daughter, thy faith has made you whole.'" So "she said," that must have been her faith speaking.

"She said," Mark 11:23, "Whosoever shall say unto this mountain, 'Be thou removed and be thou cast into the sea,' and shall not doubt, but believe, not doubt in his heart but believe that those things, those words which he says shall come to pass, he shall have whatsoever he says". That may be my favorite verse. That is my. My favorite verses in the whole Bible are right there. Mark 11:22, 23, 24 and 25. Ah. "She said, 'If I may touch but His clothes, I shall be whole.'" She didn't say healed. She said "whole". "'I shall be whole.' And straightway immediately, the fountain of her blood was dried up. And then she felt in her body that she was healed of that" COVID-19, "that plague. And Jesus, immediately knowing in Himself, out and", I wish they hadn't translated that "virtue".

Look it up. It's exactly the same word from which we get dynamite. In some cases dynamin. In this case dunamis. Dunamis. Say it, And it was translated virtue. Ah, I don't understand that. Oh, I wish they hadn't done that, but they did, so anyway. And you can go through different places. Ah, and right there in the third chapter of the Book of Ephesians. "He is able to do exceeding, abundantly above all we can ask or think according to the dunamis. In us". Ah, ha, ha, ha! Hey, that's blood talk. That's blood talk. It's in there. It's in me right now. And I expect it to explode any minute. It's explosive stuff, energizing power. Jesus. He felt it go out of Him. He was aware of it. She was aware of it coming into her body. She didn't feel it and then believe it. She believed it. And then she felt it. She felt it dry up.

Amen, so what did she do? Well, she did four things. She said it. She did it. What's that? Corresponding action. She said it. She did it. She received it. Somehow in that room, she heard of Jesus. She heard. She was right there in His hometown. This is Capernaum. He had just come across the lake over there and delivered the man of Gadara and He came right straight across the lake home. Jairus, ruler of the synagogue, met Him. He'd already made up his mind. My little daughter's dying and if I can get to Him. Oh yeah. Oh yeah, all will be well. Yeah, so and so Jesus said, well He's headed home with Jairus.

So the Spirit of God put Jesus on the move toward Jairus's house, and the Spirit of God stopped Him in the middle of the street with this woman with the issue of blood. Jesus didn't have anything to do with either one of them. Faith did it. Faith put Him on the move and faith stopped Him right there in the middle of the street. Now Jairus had to have a lot going on for Him. He never said another word. How do we know she was in there for 12 years? How do we know she had many physicians? How do we know all of this? She had to tell him that. That's the next thing she did. She testified. She told it. And Jairus just stood there. Come on. I know her. That woman talk all day. My baby is dying and you're not doin' anything. About that time, somebody came up and said your baby's dead. Don't bother Him any more. Read it in the Book of Luke in the eighth chapter. Jesus turned to Him.

Now, don't be nice about this. He didn't say, "Fear not. Only believe". "Only believe. Only believe" No, He's dealing with death. He's standing right here. Jairus is just right here. And here's what I saw in my spirit. He said, "Stop the fear! Fear not! Believe only. She'll be made whole. She'll live"! So he never opened his mouth. He'd already said his faith My God, man. If you don't, I mean, if this don't set you on fire your wood is soaking wet. Anybody that'll do that. I'm going to tell you. I'm going to say this to you again. That testimony. That testimony. Don't, don't just, I thought I was healed but I guess I'm not. No, no, no, no, no, no, no. Well, I believe if Jesus does it, it's just done forever. That's just 'cause you don't know anything. Satan comes immediately to steal it. I mean, that's his business. Steal what? The Word! He can steal a Word and get your money and get everything else. Steal that Word out of your heart. Just start testifying to it. I'll tell you how faithful God is.

Two testimonies. One, I'd been gone and came back. And I had a note there that I had a call from him and well, I'd been on the road preaching and so forth. And I had a call from him and I said, "Hey, Bill left a call. I'll call him". So I called and I said, "Let me talk to Bill. This is Kenneth Copeland". "Mr. Copeland? He passed away two days ago". Oh, oh Lord. I missed him. Now Gloria and I had prayed with him, but then that really bothered me. I went to the funeral and at the grave side. And I was just standing there out there at the cemetery, just leaned up against a tree there. And all these things are going through my mind.

A woman walked up to me. She said, "Brother Copeland, you don't know me, but I belong to your mother's prayer group". My mama had a prayer, oh, that prayer group. They'd get so many people there on Monday nights, you couldn't even get around the house and she'd shut it down and make a church out of it and wait a couple of years and start another one. She prayed all the time. She learned that praying for me. Anyway, she said, "I belong to your mother's prayer group". And she said, "I know how you love this man". And I said, "Oh, yeah". She said, "Just a few nights ago, in the middle of the night, I began to pray in the Spirit and it was so heavy on me". She said, "Lord, what is this"? And she said, "I just kept praying. And I just kept praying and it just got heavier. And it just got heavier and heavier and heavier. And finally," she said, "it's long up in the morning".

And she said, "I got to get up and go. I have to get up from here. What Lord, what do I do"? He guided her to a hospital. He said, "Go in there". She went in there. She said, "What do I do here"? Nothing. Just pray in the Spirit. Well, it's the middle of the night see. And it's very quiet in that hospital. So she was just very, very quietly walking down the hall, just praying in the Spirit so softly, so softly. And she walked by this room that had an open door and a voice said, "Excuse me. Excuse me". She walked in and said, "Yes". "Excuse me". He had lung cancer, man. He couldn't have talked very loud. "Excuse me, uh, do you know the Copelands"? She said, "Yes". He said, "Do you know Kenneth Copeland"? She said, "No, but," she said, "I know his mother".

Listen. He lived, there was one house between his house and my mother and dad's house. And he would get up early in the morning and he would go there and sit down at my mother's table and have breakfast and she'd tell him about Jesus and he'd say, "Okay, okay," and he'd leave. And he was just the happiest guy in the world, funny as a man could possibly be. He said, "Could you, do you know how to pray like they pray"? She said, "Yes, I do". He said, she's telling me this. He said, "I thought that," something like this. "I thought that's what you were doing, right"? She said, "Yes". She said, "Brother Copeland, I led him in the sinner's prayer". And she said he laid his head back with a smile on his face. And a few hours later he was gone.

Another man that I had worked for in the airplane business. And he didn't want anything to do with God, Tommy Baker. I can just see the guy right now, good-looking guy. An airplane salesman deluxe. And he's a chain smoker and he didn't want anything to do with God, you understand? Well, the same thing happened again. I got home and there was a call from Tommy and I call them and they said, "Oh, oh Brother Copeland. He just fell dead of a heart attack just a couple of days ago". Hey, it happened again.

So R.W. Schambach was having a tent meeting in Arlington, Texas. And one of my very, very close friends, Jimmy Hester Pastor of and they had it set up over there, right in the area there. And they were having a tent revival and Jimmy called me and he said, "You gonna come to Brother Schambach's meeting"? I said, "Gloria and I'll be there in a few minutes". Man, we jumped the car and got over there. And so. And Brother Schambach was a good friend. The man could preach. Oh, oh. Anyway they sent word down there, "Come on up on the platform". And I said, "No, no". "No," he said, "Come on up on the platform". I said, "Let's go Gloria". She, "No, I'm gonna sit down here. You go".

So I sat down next to Jimmy. I was sittin' there right next to him and the song service is going on. And, but we're just sitting there and hey, you know, they're all singing. He said, "Kenneth, I think there's something you need to know". I said, "Really? What's that"? He said, "You knew a man named Tom or Tommy Baker". I said, "Oh yeah, very, very well". He said, "He came to my office". And he said, "I thought you needed to know this". And he said, "I tried to get ahold of Kenneth and he's out of town, but I have to have God". He said, "I have to have God". Well, I'd been praying for him. "I have to have God".

Now this is, this is very interesting information because I have a covenant with God. And I know what the Word says. And I bound the devil. You're going to spoil a strong man's house binding and send laborers into the field, laborers into the harvest. And I went through that process. Anyway, he said, "He came to my office and he said 'I have to have God. Can you help me?'" He said, "Yes, sir, I can". He said, "Kenneth, we had a wonderful time. We just sat there. And I prayed with him and we just rejoiced and had such a good time. And he just, he just walked out of there. And in about a week and a half later he just dropped dead of heart attack in the bathroom".

So now, let's go over now to the 14th Chapter of Acts, verse seven. Oh, go back to the sixth verse. "They were aware of it and fled unto Lystra and Derbe cities of Iconium under the region that lieth roundabout and there," who? Paul and Barnabas. "and there they preached the Gospel". There they preached the gospel. What is the gospel? You go to the Book of Galatians. "The Scripture" which is God, preached the Gospel to Abraham saying, "In you shall all nations be blessed". The Gospel is all is left is THE BLESSING because "Jesus was made a curse for us. Well, cursed is everyone that hangeth on a tree. Redeemed from the curse of the law". That's the Gospel! He said it was the Gospel.

Well, do we know what he preached at Lystra? Yeah, we know exactly what he preached. That's what he preached. If you want to know what he preached, look what he wrote. You don't write one thing and preach another. So what happened? "And there" praise God. Now, I didn't show you the 14th verse. "When the Apostles Barnabas and Saul". At that time, Barnabas outranked Saul. He wasn't Paul yet. But he kept growing. And his great knowledge of the Scripture, he just kept growing and later it became Paul and Silas. Huh? Are you with me now? So praise God. Let's go to 14:7 again. "And there they preached the Gospel and there set a certain man at Lystra impotent in his feet, being a cripple from his mother's womb, who had never walked, the same heard Paul speak".

The same heard Paul preach the Gospel. "Faith cometh by hearing and hearing by the Word of God". He heard him preach the gospel "who steadfastly beholding him and perceiving, he had faith to be healed. He said with a loud voice, 'Stand upright on your feet!' And he leaped and he walked". Faith came and he got up and he walked. Does that do anything for you? Praise God. I said, praise God. I said, praise and worship Him. Praise and worship Him. Praise and worship Him. Praise and worship Him. Praise and worship Him. Praise and worship Him. Come on, let's stand up and praise and worship Him.

Brother Copeland, I've heard these Words maybe all week long but if I were to be like Tommy Baker and fall in the floor right now dead, I'm not real sure where I would go. Well, it's time to be sure. It's time to be absolutely certain. If that is your situation, just lift your hand. Anywhere, anywhere in the building. Thank You, Lord. Thank you, Lord Jesus. And anyone that would say, Brother Copeland, I've known the Lord, but I've fallen out of fellowship with Him. I want to come back to Father's house. Pray it with all your heart.

Oh God in heaven. I believe with all of my heart, You raised Jesus from the dead. Lord Jesus. Take my life And do something with it. I receive You as my Lord. And my Savior. I repent of sin. I repent of the past. The past is dead and gone. And I thank You so much. I thank You so much for all of the good things in my past. And I'll roll all the care of all the junk over on You. Fill me now to overflowing now that I'm born again.

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