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2021 online sermons » Kenneth Copeland » Kenneth Copeland - The Trump Prophecies

Kenneth Copeland - The Trump Prophecies

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Kenneth Copeland - The Trump Prophecies

Kenneth Copeland: This is the "Believer's Voice of Victory" broadcast. And I'm Kenneth Copeland, and you better pay attention 'cause I'm telling you that good stuff is happening on this whole week with Stephen Strang. I'm telling you it's very, very important to your life, to my life, to your children, my children, to your business, your ministry, your church, whatever you're called to do wherever you're called to do it, is this election is very, very, very, very important. Now, vote and vote right. You listen to these broadcasts, go back and go back over these broadcasts. I mean, get the notes and the scriptures and all of this and study it, and study it, and study it, and study it. Do like I did, get this book of Stephen's. I got one when it was in the manuscript and studied it. I studied it and worked with it and studied it. It's important. Amen.

Now, open your Bible to the third chapter of Hosea verse six. "My people are destroyed or cut off for lack of knowledge. And because you have rejected knowledge, I will reject you". The Word says, "My people are destroyed for a lack of vision, a lack of insight". This is huge. And Stephen Strang, as a journalist and a Christian reporter, has dug all these things out and documented them. It's very important. And this election is very important. Don't ever vote for or against anybody because of their personality. You look at the platforms of those two parties. You look at where they stand and you go vote. If you don't vote, you just voted for the wrong side. And the wrong side of the people that murder babies.

I don't mind telling you that. If you don't vote or if you vote Democratic, you're an accomplice to murder. You can't pick out the plank on that platform and then stand on that one without standing all the other because it is a platform, it's all tied together. You have to remember that. Now, this has... In fact, Stephen brought this to my attention. I had forgotten about it from the book, Blood Moons. Blood moons are not coincidental.

Now, I've heard it argued, in fact, I watched the debate between John Hagee and the other man. I don't remember his name. Didn't want to remember him. He's a Christian man. I mean, this isn't that, but he's more into mathematics than he is into the Word. Well, those things are going to naturally come about because of the movement of the planets. Who do you think moves the planets? What's a matter with you? I said that watching that interview. "I will show wonders in the heavens and in the earth, blood, fire and pillars of smoke. The sun shall be turned into darkness and the moon into blood before the great notable day of the Lord should come. And it will come to pass whosoever shall call on the name of the Lord shall be delivered for in Mount Zion and in Jerusalem shall be deliverance. As the Lord has said, and in the remanent whom the Lord shall call". Now, talk about Donald Trump and blood moons.

Stephen Strang: Well, I write about this in the book called "God, Trump"...

Kenneth Copeland: And if it's doesn't set you on fire, your wood is completely wet.

Stephen Strang: Well, thank you. "God, Trump the 2020 Election". I write about why he's got to win, I write about how he might lose, I write about all these different things, but I also try to include things that other media are not going to include, including other Christian media. And one of them is the prophecies that happened with, that Donald Trump would be elected, and he was.

Kenneth Copeland: And he was.

Stephen Strang: I document the...

Kenneth Copeland: By more than one person.

Kenneth Copeland: That's right.

Kenneth Copeland: By more than just one person...

Stephen Strang: And also, I documented them because people make fun of prophecies and prophecies are wrong. Remember "88 reasons why Jesus was going to come in 1988"?

Kenneth Copeland: Yeah.

Stephen Strang: I mean, if anything is crying wolf and it causes people to not recognize the real thing. So I'm careful about it, but I was able to document some prophecies, but also there are people who are teaching about signs in the heavens.

Kenneth Copeland: Mm hmm.

Stephen Strang: Now, I don't think we can make a doctrine around this necessarily, although there are a lot of scriptures like you're talking about, and God used signs in the heavens to get the wise men from the Middle East over to Bethlehem to visit the Christ child. There were stars, signs in the heavens. So there are several with Donald Trump and people find this very interesting. He was born on June 14th, 1946. That day was a blood moon, just like in the scripture. A blood moon is a lunar eclipse where it looks red. So they called it a blood moon. Now, what does that mean? I don't know. I don't know. I really don't. I say this in the book too, but then if you take from the day of his birth and you go forward to the day that Israel was born, do you remember that date, May 14th, 1948? It's exactly 700 days. When Donald Trump was elected president, the day he swore the oath of office, he was 70 years, seven months and seven days old. The day he was...

Kenneth Copeland: See if you gonna work that out.

Stephen Strang: At least for me, it makes me go hmm It's just interesting coincidence. The year he was inaugurated in the Jewish calendar is 5777. He beat Hillary Clinton by 77 electoral votes. And that was because there was a defection of seven votes. I just think it was interesting. It made good reading. You wanna put something in the book to make... They can't get anywhere else. Listen, you can find it on the internet, like I did. There are some preachers that preach it, I interviewed them, I looked into it. I verified that, yes, it really was 700 days and this type of thing. And also in the middle part of his term, which would have been January 20th, 2019, the mid point, right? Between the first inauguration and when the next inauguration happens. That was also a blood moon. And there are a couple other blood moons that I'm not remembering right now, but it's just interesting that God would send these signs. And I think it's an indication that God's hand is on Donald Trump. Now, there are many other reasons to believe God's hand is on Donald Trump...

Kenneth Copeland: Stephen, here's the thing. There are people, personalities that have come into the earth, for very unusual reasons. This man was born to be the 45th president of the United States. He's unlike any president ever.

Stephen Strang: You're right.

Kenneth Copeland: And it's not ever. We've never elected a billionaire. We've never had a man of his makeup and personality. As far as politics are concerned, he was part of the political structure of the country at an arms distance. His only reason for becoming president was to save the nation. As you know, there was a meeting of the entire Trump family. He wouldn't do it and he wouldn't talk about it. And we talked about it, but he wouldn't consider it unless the whole family agreed. And then we find out from Paula White, which Gloria and I've known Paula as it goes way, way, way, way, way back. And she was saying that they gathered together and agreed that they were willing to expend their entire fortune to save this nation. That's never happened. George Washington did that. The originals did that. They put it all on the line, all of their fortunes. I don't know of it since then, but that smacks of the original government of this nation to save the country you're willing to... And that's one thing you can say, if you're worth a couple of thousand dollars or if you're worth even a few million, but when you're worth $3 billion in assets that just beyond our ability to relate to, and he's willing to put it all on the line.

Stephen Strang: And usually the other thing happens, isn't it interesting that these politicians they go in, I don't know what they make, what varies $175,000 a year or something like that. And when they leave office, they're multi-millionaires.

Kenneth Copeland: Yes. Aren't they fortunate?

Stephen Strang: Even the Obama's who their accumulative income if I remember correctly, it was like $400,000 or $500,000 before they went in office. That's upper middle class. It's not wealth. And when they leave office, they buy this a mansion in Martha's Vineyard for $12 million. You wonder why? I mean, that's just kind of politics as usual, and it's not just them, we could use lots of examples, but with Donald Trump it's exactly the opposite. And I really believe that it's because he really, really loves this country. He'd been thinking about running for president for a number of years. And I tell the story in the book. And in fact, I got a lot of my information from you that when he thought of running in 2012, that was when Romney got the nomination, he asked Paula White-Cain to get her preacher friends together. He wasn't gonna ask for their endorsements. He was gonna ask them to pray. Should he run? I've never heard of a politician saying that. And why don't you pick up the story?

Kenneth Copeland: Well, and then they did the same thing when he ran this time. They prayed without ceasing for six hours. Just praying, nobody's talking, just praying. Room full of people, room full of people. And he asked Paula, "What do you think"? "No, sir". She said, "It's not what I think, it's what you think". Well, he said, "The country wasn't ready for me before, but they are now". He said, "I'm gonna run".

Stephen Strang: And the rest is history. And back that era, God was showing some of his prophets... We believe that the gifts of the Spirit are for today, not just the early church. And prophecy is probably the most misunderstood.

Kenneth Copeland: It is.

Stephen Strang: For a lot of reasons. But a lot of people would know the name, Kim Clement.

Kenneth Copeland: Yes.

Stephen Strang: He was a personal friend of mine since the '90s. He was a little different, He actually died young. He got a stroke and he died the same month that Trump was elected. And the reason that's significant is these prophecies which are all over YouTube, could not be manufactured.

Kenneth Copeland: That's right.

Stephen Strang: Some people will try to make something look and predate it, Nowadays with Photoshop you can do anything almost. But in 2007 and 2008 timeframe, there were two... You can go on YouTube and see them. I've watched them several times. He's prophesying and he's talking about how Trump is going to be a trumpet. And that God is going to raise up a disruptor. And he says, he's going to be in office for two terms. And there are some things... He didn't really mention Trump except in the idea of a trumpet, but in hindsight, you can go back. He talked about building a wall, being a disruptor, all of these kinds of things. He's probably the best known, the most significant, but also there was this fireman named Mark Taylor.

Kenneth Copeland: Yeah, sir.

Stephen Strang: That was pretty extraordinary the way that God showed him. Chuck Pierce, whose a respected prophet right here in Texas. His was a little bit more symbolic that God was gonna play the Trump card and later he began to.. But before the election, he was very clear. The Lord has said he will win. And there are some others too. In fact, when I was still backing Senator Ted Cruz early in the primaries. I was hearing some of my friends saying, "God has said that Donald Trump is gonna win". And I was going like, "Really"? I mean, that was just my reaction. I started looking into it and started the process. Really, it ended up with our coverage. We did everything we could. I used all the platforms. I'm not hindered by the Johnson amendment...

Kenneth Copeland: That's right.

Stephen Strang: And mainly online, of course, and a Pastor Jim Garlow did a... We call it an op-ed. Somebody else might call it a blog. It was kind of an apologetic on why to vote for Donald Trump even if you don't like him. And it started with the platform, like you said. Anyway, it was shared 4 million times. It was even brought to Donald Trump's attention. And you probably know Jim Garlow 'cause he's on...

Kenneth Copeland: I know very well.

Stephen Strang: That was a God thing. I mean, we put in articles all the time that don't get 4 million shares.

Kenneth Copeland: Now, he's another man that if he comes public with something that God said, I'm telling you, he'll put his life on the line to the point where... I'm telling you, when he says something, I mean, my antenna goes straight up 'cause this man, God has moved him into places that were dangerous for him 'cause he was so opposite from everybody else around him. But then when it turned out, he changed them instead of them changing him. He is a class act that man is.

Stephen Strang: I agree.

Kenneth Copeland: Really.

Stephen Strang: And he's a model for the rest of us.

Kenneth Copeland: Yes, he is. He's a God activist. I love him man. And he's had a lot of heartache in his life and he just doesn't quit. He just stays with it. I love that man. He's amazing.

Stephen Strang: He is amazing.

Kenneth Copeland: Now, we've discussed some interesting things. Anybody that has any spiritual aptitude about them and anybody that cares enough to really look and dig like Stephen has. That's the reason he's so important to the body of Christ because of his expertise and his ability as a journalist. Because he is an investigative reporter, thank God for him. He doesn't have any idea how much I depend on him But that's what he does. I look at it like this. He looks at it like this, and that's the reason he's so important. Now, it's one thing to have a blood moon. Well, so what? But another blood moon and another blood moon, and another blood moon...

Stephen Strang: And on the day you're born.

Kenneth Copeland: Yeah. And it just starts stacking up and then prophetic words that are being spoken, you cannot ignore that. You cannot ignore the signs and the wonders that match the Word of God first and then match the prophetic utterances of proven prophets. The least of which... Not the least of which is Paula White-Cain. That woman has spiritual insight. And I'm telling you she is a bulldog 'cause once she hears from God, she just doesn't let up.

Stephen Strang: And she's had her share of problems.

Kenneth Copeland: Oh, yeah.

Stephen Strang: And it was like refining fire.

Kenneth Copeland: Yeah. The devil attacked her in every way you could think of physically and in ways that... I'm just in awe of her. And then now Jonathan. I mean, he fits in that same category, but where we are right now, it's not easy to think about yourself like this. George Washington, didn't know he was making history. He's trying to change things. He knew that this thing may not last five years. They certainly had no idea what it was gonna be a 100 years from then. No idea it never been done. And I had the Lord bring that up to me. And he sent that to me. I didn't think about that until he said it. Do you think they had all of that whole group? John Adams, Quincy Adams, Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, all of them. Do you think they had any idea what this is gonna look like a 100 years from now? They didn't know it was gonna last a 100 years. It had never done, never been done. Stephen Strang, I heard this and we are right in the middle of it right now. He said all of this trouble are birth pangs to the rebirth of this nation.

Stephen Strang: I believe it.

Kenneth Copeland: And he said, "You don't have any idea what it's gonna look like a 100 years from now, but I do". And he said it will be as much better as it was better for them. The rebirth of this nation.

Stephen Strang: I pray your prophecy comes true. That's what we need.

Kenneth Copeland: It's coming to pass.

Stephen Strang: And yes, things are really bad, but sometimes things have to get really, really bad before they get better.

Kenneth Copeland: Yeah.

Stephen Strang: Especially when people are asleep and the body of Christ has been asleep.

Kenneth Copeland: Stephen, I went all the way through World War II. And I was just a very little boy when it bombed Pearl Harbor. I was born December the sixth, Pearl Harbor was bombed December the seventh, and I'd just turned five years old. But I was 10 by the same time this thing was over with. I remember it, man. I was in grade school in the middle of all that mess. And I offered my dog to the army and he was too little they wouldn't take it. Anyway, the things that... And of course, I learned later that I was called to fly. That was just part of my life. I can't remember when I didn't wanna fly. My mother and dad got married in 1927. Lindbergh flew the Atlantic 1927. 1927, '27, '37, 10 years, 41. 1941 Japan bombed Pearl Harbor from aircraft carriers. War has always caused immensive, huge inventions because we had to have it people are dying. Now, we have to have this. We have to be realizing people are dying, babies are dying. We gotta admit we're at war with this thing. We're at war with a devil. We're not war with a Democrats. We're at war with a devil. He hates this country. More gospel coming out of here and all the rest of them put together and he hates it. I read the back of the book, we win.

Stephen Strang: Amen.

Kenneth Copeland: We're out of time. We'll be back in a little while.
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    Wesley Jeffers
    10 November 2020 01:55
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    This is the funniest conversation I've ever heard. Astrology, numerology, and more... all under the guise of "Christianity" haha.