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Kenneth Copeland - America First vs. Globalism

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Kenneth Copeland - America First vs. Globalism

Kenneth Copeland: I have good news. We've talked a lot about a lot of bad news. And we're gonna discuss some more bad news, that they can't get away with. But glory be to Jesus. In first Corinthians, the 15th chapter verse 55. "Oh death, where is thy sting? Oh grave, where is thy victory? The sting of death is sin and the strength of sin is the law. But thanks be to God, which giveth us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ". I John 5:1-4, "And, out of the mouth of two witnesses, let every word be established. Whosoever believeth that Jesus is the Christ is born of God. And everyone that loves him that begat love with him also that's born of him. By this we know, that we love the children of God when we love God and keep his commandments, for this is loving God that we keep his commandments, His commandments are not grievous. For whatsoever is born of God overcomes the world. And this is the victory that overcomes the world even our faith". The whole world can't get away with this. I won't allow it. It only takes three of us and we can change it.

George Pearsons: That's right, that's right.

Kenneth Copeland: Amen.

Michelle Bachmann: Amen.

Kenneth Copeland: I will not tolerate this. Amen?

Michelle Bachmann: Amen.

Kenneth Copeland: Oh, and one thing we needed to mention called that, our producer brought up the backed the fact, that the young man in Portland might not have been shot in the back.

Michelle Bachmann: Yes.

Kenneth Copeland: But he's martyred either way, cause a man murdered him in cold.

Michelle Bachmann: That's right. And sometimes those early reporting get it wrong. They can say that he's...

Kenneth Copeland: That really doesn't matter.

Michelle Bachmann: Yeah. But he has an untimely death that's for sure.

Kenneth Copeland: And he was dead when he hit the ground. I mean, he murdered him in cold blood, because of who it was and who he was and what he was doing.

Michelle Bachmann: In Portland that's right.

Kenneth Copeland: Now, that makes him a Christian martyr. There's another Christian martyr that I'm very passionate about. I'm passionate about as well. He was martyred because Black Lives Mattered. His name's Abraham Lincoln.

Michelle Bachmann: That's right, that's profound.

Kenneth Copeland: He was killed by a Southern activist. Murdered. The most hideous kind after the war, the most terrible war we've ever had in this country. The worst we've had

Michelle Bachmann: Over 600,000 Americans died in the civil war. 600,000, We can't even imagine.

Kenneth Copeland: That's more than World War one and World War two put together.

Michelle Bachmann: That's right. And when you look at the population of the United States at that time...

Kenneth Copeland: But then.

Michelle Bachmann: Yeah.

Kenneth Copeland: My goodness.

Michelle Bachmann: Yes. Yes.

Kenneth Copeland: But, to catch him after the war was over, after it was all done. And his main reason for killing him, this is the way it was reported. His main reason for killing him, he was afraid that, that he was going to rebuild the South. And allow it back, not, and allow it back in the Union? Which is what he's plans were.

Michelle Bachmann: He was bitter.

Kenneth Copeland: Bitter man.

Michelle Bachmann: Yeah.

Kenneth Copeland: And he shot him in the back of the head and killed him. It doesn't get any worse.

Michelle Bachmann: No, no, that's right. He was a Martyr...

Kenneth Copeland: Martyred because Black Lives Matter.

Michelle Bachmann: Because Black Lives Matter.

Kenneth Copeland: First Republican president, the first Republicans in... This is beginning of the Republican party.

Michelle Bachmann: That's right.

Kenneth Copeland: First Republicans elected to Congress.

Michelle Bachmann: That's right. Were Black senators.

Kenneth Copeland: Black senators.

Michelle Bachmann: And Black Congressman.

Kenneth Copeland: Yes.

Michelle Bachmann: Yes.

Kenneth Copeland: The first.

Michelle Bachmann: That's right.

Kenneth Copeland: The first.

Michelle Bachmann: That's right. Republican and Republican from the time of the civil war all the way up for almost a hundred years, Blacks voted Republican. Because Republicans were the party to free slaves and the party that voted to get rid of segregation.

Kenneth Copeland: Yes.

Michelle Bachmann: That was the Republican Party.

Kenneth Copeland: Yes.

Michelle Bachmann: Not the Democrat Party. That was the Republican Party, that voted to get rid of segregation. We've had our history stolen from us and rewritten by these frauds in the media. These know-nothing frauds and some deliberate frauds in the media, taking away, stealing our history.

Kenneth Copeland: "He which testifies these things says, surely I come quickly, Amen. Even so, Lord Jesus, the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you all. Amen". That's the very last of the book and we win. Jesus Christ of Nazareth wins the whole deal.

Michelle Bachmann: That's right. We're there.

Kenneth Copeland: It's a good thing, start with the back of the book and then go that way. And without him we lose.

Michelle Bachmann: Amen. Oh, there's no question we lose. Abraham Lincoln knew that. Abraham Lincoln was so burdened as you can imagine, dealing with a civil war. And I had, I had read materials on him. And what I had read is that, when he came into the White House, he maybe wasn't necessarily a man of faith.

Kenneth Copeland: That's right.

Michelle Bachmann: He maybe wasn't. But he had a pastor who regularly came in and visited with him and prayed with him and shared the gospel with him. And Lincoln bore all of this on his shoulders to keep the country together. And it appears that Lincoln gave his heart to Jesus Christ and got on his knees and he was a changed man. I encourage everyone to read Lincoln's second inaugural address. If you go to the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, DC chiseled in the stone, in the wall is that second memorial. I ask all of you to read it. You can't get through that weeping. You read and you hear the sorrow of this burdened man, this man who was overcome by what his nation was going through. Scripture is all through his second inaugural, because he fell it, he felt it in the beat, in his bones, God put a godly calling on Abraham Lincoln's life to care about black lives because they mattered. They mattered. He saw, you could see it just in his word imagery, he wrote his own speeches. You could read it in his words that he understood the blood that had been shed the sorrow what this meant. He saw the evil of slavery. He could envision it. And he did everything that he could to not only get rid of it, but get rid of it and keep a country together. It's a task, we can't even imagine, how difficult it was.

Kenneth Copeland: But slavery is still here.

Michelle Bachmann: Slavery is in the world, It absolutely is.

Kenneth Copeland: It's still right here in the United States, in the form of Communist, Socialist.

Michelle Bachmann: Seeking to enslave. That's right.

Kenneth Copeland: But they are enslaved to an idea that is a lie.

Michelle Bachmann: That's right.

Kenneth Copeland: Particularly young black men and women that have been lied to, and not all of them. I'm telling you what, I'm mean. I'm in touch with a lot of people here, and the slavery that comes from buying a lie and buying into it, until you won't hear anybody else's opinion. Bless their hearts.

Michelle Bachmann: Well, there is a blindness, but it isn't people's fault. It is a blindness that the digital media is putting out there.

Kenneth Copeland: Sure it is.

Michelle Bachmann: It used to be, you pick up the Dallas Morning News, or whatever your local newspaper is and that's how you get your news. And it isn't that way anymore. I'm sure you've got a cell phone in your pocket. That's how most people read their news now, it's digital. It's Facebook and it's Twitter and it's Instagram and it's Apple news. In fact, they decide what news you see. You don't even get to decide, they decide the news you see. The news pops up on my phone, it isn't the news that, I mean, I read it and I read enough that I can read through the lines. Almost every single article is a lie.

George Pearsons: Yeah.

Michelle Bachmann: It's a lie, because I read so much, I know the difference between truth and what a lie is.

Kenneth Copeland: Communism enslaves the minds of the people that believe it.

Michelle Bachmann: Yes, it does. It is a deception because what does it tell people?

Kenneth Copeland: Socialism is the same idea.

Michelle Bachmann: Yes.

Kenneth Copeland: That's not total.

Michelle Bachmann: That's right, that's right. It's a worldview.

Kenneth Copeland: Nazi-ism was a national socialist party.

Michelle Bachmann: Yes.

George Pearsons: Yeah.

Kenneth Copeland: There's nothing new about that.

Michelle Bachmann: No.

George Pearsons: Right.

Kenneth Copeland: It goes all the way back to Nimrod.

Michelle Bachmann: That's right.

Kenneth Copeland: So there's this book talks all about it. The first wars were caused over the same thing.

Michelle Bachmann: That's right because, there's really basically two forms of government.

Kenneth Copeland: That's right.

Michelle Bachmann: You have a very unique form of government. They don't see very often that God wanted for the Jewish people in Israel. He wanted to be their God, He didn't want them to have a king. He wanted to be their God and directly be their God. There would been no taxes. It was a tithe that people would pay to so that everyone would be cared for. But that's what God's view of government ultimately was, man is so imperfect. We just didn't go along with his plan. We weren't bright enough to see it. But the other plan is that, man wants to enslave man, that's what you're talking about.

Kenneth Copeland: Without God.

Michelle Bachmann: Without God. Men wants to slave other men and say, "Hey, I want you to work for me, and I don't wanna give you your just wages". That's Communism. That's Socialism. That's, Nazi-ism. You're gonna work for me, You're not gonna get your just wages. And you're gonna do what I say you're gonna do, and you're only gonna get what I say you're gonna get.

Kenneth Copeland: After all, I'm gonna take care of you.

Michelle Bachmann: That's right, that's the lie.

Kenneth Copeland: I will take care of you.

Michelle Bachmann: That's the lie. Just like Joe Biden has been saying, and Kamala Harris has been saying on the presidential level. And actually the Democrat Party platform has been saying, they're calling that, that America in a world of 7 billion people, in a world of 7 billion people, we won't have any borders. And anybody who can get here, come on in. And just by virtue of coming in, you can have a lower middle class lifestyle. In other words, we'll give you free healthcare and we'll give you a free place to live, and we'll give you a free food, everybody come in. There's 330 million people in the United States of America. They gotta pay for themselves first, their own families, their own livelihood. Is there enough money left over to pay for 7 billion people? The math doesn't work out.

Kenneth Copeland: No it doesn't.

Michelle Bachmann: The math doesn't work, that's the lie.

Kenneth Copeland: There is nothing free.

Michelle Bachmann: That's right, you work for it.

Kenneth Copeland: There's no such thing as a free lunch.

Michelle Bachmann: That's right. No. You work for the sweat of your brow.

Kenneth Copeland: Somebody gotta pay for that. Somebody has to pay for it.

Michelle Bachmann: That's right.

Kenneth Copeland: And because of that, my mother's brother was killed in France.

Michelle Bachmann: In World War Two.

Kenneth Copeland: In World War Two.

Michelle Bachmann: Yeah. Yeah.

Kenneth Copeland: Because there was, here is a people that wanted everybody, everybody to be involved in the government. Everybody we'll take care of you. We'll take care of you, unless you're a Jew, we'll kill you. No, we don't want any Jews. And Adolf Hitler, hated black people. He hated black people, maybe even worse than he hated Jews. 1936 Olympics.

Michelle Bachmann: Yeah. Jesse Owens. Yeah, yeah.

Kenneth Copeland: Jesse Owens get out run a car. And Hitler wouldn't acknowledge him, he wouldn't shake hands with him.

Michelle Bachmann: Because he was black.

Kenneth Copeland: He banned the saxophone in Germany because it was a black instrument.

George Pearsons: Wow.

Michelle Bachmann: That's right, Satan hates everything.

Kenneth Copeland: Everything.

Michelle Bachmann: Isn't it interesting. God loves everyone, Satan hates everyone.

Kenneth Copeland: It is an exact opposite. It's exact. Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the Word of God. Fear comes by hearing and hearing by the lies.

Michelle Bachmann: That's right.

Kenneth Copeland: Of the devil.

Michelle Bachmann: That's right.

Kenneth Copeland: I wanna talk about this.

Michelle Bachmann: Yeah.

Kenneth Copeland: In my viewpoint, is right up on the level of religious freedom. This president came in, our military had been so stripped. I've had a man on our board of directors who's been a partner with this ministry since he's 18 years old, and one of the Air Force Academy graduate. He retired at 24 years, largely because of the Obama Administration. And of course he's still greatly involved and he's in, he's still in government stuff and everything. He gets pretty frustrated. He said, "I still spend a lot of time in rooms that don't have any windows". But he said, "I can't talk about". But he just, he... Everything was so screwed around backwards in the military. They didn't even have enough ammunition, robbing parts, we killed a lot of soldiers, had a lot of soldiers die. I say we killed them, because the Obama Administration actually killed them. The parts were worn out on the helicopters and they're swapping parts and scrapping.

Michelle Bachmann: They had to go to airplane museums to get parts.

Kenneth Copeland: Yes.

Michelle Bachmann: Because we didn't have the parts. I was in Congress at that time, both our Air Force and our Army and our Navy, they went back in the case of the Army and Navy, they went back to like pre-World War Two levels. You couldn't believe it how eaten out it was, But Donald Trump came in, he spent over a trillion dollars. He brought our military backup. He saw from Ronald Reagan. He learned that lesson, that if you have a strong military, it's peace through strength. If you have a strong military people don't pick fights with you. So the very first thing he did is he built our military back up. And if you noticed during the last three and a half years, we have not been under attack. We haven't had any domestic attacks here in the United States, terror attacks

Kenneth Copeland: Well...

Michelle Bachmann: We haven't had to deal internationally. Iran was the chief sponsor state sponsor of terrorism. Since 1979 in the world, Iran has been the chief's spreader of terrorism. They're involved in the wars in Yemen, Syria, Iraq, Gaza, Lebanon, Indonesia, and of course, against Israel. All the time when these missiles come into Israel, it's all Iran who backs them coming in. And so what did Barack Obama and Joe Biden, remember Joe Biden was the vice president. What did they do? They gave 150 billion dollars to the chief state sponsor of terrorism in the world. All the while when Iran was rioting in the streets shouting, death to Israel, death to America,

Kenneth Copeland: But Michele, they promised they wouldn't use it.

Michelle Bachmann: Oh yeah. Oh yeah, that's right. And you know how good that paper is in Iran? So he gives him 150 billion, but this is, this was even worse, this was the kicker. They gave a little sweetener to the pot and they gave cash. What's cash used for? It's payouts for terrorism. So they put cash of American dollars, Swiss francs, euros, Iranian money, I mean, they had it all bundled up. They put it on pallets in a cargo plane, US plane, and they put it then on other planes and they dropped it over the airfield in Iran to give to the Ayatollahs. The Ayatollah, by the way wrote a book four years ago, the title of the book is, "In 25 Years, We Will Annihilate Israel". So he published this book while Obama is coming up with this deal with Iran, that he's gonna give 'em 150 billion and then a hot 1.7 billion in cash. Here's the other thing Obama did. He released out of US prisons and out of the whole prison pipeline, he released 27 procurers of Iran's nuclear program. Because Iran wants to have nuclear weapons to use against Israel and the United States, it's their stated objective. Why would the Ayatollah write a book that says in 25 years, we're going to annihilate Israel? So Obama enriches, Iran the chief sponsor of terrorism. Who's not hiding anything, who's saying yeah, we're gonna build bombs and we're gonna kill you, and we're gonna kill Israel, and he gives them the money. It's like who does this? This was under Joe Biden. Now, Joe Biden wants to be your president. What is the first thing that Donald Trump did? He ripped up the Iran agreement. He said, no more, it's over. And he's ramped up the sanctions on them. And now Iran is about flat on their back, which is exactly where we want them to be.

Kenneth Copeland: That's where they need to be.

Michelle Bachmann: Because it isn't the people of Iran who are bad, it's the Ayatollahs who are bad. They're bad, and hopefully these people can be released from their captivity in Persia, ancient Persia, modern day Iran. This is the difference between a Donald Trump and a Joe Biden, the Republican Party platform, the Democrat platform. But Donald Trump also came in saying "America First". We're not gonna be globalism, I am not gonna be the president of the world, I am gonna be the president of the United States. But there's a whole group out there in Davos, Switzerland. Maybe you've heard about them. They meet twice a year. They've got this plan now, it's up on their website, look it up, it's, go there, And according to the World Economic Forum, you can see it on the cover of the August Issue of Forbes Magazine. They call for re-imagining capitalism. They wanna to get rid of capitalism, which is God's way for man, that all mankind has the ability to create wealth, use it and enjoy it for his good. That's not Communist way. That's not the World Economic Forum way. They wanna push us toward, they have all sorts of fancy names for it, but it's essentially Communism. And they want us to get rid of capitalism. You're gonna see this everywhere now in the media, where they wanna get rid of capitalism, re-imagine capitalism. In other words, get rid of it, so a couple of elites can tell the rest of us what we're gonna do and what we're gonna have and take away our choices from us in the future. If you're a young person, you want choices and you want a future, and you want a hope. That's why, if you go down the road of Joe Biden or the Democrat Party platform, and I'm telling you, you gotta go up and down the ticket, every single office that you're voting for, cause America's streets are paying a price. Because these Democrat mayors in these metropolitan cities, they have a future and a plan that they've mapped out for you. And it is a one world system of government under a Communist form of government. That's the direction of Antifa, Black Lives Matter, read their materials, don't trust me, read their materials and the World Economic Forum at Davos, Switzerland. Here comes Donald Trump as president. He went to Davos and he gave this blistering speech. America first, you guys should all be about your countries first too. And he just laid it out. He's not all part of this one world order, he wants America first. There is such a diametrically opposed difference, but that's what this whole election is about. They believe in Davos, they believe that Joe Biden will be the next president of United States. That's why... If you've seen Bill Gates all over TV, you can't miss him he's everywhere. He's all over these vaccines for COVID. So this COVID has been used as a pretext with this pandemic to force all of us into fear. When we're fearful, we're willing to change peace and our prosperity for security, but it's a false security, that's what Satan gives.

Kenneth Copeland: That's right.

Michelle Bachmann: A false security. What's that false security? A vaccine. Guess what? Bill Gates is funding all of these vaccines that are going under trial right now. He's been all over CNN saying every human being in the world is going to have to take this vaccine. Every human being in the world, Brother Copeland you said, that only 9,200 Americans died of COVID. 9,200 as of August, 2020?

Kenneth Copeland: That was CDC report.

Michelle Bachmann: Right? That was the government's report.

Kenneth Copeland: I saw it on their website.

Michelle Bachmann: That's right. So the federal government themselves admits it's 9,200 people that are dying from it. And you're telling me now I have to get a vaccine. Every single human being in the world has to get a vaccine. And in fact, Bill Gates has said, maybe not one vaccine, maybe it will be six times you're gonna get the vaccine. Okay, now this is amazing because other reports that have been out there have said, you get the vaccine you may have to be required to have the vaccine cause we're gonna go to digital currency. And if you... We have digital currency, then you may not be able to get a job unless you have a digital certificate, that shows you have your vaccine. And then that's what allows you to have a job or not have a job, or allows you to buy or allows you to sell. That's why it's imperative. Christians know what in the world is going on. We have a resource for everyone who's watching today, it's called Prayvotestand, go to You can learn everything about the candidates, the platforms where you vote, how to pray for this election. We have got to continue to pray. Be wise, know what's going on. We don't wanna one world government, We want America first.

Kenneth Copeland: Yes we do.

Michelle Bachmann: Go into the polls.

Kenneth Copeland: Yes we do.

Michelle Bachmann: And you need to vote according to the Bible.

Kenneth Copeland: Yes we do. That's what we need to do, we're just saying vote according to the bible

Kenneth Copeland: Thank you, Lord Jesus.

Michelle Bachmann: Amen.

Kenneth Copeland: Thank you, Michele Bachmann.

Michelle Bachmann: Amen. Thank you Brother Copeland.

Kenneth Copeland: Marvelous job.

Michelle Bachmann: Thank you.

Kenneth Copeland: Marvelous job. Marvelous job. Marvelous and marvelous...
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