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2021 online sermons » Kenneth Copeland » Kenneth Copeland - Why Platforms Matter in the 2020 Election

Kenneth Copeland - Why Platforms Matter in the 2020 Election

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Kenneth Copeland - Why Platforms Matter in the 2020 Election

Thank You, Father, in the Name of Jesus for opening the eyes of our understanding about how this government works and the behind the scenes, because of Congresswoman Michele Bachmann's experience of being behind the scene, being in classified meetings. That we will never, ever, none of us will ever be privileged to be there. I'm talking about the people in this room, most likely, but it is so important, Father. And we thank You for sending her to us. We praise You and thank You today, in Jesus' Name. Amen.

Kenneth Copeland: Michele Bachmann, thank you, my dear.

Michelle Bachmann: Thank you, it's a privilege and an honor.

Kenneth Copeland: I want to read this, because you tend to forget these things in the heat of the heat of the moment. This is a copy of two blood covenants, and God is a covenant-keeping God, don't you ever forget that. Our government of the United States is based on this book. The government of the nation of Israel is based on this book.

George Pearsons: Yes, yes.

Kenneth Copeland: If God said it, it is, whether you like it or not. Whether I know it or not, if he said it, it is. And you can curse yourself so badly, that your whole family in generations can never get out from under it, until somebody stands up and repents for what happened. This is as true today, as it was in the book of Genesis. Now, why is it called the Word of God? Why is the Bible called the Word of God? These are blood sworn oaths. And it has been, it has escaped the knowledge of 98% of born again, spirit-filled, Bible-believing Christians. Has He not said it, will He not make it good? This is his bond. He gave His Word to Abraham. We are the seed of Abraham. "Now, the Lord had said unto Abram, Get thee out of that country and from thy kindred and from the Father's house, unto a land that I will show thee. And I will make of thee a great nation". And down the line, that gave birth to the United States, because the United States gave birth to Israel. It was the last vote of the president of the United States, which was Harry Truman. That's the reason Israel is a nation today.

Michelle Bachmann: That's right, that's right. A Democrat president, a Democrat president.

Kenneth Copeland: Yes ma'am.

Michelle Bachmann: That's right.

Kenneth Copeland: On account of his mother.

Michelle Bachmann: That's right, that's right. And his Sunday school teacher.

Kenneth Copeland: Yes, yes.

Michelle Bachmann: Yes, yes.

Kenneth Copeland: And those were days, I mean, Harry Truman was a believer. He was a Christian man.

Michelle Bachmann: Amen, amen.

Kenneth Copeland: Amen. Talk to him about abortion, just see what he'd a said about it. I'll tell you.

Michelle Bachmann: There'd be no Equality Act, Brother Copeland, I just want you to know.

Kenneth Copeland: I know enough about Harry Truman. You woulda heard some language. You never would've gotten it. Amen. Now, listen to this, "I will bless those that bless you. I will curse them that curse you. And in thee shall all families of the earth be blessed". We are families of the earth and we are the seed of Abraham because Jesus Christ of Nazareth is our Lord and Savior. That has never changed. No, no. To God, this was just a few minutes ago. Well, a few days ago, 'cause to Him a day is of a thousand years and a thousand years is of a day. He is always now, He is always current, and this Word is up before Him today. Now, I present this to you. Are you going to dare? Do you dare vote for a party that embraces Muslim leadership? Now, I'm not against Muslim people. You gotta understand. I love everybody, I love all people. I'm a Christian, and most of them hate me, but not all of 'em, but a whole lot of 'em do. But here's the difference, my Book and your book does not allow us to murder anybody for any reason. The Bible does not say, "Thou shalt not kill". That's a bad translation. It says, "Thou shalt not do murder". I heard two Muslim men that are now Christians. God bless them. I wish I had a recording of that. And there's another man, very close to me, that was a Muslim young man. Anyway, they said, anybody that does a murderous act, (talking about terrorism), because of what somebody else believes about Israel and do a murderous terrorist act, do so in full agreement with their book, the Quran. Anyone that does a terrorist murderous act and claims to be a Christian, does it with full condemnation of our leader, Jesus Christ. And that's of the basic difference.

Michelle Bachmann: Yeah.

Kenneth Copeland: This president, may I remind you where the Unites States Embassy is? It is in Jerusalem, where other presidents did not have the nerve to put it there. It didn't cause World War III, like everybody was afraid. It didn't cause anything but the joy. The U.S. Embassy, I want to thank you very much. I have been there. It is on Donald Trump Avenue in Jerusalem.

Michelle Bachmann: We were there the same day.

Kenneth Copeland: Yeah.

Michelle Bachmann: The day of the opening of the embassy.

Kenneth Copeland: Amen!

Michelle Bachmann: Yeah, that's right. And it was a miracle.

Kenneth Copeland: It was a miracle.

Michelle Bachmann: No other president would do that. Every six months a president issued a waiver and they just kicked the can down the road, because the bill was actually passed in the early nineties.

Kenneth Copeland: Well, they were afraid of it.

Michelle Bachmann: They were afraid of it, but not Donald Trump. He said, "Let's just do it", and he did it.

Kenneth Copeland: I like his motto.

Michelle Bachmann: Yeah.

Kenneth Copeland: If it's the right thing to do, do it.

Michelle Bachmann: Just do it. Yeah, yeah.

Kenneth Copeland: Just do it.

Michelle Bachmann: Yeah, he's a regular guy. He's a blue collar billionaire, but he's, you know, he's a regular guy, that's what I love about him.

Kenneth Copeland: I do too.

Michelle Bachmann: Yeah. That Israel is one of the five areas, Brother Copeland, that I think that believers need to look at both this Democrat and Republican platform, that you have.

Kenneth Copeland: Oh, absolutely.

Michelle Bachmann: And they need to look at five different areas. One of them is Israel, because of what you said, the Bible couldn't be more clear. All of covenant is based upon Israel. The blood covenant is based upon Israel, because...

Kenneth Copeland: He is a covenant-keeping God.

Michelle Bachmann: He's a covenant-keeping God, because man sinned and God said, "I got this, I'm gonna make a way where there is no way. And I'm gonna take Myself, humble Myself, come to this earth, live a perfect life, pay for your sins, die on a cross for your sins".

Kenneth Copeland: Take your judgment.

Michelle Bachmann: Take your judgment, and then we can spend eternity together. That's the whole gospel.

Kenneth Copeland: Now, are you gonna, are you going to bring judgment back on yourself?

Michelle Bachmann: I'm not, you're not. I don't think your viewers will.

Kenneth Copeland: I have to deal with this in my conscience. Am I going to vote for a party that... Well, anyway, you talk...

Michelle Bachmann: Well, and that's why the platforms are so important, because of this issue of Israel. Because America has been blessed when we have blessed Israel. You said it. No president blessed America more with Israel than Donald Trump. And that's absolutely true.

Kenneth Copeland: Am I right in saying this, Michele?

Michelle Bachmann: Yeah.

Kenneth Copeland: Isn't he the first of the presidents that actually suggested that they expand the territory, instead of give it away. He said, "Go ahead and move over there, you belong over there". That's, go ahead and annex that.

Michelle Bachmann: He's the first on a lot. He's the first on a lot of things. First to pray at the wall, to go to the wall, because that dignified and said, "This is a legitimate right for Israel to have the wall". No other president would say that before. We know that this is Israel's land, because God said for eternity, this is Israel's land and Jerusalem for eternity is God's throne. So, all we have been doing in the United States for the last three and a half years under Donald Trump, is agree with what the Bible says about nation's relationship with Israel.

Kenneth Copeland: I love it.

Michelle Bachmann: But it's a first, it's a first in the way, other than Harry Truman, it's a first for us. And that's why I think we've had this explosive wild success we had until the coronavirus came in. But there are five issues that I think that your people watching the show want to think about. One is the issue of life. Where do people stand on life? Because life is the essence, it's the most important thing that God gives any of us. And so, if God gave us life and gave it to someone else, it would be unjust for that life to be taken away without due process of law if they haven't done something evil. So where do the two platforms stand on life? Very important. Where do they stand on Israel? Where do they stand on Biblical marriage? That's also an institution created by God at the Garden of Eden. Genesis is a beautiful book, because it gives us all the beginnings. All the things that God says are good. The very first thing out of His mouth is, it's good, it's good, it's good. All these things that are good. So we need to know, do these platforms of the two parties, do they honor what God said is good, what gives life? That's what we've got to know. Israel, life, Biblical marriage. What about religious liberties? God told us to worship Him and worship Him freely. So the question is, will our right to worship be taken away from us, like it would be under the Equality Act?

Kenneth Copeland: Just now, right there in Minneapolis.

Michelle Bachmann: Yeah.

Kenneth Copeland: Mac and Lynne Hammond.

Michelle Bachmann: Yes, dear friends.

Kenneth Copeland: Who you know so well.

Michelle Bachmann: Love them, yes.

Kenneth Copeland: And I go there every year, but thank God for our Texas governor. Choices matter, loves God. And he just put his foot down, he said, "Abortion clinics will not be open in the state of Texas. They're not essential and church is".

Michelle Bachmann: He'll be blessed. Texas will be blessed.

Kenneth Copeland: Church is, he said church is essential.

Michelle Bachmann: And Minnesota is just the opposite.

Kenneth Copeland: Just the opposite.

Michelle Bachmann: Just the opposite.

Kenneth Copeland: Mac, bless his heart, had to sue the governor of Minnesota to have church.

Michelle Bachmann: Yeah, and he does.

Kenneth Copeland: And everything else was open.

Michelle Bachmann: That's right, that's right.

Kenneth Copeland: But not church, church is dangerous. You don't need to be getting together. You can't sing in church, you might spread something.

Michelle Bachmann: But he opened it.

Kenneth Copeland: Now sometimes words just fail me.

Michelle Bachmann: Well, because the religious freedom, religious liberty, the free expression of religion, is the first guarantee that all of us need to have. That is the first amendment. Government is constrained from stopping us from doing this. And that's why they won their law suit.

Kenneth Copeland: When Mac sued him, I mean, he was gonna have church anyway. And they sent the police out there to arrest him. And one of the policeman said, "Pastor, we hate this", but he said, "We're not gonna do it". And so, anyway, so Mac just sued the government, sued the governor and won. And so, in that 3000 seat auditorium, we had 500 people, but at least I had somebody to preach to.

Michelle Bachmann: Well, that's right. And when is that ever happened, where churches have been shut down in the United States? I don't know in my lifetime that's ever happened. I don't know if it's happened in yours, but I don't recall a time where churches have ever been closed down and the liquor stores are open. The marijuana stores are open. The abortion clinics are open.

George Pearsons: There's a pastor in California that instead of having church, he's having peaceful protests.

Michelle Bachmann: Yep, that's right. Because if you protest your a okay, that's right. That's right.

Kenneth Copeland: I hadn't heard that.

Michelle Bachmann: So believers are going to be voting on life, Biblical marriage. They need to know where the candidates stand, where they stand on religious Liberty, where they stand on the judges. Donald Trump has said, he's actually said to the public and he's put out lists. I will only appoint pro-life judges. That's never happened in the history of the United States. He's trying to be Biblical. We've never had a president who has done more to try and be Biblical. He doesn't pretend to be perfect. Nobody thinks he's perfect, 'cause he's not perfect. But he's trying to only put lists out of judges who are pro-life, that he will appoint. I'm telling you, that issue alone is enough to say, it's day and night. A guy who believes that you can rip a child from its mother's womb, up until the second before it's born, versus a pro-life judge. That's a pretty stark and distinct difference. And then Israel, of course. So these are huge issues. If we have time, if we could show how important the platform is, because do you know, four years ago when evangelical Christians voted, 60% of all evangelical Christians in the United States voted based on the party platform. So if we could roll this tape, that would be great to describe the party platform.

Kenneth Copeland: Yes, yes, yes, yes please.

Let's talk about party platforms. This might seem boring, but they're important. Every four years, Democrats and Republicans gather and each writes a document to establish how they will govern. That document is called a platform. It's a big deal, because the platform defines what the parties believe and the policies they will pursue. Well sure, there are times when politicians don't vote with their respective party platforms. Republicans vote with theirs nearly nine tenths of the time, Democrats, nearly three quarters. A very large amount of the time, what you see in the platform is what you get with your politician. So, let's take a look at the platforms.

On our first freedom, the freedom of religion, the Democrat platform is silent on the right of Americans to live according to their beliefs outside the walls of their churches and places of worship. The GOP platform affirms the rights of conscience for all. And for the first time, the platform calls for a repeal of the 1954 Johnson Amendment, which effectively silenced churches on issues deemed political.

On life, Democrats for the first time, call for the federal government to force taxpayers to fund elective abortion. Democrats believe unequivocally that every woman should have access to safe and legal abortion. And to fund this access, their platform calls for repealing the Hyde Amendment. Republicans support an end to abortion and the funding of abortion, and the GOP supports a human life amendment to the constitution.

On marriage, Democrats embrace the redefinition of marriage, stating LGBT people have the right to marry the person they love. Republicans believe the cornerstone of society is natural marriage, the union of one man and one woman.

On Judicial appointments, Democrats promise to appoint judges who protect a woman's right to abortion and see the constitution as a blueprint for progress. Republicans support judges who respect traditional family values and the sanctity of innocent human life. They seek to enable courts to begin to reverse the long line of activist decisions.

On school choice, Democrats offer no support for families who want private or faith-based schooling for their children. The GOP platform supports homeschooling, private or parochial schools and vouchers. These things matter, and that little R and that little D next to a candidate's name, that says a lot. The parties are telling you what they will do. Question is, now that you know, what will you do?

Michelle Bachmann: It does mean something. and we have resources that are up on the screen and it's called, pray, vote, stand. We have a prayer guide, voter registration, you can compare the platforms, all the resources that you need in voting are gonna be available and we're gonna have that up on the screen for people so that they know. But if you're a young person, if you're a woman you know, this is the 100th anniversary of women getting the right to vote.

Kenneth Copeland: Yes it is.

Michelle Bachmann: And you know, the very first woman who ever voted in the United States was actually a typist in Saint Paul, Minnesota who got up at four in the morning and went out to vote 'cause she wanted to be the first woman to vote in America and she voted on a water sewer line project so you know, women take this seriously. So for a lot of women and for a lot of young people, actually, they're kind of put off by Donald Trump's personality, you know, he rubs them the wrong way. For a lot of people, they just don't like him but I just wanna encourage the people who are watching today, you're not voting for some celebrity or some personality.

Kenneth Copeland: No, no, no, no.

Michelle Bachmann: You're voting for a platform, a party platform. If you're a young person, you want a future, you want a life. If you're a woman, you wanna know that your streets are gonna be safe, that your kids can go back to school and you can have a job and your husband can have a job. You vote the platform, you know the personality of his style isn't your way. As a believer, you're voting the platform, what they stand for, 'cause you said, you can't get out of the way of the platform.

Kenneth Copeland: The quality of life that's going to be put in force. Now, Donald Trump brought this economy to the most powerful that it has ever been.

Michelle Bachmann: It's ever been, ever. Ever.

Kenneth Copeland: Already, the other party is advocating huge tax increase. Well I'm, you know, I'm just a little person, it won't affect me. Don't you kid yourself that it doesn't affect you. It does affect you because it affects the people that you work for, it affects the people that need jobs, it affects the people that don't have any jobs, need jobs and you raise the taxes on the employer. Well, the socialistic idea is you don't wanna give a break to the rich. Wait a minute, wait a minute, we're talking about the wealthy people actually support the country financially, whether you like them or nor. It's the wealthy people and the car business that hire people on the assembly line. It's the wealthy people in the department store business, it's the wealthy people from the Walmart legacy that have the money to hire more people and build more stores.

Michelle Bachmann: Yeah, you're cutting off your nose to spite your face, because if you don't have that wealth creation, that's biblical because God gives every person the right to create wealth, keep it, and enjoy it. Every single person gets that right, but not in a socialistic country.

Kenneth Copeland: No, it's never worked.

Michelle Bachmann: You don't get that right because then government says what job you're gonna do or how much money you get to keep. You lose freedom in a socialistic system. Oh, it sounds great, it sounds like you're getting everything for free, but it's shared misery when it comes down to it, because it isn't like shared wealth, it's shared misery.

Kenneth Copeland: And the definition of insanity, doing the same thing over and over and over and over and over again that has never worked in history and expect it to change this time.

Michelle Bachmann: Yeah, and we have one society that's ever embraced it where it's worked and it won't work in America either. That's why this is so huge, so much is at stake. I know a lot of viewers too are concerned about guns. Do you know just this year with all of the unrest and bloodshed that there's been in the streets, that's why every race counts. Let me tell you, we've just seen how important who the mayor is in a city counts. These mayors who don't bother to bring out the police and use the police to keep safety in the streets or governors who don't keep safety in the streets. Every governor, every mayor, every city councilman, these are all very important races and you've gotta vote for them. So five million people bought guns this year, because they no longer trust government to keep them safe, they bought guns. So what's gonna happen? The NRA supports Donald Trump, your right to keep you and your family and your business safe. Joe Biden is just the opposite. He does not stand for the right to have guns. You can look at the picture on the screen of the McCloskeys, maybe you've heard of them in St. Louis. A mob descended on their home, screamed at them and said, "We're gonna burn down your home, we're gonna kill you, we're gonna rape your wife, we're gonna kill your dog". They were 75 feet away from 'em, they were just sitting down to have supper. They ran inside, got their guns. Guess what the DA did, the locally elected DA?

Kenneth Copeland: Yeah.

Michelle Bachmann: She didn't charge the mob who threatened them with death, she charged the McCloskeys 'cause they had guns in their hands. You wanna tell me, every single race is important, this is huge. That's why when it comes to voting, we've gotta talk about voting, mail-in voting. This is the cheat by mail voting system that by and large democratic governors and mayors have been pushing all over this country and it's because you can cheat when it's vote by mail and I just want to give you the short version. The best way to know that your vote counts is go to the polls. You're being told today to live in fear. The Bible says, "Perfect love casts out fear". It is completely safe to go to the polls in my opinion, I go to the polls. The way that you can know that your vote will be counted is go to the polls, cast your vote. If you don't feel you can do that for whatever reason, then vote absentee. Absentee means you've already proved to the state that you are who you say you are and you live where you say you're gonna live. That's legitimate voting. Don't vote by mail, that's cheat by mail.
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    The Bible say thy shall not lie also. Jesus says in the bible to love each other the way i have love u. The bible say help the poor and the least in the land. The bible says thy shall not commit adultery. so when u qoute what the bible say make sure that u quote it all!!!!!!!!