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2021 online sermons » Kenneth Copeland » Kenneth Copeland - The Dangers of the Equality Act

Kenneth Copeland - The Dangers of the Equality Act

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Kenneth Copeland - The Dangers of the Equality Act

Father, we thank You today. We give You praise and honor in this most important time in the life of this nation. And because so much of the world depends on the success of this nation. Then our partners all over the world are praying over this election. And we thank you and praise you for the very, very best. In Jesus' Name. And it is our honored to receive from heaven today, your insights, your ideas, your concepts of what this nation is all about. We thank and we praise you for it, in the Name of Jesus. And everybody said... Amen.

Kenneth Copeland: Now, our guest today needs no introduction, but she's going to get one. Yes. Amen. Michele Bachmann. George, would you do the honors, please.

George Pearsons: In 2006, Michele Bachmann emerged from state politics to become the first Republican woman from Minnesota elected to the US House of Representatives. By the time she won a third term in the house, she'd become a national figure in the Republican Party and a founding member of the congressional Tea Party Caucus. Her conservative agenda made her one of the most prominent opponents of the Obama administration during her time in Congress, and propelled her candidacy for the Republican presidential nomination in 2012. Since that time she's traveled extensively, boldly communicating her stand for biblical principles in our nation. She is a modern day Deborah who refuses to compromise the truth of God's Word, as you're about to witness this week on the "Believer's Voice of Victory" broadcast. What is at stake in the upcoming election? Hold onto your hat. Fasten your seat belts. The honorable Michele Bachmann is in the House.

Kenneth Copeland: Amen, that is so good. I remember, I was thinking about this earlier today, and I've mentioned it to you in the past. When you were on your bus...

Michelle Bachmann: Running for president.

Kenneth Copeland: And you should have been elected president that year, the anointing was on you to do it. I saw her on her bus and being interviewed and she was talking about some things and she looked up at the camera. I visibly saw the anointing of God take over. I literally shouted when I saw that on television. I knew right then that God had chosen her to be president of the United States that year. And if it hadn't been for lazy Christians, she would have been. So I want to tell you, Madam president, that anointing was there and I'm not so sure it still isn't.

Michelle Bachmann: Well, thank you for what you poured into me pastorally during that time. You would preach to me over the phone. People don't know that you did that on your own. You volunteered to preach to me. And when you're in that kind of a blender where things are going so fast, you can't believe it. When the Word of God comes into all of that, it changes things. So, thank you for being willing to be a pastor to me on the bus, you talked to me on the bus when I'm going along and you, you preach the Word to me. So by faith, we ran.

Kenneth Copeland: People don't understand what exhaustion is. 99% of the people have never been completely exhausted doing what they do. I have.

Michelle Bachmann: Yeah.

Kenneth Copeland: And in a campaign like that it's night and day, your mind is just whirring with things around you.

Michelle Bachmann: Well, you can't believe it. I mean, all the men who ran at that point, I was the first Republican woman to ever run for president and be on the presidential debate stage. And the men would all tell you it's the most difficult thing they ever did in their life. It was the most difficult thing I did in my life. I'd be up at four in the morning. I would speak 10 times in a day. I probably go to bed around midnight or one o'clock in the morning. It is just the most exhausting thing that you do. But you have constant scrutiny. There isn't a second because it doesn't matter where you are, there's a camera, there's a video somewhere. Everything you say that comes out of your lips is, and they're looking for a way to trap you.

Kenneth Copeland: And what people don't understand in a situation like that, or at any time. Being so mentally engaged overwhelms your spirit and you're mentally involved. And and even if you have time to read the Bible, faith comes by hearing, not just reading.

Michelle Bachmann: That's right, yeah.

Kenneth Copeland: And it was so important to feed faith to her and keep her spirit up in command.

Michelle Bachmann: Amen. And it does, I can testify. It does when you're preached to and when the Word comes in, there's nothing like the Word of God. There's nothing like the Word of God. It brings life where there is death and where there is exhaustion, it brings life. Yeah.

Kenneth Copeland: I, well, let me read our two scriptures. The first one, Isaiah chapter one, verse 21. "How is the faithful city become a harlot? It was full of judgment, Righteousness lodged in it, but now murderers". Underline that. Murderers. Murderers. The Democratic Party has become a murdering party. Taking innocent blood. God is not all right with that. "So your silver is become dross and wine mixed with water". Dross is the skim off of the top of the silver as it's being smelted. The real silver is gone. We've already gone through that. We don't have any silver coins anymore. We're so cheap. We don't have silver coins. They're copies. They're alloys. You could have gone to prison for that at one time in this country. But now, let's go down to verse 25; "and I will turn my hand upon thee purely, purge away your dross, your sledge, take away your tin or your alloys. I will restore your judges as at the first and your counselors as at the beginning. Afterward, you shall be called the City of Righteousness. The Faithful City".

Michelle Bachmann: Amen.

Kenneth Copeland: Judges, say it. Judges. Presidents are for four years. Judges are for life.

Michelle Bachmann: Amen. Amen. Amen.

Kenneth Copeland: This is the big animal in the room. Now, let's go to the ninth chapter, the sixth and seventh verses. Then this is where the difference is made. "For unto us, a child is born. Unto us, a Son is given and the government shall be upon his shoulders. His name shall be called wonderful counselor, The mighty God, the everlasting Father, the Prince of Peace", and his name is Jesus. And when he is enthroned in this nation as he should be, and as he will be this election, as he has been the last four years and more has been done concerning religious liberty than ever in the history since religious liberty has been in jeopardy.

Michelle Bachmann: That's right.

Kenneth Copeland: Done more for the unborn baby. What is it, by the end of the year, he will have appointed something like 300...

Michelle Bachmann: 300 federal judges who are lifetime appointments, 300. And if he has a second term, he will completely redo the appellate court. We have Supreme court, appellate court, district court. He'll completely have redone it, if he has a second term.

Kenneth Copeland: Ow. the good guys win.

Michelle Bachmann: It's within our hands.

Kenneth Copeland: The good guys win and so do the babies.

Michelle Bachmann: Yeah, the babies. Yeah, that's right.

Kenneth Copeland: Now, I want to get to the most putrid thing.

Michelle Bachmann: Yeah.

Kenneth Copeland: The absolute, the most detestable idea. The Equality Act.

Michelle Bachmann: Yeah. That's right. Thank you, Brother Copeland that you want to talk about this because there is a real difference when we go to the polls this year and you're voting for two political parties and at the presidential level, you're voting for two different candidates from two parties. We want you to watch this video clip with us on what one of the candidates feels about the Equality Act. Let's roll that.

Joe Biden:That's only been... The Trump administration has not only been a disaster for human rights at home, but around the world. Just look at the ugliness. The anti LGBTQ actions taken by this measure challenges to the right to marry, barring transgender service members, removing title line protection for trans students. 28 States as you know, you can still be fired for being gay, 30 States for being transgender. That's why we need the Equality Act that just passed the House.

And they talked about basic fundamental rights and you supported them and the community came out. You know, that's the difference in electing the Democratic House makes. Now we need to elect a Democratic Senate that will pass it. And I'm sure I'm no different than anyone else, but I promise you if I'm elected president, that'll be the first thing I asked to be done because it will send a message around the world, not just at home...

Kenneth Copeland: The first, he puts that first, Equality Act, that just sounds so good...

Michelle Bachmann: Sounds wonderful. Yeah. Who wouldn't want that? Exactly. Young people, we all want to be equal. Women, we're looking for equality, but that's not what it is, George. It's the inequality act. And this is what people need to know. What they want to do is amend the 1964 Civil Rights Act that was about having blacks have equal rights with whites. There was an excellent piece of legislation that has benefited blacks and whites in the United States, ever since the past. Now, they want to pervert that law and add these words, They want to add sexual orientation and gender identity. Those are code words. What's that going to do? What that is going to mean, it's going to target for punishment. People who believe in biblical sexuality. So if you believe in biblical sexuality, if you're an Orthodox Christian, Orthodox Jew, if you're a Muslim or if you're a person who just believes in natural marriage, but you have no faith at all, now, you will be punished. You're going to be punished by this law. So, for instance, we've seen before that men go have surgeries to become women. You can do that in this country, but now under this law, this would force a private business to pay for that surgery. A Christian business, a ministry, a Christian school, you'd be forced to have to pay for not only that surgery, anything dealing with, cause every five minutes, they come up with a new demand, under any identity you want to have because you see it's not based on biology anymore. It's based on your feelings. What I want. I want to have sex this way. I want to have sex with these people, these objects, this whatever. That now would be considered protected the same as if you are black or white. This is not in the same category at all.

Kenneth Copeland: No, it aint even close.

Michelle Bachmann: It is a perversion to change the law. but what they're doing is they're putting into law, any kind of what we would call perversion under the Bible. That's now protected. And the ones who are punished are those who oppose the perversion. So now think of it in your church, you are preaching, Pastor George in church or you're preaching, Brother Copeland. And you're preaching what the Bible says about biblical sexuality. That would be considered against the law because you would be discriminating. You wouldn't be inclusive. You'd be discriminating because you'd be calling something evil that the law now says is good. So man's law would call it good, even though the Bible calls it evil. So, not only would your organization be under penalty under the Civil Rights Act, also like Catholic hospitals. Catholic hospitals or religious hospitals, they'd be forced to do sex reassignment surgery. If you're a doctor, if you're a nurse, you are forced to have to participate in that. Or if you're a Christian business, let's say you're a Christian business and someone comes in, they want to work for you. And they're obviously a transgender person and they're very bold about it. But your business is one that you are part of your business is the fact that you are a Christian. Before, you could turn to the Religious Freedom Restoration Act of 1993. You could appeal to that. So, if someone sued me as a Christian business person, I could appeal to the Religious Rreedom Act of '93 to say, wait a minute, I have freedom of conscience in this country. I have freedom to my religious beliefs, my religious rights. So, I could appeal to that and I probably be okay. This law takes away the protections that were given to us in the first amendment, but also in 1993, to make sure we didn't have to do anything like this. This will blow up that protection. It changes everything in the United States. So preachers, teachers, from the pulpit, in Christian schools, we no longer have the right to preach the whole counsel of God because we'd be considered discriminatory. We're the bad guys. We'd be considered equal to racist under the 1964 act, we would be the racist because we believe and trust and teach and preach the Bible.

Kenneth Copeland: The silver turned to dross...

Michelle Bachmann: The silver turned to dross. To waste, that's right.

Kenneth Copeland: Let me ask you this, Michele. It's all based on feelings?

Michelle Bachmann: It's all on feelings. That's right.

Kenneth Copeland: All right.

Michelle Bachmann: You'd be whatever gender you want.

Kenneth Copeland: I feel like I'm a girl. I feel like I'm a boy. Now, well, and then that goes back, Well, you know, I was born this way so I can't help it. Now, you get that enacted. Then someone comes up and says, I was born to enjoy sex with children and it'll be okay as long as I don't hurt them. I mean you, Hey, why are you going to turn that down?

Michelle Bachmann: Well, that's the point. You see, the line now has been erased. And so if you are for biblical sexuality and that's where for 5,000 years of recorded human history, we have looked at the standard that God gave to Moses as our standard, that now is discriminatory. So there is no reason to not think that we should be like the days of Noah. That's what you're describing.

Kenneth Copeland: Yeah, that's what I'm describing.

Michelle Bachmann: What you just described was the days of Noah. Only now it's in law. So the perversions that we're practiced in the days of Noah are now protected under federal law, the Civil Rights Act, which is a perversion of lifting up and giving the rights to blacks that they deserved in America.

Kenneth Copeland: So it goes back to the scripture that says, "you are calling right wrong. You're calling wrong, right"? "You're calling white, black, and you're calling black, white". That's perversion.

Michelle Bachmann: They're flipping it. And when you do that, people get hurt in the process. And there is a severe privacy concern especially for women. I'll tell you where I think of this. My mother is 89 years old. She loves Christian TV. She loves to watch Christian TV. She was a godly woman when I was a child. She's godly woman to this day. Now, think of my mother and she's going to a store. Let's say, she's going to Walmart or she's going to Target or Best Buy. She goes into the bathroom. Now, anyone can go to that bathroom. She's 89. And you can have a 24 year old man in there who- he doesn't have to dress like a woman. He can just say, I feel like a woman today. No one can throw him out of that bathroom. And let's say, it's not one, man. Let's say there are six men that go into that bathroom. And my mother's in there and maybe she needs help. She's got to disrobe. She's got to do something while she's in that bathroom. She has no protection. Or let's say I have a six year old daughter. Am I going to let my six year old daughter go into any public bathroom again?

Kenneth Copeland: No.

Michelle Bachmann: Because I don't know who's in those bathroom stalls. I don't know who's waiting for her because this is the fact that we got to deal with. We've got to deal with facts. Most sexual perverts and most sex crimes are perpetrated by males. That's just a fact. Most sex crimes are perpetrated by males. Most victims are women. So the law has traditionally protected women. It's traditionally protected children. It's traditionally protected the innocence of children. This law takes away the innocence of children. Why? Because now this has to be taught in public schools that all these detestable practices are now normative. This is normative and is under the protection as the full force of the federal government behind it for protection. Who's not protected? Women, older women, younger women, disabled people, people who don't want to be involved in this. Now, we are forced to be involved in this. Why? We lose this, our speech. We lose our first amendment right to speak out what is true. We now have to affirm what is untrue. So, if you're a teacher, if you're a preacher, if you're in a school, if we say that, we believe that it is good for a child to have a mother and father, that's discriminatory. You can't say that. So, what God called good, marriage between a man and a woman. What he called good is now considered discriminatory. You think I'm making this up?

Kenneth Copeland: No.

Michelle Bachmann: It's crazy because it sounds crazy. But that's what the Equality Act is. You say that little children should be protected or vulnerable people should be protected. You're discriminatory. I'll give you another one. In Anchorage, Alaska, there's a battered women's shelter. Women go there for a reason to get away from violent men who have been evil to them. Now, there's a lawsuit to let men come into this shelter. So a man could come in. Her husband, her boyfriend could come in and say, I need to come in. I now think I'm a woman and somebody beat me. And so her perpetrator gets to be in the same shelter she is. Do you see how mad this is?

Kenneth Copeland: Yes it is.

Michelle Bachmann: This is absolute insanity. That's the equality... You just saw that clip. That man is running for president of the United States and his entire political party is for this inequality. They call it equality, "Inequality Act" to make it law on day one, not day one, the first thing. The first thing is to make this law and so what that means is that is a wholesale denial of your religious rights, your religious rights, our freedom of expression. We no longer enjoy what we enjoyed in the United States for over 250 years. Gone, because he just got elected president of the United States.

George Pearsons: So you see this crossing over into the church?

Michelle Bachmann: Oh, absolutely. It's liberty concerns because Christian adoption agencies, they won't be able to adopt anymore. Cause you'd have to be willing to adopt a whatever sexual orientation they call a family or whatever arrangement they have. You have to do that. Or like girls who want to go into sports. Now, boys would be in the girl's sports...

Kenneth Copeland: They're already doing that.

Michelle Bachmann: Only now it makes it law. It makes it federal law and they can't be thrown out. That's why this is so important because we lose our first amendment right. That was so important to Thomas Jefferson, that that was the very first amendment. When he wrote the Bill of Rights and the Bill of Rights were to constrain government, to say, "government, you can't do this. You can't touch Brother Copeland's right to freedom of speech or Brother George's right of expression or Michele's right to religious expression. Government, you can't touch that". This is an absolute upending of our constitution. The Bill of Rights, it takes all of it away in one fell swoop, Joe Biden, who's the nominee of the Democrat Party. That's what he said he's going to do. And he's proud of it.

Kenneth Copeland: On day one.

Michelle Bachmann: On day one. And he said that that, that speech that he gave was that the LGBT convention, the Human Rights Convention. They just had their convention in the month of August. And in August, in their Democrat Party platform, they mentioned the words LGBTQ 55 times. You know how many times they mentioned God? Once. You know how many times they mentioned church? Once. What's important to them is the LGBTQ agenda. And they're for sale. They're for sale. And so if you vote for them, that's what you're going to get.

George Pearsons: Guess what I found. This is, here it is. This is Republican platform, the new Democratic platform. And it is more left than what we saw in 2016. It's amazing how far that's gone. And you're right. It's one LGBT after another, after another, after another and the overreach of government.

Michelle Bachmann: Well, it is, and you know a candidate, we've got our two candidates. We have two parties, two candidates. We know who they are by who endorses them. And when you look at who endorses Joe Biden who wants the Equality Act, Planned Parenthood, the largest provider of abortions in the United States is for Joe Biden, the LGBTDQ Human Rights organization is for them. It's inhuman rights. Organizations that want to get rid of guns, they're for Joe Biden, the Black Lives Matter Antifa which on their own websites say they are Marxist organizations, who are godless organizations. They are for Joe Biden.

George Pearsons: If you go to the Antifa website, what will come up will be the Joe Biden, Kamala Harris website for you to give.

Michelle Bachmann: For you to donate to them.

George Pearsons: That comes up immediately.

Michelle Bachmann: It shows who they want to win. And we've seen on the streets. Now take a look at Donald Trump. Who endorses him? It's pro-life organizations, because he's been the most pro-life president ever, pro gun organizations who believe in the right to keep and bear arms, police unions, all the law enforcement who want to keep order and peace on the streets. They're behind Donald Trump. Law enforcement themselves are behind him and also union workers. The guys out working in the jobs, and the gals, they're for Donald Trump because he's for the right for people to be able to work and get a job. And this is what people don't realize. African Americans and Hispanics did better under Donald Trump than under any other president that they've ever done. They've made more money, had more benefits, had more jobs when under him than anyone else.
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