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Kenneth Copeland - Prayer That Looses Heaven

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Kenneth Copeland - Prayer That Looses Heaven

Father, thank you. Thank you for this whole week of time. Looking deeply into the laws that govern faith and this wonderful, wonderful book and teaching that you supernaturally dropped into Mary Colbert's heart and into her mind, to give to the rest of the body of Christ and to the rest of the world. And we praise you for it and we thank you for it in Jesus' Name. Amen. Glory to God.

Kenneth Copeland: Now, in closing this today, just before we came on the air, Mary made this observation. Faith works by love. It is the key ingredient to all things. And we'll just read for a moment, from 1 John chapter four. Especially in the 16th verse. Well, let's read the 15th verse. "Whosoever shall confess or says with his heart and mouth, that Jesus is the Son of God. God dwellth in him and he in God". But now listen to this, listen to this verse. "And we"... This is the apostle John, the apostle of love. This was the strongest of all the apostles. And lived longer than any of the rest of them. "And we"... You and I, "we have known"... Now that Greek word translated known is ginosko. It means intimate relation. It's the same word used in the bible when it said, "And Adam knew his wife". It's very intimate relationship with God. And that happened when we were born again. Because that was when we first time we per took of that love and we knew it. How do we know? Because we love the brethren. I mean, it's so real. But now, wait a minute. We've known and believed the love. This is a big thing.

Mary Colbert: That's right.

Kenneth Copeland: This cost the first generation of the children of Israel. Now, they didn't lose their salvation because of it, but he had to get them out of there before they destroyed themselves. They just kept saying all the wrong things, "We're gonna die in this desert, we're gonna die in this desert". So, that's where the 70 or 80 came in. In the 90th Psalm. I mean, that never was supposed to be the lifespan of man. But the key here is to know this and the example that is so huge. Peter in the storm called him Master or Rabbi, "Do you not care that we're about to die here? Don't you care"? Well now, after the resurrection, he would have never said that. But he didn't believe the love. And how many people have cried and said, "God don't you care that I'm like this"? Come on. You have to trust the love. You have to 'cause faith works by it. And faith is a spiritual law.

Don Colbert: Yes.

Kenneth Copeland: The same opposite law is fear. And what you spend your time watching on television, faith comes by hearing the Word, fear comes by hearing the lies.

Mary Colbert: That's right? [Kenneth] You watch COVID-19 daily, I'd give you the report without turning it on. Because it's been on there so many times. I do not watch that.

Don Colbert: Yes.

Kenneth Copeland: I don't spend my time on that. I have other things to do. I forget it. I watched it long enough to find out what's going on. I don't care anymore. Now, I pray for the people of course, but that care has been cast over on him. [Mary] Yes.

Kenneth Copeland: But believing the love, I believe he loves me.

Don Colbert: Amen.

Mary Colbert: He do.

Kenneth Copeland: That one moment, right there at the covenant meal in the 17th chapter of John, it's the middle of the night and he's finished the Seder Meal and he's praying that final prayer. He's going to the cross here in hours. And the one thing that hit me, I was at Oral Roberts University. At this moment I was scripturally illiterate, but I had my heart set on everything he said, and I'm listening to Brother Hagin. And I thought, this is Jesus, he's praying here, and I'm gonna agree with his prayer. I didn't understand all before. I didn't even know they were in that meal. I hadn't heard of that. I got down there. I'm agreeing with all of it, until I came across the verse, It said "and show them that you love them as much as you do me". It frightened me to say that. That God loves me as much as he loved Jesus. And I said out loud, I said, "Lord, if this wasn't in red, I don't know that I could believe it, I couldn't say it". I'm thinking about, I didn't know there was now no condemnation for me. I didn't, I hadn't learned that yet. And it frightened me, I was trembling. And I said, "God loves Kenneth as much as he does Jesus", and my spirit just soared.

Don Colbert: Amen.

Kenneth Copeland: And I walked around that little room and I started saying it, and the the more I said it, the wilder I got and I began to say, "God loves me. God loves me as much as he does Jesus". And it just seemed like in my spirit said, "Well of course, if I hadn't, I wouldn't have given Jesus to get you". Huh!

Don Colbert: Amen. Great revelation.

Kenneth Copeland: He loves you.

Don Colbert: Amen.

Kenneth Copeland: He loves you. He doesn't hear you because you have faith. You need faith. But he hears you because he loves you. He prospers you because he loves you.

Don Colbert: And so many Christians don't believe that.

Kenneth Copeland: No, they don't.

Mary Colbert: Yeah.

Don Colbert: Because they think, why am I sick? Why do I have this cancer?

Mary Colbert: One of the spiritual principles that he gave me in the last one about the love. And I think this is gonna help a lot of people in understanding. When I was praying one particular day on the call and I could hear the people, "We bind you devil, we loose angels". And in my prayer with the Lord that morning I heard him say, "Mary, you have been taught all wrong about binding and loosing". And it shook me, I went, "I have"? He goes, "That's not what it means. That's not what I'm talking about". He said, "When I tell you whatsoever's bound on earth, is bound in heaven". He goes, " I'm talking about you, the heart, your heart". Whatever is bound in your heart, binds heaven from being able to activate on your behalf. But whatever you have let go, whatever you have loosed, you have forgiven.

Don Colbert: Yes.

Mary Colbert: You have canceled the debt. You now have loosed heaven to move on your behalf.

Don Colbert: Amen.

Kenneth Copeland: Now, may I add something to that right there? Until you do that, the devil doesn't, he's not obligated to listen to you.

Mary Colbert: That's right. That's right.

Kenneth Copeland: Because until you get that part fixed, he doesn't have to listen to you. Even though you pray with the tongue of men and angels and you're bound up, you don't have love, you just a lot of noise.

Mary Colbert: These are the important spiritual principles folks that when you begin to exercise them, you are going to see walls come down. You're gonna see family members healed. You're gonna see changes in your family and those that are around you. That it's going to astonish you because these are kingdom principles that when you activate, you now have loosed heaven to work on your behalf. I got to tell you. There was a particular person, it doesn't matter who it was that had really wounded me. Had really hurt me. Had wrongfully attacked me. I hadn't done anything to this person. And they were coming after me, horrible. I had blessed, been good and yet they were returning evil for good. And I was having a tough time with this person, I was. I was like, oh God get him. Just get him. And then when he spoke to me and he said, "Now, Mary, I know you want me to hear your prayers".

Don Colbert: That's right.

Mary Colbert: But that's like, I tell people I said, you don't want your prayers like pixie dust. You just throwing up in the air and you just hope something sticks. You want your prayers to be heard. You want your prayers to make a difference and I really believe that's why people have quit praying and they don't pray. It's because they've tried it their way, not knowing that there are spiritual principles in prayer that you have got to fulfill as a believer. God hears the repentant heart. You don't have to do anything with that. A repentant heart he turns to. He hears the cry of a broken heart. He hears it, that broken heart. But when it's a prayer of activating faith, there's something you need God to do in your life. You need something God to do in your family. You need something, whatever it is and you're wanting the hand of God to move on your behalf, there are spiritual principles...

Kenneth Copeland: Oh, yeah.

Mary Colbert: order to get that accomplished that we... And that's why I think he downloaded this to me and said, "Get this out". Because God is as much wanting to do something in the earth as much as you are wanting him to do something in the earth. But the spiritual connection that we as believers to make with him requires love. And part of that love is you gotta forgive. You have got to cancel the debt, let it go. The Bible says, "to pray for those who despitefully use you, who hate you, say all manner of evil against you". That's a command, that's not, folks? That is not an option. It's a command. And I think that's why the Lord said, "Mary, I want you to begin to pray for the Democratic Party". I get upset towards some of the stuff that I'm hearing.

Kenneth Copeland: And here again, it's not the Democratic Party, it's its leadership.

Don Colbert: Leadership.

Mary Colbert: Yes. The spirit behind it, yes.

Kenneth Copeland: That's where the breakdown has been.

Mary Colbert: Exactly.

Kenneth Copeland: Is in its leadership.

Don Colbert: Right, but you know one of the most important things that love does is love keeps no record of wrong. And so many Christians have this huge record book, record-keeping book of so and so hurt me here and this one hurt me and this one offended me.

Mary Colbert: They know what they were wearing, they know how they smell. [Don] Yes. Yes.

Mary Colbert: They know right where they were.

Don Colbert: And their prayers can be answered because what Jesus said, so important in Mark 11:23,24 and then you read 25, the most powerful verses, Jesus said, "Verily, verily, I say unto you, if you shall say unto this mountain, be thou removed, be thou cast in the sea" those are faith scriptures, but then in verse 25, he goes on to say, "And when you stand praying if you have anything against anyone, forgive. So that your Father in heaven will also forgive you".

Kenneth Copeland: Now, there's a lot of hindrances to faith.

Don Colbert: Yes.

Kenneth Copeland: That's the only one Jesus brought up.

Don Colbert: Right.

Kenneth Copeland: Now, I'd like to add this because there's a process here that really worked for me in past times. "There's therefore now no condemnation to them which are in Christ Jesus who walk not after the flesh but after the spirit. For the law of the spirit of life in Christ Jesus has made me free from the law of sin and death". So you got two individual laws. They're exactly opposite of one another. And we're talking about writing down the vision. There's two things that you need to write down in order for faith to have the success in your life that it should. Cares, casting the whole of your care over on him.

Mary Colbert: That's good.

Kenneth Copeland: Take the time to write down all the stuff you're worried about. All the stuff that's bothering you, the things that are on your mind most of the time. Things that are just really eating at you all, all the time. Whether it's money, people, whatever it is. And don't just do this just off the top of your head. Take time and meditate on it. Just keep your list going, keep your list going until you're pretty well satisfied with that. And then you've got that list, and then the list of the people that really do irritate you. Now, I have to really watch this where politicians are concerned. 'Cause I have a tendency to really get mad at them. And the Lord just really got all over me about that. I'd absolutely do not agree with Nancy Pelosi's politics, but I really have to be careful where she's concerned. I have to not be moved against her. My move is to never vote for her.

Don Colbert: Yes. That's the rest of her, that's between God and Mrs. Pelosi.

Mary Colbert: You don't want her in power over you.

Kenneth Copeland: No. But, make a list. Now, when you get satisfied in your spirit, I'm not carrying that carry anymore. I'm not carrying that. There's gonna come a day, take your list and burn it.

Don Colbert: Yes. Amen.

Kenneth Copeland: It's gone.

Mary Colbert: Finished.

Don Colbert: Finished. Amen.

Kenneth Copeland: And I'll never touch it anymore. It becomes final in your thinking. And that comes drifting across your mind and said, "No, now the spirit of life in Christ Jesus has made me free from that".

Don Colbert: Amen and I don't care. I don't care. All of that care has been rolled and cast over on my God who loves me and cares for me affectionately. And like the cowboy said, "I can't tell you how much I don't care". That's not my care.

Don Colbert: That's good.

Kenneth Copeland: Jesus is my "care taker". He's my care taker brother. He's my caretaker. And then those areas where it's really bad, man, it's really bothering you, no, that's a closed book. That list is gone.

Don Colbert: It's finished.

Kenneth Copeland: And I don't want you to burn that other list. That's not proper. Those are people, all the others are cared, burn it. But that list, you begin to surround them with faith and love thoughts. Just surround them with the love and surround them with love. There's one person I'm thinking about right now. That was a challenge and it was something that I couldn't get away from. It was a reoccurring thing and because of the situation, he was just there all the time. But I had to, and I'd go to bed at night and there that man would be, I mean, there he was. And I'd say, you know Lord... I said, do you know know, Lord, I really do love him. I really do love him.

Mary Colbert: That's awesome.

Kenneth Copeland: And I remember when Mr. Lyndon Johnson was president of United States. I was so disappointed in the way he was prosecuting that war. It was bad. And I just, 'cause I was mad at him over it. Boy, I had the Lord jerked me up over that. He said, "Do you know him"? I said, "No, sir". "Do you know anybody that knows him"? I said, "No, sir". "You sound to me like you don't know too much". Then he said, "I told you in my Word to pray for him". Okay. Well, of course, he's the man you need to pray for.

Don Colbert: Yes.

Kenneth Copeland: And so I began to do that. Now when I'd think about him. I'd say, "Lord, I'll pray for this man. I pray for him". I pray for him. I hold him up, I pray for him. And he'd do something that just infuriated me. Because soldiers and airmen and people were dying because of the decisions that he and Mr. McNamara were making. And I thought I had really worked with that and just kept doing, just kept on, kept on, kept on. Every time I just think about it and then. I came back in from a meeting one night and back in those days, we would leave the television on in the hotel room. This was when they all had mechanical keys. And anyway. So, I just walked in the room and then I walked and just began to undress. And I heard his voice come on the television and all of a sudden, love and compassion just rose up inside me and I thought, oh my Lord, my God, this man is in over his head. And he doesn't know what to do. He can't get out of this nasty war and it's killing him and it finally did. And he'd just backed out. He said, "I will not seek nor will I receive the nomination of my party to run again for president". And I thank God that Billy Graham spent some time with him.

Don Colbert: Amen.

Kenneth Copeland: Not too long before he died of a heart attack. And it's so important. It is so vital. Is what Mary is seeing, is what Dr. Colbert's seeing in his practice. But these are the people that are hurting and sick. Because it's just something they can't turn loose of.

Mary Colbert: That's right.

Don Colbert: And I see this everyday in my practice. I see people that literally are so full of bitterness and anger. And these emotions, I call them deadly emotions because literally they invite disease...

Kenneth Copeland: That's really what they are.

Don Colbert: They are.

Kenneth Copeland: Yeah.

Don Colbert: It invites a high blood pressure, heart disease, cancer in your body. Your immune system starts to become confused and attack yourself. So, you develop autoimmune disease. So I see these so commonly in my patients. So, it's so important to take them through what I call forgiveness therapy. And that's where I use the Bible and I take them through forgiveness. And it's so important to stop that list of everyone who's done you wrong. And what Paul said is so important. In Ephesians chapter four, 31. He says, "Let all bitterness, and wrath, all bitterness, wrath, and anger, and clamor and evil speaking, be put away from you with all malice and be ye kind to one another. Tender-hearted, forgiving one another even as God for Christ's sake has forgiven you". That's the key.

Kenneth Copeland: What's so important to there, Dr. Colbert? Of course that number five wasn't in there when he wrote that letter. He flows "rather be kind to one another, forgiving one another, even as God". That means you can do it.

Don Colbert: Yes, you can do it.

Kenneth Copeland: And be therefore imitators of God as dear children and walk in love.

Don Colbert: Yes.

Kenneth Copeland: That Greek word is M-I-M-E-T-E-S. It means to imitate.

Don Colbert: Imitate, right.

Kenneth Copeland: And, you just keep flowing. And he comes down here, in the fourth verse, "Neither filthiness, nor foolish talking, nor jesting, which are not convenient, but the rather the givings of things".

Don Colbert: Amen. Praise God. Gratitude, thanks giving.

Kenneth Copeland: Exchange it for praise.

Don Colbert: Amen. That's right.

Kenneth Copeland: You think of that person, Oh well, glory to God. Yeah, I love them, Father, I just wanna praise you. Oh yeah, I love them, I just wanna praise you. Switch thoughts.

Don Colbert: Yes.

Mary Colbert: The thoughts, you wanna guard your thoughts. He says, "bringing every thought".

Don Colbert: Into captivity.

Mary Colbert: Cause our thoughts is what will drive us to say things we don't mean, do things we don't mean. Because our thoughts are out there going haywire.

Kenneth Copeland: The thought come first before the action. He said love the Lord your God, with all your heart and all your soul, your mind, your emotions, that has to come in under the love of God

Don Colbert: Yes. and we're out of time.

Kenneth Copeland: I wanna thank you guys for coming here and sharing all of this. It's wonderful. I invited Mary to come do this because of that book so impressed me and so thrilled me when I read it.

Mary Colbert: Thanks for having us.

Kenneth Copeland: Thank God for Mary and Don Colbert. Aren't you thrilled with them? Aren't you glad they're on our side? I love you guys so much.

Mary Colbert: Feel the same way.

Kenneth Copeland: Love you. Amen.
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