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2021 online sermons » Kenneth Copeland » Kenneth Copeland - Prayer That Leads Us To Triumph

Kenneth Copeland - Prayer That Leads Us To Triumph

Kenneth Copeland - Prayer That Leads Us To Triumph
TOPICS: Prayer

Kenneth Copeland: Hello everybody. The is the "Believer's Voice of Victory" Broadcast. And we have Mary and Don Colbert on this broadcast today. Again. We've been here all week. And they just reminded me, Mary, that today is October the eighth. So today's the day that this movie will be in the theaters. And it's really important. It is huge. So go ahead and explain that again for people that weren't watching.

Mary Colbert: Okay. In 2016, the Lord impressed me to host a national prayer call for the country. To just pray for this country. Mainly for an awakening to occur in this country. For their need of God mainly. And their homes and their families, and in our government. Put Him back in charge of our government. So I've led this prayer call, and there was over 100,000 people on this prayer call. By the time President Trump was elected. And on the week before the election, in my prayer time, I would do prayer before the prayer call. And a week before in prayer, one morning, I went out, I go out early to talk to the Father. To make sure I'm hearing what He wants me to have people pray and to guide them. And I heard Him say, "Now Mary, on election day, I want you to have people blow shofars across this country". And I have to tell you that was so unusual for me. I didn't own a shofar. I wasn't really involved in the Messianic movement of people and stuff with shofars. So for me to hear this was really outside my circle of normalcy, of what I was used to. But I knew it was His voice. I knew it was Him telling me to do that. So out of obedience, I tell everybody on the prayer call. "Now, if you own a shofar, I want you to call my husband's office, let me know who you are, and I'll call you. and I wanna talk to you about blowing your shofar on the day of the election". And so by the time I got to the office, I walked in the office and the staff is sitting there, and they turn and go, "Mary, what is a shofar"?

Mary Colbert: Comes out and goes "What have you done? My patients can't call. They can't get through the line. Because the phone's got jammed with so many people calling who wanted to be a part of this shofar". This is all reenacted in the movie, The Trump Prophecy. So I didn't know what I was doing. I had no idea. I was just being obedient. You know, sometimes that's just what God is looking for. You don't have to know the why. You don't have to know all the details. All you've gotta do is just do what He tells you to do with the knowledge he gives you. And just obey Him and walk forward. He'll give you the next direction. He's actually waiting. I believe that day, Moses put his rod out, I believe he had to step his foot into the water before the water parted.

Don Colbert: That's right.

Mary Colbert: So, just obey one step at a time of what He tells you. So that's what I was doing. So the day of election, the day before, Larry had called me and he said, "Mary, I hear you're blowing shofars across the country". He goes, "Do you know what you're doing"? I say, "I have no idea what I'm doing". And he laughed, and he goes, "Well, would you like me to come on the prayer call tomorrow morning, and I'll teach everybody what the shofar signifies. The 10 things it signifies". And it's in my book. So you can get my book and learn about it 'cause we put it in there. So he comes on the call, and he begins telling the people, that one thing, it's a signal of a changing government. That you're declaring God is coming back on the throne of your government. Well, I heard that and I thought I had no idea that it meant that. I was sitting listening to Larry telling us all, this is the day of election. And I was so excited. I was rejoicing. And hearing him, teach us what this shofar was getting ready to do. But another thing he said is, of course, it's symbolizes the breaking through barriers and tearing down walls. Of course we know that from Jericho. So that night on the election night, if you remember, I'm sitting on the couch with Don and I'm watching this. And of course I had everybody blowing their shofars. I had to unmute their phone, and we had over 300 in every state.

Don Colbert: And this was at 9:15 in the morning.

Mary Colbert: 9:15 on election day. They're blowing shofars. So that night in the election, I'm sitting in, actually Jim Bakker asked me to come on the air live during the election. And he said, "Mary, please come on the air live, and just talk to the people. You've been so confident. You've been so sure this is gonna happen. I just want you to come on and tell everybody how this is gonna happen". And so I came on and he goes, "Now, Mary, How are you so sure Donald Trump is gonna become president? You've never wavered. You've just known this the whole time". And I paused and I thought about it. And I said, "You know, Jim, My Father has never called me into a battle He didn't intend intend for me to win"

Kenneth Copeland: Praise God.

Don Colbert: It's God, isn't that great?

Mary Colbert: And that's a good knowing to know. That when God calls you to a fight, it's His battle. And all He asks you to do is just be obedient to what it is He tells you to do. And so we're sitting and I'm on the phone with Jim Bakker, and then Paula White texts me on my phone and says, "Mary, we've got a problem in Brevard County, in Florida. Something's going on". So I turned to Jim and I said, "Jim, please let me pray right now. The enemy's trying to"... We're not having this "hanging chad" stuff. No, no, no. So I began speaking on the air live.

Don Colbert: Telling the devil right there. In Brevard County

Mary Colbert: "No, no, no devil. You're not having no funny stuff. Not in my state. This is my state. And I declare Jesus is Lord over Florida". So I'm declaring and praying. And all of a sudden it goes red on the screen, and you could hear everybody's shouting. Florida had been declared. So I knew then that things were going to begin to tumble. And it was going to work. So now I'm sitting on the couch. And I went to CNN. God bless you guys. I pray for you. You're gonna know Jesus.

Don Colbert: Amen.

Mary Colbert: I'm telling you. And I thought I'm gonna watch CNN. 'Cause I got to watch this. I got my popcorn. I'm going to enjoy this show. Cause I knew what was coming. And it was amazing to me that night. They turned to each other and this is true. It's on all recording of shows, and they turn and they go, "He just broke through the blue wall". You remember hearing those words. And I thought, "Lord, you penetrated spiritually those walls that morning with the shofar, before they even saw it manifest on the airs". And with their own words, you'll even see the enemy declare God's victories with their own mouth. So, of course I stood and I shouted. The next morning I got a video sent to me from people in Israel. They said, they heard about this American woman who blew shofars in America. And the people in Israel have gone to the streets. And they're all blowing shofars,

Don Colbert: Celebrating. Celebration of our victory.

Mary Colbert: So they did a movie about this reenactment, and the power of prayer.

Don Colbert: Amen. The movie is more about the unification of the body of Christ. Knowing how to come together in unity. Not your opinion.

Don Colbert: Right, Amen.

Mary Colbert: Can I tell you, God ain't interested in our opinion,

Don Colbert: Amen.

Mary Colbert: He is interested in us lining up with Him in His opinion. And when your hearts unite together, as one, you can see the a great awakening happening. And so today, that movie is airing in theaters across,

Kenneth Copeland: Praise God.

Mary Colbert: And we pack it out. With people to come together. And when the movie is over, intercessors that are there are gonna call the people together, to begin to decree and declare Jesus is Lord over that state. Wherever they're at. In their city, and then their town. And I am telling you people, you can make this happen. You can and you will. And we will see this great awakening, brother. I'm telling you.

Kenneth Copeland: So the first time, I met Donald Trump was back there in 2016. Paula invited us to New York. And Gloria and I were sitting on the corner. There was a head table up here, and he had to come in this way and walk right by Gloria and me right on this corner and turn around. Now, he's in perpetual motion all the time. He just walked by us and said, "Kenneth and Gloria Copeland. I watch you all on television all the time". And just walked right on up to the platform. I thought, what do you know about that? I watch you on television all the time. And Paula said "His only interest in television, until he became president, was Gospel Television". He didn't turn on the rest of them on.

Mary Colbert: That's true.

Kenneth Copeland: That's where he found her. And she's the one that led him to the Lord.

Mary Colbert: True. Amen.

Mary Colbert: It's absolutely true. He would only watch Christian TV. Isn't that amazing.

Kenneth Copeland: Yes it is.

Mary Colbert: The world doesn't know that. Yeah, it's true.

Kenneth Copeland: Praise God.

Mary Colbert: So, you know, he is who God has called such a time as this. And it's important that the body of Christ just yield to that.

Kenneth Copeland: I've always been criticized for giving too much time on our broadcast and now on our network, to politics. Are you kidding me? This is a political book.

Mary Colbert: Sure is.

Kenneth Copeland: I mean that's what this is about.

Mary Colbert: That's exactly right.

Kenneth Copeland: And bad Government caused a whole lot of problems in this book. And we're the first nation in the history of the world that where we can choose our government. And I've said it over and over. I've said it all these years. If you don't vote, keep your mouth shut. You don't have anything to say.

Mary Colbert: Well, Brother Copeland, one of the things the Lord showed me through all this motion, as he was giving me this was one thing. He says, "The people need to know about the parable of the wicked lazy servant". 'Cause part of what he said to me...

Kenneth Copeland: Yes, yes, yes.

Mary Colbert: He said, "If my people who are called by my name, will humble themselves, and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways". So when I heard that...

Kenneth Copeland: And Pray.

Mary Colbert: And pray, right. But when I've read the turn from wicked ways, I said to the Father, I said, "Now, Father, what do you he mean by wicked ways"? I said, Because I know you don't mean sinful. Because we're all gonna sin. We're gonna all struggle with sin. So what exactly do you mean by turn from our wicked ways? What exactly do you mean? And he said, "I've already told you what I mean. It's right there in the scriptures".

Don Colbert: Matthew 25.

Mary Colbert: Matthew 25. I come to the servant and I said, "What did you do with what I gave you"?

Kenneth Copeland: Yeah there it is. - He said, what'd you do with you?

Kenneth Copeland: Yes Ma'am.

Mary Colbert: And the master says, and it gets down to the one. He said, why didn't you do with what I gave you? Oh, he said "The one talent". He goes, "Oh, I was afraid. I was afraid. You're a fearful man. I hid it".

Kenneth Copeland: Didn't do anything "Didn't do anything". And he said, "You wicked, lazy servant".

Kenneth Copeland: There you are.

Mary Colbert: That is what God calls wicked. The one thing, every one of us has been given is our voice.

Don Colbert: Amen.

Mary Colbert: Every human being has been given their voice. And your voice counts.

Don Colbert: Yes.

Mary Colbert: And if you don't use your voice for good, God calls you wicked. And he calls you lazy. And that I tell you what, I'm gonna hear good and faithful. I don't know about you.

Don Colbert: Yes. But I am going to hear good and faithful servant. Well done, Mary. I am not gonna hear wicked and lazy.

Kenneth Copeland: "Five Principles To Activate Your Faith". This book is a supernatural book as you know. Chapter 11. Victory Is Not For The Lazy. It doesn't work.

Mary Colbert: It doesn't work.

Kenneth Copeland: It absolutely doesn't work. And you can be lazy and be working real hard. But you're lazy when it comes to God. You don't spend any time in the Word. Listen to me now. I may rattle somebody's cage, but it needs to be rattled. You listen to me. You're not serving God when you go to church. You're not serving God. You're going there to worship God. You're going there to hear the Word and be a doer of the Word. But you serve God, when you do what he says for you to do. You become a doer of the Word,

Mary Colbert: There you go.

Kenneth Copeland: You're not serving God when you come to church. Unless when you come to church, glory to God. You're busy believing God. And you're praying for the pastor and his family. And you prayed for him before you got there. And you're thrilled over the whole thing. Whether you like what he preached or not, that's not your business. That's his business and God's. Amen.

Mary Colbert: Are you working in the parking lot? You're in the children's nursery.

Kenneth Copeland: Then you serving God.

Mary Colbert: Now you serving God. Sitting on the bench, that is not serving Him.

Kenneth Copeland: I was watching Rick Renner on his network the other day. And he said, when he was young, he was in church. But he wasn't even there wasn't even there. And he wasn't there. Neither was I. But let's read this. This is very important. Deuteronomy 30:19, "I call heaven and earth to record this day against you. That I have set before you life and death, blessing and cursing, therefore choose. Oh. You choose life. That both you and your seed may live. That you may love the Lord, your God. That you may obey His voice. That you may cling unto Him For he is your life and the length of your days. That you may dwell in the land, Which the Lord swore under thy fathers to Abraham, Isaac, and to Jacob". And the New Living is so powerful here. "It says this is the key to life. The choices you to make". Why do bad things happen to good people? Because good people make bad choices. Lovely people, good people. I'm not talking about the world. I'm talking about born again people. I'm talking about people that love God.

Mary Colbert: It's true,

Kenneth Copeland: But make bad choices.

Mary Colbert: It's true. I made a very bad choice. Nothing happens just one time. It's a ripple effect. I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt. I heard the Lord say it. And it was just a simple thing. I was in Arkansas, at the prayer cabin, praying. And He said "Start walking and don't stop". Walking an hour a day, will add 25 years to your life. That's where I learned that. Then I think about this. I was tired and didn't want to do that. And I tried it for a while. And I was overweight and all of that. Had fought fat all those years. I didn't know. And I knew good things to do. Because my mother knew and I just didn't do it. Well in 2004, my bad choice paid off. 16 years ago. Just came at the Sunday after Southwest. And it was particularly stressful meeting. And I remember David during the meeting was just trying to massage my back and he said, "Your muscles are like steel bands. I can't move 'em". Now had I been walking every day and been moving all those years, all those years, all those years, I would not have had spinal stenosis. And that morning, a disc ruptured in my back. Knocked me in the floor and I couldn't get out of the floor. And I screamed. And Gloria came in there. I was in my shower. I just twisted to pick up my wash cloth and whoa... knocked me in the floor. Look what it did for my ministry. I was in serious pain for a long time. And if it hadn't been for Dr. Weeter and Dr. Colbert, I would have wound up in a wheelchair. But that bad choice affected my life, it affected him a ministry. Thank God today I'm pain free. But listen, it took a long time. When I could have fixed it just by walking every day.

Don Colbert: And also Brother Kenneth, you exceeded the weight limits for your frame.

Kenneth Copeland: Yeah, I did.

Don Colbert: Your frame was only meant to carry about 185 pounds max. And yet you had weighed back then, what, 240 or so?

Kenneth Copeland: Well, I weighed, 235 when Gloria and I got married. But I had taken that down to where I weighed about, I weighed right at 200. And worked at it all the time. Worked at it all the time. But all of that heavy weight, heavy weight. One time I got up 263. I didn't stay there all that long. But, but still...

Don Colbert: But that's what I see every day. I see this everyday. I see people come in my office, and they may be 5'2 may weigh 250-300 pounds. Their frames were only meant to carry maybe 140, 150 pounds. But yet they start to wear down those joints, the knees, the hips, the back, the ankles. And then it's just eventually your road...

Kenneth Copeland: And then this morning, I weighed 165 pounds.

Don Colbert: Praise God. See, now that's the weight. That's the weight that you should weigh to be healthy and live to be 120.

Kenneth Copeland: But here's the big deal. My body fat percentage...

Don Colbert: That's the key.

Kenneth Copeland: down there where it should be.

Don Colbert: Amen.

Kenneth Copeland: Just resting in there around 13%.

Mary Colbert: That's perfect. I'm in good shape.

Don Colbert: Excellent. So, but here's my point. Bad choices, and a seriously bad choice, is to pick the wrong president, the wrong governor, the wrong mayor.

Mary Colbert: That's right.

Kenneth Copeland: And the wrong city counsel.

Don Colbert: Yes, amen.

Kenneth Copeland: I have a video. They asked this man to pray in a city council meeting and he prayed to the universe. And he prayed to our father, Satan.

Don Colbert: My goodness.

Kenneth Copeland: Come on people. Bad choice. Now, the choice in government. God put government first. He put government first. Because government affects the church. Government affected Israel. Government affects everything.

Don Colbert: Amen.

Mary Colbert: And God has given us in this country, where your voice counts. In other countries where there's dictatorship. And of course we know that in past times and now we've become more equipped to understanding the corruption that's been involved in some of our elections. We all thought we chose the two who ran in the horse race only to find out we didn't have much to do with it. But now, we're finding out we do have a voice.

Kenneth Copeland: And to know to do something, and not do it, is sin. I'll tell you something...

Mary Colbert: 50 million Christians in this country. 50 million Christians in America are not registered to vote.

Kenneth Copeland: When you don't vote, you just voted for the wrong one.

Mary Colbert: I heard that and I thought "Brother Colbert that can't be".

Don Colbert: That's the wicked and lazy servant.

Kenneth Copeland: That's what it is.

Don Colbert: That what we find. We've gotta get them,

Mary Colbert: You gotta register to vote,

Don Colbert: You gotta register to vote, and get out and vote for Trump. Praise God.

Kenneth Copeland: And here is... I keep going back to it. And, and this election, particularly. There's so much more at stake. The lives of children is at stake. The lives of unborn babies are at stake.

Mary Colbert: The freedom of your faith.

Kenneth Copeland: And when I pray and I plead my case before the father, and we're out of time, but I plead my case for the children. I plead my case for the unborn babies. I plead my case. If you don't vote, that platform is so important. You can't come stand on this platform with me. You can't step over the abortion plank. And not stand on it. You can't step over the same sex marriage plank and not stand. You can't do it.

Don Colbert: That's right. And that's what you read in Deuteronomy.

Kenneth Copeland: Yes, it is.

Don Colbert: "I've set before you life and death", "Blessing and cursing". Now you choose, you choose life, so that your descendants, your children can live. And this is the most important election of our lifetime.
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