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Kenneth Copeland - Faith Is the Substance of Things

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Kenneth Copeland - Faith Is the Substance of Things

Father, we thank you today, for this time with you and this time with our radio and television audience all over the world, and we praise you and thank you, and we worship you today and we bless you. We bless you. We praise you and we bless you today. Bless the Lord. Oh my soul. Bless your Holy name. And we thank you. We thank you that you're a covenant-keeping God, and we worship you in the Name of Jesus, praise God.

Kenneth Copeland: And we're talking with, I usually say Don and Mary, but not this time. It's Mary and Don, because of her new book, "Prayer That Changes Everything". And it's a very, very exciting book. I mean, every chapter is just dynamite, it's because she had a marvelous experience in God, just downloading this, this book supernaturally into her and five principles to activate your faith and the vision. Don't do anything without concept of what God wants you to do. You can, Mary was talking yesterday about getting up in the morning hours. I particularly like this in the winter time when I can go out on my deck and turn my heaters on I love get out there before daylight...

Don Colbert: Amen

Kenneth Copeland: ...and there's wonderful time. It's just a time of day that's quiet spiritually. It's really a wonderful thing. Anyway, we were talking about the fact that God gave her a vision of her husband. Exactly, because she was spiritually smart enough to know this only takes one here. And, of course Mary was already born again. When I met Gloria, I was not neither was she, but God supernaturally arranged our meeting. And there was absolutely no possible way, that was ever gonna take place. 'Cause she was raised in Arkansas. I was raised in Texas and it's just supernaturally the way we got together.

Mary Colbert: At that point y'all were equally yoked.

Kenneth Copeland: I mean to tell you, she was...

Mary Colbert: It's a wonderful story.

Kenneth Copeland: She changed my entire life and she's still changing my life. Everyday. I wanna read this scripture today, starting in the 10th chapter of the book of Hebrews. "Now the just shall live by faith". Now, 11:1, "Now faith, the just shall live by faith. Now, faith, the just shall live by faith". Now, faith, prayer, that changes everything. Prayer doesn't make faith work. Faith makes prayer work. Faith comes first. Therefore it is of faith so that it might be by grace, not the other way around, in the fourth chapter of the book Romans. Anyway. "Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen, for by it the elders obtained a good report. Through faith we understand that the worlds were framed by the word of God so that things which are seen were not made of things that are visible". It's made by an invisible force called faith. Praise God. Now, this is so important.

Mary Colbert: It is.

Kenneth Copeland: In every area of life. There's not a bit of use in the world. Of you being a medical doctor if God didn't call you to be one.

Don Colbert: Amen.

Kenneth Copeland: Because you'd have just been the same run of the mill doctor that they didn't have...

Don Colbert: Write prescriptions, that's it.

Kenneth Copeland: And, but that compassion for people. And I'm not saying other doctors don't have that, but I'm talking about you personally and the way you love God before you were a doctor.

Don Colbert: Amen.

Kenneth Copeland: And that willing, to jump the traces and study things that you were not supposed to study and to do things you were not supposed to do because of your love for people to get people well.

Don Colbert: And to be led by the Holy Spirit. Because again, man wants to put you in a box and have you do the things that that's only what man teaches you, but with the Holy Spirit, he leads you out of the box and he guides you into so much more truth. And so that's why I wrote, I've written so many books, especially that "Let Your Food be Your Medicine" because I see so many people that are signing up for disease by choosing the wrong food consistently and literally inviting disease into their bodies. And for example, I'm gonna just take a little quick thing right here for you with arthritis. If any of you have arthritis, especially in these fingers here, the distal, the DIP joints, and it hurts. Well, can I tell you the foods that usually cause that fried food number one, for years my wife used to love to eat some French fries and afterwards she had be having pain in one of these fingers. And I'd say, "Mary, quit eating the fried foods". "Oh, that's not doing it". well, she stopped it. And the lo and behold, it went away. But fried food, also cheese, cheese, cheese, especially cooked cheese pizza, pizza pizza folks. When you eat that you have these, there's inflammation, in these joints, all of a sudden, it starts making the inflammation worse as well as nightshades nightshades are tomatoes, potatoes, peppers, eggplant, paprika, goji berries, and ashwagandha. These are the nightshades that literally create inflammation in these joints. Especially when you eat a lot of them over and over. Now, you could have some, wait, tomatoes, that's not good for you. If you eat a lot of them every day, peppers, tomatoes, potatoes every day, then you have these pains, it gets worse. Put these together. You have to lay these on the altar for a while. And now all of a sudden inflammation goes away. It's amazing how so many patients with arthritis are healing just by stopping the foods that fuel the inflammation and taking a few key supplements. And then the body starts to heal like curcumin and boswellia cheap supplements you can get over the counter that don't hurt your gut. That don't hurt your kidneys. That don't cause high blood pressure like arthritis pills, but they help quench inflammation.

Kenneth Copeland: Amen.

Mary Colbert: God has an answer. He has an answer for everything that's going on in our body. He really does.

Kenneth Copeland: Okay talk about what's his name over there.

Mary Colbert: Well, this particular night. When this visitation happened and the Lord gave me these three, he gave me three principles. Your first one, he said, "Faith must be an action". It must be like a constant, a river, a constant flowing river. If your faith is not in motion, constant motion, your faith is dead. It's a dead faith. God wants your faith active. And one thing Don said that I loved the other day we were talking and I was talking about how faith has its own frequency. A radio, you turn it on and it has a frequency, the TV, whatever they have frequency that things travel through that bring it into motion. Well, faith has its own frequency with God. So when you tune in and that faith is activated and God knows when it's activated. 'Cause he's got the receivers going up there. So when your faith is activated, Oh, God goes "Oh, okay. I got a believer down here. Their faith is activated".

Don Colbert: And you can hear it in their voice because you hear an expectancy. You hear and feel an expectancy. And you know that what they're believing is going to come to pass.

Mary Colbert: And so what Don said, that was so powerful to me the other day, we were talking about this and he said, "Mary doubt has its own frequency".

Don Colbert: It does. I hear it.

Mary Colbert: And he goes, you can hear it in, the patients who come in and talk with him and stuff. And he goes, and you can hear it in their voice where, they've been so discouraged and whatever, and that doubt has a frequency. Well, my prayer is after you read this book.

Don Colbert: Amen.

Mary Colbert: You dial in your faith to the right frequency and activate.

Don Colbert: Expectancy. Amen.

Mary Colbert: So it's, what is the thing you need God to do in your life? What is that thing? And then you go out and spend time with him and listening and get his Word and find out what his Word says about those things. What does he say about those things? And then when you find out what he says about those things, then you line up your faith frequency with what he says and believe for that thing. Now, when he spoke to me. He says, he goes, "Faith is the substance of things". And he says, "Now, when you can see that thing, Mary, begin to praise me. Just begin to praise me and thank me". So when it becomes a part of you that you have that knowing God's gonna do this thing in my life, that you're believing God for, and you begin to praise him and you can see it as being done. That activates the connection between you and God. That brings it forth in a faster way. And with Don on this list that God gave me, I saw the man that God had for me. I could see his, I could see his height. I could see his hair color. I could see he was gonna be known. I could see he was gonna have a love for God. I could see this man of God. And I just started thanking him. The Lord, thank you, Father, for this man of God. I started praying for him before I ever knew him.

Kenneth Copeland: Well then if you got his exact height then you got the whole thing

Mary Colbert: Got his exact height, his hair color. And one little thing the Lord gave me, which was really cute. He goes, "Now you're going to know this is him because he's gonna have a love for the guitar". Even said that. Then I went "Oh, okay". I remember writing that down. So when I met with him for the first time after my roommate blew me out to him in the car, we were sitting at lunch talking, and I'm thinking, I've just got to know. I have to know if this is really who God has in mind. And we were sitting and eating lunch and I say, "Excuse me, buzz". I said, "Can I ask you something? Do you like the guitar"? He looked at me like that is just the strangest question any woman has ever asked me.

Don Colbert: I think this nosy woman.

Mary Colbert: This nosy woman. And he goes, "As a matter of fact, Mary, I love the guitar. I'm taking guitar lessons". I almost fell out of my chair. But what was so cute is before this encounter where we're talking and stuff, I had been in a church earlier and I knew the list. And so I was sitting in the back of the church and I was doing one of these, I was scoping out a light blonde hair, fella. Six three, and I was. I was scoping the church. And that's like these women do in college. Guys, warning, they're scoping you out. Trust me. So I was sitting back there and all of a sudden I heard the Holy Spirit go, "What are you doing"? And I froze. And I just said, "You know what I'm doing, I don't even have to tell you, you already know what I'm doing". And he said, "Mary, who I have for you, you will not find him. He will find you". And I went, "Okay, yes, sir". And I have repented. And I said, "Yes, sir, that's it". Okay. He'll find me. So we were at a Christian concert and I had just left and I was going across the parking lot. And I hear this voice behind me yelling, "Mary, Mary, Mary". And we'd only had a brief encounter with that roommate of mine. Right? And I turn, and here's this hunk of a man running toward me, gorgeous, he's 220, bodybuilder. 10, blonde, medical student, just gorgeous human being. And I thought, "Huh, what's this guy want". It kind of took my breath away. And he said, "There you are. I finally found you". And the words as he spoke those words to me, it went all the way through me. And I just remember thinking, he found me. and I don't even know what he was saying. I still, to this day, don't remember. But those words. He found me. So that's why I chased him down after that encounter to find out if he liked to play the guitar. And I wanted to know what his height was. 'Cause that shook me. Those words shook me inside and 40 years, married, praise God.

Don Colbert: But again, real important. She heard from the Spirit of God, that was, she was not praying a carnal prayer. And it was not a lustful prayer, but she wanted the mind of Christ. She wanted the man of God that he wanted for her. And then she wrote it down and then she spoke it out and literally she activated her faith and then it manifested in us finally. And finally meet and Lord had to hit me over the head at first. But finally I found her, praise God. I finally found her. So praise God.

Kenneth Copeland: Praise God.

Don Colbert: That's the rest of the story.

Kenneth Copeland: Rachel, Kellie's oldest. And she wrote a little book when she was just a school girl. How many frogs do you have to kiss to get a Prince? She said, "No, sir. No. Ma'am" She said, "The first boy I kiss is when my Paw Paw says, I pronounce you man and wife".

Don Colbert: Precious. That's precious.

Kenneth Copeland: And you think where are you gonna find a man to match that. You believe God.

Mary Colbert: That's right.

Kenneth Copeland: One time in the history of the Southwest Believers' Convention. Once Gloria said, "I think we should have a single's party". So they did. And a young man from the Northwest, young Caleb Mayer, how are you going to get some child in Fort Worth with a guy that comes from Northwestern part of the United States and his dad is in the lumber business. Well, Caleb at senior prom kissed a girl and it hurt him so badly. He came home that night and fell over the bed with his mother and dad and repented and repented himself. "I'll never do it again until I meet my wife". They met at that single's party.

Don Colbert: Praise God.

Kenneth Copeland: And I've got three great grandchildren.

Don Colbert: Oh, praise God.

Mary Colbert: Praise God.

Don Colbert: That's a blessing.

Kenneth Copeland: And one of them is named Kenneth. Thank you very much.

Don Colbert: I love it. That's great.

Kenneth Copeland: So she, committed herself and each one of Kellie's children did that and found the right one.

Don Colbert: Wow. Praise God. That's awesome.

Kenneth Copeland: And Lindsey.

Don Colbert: Yes. Lindsey, praise God.

Kenneth Copeland: Married a medical doctor. I married the two and he's Hispanic. But he loves God and love Lindsey.

Don Colbert: Praise God. That's great.

Kenneth Copeland: And she's pregnant with a little girl.

Don Colbert: Praise God. Love it.

Kenneth Copeland: And so anyway.

Mary Colbert: This family just grow and grow and grow.

Kenneth Copeland: A little Christmas baby. So when I'm married them, I tell you, Alex, I said now, "Alex get ahold of yourself because when you see her". and he say, "Okay, honey". And here came Lindsey and he began to weep and he cried and he cried and he cried and he cried and he wept and he cried all the way. I said, "Alex".

Don Colbert: Stop crying.

Mary Colbert: Oh that is so precious.

Don Colbert: That is.

Mary Colbert: Michael Koulianos did that with Jessica Han.

Don Colbert: We love Michael.

Mary Colbert: And we were at the wedding. And I had never seen that before. But when Jessica came out.

Don Colbert: Precious.

Mary Colbert: He just broke down. And I just remember watching him weep. As Jess went up aile.

Kenneth Copeland: We got married in the living room of my boss. He hired me to work for their company. And I didn't know, at the time that he hired me, but he was an ordained Southern Baptist preacher and we supported his ministry after the years. And he's in heaven today and just a wonderful man. And we got married at his home. And my goodness, Gloria came in there. This gorgeous dress that her mother had made for her. Ma Deere was a seamstress deluxe. And she just. I just lost it. I just absolutely lost it. Amen.

Mary Colbert: And I know there may be people watching the program and they're sitting there going, "Oh, that's wonderful. I thought I made the right choice". And maybe the person you married, disappointed you, maybe they walked out. They were disappointed. And without your control, they divorced you and infidelity is huge going on in this culture that we're living in. I wanna just speak hope to you. Because God is a God of second chances. And all you can do is say, "You know, Lord, I just believe that you're gonna take that situation and you will turn it for my good, and I will not make that mistake again". Because that's what God wants to do in each and every one of our lives. He's a God of new beginnings. He's a God of, He's a God that my mercies are new every morning. So I wanna encourage you. Don't be discouraged because life may be threw you a curve ball and you just really believe that was the right one. And you thought they were it's okay. The point is, pick yourself out, believe God again, put your faith back in action. Let your faith be that roaring river that you believe God.

Don Colbert: And forgive them, real important. - You gotta forgive them.

Kenneth Copeland: This, this is maybe oversimplifying it, but it's really this simple, well, that's not who I am. That's who I used to be. And today is the first day of the rest of my life.

Mary Colbert: Amen.

Kenneth Copeland: I can't get any of that back.

Mary Colbert: That's right.

Kenneth Copeland: It's gone. - That's right.

Don Colbert: Let it go.

Kenneth Copeland: And like Gloria says, "Get over it".

Don Colbert: Get over it.

Kenneth Copeland: Get over it.

Mary Colbert: That's right.

Kenneth Copeland: It's that simple. If you trust God and you trust his Son, Jesus, and you trust this book. This book is God and he's all through it. It's not a book about his power. His power is wonderful. It's a book about his love. He is love. And the reason that the children of Israel remember Jacob's name was changed to Israel and so it's his lineage, the children of Israel, the nation became Israel. So they didn't believe God loved them. He sent us out here to kill us. He sent us out here to die. We just as soon go back home. But they had lived in horrible, horrible conditions. And it was his love that would pull him out of a situation, pulled them out of a situation and put them in captivity somewhere where they couldn't just go on and just destroy themselves until he could get the son of his love into this earth. Oh God, I love him more than I love my own life.

Mary Colbert: I want to encourage those that are watching this program to look for the movie, "Trump Prophecy". This is going to be the largest gathering of people and prayer in our country to pray for our country. And we encourage you to seek it out and go there because the theaters are going to permit people to gather and pray, to pray for these United States of America. We need the great awakening to occur. We need the great movement of the Holy Spirit.

Kenneth Copeland: And Mary what's the date on that?

Mary Colbert: The movie is airing October the eighth and they're putting it in all the theaters across the country. So look for it and go and join in prayer.

Kenneth Copeland: Praise God. And we're out of time.
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