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Watch 2022-2023 online sermons » Kenneth Copeland » Kenneth Copeland - Family Agreement Activates Powerful Faith

Kenneth Copeland - Family Agreement Activates Powerful Faith

Kenneth Copeland - Family Agreement Activates Powerful Faith
TOPICS: Agreement, Faith, Unity

It's so important to get the family in agreement. Now, let's talk about that. Let's go over to Matthew, the 18th chapter. Now, look at Jesus said this in the 18th verse. "Verily, I say unto you". Listen now, this is the way, this is the chain of command. This is the order in which things are laid out. "Whatsoever you bind on earth, shall be bound in heaven". God created the heaven and the earth, and gave the earth to men. To human beings. You know what they did with it. There's nowhere in the Bible that said, praying that, God get the devil off. No, that doesn't work. You're gonna have to do it yourself, amen. "Whatever you bind on earth, shall be bound in heaven, and whatsoever you shall loose on earth, shall be loosed in heaven. Again, I say unto you, that if two of you shall agree on earth, as touching anything that they shall ask, it shall be done for them by my Father, which is in heaven, for where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them, why, to carry out that agreement".

Well, now look how that, look how you can apply this. Any two of you on earth, do what, you agree together. And together, you bind the devil. And together, you loose. Remember the, in the Gospel of Luke, the woman that was bowed over, and could in no ways lift herself up. And Jesus said, "Woman thou hast loosed from thine infirmity" and laid his hands on her, and immediately she was made straight. And the leaders got all bent out of shape, 'cause he did it on the Sabbath. But then he said, "Ought not this woman be loosed, from this infirmity, seeing she's a daughter of Abraham"? She should be loosed. So, you bind what needs to be bound, and you loose what needs to be loosed. And you agree, two of you agree, both of you have to agree. Well, we're in agreement, I sure hope so, brother. Well, no, now back up and start over again. You're not in agreement, you're hoping. "It will be done", Jesus said. Get in agreement.

How do you do that? You believe that in your heart first, you go find the Scriptures, the promises that cover the situation. How the Lord leads you into the promise, that's just one there. And bring, bring those promises to the table. Now, Brother Copeland, I'm asking you to agree with me on this, according to this, according to this, and according to this. Out of the mouth of two or three witnesses, let every word be established. And here's this word, and here's this word, and here's this word. And I'm asking you to agree with me on this together. And we'll ask the Father and He'll do it. So, what's happening? Well, first thing, you're gonna have to have the Word on it, so you can believe it in your heart. Don't just make up something.

All prayer... think about this, go to the Bible and find the answer to the prayer, and then pray it. Let the Word, be the answer to the prayer, and then you're guaranteed the result. You don't have to hope about anything. Find the Word that gives it to you. Find the promise of the Bible fact, by his stripes, you were healed. It was a promise, it became a fact. That you, hey, glory to God. That's the answer to the prayer. That's the answer to the agreement. Somebody just got it, some, somebody just got hold of it right there.

Now what happens in the laying on of hands, same thing. What happens when the anointing of oil? I told the story this morning, about that little, little white spot on my hand and I scratched it, and it just came up, and made, gonna got sore. And I went down and had it checked, and it was malignant. It was a skin cancer. It was just a little, little white spot, about the size of a grain of rice. And it was on there for, I don't know. A long time. But before I scratched it, and just activated the thing someway. So, first thing I did. I called Pastor George and Terri, and they came over to the house, and Kellie was on the phone and John was on the phone. Gloria was there, Gloria's friend Bebe was there, and they came over there and they were standing, there in the kitchen. And to tell you, glory to God. I was so ready and excited over this thing.

Now there's no healing, in that oil. "Is there any sick among you? Let him call him the elders of the church. And they'll pray over him, anointing him with oil, in the Name of Jesus, in the Name the Lord and the prayer of faith to save, or heal to sick". There's no healing in that oil, that oil is a point of contact. What, when the Bible says do it, it's more than a point of contact, it's a point of obedience. Now, Pastor George, took his oil bottle, dipped his finger in that oil. And I just had my hand out there like that. When he, I was so ready, I was so ready for his finger, in that oil to touch that little spot on my hand. The moment that oil touched that spot, it was like a shock went through me. I was just, just a little, I didn't physically feel it here, but it was, it's very hard to describe. It was shocking. It was like a flash before my eyes. And I went, I knew I had it. What happened? That point of contact. The contact of his finger, and that oil. My faith, contact, and transmission, hallelujah.

Well, I went to the next guy, and his job, the next doctor, the next specialist. His job was, and they said, "Now come prepared to stay three or four hours, because the doctor is going to take a very, just a very, very, almost microscopic little slice of that in there. And they're gonna look at it, and if there's any cancer cells, they're gonna take another slice. And they're just going to keep doing that, until there are no more cancer cells there". Well, I did what they said, you know. I,you know, it could take three or four hours. I didn't pay attention to that. And, and he did his thing and he was, he was out, for 20, 30 minutes I guess, checking it. He came back in and he said, "Well, there's no, there are no cancer cells there". Well, of course not. The power of God killed them. Glory to God.

See, what I want you to see. There's no healing power in that oil. But that oil, oh that oil is a point of contact. The healing, when I lay my hands on you. Or someone else lay their hands on you, according to the Word of God, the believers shall lay hands on the sick, and they will recover. You don't have to feel anything in your hands. But a person has to believe in their heart. The moment he touches me, that's it. I have it glory to God and I'll never let it go. I will never let it go. A very close friend of mine. Well, I'll tell you it was, Carolyn Savelle's dad. And, Olin and I were very close friends. And back, back then he was on our board of directors. And, he was in a remodeling construction business, and also in a concrete business. And he called me, he said, "Kenneth, I've, something has just happened to my business". He said, and it was a time of recession anyway. And he said, "I, particularly my concrete business".

And he said, "That's, the mainstay of my business. That's where most of the money is". And he said, "I there's just not any". He said, "I can't even buy a job". He said, "I just can't". Well, I had never thought about this. I said, "Olin, go get your checkbook, where the check stubs are, on your tithe checks". Oh yeah, he said, "I know right where that is". So, he went and got that checkbook, we're talking on the telephone. I said, "Now, look at those tithe check, put your eyes on them. Look at that. That there's that one, and that one, and that one, and that one". I said, "Just go through that whole, that one of those big checkbooks. Just go through that, and look at all of that, put your eyes on those check. those check stubs, where you think there was your tithe checks, your tithe checks on your business, tithe checks on your personal account. Just go over there, and look at those. Look at those. Look at those, look at those". And he said, "My, my".

And so, he started getting excited. I said, "Olin, there is your, foundation to the prayer we're about to pray". And we turned over here to the 18th Chapter of Matthew. And we bound the devil. We went to Malachi 3:10, and we bound the destroyer, glory to God. See there, we had grounds. We had the tithing promises, in both the Old Testament and the New. And that Jesus, our High Priest, men here, that thy receive tithes. But there, he received, witnessed he's alive, he liveth. And so, we took those Scriptures, and we made an agreement. What did we do? We believed it in our hearts, and we said it with our mouths. And what else did we even do? We received it, praise God. I'm telling you, we talked about it. Olin said, "I got it, I can see it, I'm, man", He said it, hey, hey, that thing is over, when he received it. Praise God. And I want you to know, he began to tell it. He began to testify to it everywhere he went. Amen, that's what Jesus told Kenneth Hagin.

Anybody, anywhere, can use these, and get anything you need, and anything you want, in any area of life. And there we were in a financial situation, on the prayer of agreement, and we took the Bible, and we took the Scriptures, and we believed it in our hearts, and we said it in our mouth, and we received it. Glory to God. We received it. Olin received it. And the power of God was loosed, hallelujah, amen. And I'm telling you it wasn't, but it wasn't, but just a few weeks later, he called me back. He said, "Kenneth", what's he doing? He's testifying, he said, "Kenneth, I gotta tell you, I'm coming up in business! Nobody else has any business in this whole area but me"!

Step one, step two, step three and step four. Then there's a prayer of agreement, hallelujah. Isn't it wonderful? What is it you need in your family? What is it you need, where you are tonight? What's going on? Like they say down here, what's going on in your neck of the woods? What's what's happening around you? We'll agree with you. We have prayer staff that will agree with you. But you have to have Scriptures. What do you have to have to be scriptural, Scriptures. I got that from Keith Moore. That's good, isn't it? You have to have Scriptures, to be scriptural. Look, search them. Search the Scriptures, ask the Lord, Holy Spirit within me, lead me, and guide me through the Bible, and show me things. And, he said he would. He said, "I will show you things, you know, not of, if you will ask me". Just ask him.

Now, that's a novel thought. Just ask God what Scriptures to stand on, praise God, Ask him, and it'll just start coming up, on the inside of you. And you'll think, "I don't remember that Scripture". And you turn over to that, "Oh yeah, now that leads me to... oh yeah, oh, look at that". And now you're on there. I mean you're just like an old hound, just sniffing out the trail. And the answers to your prayer, is just coming up, and coming up, and coming up. And faith is rising, and faith is rising, and faith is rising, and faith is rising, until it boils over, praise God. And the enemy is destroyed. Your body is healed, your family's whole. And the new job is in place. And the old job got better. Hallelujah. And you sense it. And so do I.

Did you get anything out of this tonight? I don't know if I helped you very much, but I'll tell you, I did it again. I just preached myself into a, just a place of joy, and happiness, and just excitement in my inner man. Because the victory is here. The victory is here, and this is the victory, that overcometh the world, even out our faith. Thank you, Lord Jesus. Father, we praise you tonight. Oh, we thank you for this marvelous time, that we've had since Thursday night together. All of us together in the, 30,000 households or more, filled with your glory and your presence. And we come before the very throne of grace tonight, I set myself in agreement, with those that need an agreeing partner.

You say "Brother Copeland, I've been standing alone. I'm kind of like that woman with that issue of blood, I, I'm very much alone". No, you're not. Jesus is there. And this ministry is here for you. And the numbers are on the screens. All you have to do is just call, we'll agree with you. We'll pray with you. Like Jesse said, that Jesse Duplantis. How I do, love Jesse and Cathy, and that ministry and their family. Jesse coined a phrase. And it's from heaven, he said, "I'll be your two". In other words, two or more. And you're alone. He said, "I'll be your two". "I'll be, I'll set an, I'll stand in agreement with you". Well, this ministry will be here too. Prayer ministers are standing by right now. Just to agree with you and stand with you. And, so you can believe it in your heart. And, you can say it with your mouth. And then you can see yourself with it, receive it. You just see yourself with it. Just, you just begin to see yourself up out of that bed. And you begin to see yourself. You just begin to see yourself out of that chair. You begin to see yourself walking, glory to God. And then you can tell and testify to it. And testify to it.

I told the story this morning and healing school, in case you missed it. A woman that said, she received her healing, she just started telling it. And every time it seemed like any symptom would start back, she'd just get out and started telling it. She'd go to hospitals, and go up and down and testify to it, and then pray for other people. She wasn't in the ministry. Oh, but she was in the ministry, and she just testified to it and testified to it, until every symptom just totally disappeared, and never did come back again. But if there's any sign of it, she'd just go out, and start telling somebody about her healing. And every time she did, it reinforced that the power of God, and her faith. And her, the devil just couldn't, he just couldn't do it. He just couldn't put it back on her. Couldn't do it.

Those of you, that have heard the Word tonight, and you've never accepted Jesus as your Lord and Savior, now is the time. This is your time. This is your night. And today, is the first day, of the rest of your life, as a new creation. Think about it. Any man, any person that is in Christ, is a new creation. Old things, that old, that old nature of fear, and that old nature, that old carnal nature, that old sinful nature of the devil, is gone. Passed away, and all things have become new. And the very nature of God, Himself, and the love of God, instantly, tonight, will enter into your spirit-being.

You say, "Brother Copeland, I want that". And those of you that are really not sure, test yourself. If something were to happen to you, right now, then what would happen to you? The Bible says, "To be absent from the body, is to be present with the Lord". "Well, Brother Copeland, I just don't know" That's as far as you need to go. Tonight, you're gonna be sure. Because the Bible says, right there in the 10th chapter, of the book of Romans. "If you believe in your heart, that God raised Jesus from the dead, and you confess Jesus as your Lord, you shall be saved. For with the heart, man believeth unto righteousness. And with the mouth, confession is made unto it".

There it is. You believe it in your heart, you say it with your mouth. And then you receive it. You see yourself with it. I know it. I just know that I know. I know in my knower. I know that I know, that I know, that I know, that I know. He's my Lord. And he's my Savior. And he's my Healer. And now that I'm born again, now that I'm a new creature, he's my Baptizer, with the Holy Spirit. Just put one hand over your heart, lift the other towards heaven, and pray this after me.

Oh God in heaven, I believe with all of my heart, that you raised Jesus from the dead. Come into my heart, Lord Jesus, take my life, and do something with it. Thank God the past, is dead and gone. And now you're my Lord and my Savior, and you're my future. Fill me, to overflowing, with your precious, Holy Spirit. I receive you now, Holy Spirit.

Hallelujah, and just see yourself with it. See him, just coming into you, overflowing, as you take that deep breath in. I receive you Holy Spirit. Oh and I expect to speak with other tongues, a supernatural prayer language, and praise language, just like they did on the day of Pentecost. Thank you, Jesus. Thank you, Lord.
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