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2021 online sermons » Kenneth Copeland » Kenneth Copeland - Walking In Your Covenant Benefits

Kenneth Copeland - Walking In Your Covenant Benefits

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Kenneth Copeland - Walking In Your Covenant Benefits

Kenneth Copeland: Hello, everybody, I'm Kenneth Copeland. Welcome to Friday's edition of the Believer's Voice of Victory broadcast.

Father, we thank you and we praise you. Oh my, weeks, weeks of Covenant study and we are so blessed. We have been increased, our awareness of our Covenants of promise, especially the Blood Covenant of Jesus. We're especially aware of the importance of the Covenants of Israel and the Covenants of the United States beginning from its very beginning and we thank you and we praise you for it. In Jesus' Name. In Jesus' Name. In the Name of Yud Hay Vav Hay, Himself. That Name above every name that's named. We thank you. We thank you. Amen.

Kenneth Copeland: I want to finish what I started yesterday. The word of the Lord came to me, I thought of it again while I was praying. I just see it in my mind. I could just see George Washington. The Capitol was not in Washington, DC, it was in New York City. And they walked down to the chapel. It's there today. It's what survived at 9/11.

Greg Stephens: That's great. That's right.

Kenneth Copeland: The first act of Congress of the United States of America was to dedicate this nation to the Almighty God and to His Son, Jesus.

Greg Stephens: His inauguration day. It's said that he was overheard saying, you will be our God and we will be your people. Now that's the President of the United States that did that. And that set things in motion.

Kenneth Copeland: So, I heard the word of the Lord, I was praying for our country. And I heard it, so strong, just commanding voice on the inside of me. There's times I'll just hear things, but there are times He calls my name. And this was one of those times and it was kind of startling. He said, "Kenneth, do you think that the Forefathers of this nation had any idea what this nation would look like 100 years from then"? I said "no, there's no way they, it's first time it's ever been done". He said "All of this trouble", talking about politically, "all of this trouble and turmoil that you're seeing are the birth pangs to the rebirth of this nation. It's happening right now". He said, and He called me again, He said "Kenneth, once this nation is reborn you have no idea what it'll look like when I get through it", and I thought, no idea? He said "no, no more than those guys did. You have no idea because you've never seen it reborn". Now I saw it reborn after World War II, because I was there. And I saw it when, man, our soldiers were training with wooden rifles. And there it was. Four years later, we had more equipment than we knew how to use. We had more oil than we knew how to use. I mean, here we were, and all of a sudden, where we've become the most prosperous nation on the face of the earth. And we were not before that war.

Greg Stephens: That's right. That's true.

Kenneth Copeland: Now, I saw because I was just a little little boy. But Greg, for seven years before World War II, it didn't rain in Oklahoma and in the panhandle of Texas.

Greg Stephens: The Dust Bowl. That's right.

Kenneth Copeland: Now, man, I've been in those sand storms that's a terrible thing. All of a sudden, it started raining and a war started. And the nation was reborn. Now think about what is going to happen this time.

Greg Stephens: Praise God.

Kenneth Copeland: Hallelujah.

Greg Stephens: Amen.

Kenneth Copeland: Let's get down to business.

Greg Stephens: Amen. You started us off with a Psalm of David, Psalm 103. It's on your partner letter, Covenant partner letter.

Kenneth Copeland: Yes, sir. My Covenant partner.

Greg Stephens: "Bless the Lord, O my soul and all that's within me, bless His holy name, bless the Lord on my soul, forget not all his benefits". What benefits, Covenant benefits. That's what we've been talking about for weeks. I'm now in Christ Jesus, I'm free from the curse of the law. I am the righteousness of God in Christ Jesus, He gave me, we studied that Covenant meal, where he established this Covenant with his disciples, and all that would believe based on their words that's you and I, so we have the meal that heals, glory to God, anytime you want it.

Kenneth Copeland: Yes.

Greg Stephens: Put yourself in remembrance of what He did, drink that in, eat that, believe that, confess that, speak that. So we were walking in this Covenant. Those are some of the benefits, just some of the benefits, "who forgiveth all thy iniquities, who healeth all those diseases". Now, we talked about that the last two weeks that they're the same thing, He can heal you and forgive you. One's not harder than the other one. Many times for the world, the healing is the wake up call for their salvation.

Kenneth Copeland: I thought about it just then again. And think about it. Think about it like this. He's looking you. Jesus is standing there with a smile on his face. And He says, I am the Lord that's healed you.

Greg Stephens: Past tense, well, I still have pain in my body. No, He's already healed you. It's already done.

Kenneth Copeland: The Covenant. See, this is your reason. You have to be so Covenant-minded about this. I heard Creflo Dollar say, Creflo's got a way of putting things, I heard him say this, he said, God, healed you, 2000 years ago, and grace receives it and says it's mine.

Greg Stephens: Absolutely correct. That's absolutely correct.

Kenneth Copeland: Isn't that absolutely perfect?

Greg Stephens: Absolutely the truth and that's exactly why I have that arrow.

Kenneth Copeland: That arrow. I'm gonna get me one of those.

Greg Stephens: Well, I just drew it with a pen one day. I oughta print me up a page with a printed one in there, but I drew that for me so that I could see that. That everything by God, Oh, glory to God, everything that was promised to me here is now mine as I live on this side of that page right there.

Kenneth Copeland: Over here, the curse threefold. Death, spiritual death or being separated from God. Sickness and poverty.

Greg Stephens: That's right

Kenneth Copeland: Over here, redeemed from the curse.

Greg Stephens: Yes, sir.

Kenneth Copeland: Born again connected to God, healed and prosperous.

Greg Stephens: Right.

Kenneth Copeland: More than enough.

Greg Stephens: Because of a king that hung a tree between blessing and cursing. Which we talked about weeks ago, a king that hung on a tree, a king hung on a tree and because of that, because I'm in Him and He's in me, I have access through that Blood Covenant. Therefore, I have access to use that Name, hey, glory to God, I have access to use that Name, when I use that Name, Satan's defeated, he knows the beating he took.

Kenneth Copeland: Yes, sir.

Greg Stephens: He can do nothing unless he can get me to say something.

Kenneth Copeland: There's healing going on all over this, al over this audience right now. Glory to God, glory to God, glory to God.

Greg Stephens: All you got to do is receive it. Because it's already yours.

Kenneth Copeland: Every time you say that I think of that little song by Keith Moore. "Oh the glory is here". Right there in healing school, working with Brother Hagin all those years and the woman that was on her way to the Mayo Clinic through an operation and just a slight mistake and they had slit her esophagus. She had had 11 operations, she had 11 scars, and still didn't get it fixed, she was on her way to Mayo, see what they could do. And she stopped by in Tulsa where "The Physician" was practicing and Brother Hagin is talking about how simple it is just, and of course he went to the very simple parts of the the healing as only he could do. And he said, just take it, just receive it. And that Greek word in Mark 11:24 through everything you desire when you believe it, you receive it, it's take and Gloria, I'm telling you Gloria got on that and that's the way she preaches it yet. Take it.

Greg Stephens: Take it.

Kenneth Copeland: It's not yours till you take it. She had a feeding tube up her nose, and she's just sitting there and she just raised and Brother Hagin said the glory's here. So she just reached up like this. Pulled that thing out of her nose.

Greg Stephens: My, my, my.

Kenneth Copeland: When she hadn't eaten in two months, solid food went across the road to the Monterey House at noon, and ate two Mexican dinners.

Greg Stephens: I've been there. It's like me holding this out to you here. Take this, take this.

Kenneth Copeland: It's not mine until I do that.

Greg Stephens: Amen. It's been sitting there available to you the entire time. It's been sitting right there for you take it. And but until you do that.

Kenneth Copeland: And so, Keith saw that, he saw her when she did that. And then she came back and gave her testimony and he wrote that song, "The Glory is Here".

Greg Stephens: It's a beautiful song. I'm reminded of something, can I show you something in John chapter six. I was reminded of, we talked about healing being the children's bread, and the Syrophoenician woman, you know, just some crumbs, even will work, Jesus says in John chapter six, verse 32. "Then Jesus said to them, verily, verily, I say unto you, Moses gave you not that bread from heaven. But my Father, giveth you the true bread from heaven", that's just when you reach up and take that, just reach up, take that. "For the bread of God is he that cometh down from heaven and giveth life unto the world. Then they said unto Him, Lord, evermore give us this bread. Give it to us". That's what they're saying right there. "And Jesus said unto them", verse 35.

Kenneth Copeland: I am.

Greg Stephens: There it is.

Kenneth Copeland: I am.

Greg Stephens: The healing power of God the moment He said that was available to every last one and right there.

Kenneth Copeland: The word I am, boy, He said it. I am the Bread of Life.

Greg Stephens: When God, when you make Covenant with God, He makes Covenant with you, when you enter into the Covenant, He is bound at that point to be your provider.

Kenneth Copeland: Let's go back to Revelation again.

Greg Stephens: Yeah.

Kenneth Copeland: We talked about that. This is when He said it again.

Greg Stephens: Chapter three.

Kenneth Copeland: Yes, sir. 19th verse, "as many as I love, I rebuke and chasten, or I correct them, be zealous therefore and repent, behold, look, I stand at the door and knock. If any man, if any person hears my voice and open the door, I will come into him, and will sup with him. And he with me. To him that overcome with will I grant to sit with me in my throne, even as I also overcame and sat down with my Father in his throne", if you got an ear to hear it, it's yours. If there ever was a Covenant statement in the Bible, He made it right there.

Greg Stephens: That's absolutely true.

Kenneth Copeland: So describe that Covenant of salt. 'Cause He said, He said, I'll come in and eat with you.

Greg Stephens: Yes, sir.

Kenneth Copeland: Now this is an Eastern book, the Covenant is in every line of it. He said, "I'll come in and eat with you".

Greg Stephens: That's right. One of the oldest Covenants, if you ever heard somebody, that guy's not worth his salt.

Kenneth Copeland: Yeah, yeah.

Greg Stephens: That's from that Covenant. And the word, "salary" in Latin is part of that, they would pay the soldiers in Rome, particularly salt as part of their payment that they carry with them in a pouch.

Kenneth Copeland: And that word is sal.

Greg Stephens: Sal, salary. So this is where we get those words, not worth his salt, meaning he's not worth the salary, he's not worth the salt bag. So you have a salt bag, I have a salt bag that we carry. In the Salt Covenant, I take part of my salt out of my bag and I place it in yours. And you place it in mine We shake that bag. You can never separate it. I can't tell what grains of salt were yours and which ones were mine, they've become one.

Kenneth Copeland: So if we sit down to the table and you're my guest and this represents the higher blessing the lower. I've invited you into my house. And so I either take salt or like Jesus did with Judas.

Greg Stephens: Exactly right.

Kenneth Copeland: I take, those people back there then ate with their hands.

Greg Stephens: Yes, sir.

Kenneth Copeland: And I take of my...

Greg Stephens: Use your right hand, you would do...

Kenneth Copeland: Yeah, I take of mine. And I offer it to you.

Greg Stephens: That's right.

Kenneth Copeland: By doing so, you have eaten out of my plate. And we are one.

Greg Stephens: That's right. That's exactly right. That's exactly what Judas did. But now that plate, that bitter herbs time, that was, he's getting ready to fill this thing. That's when he's getting, he partnered into his bitterness. He partnered into his suffering with that. That wasn't a good thing to do. But that's what he did.

Kenneth Copeland: It just hit me again. Paul in the book of the Philippians to his partners. You're partakers of my grace. And this is what hit me so hard years and years ago, about my partnership with Oral Roberts. And I told Gloria, I said, Gloria, I had to preach this to her because she wasn't there. I said, we've become partners with Oral for $10 a month. She said, where are we ever going to get $10 a month? And I preached it to her and I said, Gloria, look at this. We can have Oral Roberts anointing for $10 a month, because we've become partners. That's it right there.

Greg Stephens: That's it.

Kenneth Copeland: See, when a person enters into partnership with a ministry, you're part of that ministry.

Greg Stephens: Yes, sir.

Kenneth Copeland: You're a part of it. And every reward that happens. I mean, this was that David instituted this himself that those that stayed behind and watched the stuff there was equal spoil with those that went into battle.

Greg Stephens: If I put salt on a steak, can I get it out?

Kenneth Copeland: No.

Greg Stephens: I got a raw steak sitting right there, ready to go on the grill. And I put it on there. Oh, well, shouldn't have put that salt on there. Can I get it out?

Kenneth Copeland: No, you can't.

Greg Stephens: It's in there.

Kenneth Copeland: You can't get it, it's there. It's in it.

Greg Stephens: It's already in, and so now, you know, Michelle will always season all this stuff before I put it on the grill, I can't go season it again. It'll be too much. Because it's already, it's worked its way in there. This Covenant of Jesus has come in me, who can take it out? Who can remove me from him?

Kenneth Copeland: If you will take communion correctly and as I've said before I take communion a lot.

Greg Stephens: Yes sir.

Kenneth Copeland: When I can, I take it every day. And I've come to the place where I realize this cup of His blood once I drink this, His blood and my blood have become one.

Greg Stephens: Oh my, there's your Blood Covenant.

Kenneth Copeland: I just see it, I just, He said when He handed them that wine He said, this is my blood, you drink it, you drink all of it. And I just see it. Once His blood and my blood had mingled, it's impossible to give me a blood disease. You can't do it.

Greg Stephens: And that bread, that bread that was broken. It's pierced and striped, and we looked at it, once that's gone into me, there's the stripes in me. And the piercings in me. How in the world, are you saved? How can you stay sick? Because we have this Covenant, right, once you get an understanding of it. Now I'm all for laying on hands and we're commanded to do that. But yesterday I was healed right here yesterday. Before we went on the program, Dr. David Weeter laid hands on me in the back.

Kenneth Copeland: Oh, you said that.

Greg Stephens: He saw it, he saw, it happened. My back, I got up off the couch back there. And my back just went ooh, seized, because we're going to talk about Covenant-healing. Oh, dear Jesus, I was stretching. I was doing everything I could. I came and set right here. You opened up in prayer, my back went pop. No man laid hands on me. It's because I accessed my Covenant.

Kenneth Copeland: That's right.

Greg Stephens: That it belongs to me and people be healed right now all around the world.

Kenneth Copeland: It's happening, oh, it has been, yesterday and today, I know for sure.

Greg Stephens: Healing all, if you're not a partner and you didn't tell me to say this, but I feel impressed to, if you're not a partner, people. I wish I could set where you are right now. You do, because you're a partner. You're receiving of it right now. If you're not a partner with Kenneth Copeland Ministries you need to be.

Kenneth Copeland: Praise God.

Greg Stephens: You need to be 'cause I know I'm here. The man prays for you. He's in Covenant with you. He blesses you. He salts you every single day. And you need to be part of it. You didn't tell me to do that. I just felt impressed. I've missed it. I missed it. You need to be a partner.

Kenneth Copeland: Of course now you don't have to do this. I have both. I have the little cups. You know, you know the little cups that have the wafer right in the top and I think people use those pretty universal, did you know that Welch's grape juice people designed those for us. When we had the Worldwide Communion Service, we had to have cups and we had and they designed that little guy, so we could just pass them out. We had, I don't remember now, something like, I don't know, eight or 9000 people in the Convention Center and we had to have a lot of communion cups. And they designed that for us.

Greg Stephens: Well, it'd take an hour to hand out trays the other way. Praise God.

Kenneth Copeland: And it's happened again.

Greg Stephens: We're out of time.

Kenneth Copeland: We're out of time.
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