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Kenneth Copeland - The Everlasting Covenant

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Kenneth Copeland - The Everlasting Covenant

Kenneth Copeland: Hello everybody, I'm Kenneth Copeland and I'm so excited for this broadcast.

Father, thank you so much. Oh, My my my my. We just praise you and we worship you, sir. Thank you for this mighty Word, we're so grateful for this teaching and opening the eyes. It is absolutely Ephesians chapter 1 coming to pass. You're opening the eyes of our understanding and flooding us with light, and we praise you, and we thank you for it in Jesus' name.

Kenneth Copeland: Professor Dr. Greg Stephens.

Greg Stephens: Yes, sir.

Kenneth Copeland: I love you, man. I've loved you a long time.

Greg Stephens: Thank you.

Kenneth Copeland: But I'm telling you, man, I haven't had such time in my life.

Greg Stephens: It's been wonderful.

Kenneth Copeland: I'm going to ask him to do what he just told us just, just before we, before they turned the camera on.

Greg Stephens: Yod Hey Vav Hey?

Kenneth Copeland: Yeah. Now, listen to this. This is ancient Hebrew. Explain the difference.

Greg Stephens: Between all of the Hebrew changed and became different characters in more modern Hebrew. Even in biblical texts, um 500 something BC, but in ancient or paleo Hebrew, as it's sometime called, it was more picture symbols. Matter of fact, all the semitic languages were that way. Phoenician, Canaanite, they all, Egyptian, where there's pictures that are...

Kenneth Copeland: We see that on the Egyptian monuments and stuff. We see the little pictures and things.

Greg Stephens: Absolutely. So in paleo Hebrew, the first letter is Alef and it is the picture of a ox head which means strength. Can mean strength, it can mean the head. And the last letter of Hebrew is Tav, and it's referred to as the mark. Well, you would recognize it as a cross. And so, ain't that something? So Alef Tav first and last letter of the bookends of the alphabet means mark of the covenant is the strength of the covenant is what the Alef Tav is the first and last letter. Well, Jesus will say I am the alpha the Omega, the beginning and the end, but he said that to a Jew, he would have said, I am the Alef Tav. And I would say to you, I'm the A and the Z in that book. And so now only in the Hebrew can you find Alef and Tav written with no...

Kenneth Copeland: I want to talk about...

Greg Stephens: I'm getting to it. So every letter has a symbol. It's the professor in me. It's the professor.

Kenneth Copeland: Get rid of the professor. Okay. Be my buddy.

Greg Stephens: Okay. Yod Hey Vav Hey.

Kenneth Copeland: Tell the people what that is.

Greg Stephens: That is the name. That is the Tetragram name of God. Okay. The symbol is Yod is hand, an open hand. Hey is behold means to see, to behold it. So open hand behold. Yod Hey Vav. Vav is a nail in ancient Hebrew and behold again. So hand behold nail behold, and it's pointing to a person. Yod Hey Vav Hey. Now we know Thomas.

Greg Stephens: Yes, sir.

Kenneth Copeland: So when he saw, he said, I've got to see that. Now, I know why he knew what he had to see.

Greg Stephens: Yes, sir.

Kenneth Copeland: Not because he saw him nailed on that cross. No, it was the language he spoke.

Greg Stephens: Yes, right there. Now I know you are. I beheld it with my own eyes. And that's your name. That's who you are. Peter came to that revelation by faith.

Kenneth Copeland: Oh yeah.

Greg Stephens: He revealed this to you by my father, Thomas it was revealed when he saw it in his hand. Okay. Now I know you're him.

Kenneth Copeland: It wasn't because he saw them stick the holes in his hand, it was from the language.

Greg Stephens: From the language of it. So this is a covenant and it goes back to this. Let me, can I show you Hebrews chapter 13 in our covenant, the blessing of the covenant comes because of Yod Hey Vav Hey, because of Jesus. In Hebrews chapter 13 verse 20. Now the God of peace, who's that? Prince of peace, the God of peace that brought again from the dead, our Lord Jesus, that great shepherd of the sheep through the blood of the ever lasting covenant. Look at verse 21. Look what knowledge of this covenant and faith in this covenant, knowing you're righteous, look what it does, verse 21, make you perfect in every good work to do his will working in you that which is well pleasing in the sight, through Jesus Christ, to whom be glory forever and ever. Amen.

Kenneth Copeland: To be well pleasing it has to be by faith in the everlasting covenant.

Greg Stephens: Can't be by anything else. And that goes to Romans 4:16, that it is of faith that it might be by grace. It has to be this pattern. That's the pattern of this thing. And we believe that by faith.

Kenneth Copeland: Now I want to go to Colossians chapter 1.

Greg Stephens: Yes, please.

Kenneth Copeland: First chapter of the book of Colossians. Oh, there is so much in here. Of course, the 9th verse, this is part of my prayer for my partners. For this cause we also since the day we heard it do not cease to pray for you and to desire. Hey, now this is his desire is our promise. This is a blood back statement here.

Greg Stephens: Yes, sir.

Kenneth Copeland: That you might be filled with the knowledge of his will in all wisdom and spiritual understanding that you might walk worthy of the Lord unto all pleasing being fruitful in every good work and increasing in the knowledge of God.

Greg Stephens: Yes.

Kenneth Copeland: This is the everlasting covenant.

Greg Stephens: Yes, sir.

Kenneth Copeland: But here's the good one. Strengthened with all dunamis all power, might according to his glorious power unto all patience and long suffering with joyfulness, giving thanks to the father who has made us able to be partakers of the inheritance of the saints in light, who has delivered... this is what happened to you when you got born again, who has delivered us from the authority of darkness and translated us into the kingdom of his Agape son in whom we have redemption through the everlasting blood of the covenant.

Greg Stephens: And forgiveness of sin.

Kenneth Copeland: And forgiveness of sin.

Greg Stephens: Totally remembers it no more as far as the East is from the West.

Kenneth Copeland: Okay. Now that you brought that up, lets go to the first chapter of Isaiah. Oh, this is, ah, I'll tell you what. Oh man.

Greg Stephens: I thank you, Jesus.

Kenneth Copeland: I'm just so thrilled, and I'm shaking. Isaiah chapter 1. Oh my, my, my, Oh, dear Lord. Thank you, Lord Jesus. Oh Lord. Oh Lord. Oh Lord. Oh, thank you, Jesus. Verse 18. Come now let us reason together saith the Lord, though your sins be as Scarlet they shall be white as snow, though they be like Crimson they shall be as wool. And if you'd be willing and obedient, you shall eat the good of the land.

Greg Stephens: That's a promise.

Kenneth Copeland: That became a fact.

Greg Stephens: That became a fact.

Kenneth Copeland: When the blood was shed.

Greg Stephens: Yes, sir.

Kenneth Copeland: And I obtained it the moment I was born again. Then the 43rd chapter. The everlasting covenant. See all of this, all, we're talking blood here. We're talking family here. We came into the family of God when we were born again. The moment Jesus was raised from the dead Satan was broken. Far as God was concerned. He has no authority. None. Isaiah 43:25. Oh Jesus. I, even I am he that blotteth out your transgressions for my own sake and will not remember your sins. Put me in remembrance, let us plead together. There it is again. Let us plead together saith the Lord.

Greg Stephens: There it is.

Kenneth Copeland: Hey, let us plead, put me in remembrance let us plead together. Declare that you may be just, declare that you may be accounted righteous. You declare it.

Greg Stephens: And I have to say it.

Kenneth Copeland: I said, Lord you did that from my sake? Nah, he said, I did it for my sake. You know why? Because if he remembers your sin, he can't bless you.

Greg Stephens: Wow. And the blessing of Abraham doesn't have the curse tied to it. So therefore if I'll do like Abraham and confess like Abraham, talk like Abraham, and have faith in that covenant like Abraham, I have the blessing.

Kenneth Copeland: Oh my goodness, Greg. Praise God.

Greg Stephens: Nobody's got a big enough pen to go back up there in that roll and wright back in there what I did.

Kenneth Copeland: They don't dare. No, you don't touch Holy records. No, sir. You think about court records, you don't get in there in that court and expunge somebody's records. No, no man that's criminal offense. And you're certainly not going to get in in heaven's records and accuse me of sin. I don't have any send by my name.

Greg Stephens: No you don't.

Kenneth Copeland: I do not have any sin by my name.

Greg Stephens: So you made a statement to me that helped me so much and understanding grace. Well, you said it in a sermon, and I took it as you said it to me. You said it's God's overwhelming desire to treat, that sin had never happened, that it never happened.

Kenneth Copeland: It's God's overwhelming desire to treat Greg Stephens as if sin had never even happened. He's listen, it cost him dearly to get this done.

Greg Stephens: Oh yes.

Kenneth Copeland: Now you think Jesus after what he went through, listen, Jesus of Nazareth remembers every pain of that bad hell he went through it. He's been there. Now he's begging you, man. Come on, come on. Let me do this for you. Let me heal your body. Let me take care of your mind. Let me wipe all that out of there, man. He cleared all that mess. Please, please, please, Greg. Please accept me as your savior. As far as I'm concerned, man, your sin never happened.

Greg Stephens: He did that for the whole world. And all we have to do is receive that.

Kenneth Copeland: Thank you.

Greg Stephens: I didn't deserve this, but I received this.

Kenneth Copeland: And the Holy Spirit is the gift to the church and he's just as free...

Greg Stephens: That's the same way you do healing, isn't it?

Kenneth Copeland: Oh, that's where people struggle because healing is a physical manifestation, but it's the same thing. God almighty the almighty El Shaddai God. Jehovah Rapha, I am the Lord that healeth thee. I am healing. I am healing.

Greg Stephens: Wow. Wow.

Kenneth Copeland: Listen, I heard the Lord say this, nobody sinned and died till Adam sinned and died.

Greg Stephens: Wow. That's true.

Kenneth Copeland: There was a moment there we don't know how long that moment was. He was exactly like God, he and Jesus replicas.

Greg Stephens: Well, he's naming everything and God's watching him. Let see what he calls this one.

Kenneth Copeland: Greg.

Greg Stephens: Yeah.

Kenneth Copeland: There's a half a million bugs. Anyway.

Greg Stephens: And so that's what this whole thing is. We were at that plane transgression happened.

Kenneth Copeland: You just described something there. Put your hand back up there. This represents the speed of light. This is below the speed of light. This is above it.

Greg Stephens: Okay. Yes, sir.

Kenneth Copeland: Adam and God operated in both worlds.

Kenneth Copeland: Adam fell below it. When he did the glory that God crowned him with, you can see his physical body that when that light went out, he saw that body, even though it was a perfect body to him it was ugly. She wanted to cover it up. Now put your hands please. Now I'm down here flesh to flesh is firm. Spirit to flesh is not. Up here Spirit to Spirit is firm, but Jesus in his glorified body, he came in the room and walked through the wall.

Greg Stephens: Yes sir.

Kenneth Copeland: But then he said handle me. So Jesus is a man on both sides of the line. He is Spirit to Spirit firm, he's flesh to flesh firm.

Greg Stephens: Now that is a promise where we're heading.

Kenneth Copeland: I wanted you to get to that.

Greg Stephens: I got it. And just the light bulb went on.

Kenneth Copeland: I wanted you to get that.

Greg Stephens: The light bulb went on.

Kenneth Copeland: That's where the everlasting covenant is taken us because everything he bought and paid for on the cross, everything that happened to him belongs to us and glory to God we're just as glorified as he is. Hallelujah.

Greg Stephens: So in spirit realm I'm there.

Kenneth Copeland: Yeah.

Greg Stephens: His flesh is not...

Kenneth Copeland: Yes, sir.

Greg Stephens: So, I gotta get my eyes off of this.

Kenneth Copeland: Now think about...

Greg Stephens: Lead by the Spirit of God are sons.

Kenneth Copeland: Yeah. Think about what we talked about yesterday Brother Hagin had that open vision with Jesus.

Greg Stephens: Yes, sir.

Kenneth Copeland: Jesus stepped below that light line and became visible.

Greg Stephens: Hey, okay.

Kenneth Copeland: Anything that goes beyond this goes the speed of light physically disappears.

Greg Stephens: Yeah. It's still real.

Kenneth Copeland: It's still real. But he stepped below that. Now there are times when angels have to come divinely we're where we can see them and actually feel them.

Greg Stephens: Book of Hebrews. Sometimes you have entertained angels unaware.

Kenneth Copeland: Absolutely, absolutely.

Greg Stephens: So we were here, what you're describing with him, Adam did that. So all of us then were born into here. Now I like to put it this way, there were a series, when I teach covenants in your college, there's a series of covenants God will make with righteous men. I put it like a ladder, not Jacob's ladder my ladder, each one of these from okay we were in an Eden covenant here and then we fell, and so now we have Adam, Noah, Abraham, Moses, there was a land covenant tied to Moses because you got to know how to act when you get in there.

Kenneth Copeland: That's right.

Greg Stephens: You go chasing after other gods just because you've gotten your blessing, your blessing shouldn't keep you away from God. I'll leave that there. Um, but the land and then there's David, after David was the new covenant and then guess what? Right back there is there we are, right back to that everlasting covenant, all of these series of steps brought us right back to where we are right here.

Kenneth Copeland: And we are blessed to be in the last of the last of the last days. Now how many years has it been? We are in, and you correct me if I'm wrong about this. We are in the 6,000 year.

Greg Stephens: Yes.

Kenneth Copeland: Approaching that 7,000 year. Really, we're just we're this little sliver of time here.

Greg Stephens: I think we're on heaven's time now I don't think we're on our time.

Kenneth Copeland: No, I don't think...

Greg Stephens: We're all... the call is come, and things have been set into motion that you couldn't stop it if you want to stop it now or delay it or postpone it.

Kenneth Copeland: There's that little, that little, that little tiny sliver of grace there.

Greg Stephens: Till the time of the Gentiles be fulfilled.

Kenneth Copeland: Yeah. We're in that.

Greg Stephens: Yes sir. Yes, we are.

Kenneth Copeland: I mean, Jerusalem, the American embassy is in Jerusalem.

Greg Stephens: That was the first and that started. That was a, listen the Jews saw that as a sign.

Kenneth Copeland: Oh sure. They had to that's the reason they made Trump Avenue.

Greg Stephens: And made a coin, a temple coin with his picture and Cyrus the great. He's the 45th president that's in the 45th chapter when that happened, there you go again.

Kenneth Copeland: Come on, give me a break right.

Greg Stephens: There it is again. I mean it all, listen, when Jesus rode into Jerusalem, when he rode into Jerusalem on that day, it was exactly to the day that Daniel had said it would be. Hundreds of years before. I mean to the day. So what's the point of that? The point of that is he's hit the timing every single time. Matter of fact, scripture tells you in the book of Daniel, there's an angel that watches over just that.

Kenneth Copeland: Yes, that's right.

Greg Stephens: Just to make sure that the times and the Moabs hit when they're supposed to hit.

Kenneth Copeland: And what Satan is trying to do ever since the garden of Eden is get it off one mini seconds he wins.

Greg Stephens: That's right. And he won't win. He's already defeated now and he is returning. So here's the blessed hope my friend, that you're going to be in a resurrected body. Jesus is the down payment of that promise.

Kenneth Copeland: And we're the last of them.

Greg Stephens: Yes, sir.

Kenneth Copeland: There will never be another glorified body after us. Never be. There'll be natural people, natural life, just glorious, but there'll never be any more glorified ones.

Greg Stephens: All of eternally you wear that.

Kenneth Copeland: Yes.

Greg Stephens: That I'm one of them who were redeemed.

Kenneth Copeland: And there's going to be people, I saw this in the spirit, I saw not just me, I was with some others, Gloria and others. And they came rushing up. Tell us what it was like, tell us what it was like to have to defeat the devil. What, what happened? How did this, how did it happen? Tell us stories. I mean the way my grandchildren want to hear stories, and then now my great grandchildren are coming up, you know? But listen, there will never be another one.

Greg Stephens: You'll preach through all eternity.

Kenneth Copeland: Oh yeah.

Greg Stephens: The resurrection and the life. And tell those stories. Tell those stories about that Nikon camera and...

Kenneth Copeland: And somebody will say, sir, uh uh uh. Well, what are you bothered about? Uh. Oh, let me, let me help you here. See that big ball of fire right up there that never goes away, see that? That's where he is. And the false prophet and all the humans that sent themselves to hell because they wouldn't receive Jesus. That's where they are. So don't ask any more questions about him. He's done. He's over.

Greg Stephens: Glory to God. And it was accounted that you did that.

Kenneth Copeland: Oh, absolutely.

Greg Stephens: Cause you're in Christ Jesus. Here's the best part of that. It's accounted because you've done that and you've, you've walked this out. It's accounted that your partners, everything that's been accomplished in your ministry. And we read it last week that partner prayer of Jesus in John chapter 17.

Kenneth Copeland: Now somebody walked up to one of my partners and say, you were quite a soul winner, weren't you? Oh yeah. How many souls did you win? Well, at last count it was about, let's see 115 million I believe it was.

Greg Stephens: Somebody would walk up to when your partner to say, tell me about that time you preach in Nigeria for a big church. Tell me about that.

Kenneth Copeland: And we're out of time.

Greg Stephens: We're out of time.
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